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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 2 a High Point intr apr Lur tuesday jul it 20. 1078 business and financial news Stock Market report new York a in i the Stork Market drifted lower today in a continuation of monday s quiet decline the noon Dow Jones average of 30 Industrial stocks was Down i 47 at Hoh 36 after monday s 2 38 Point drop losers outnumbered gainers by More than a 2 1 margin among new York Stock Exchange listed issues analysts said the decline in the growth rate of the dross National it duct for the second quartet retorted by the government this morning had been pretty Well anticipate it gtd on Wall Street list they said it nevertheless served to inhibit a Market that was already in a cautious mood Over the interest rate Outlook s Colgate palmolive was the most Active Nysky Issue up at 271 a a 108.500 share Block traded in the Over the counter Market at 27 a the big Hoard s composite Index of All its listed common stocks fell 22 to 55 53 at the american Stock Exchange die Market value Index was do wit 42 at 104 78 volume on the Nysky remained fairly quiet totalling 7 88 million shares Over the first two hours against 7 to million in the comparable period on monday. Told Sfax its extended their recent losses with Bullion prices falling steeply in Europe Home stake dropped 2 to 30 a a and Asa was Iliff at 19 cont pow j i pm cont to 7ic la Cong p i to i cont Oil to cont Tom i to control oat o i Perm 4 it Corn i 17a 71 solent to 1$ crop in. In to Crown Cork i crw of i i or tit we �0 4 i 14 41 n in h in 7 i 4 i la 40 iss o l or find to 4 oar to tot t or a Tel i m i am j 9 Zolmon i m i Drill air 40 of in a 44 14 uht i i 4t to Imp 99 la Dune. 17t to 411 o proc 40 74 m Dow cd i to o it my 97 to o. 40 n in 17 h 13 i 74 a Jou to i its a to Edh 41 ish o ton it it of of 40 40 j3 to or a pm Umi Iii m 74 Jou Jou i Toto 7s�?T-t my to to. 40to he i to a 40w s Hajj la to a ski to j iou to or 79of i 74 14 Tow a sen Imja 9 iou iou 07 79 claw us to Jow saw 17 jaw it it it to 07 79 4ju 7jw i jul to Awao. It Jorfi Wijn i 77 Jon Loon to 7 Jotter la 9 Joy mfg i Roll k a v Al i a la Kanoti i of 0 a Pul too i Katy my Kellogg 1 Krum f or 9a nor or i m is k emf Tel i m 9 07 to Opp i i of to a taint j 17 a a itsu#4 13 a Kroger i to 0 109 itj7 to it in 7ju i 47 i it a -j7 us 9�?~ 47�?T 47w 47w a i Jow in it in. W if a Low a do potty 4 74 it i to 9 i i9w 19fun tact i 77 i �?T0 iou Hwe a i i in m Iii i0w i Tad i Aoi Taja 90. To t aloft i of 17 itt a i la a it him 4ii4 to Mumi i peso i to i Bijj i4�?Tk Low i Mer pm m i a it. 19 a i n Earth i of 9 to my my i Mark i a 0 40 w la. I it Hyl i to 0 7 40 a i yank prod la 177 he us i Ion a in 9 do 104. Pm. I non to a7w St 0 my f air Cam of to air my Alo t Ractor 4 up 1 mkt it or o i Rovt i Joll i Istrol up s t resin i to to Low i 4cbrr Oil 7 79 St Man i to in i of i 90 to i meal i to 7 i meow 7 to o pop Ait a pot Oia Jao Tor my k 97 i rank Lam of 14 i if in i of ii ii it Ima p-0 -7 a 74 w 74 u of no to 14. 47 i. 7jw 14 ij9 77 to a a j Wall i to i4w my Low m to 791 a 77 at 17 Ujj 14 to to 74 i 77 Awao a to i do Taw a of a iou 74 a 77 a v t Tob Taw my american a Exchange to a Vovk i Apar nod National run to to York atm Al at henge huts splat pm he High Tow Lait t to a a act mat m 9 Law a Ami ii i 74 17 to a Itiat Aarn Ai in i adm a lits i addrriio0 to Arin Ait i of la a if of d Tod to Alt olm i 9 Akona i to to a an a 40100 i m a align i of 17 Malldch i of 9 alld St i to t Amil a of Alcoa i 40 i Ama. I to 14 amb a m 9 Vartou a 9 Arri air in a Brandi 7 m i amid i or Ami an 7 to i Alya i to t i i am Cha i 72 am Hosp 4071 am motor i 7 Awa to 7 Amstand i 0 amt Jill a Plant 41 44 am a corp is Anat cd 0 ant or h i to i Appod corp Airn a n to Ijar met i Aoa 9 a Mink 04 14 Siarto of so Albion i to 0 Aid Oro i so 9 the Jjck in Arial corp la a Yea corp 7 a at inc of i a on to i m to Bapt wit i i Bagful 7 00 0 Baoit i m la a track at 04 in Stoat a of Bruet to s 04 in d o i 72 to Bant tip i 44 0 a engulf b of i tooth St j 9 bit Fomb i la Birma i in to ire of by to Btu Oats i to to Bor car Jaio b it my i m a a b a a a. It Hinny 44 or a4 to budded of 0 bunk a to by mind i to to by no Cdr 7 Bur run a02s i 47. A Ign Jow Tow Duio a to a 41w Tow in i 49 to i 40 i so. Ii a 9 is 41 to a a i a u 77w a 9 a a a a to at Jow of 77w Jiw i i a j 77w it to iou iou to. Us to 44w b u i 74i. A. M of 71 i 47 i my i h 41w 17 i 40to to i Jeu 79 i �?�7 i iou Ltd i 77u i a 9 to i of Jiw 47 so min a it 33 Fuji t 41 i iou a. 40. Jou v. Sow Jiw juju is 41 it a 77 r a Jow 4 u js1 i to. Sou i i 9. It Jiw i Tsu do 77 to it. 77u v. 97 u of he Tow Jow-71w�? 47 Sabio t a to to to do to a two 4l��? to a to. 49 70wa Sou apr a Jih-7j to is. By i two is a to 77 i is nut 4 u is �-7sw pit Ujj i 9. It Hwa in Tsu a 4to 7 to uh-77.-j0u a we o. In he 1 Tow 1 a Ftp to 0 9 is is gannet 72 19 47 j7to to Gen Denim 0 7 u t my Grill Loots Iti pm saw Gnu Ood i so 9 la Jow Tou Tor mull of s ii 9w on or Mill Tou 17 dude on Mot 7 0r to >00 i i Al Gnu but i 0 9 a4 it it g tall i of 9 407 Jow to. A i ii i too 0 is juju 77. Nene Iio int 7 of of Uto a i 70 la 19 49. 49 it Nav Root i j b s o air i to 9 14 to. To fan on to it it its it 174 it its g lotto i so i 77 he i Goodsh m7 14 to Tow Tou Goody Moio to my Murtle Dolfl i Loio 9j j9 a Tow grata i to 4 to iou Tou a Taupaki to to 17 t 17 i to 9 his i it i of it i 17 i 17. Of re i 04 i of is is. Uii imm mus it. It. Gia Quot 00b i 7 24 i 74w Gull a i in iou iou git Ama it to 90 Guitot i to i 704 Jow Tou Hsui i 12 i is in. Iju h m Man Brin so is 740 of i of Marriki i to in 9 is. Is a Totham we is iou 14. Marc vial to Al 74 do 7n a tout in i to to to saw St it mrm Liph to to his too it. Mar n a to a to it it. Holiday 40 14 to 14 14. Molly a j 40a j 74 4a 4a to nay in la to 0 7 i. Jul. Mony Mil i 40 14 114 49w 49 Mooll i to 7 1047 la i to ironic p i to a i 74w 74 i mow John Jill 140 Iju it 1-1 ice not i to 7 07 to t iou in a p 7 Roll i 40 of. A do hop 7 10 11 it a do 77w i i to i 41 it. Ii i to Plopa 74 a 1 us us inc o 1 40 11 47 is jaw Inger to 7 0 14 la of a 90. Inland us 7 40 is 49 so it into la 7 to i i 40 i 40. I by 7 ii 192 272u 27l� mural. I Toto m he Jou int Mac 7 40 4 of Jojou 1 it near 2 11 Jow 09w into i i of 9 7 4 to Jow Lowy b Jot 4 so do i Awa a i 77 i i we la i to corp 41 iou to. Hail Orp 20 9 to i4w 14 i a a in wait i to 9 i 77. 72. J i Man i 40 12 40 us Joi iou �0 a 43. Jut my i to. 2>u 17 40 4 1104 >4 to ski 74. 40 w. Who spot 40 you j w-i0u a 41 a i 4 74 i j7 to so v i to. 33 Tsu to. 4 is 7 a Jua s7u to 1 a to a Jhoo w he a 70.-77 .4 i a. 49. I i Tsu it corp Umi s rag 17 7 tar pc i m it Tan vat my lab in 9to Cav ill i urn 40 Coe i to i c egg top j so i Miltonm Iii la my kid Aire j i a a i to 0 i Nui Ili i v 7 i 4pa j 70b it Luck y s alb 17 Iuka i of i i yer ice i s Macka to Ioma. 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To to of 19 a 47w us to so 4 to Oom to iou to is to 19w4 to 97 a a is to to 70 4 to 79. To 37 4 to it to 4 i Tow w 79 a to 17 07 in is it to j7u4 to 13 4 to by to to is to 4 to Jiw w Jou to i9to 47w Tjw new a Stock York Index no it v Oak pm Stock indic Market i Ida. T Dukor of Utility f mania noon Nan. York to 0904 is is 0 22 01 92 0 27 47 u -0 72 to co 004 s3 to -0 Jose Oft Pap to Sebec i i of 7 sear Tao 52 a shark i 40 to sir Lionil 2 00 7 Shar a 7 to in signal 1b 17 Smyer co i a 7 it Sonych 07aji scared i St a soc Quot Al in 7 South co i 40 i son Pat i to 7 Sou Pac 7 24 i soupy 7j7h spar r y p 97 17 Square i to is Sou by 90 14 7o0 St and i 14 14 stoic i 7 to i 7 Job stoic debit la Shautt Liam v Star to in to in s to Van j i to 7 Stu of i d a Junco i of 7 syk tron Don to taif Van i 40 to to a. Tat Iron i 24 20 Laiad i Caio i a apr met Fanico i St i tet Oropez i a j a or i is t the Clatt it i a p. I d jul to i toll i toll a Bioko ii 7 tar my a 9 7 i a 40 14 t Man i j0n to Todd t rant a air Traynam a1 ii t con i a7r 7 of be an so t Jou of 49. Do Jiu saw a saw 07. 44 a it to 50. A us 19.4 to m. 4 to 47 a j7u j9to i 9t.-a to Jow w Ujj to soul in iou to to to 7bu w i4w w Osur w 07. Quot a j7w4 to 2iw171 to4 to Tjw to to u 49 a 09 j to the 44 to 17 Tom a to i Sou to Jou 4 to of to 44 m 19 a Jou 47 a j7u 3. 4u Jow Ujj so. Iou to 79. 14 Osu Dud it Tom iou to i Jow of 49 to. He he do i. My a. Turn s3 dust tour to Iii is to to j7w a so. 00u4 a 4444 m us to to so �4 w do to suit no 07 173 to 797 Isi of to in us is do a j 40 119 7 i. 1 to 7 j i 2 791 too j7 059 Jou to. I7u 7 t 72 St i iou iou 17 to i iou Jau-00 to 7su-�?� do is i 77u Jou i. Iii. 7iw Tiu is a of i Tsu i do iou 7tw in a Dow Jones a averages Ual inc to up toe Uvindo i 44 s unc arb 7 Roll Unetta i incl Uno Cai j in 7 cup acc Hou in Royal so to unit Brandt 7 in itch 47a in imm of i 00 ii used Mil us steal 9 in tech i to 9 i in 4 Upjohn 90 it it ont la u _ us j0� 111 cos iou saw a a 4 a 17 t a of saw jew to 40. To lbs i a it Clit run a pc c punt j join cadence my Cai pm Obi Coppi the 14 cams i a ii to a pvt i to i i Atrip sad c of wan 40 it lattice ode i i at rpt 7 to it la a be 7 to 4 Lens a i to 4 in t feed ii la Lettnar iou inept it 11t v a Aye m 2 to 7 v Quot in 7 to i Iii Che it c 9a inv c to pts 2 40 4 cant to in to tin 7 so 4 Locaco 2 4s in Jig to Jig at j 14 i combi juju c c m a i 7 40 4 Cutta i 4 i on de i of s conf it i Jill con net 7 24 7 cd Iso a9 j til la ice. 14 just a to 74 iou Ujj Ila St to i 03 Iau All 7 i la at 47. To 49 u la jobs i 79. 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To x t to i it of is 4 i s4 i 42to la it to it a 4 i 71 in 74 to to to 4 tit a to 4 to 4c to r to t Khz Khz 73 r j Jato a Stop Over the counter bid asked but it Otto Laud Pratt unum or pm me a Iona it att Sci Ai Ion of Security of Avert Arr rep. me Meaier Privet at pm approx mate1, pm Yett Arday Piffat dont k up Mark it my or bid Akkad stocks v Mut trait to i Raitport Avion is Tuii iat of Stockt Bonos to bundt i0 pub c Tiit Sio my utter Lait 904 to i 47 tit 46�?0 07 90 Huo to Jio os�?0 at it 04.000 of 97 0 32 la 77uo la a j4 cd h v a a Vartan Jou i is be co Ola a la juju Voe Pajic 7 ii us we rata a Toff on my Arne Kan furniture flaunt Pant. Bankert Trot of s c Bay ten furniture b c a ban Mot Bland cd p Bienne met Burnup a s my Burr t my Connon m it i Arm i t Hvidt Carolina cat int y. A to i. 4 App c sue corp 2 Hall c is to to. It i. Is 0 Cha la i who at Jim pm Iju 10 a i 11 in to r a us Tell j in to a p. Stock a averages Stock a pages compiled by the attic rated Pratt a Nova Soo la Aamer i it Tun Aal i 40 9 40a 14 a n b Rte i 40 8 Union i 40 9 wetly Al 97 a we year of 79 we Elf r Roll 00 14 White Mot Whiting i to 0 Whittaker to a list cot i 0 Wanda i so 14 an Voogo too Atte i a1.- Centi of Cord ban Central Vermont Chatham mfg y.4s corp of s c cot col to Conti i a or Ai fun colonial Ilia cd b comm Bank Conner Hornet corneal Dane internal Diamond Teod corp due Nati Lite int engr aph in f dry iop it a Imio cat Aba a of ret Etive a Wand or us a on corp t y la b Karl it Ink is lit int it tool of 14 14 he 15 in to a 9 pm in to 4 4 juju cd to Tom Umsu to. I4m in i i Iju to to jul to i 4h 24 i St jul 10 a 11 i la t 14 r no us a is is 0 ind rails of Slack a vet aka it 9 s 4 Scot i tue Cai i 197 9 101 jul 7 p re Day 09 i i9j 4 id i Jwj Vav ago 494 j 197 0 it i j2i 9 Ash off a. 407 j k7 4 102 0 i 4 be Quot Aga 4 5 4 Teal 99 7 Iti 4 197 c9 4 197 9 101 322 9 197 Loa 424 4 149 j 9v 4 771 j i97� High 4 4 to 144 j i0j 7 76 4 1974 so us 9 i a a 7 21 i Bono average compiled by that vat to Tad pro to to to to to Hail ind util. Fun e cd Sei a Quot pc noon toe so 9 �?�0 7 901 too 7 u j p a Day 40 9 it 901 too 7 13 j a ago 40 �?�0 i 90 j Ioc 7 a a 4 month ago 40 7 79 4 too too 7 �?�7 7 Tea ago 41 7 79 2 ii 7 991 74 i Iti m go is 0 la j 91 i 101 j �?�4 4 197 Loi cd 4 74 in 7 too i to t Kis m a 49 j 79 in i 00 4 75 Kis nov Ca i 71 i la 9 994 9 4 Adiath i to 0 111 a be Rocco i 19 to 74�corp a e 23 i 19 i 71 14 u Hunt Nuku 14 j Cah Kwh 27 w 0 a 27 to us juju do j la 4 y i 40 m ism 34 to. It to 72 so. Som 14 Hujo i a. .1 t la i j4 04. 14 St. In 4 9m of 11 12 a 23. Of at jaw 10 40saw 14 a Tom us 72 j4u Jiu 11 i juju o. Low 4s a Jiu 27 a to dust do j7w j juju Sov Iau in. Jow Job to it 7�?~a 72 of to ism to 14. He to Jow 9 our m Jou to into to 14 04uu to list to St it. U i w i t to 9to 4 a i2to to Ujj to to Oum to St Jivu to to 40 pc to is 14 a to Tom to us 72 of to j4u to Tiu to 11 a to juju la a to if a 4am nut i 7t a to of 77��? to us juju a juju to 7 a a a to Ltd t of a s. My american a Exchange the High Point Enterprise e it tied i of pub yep every atle noon Ana sunday Momma an note pm nonet Nea Spape r pro Nej by the Mion Point Ente mph Senc Jio Church ave Quot a m go pern n c Chi member of Tim associated press rates by mail Page a get read y Anet i a f 6 to j to i to of i and sunday to acs i Aitu St s so sundae on. 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S stores she 4 conv. I a in Jill ii ii he n. M is a pop s j i j Cruh r 3a 11 4 i a a he a Mutt 19 j to a on icon fee 11 it Sish s say numb corp in 114. Pc a the re. I 7 14 la if 17h a a s c natural Gas ii ii Esse san ii a i 7 7 j a a nor tit get to t it thy Jim talons #4 Jih Xuy. 2 h no to tried f the corp la a fed settee 4 Sish 4h cd. At la i a ins j a it a to Doii a 9 Ian la j a 9 Peoples b Tsitsi ��., i 13 j4 a air 7 j the 7 to to pro corp it Jhu univ i tot 13 Ioc i a s an 4to�? goods shops to 44 goo Tibia up to to to to a a p Tod Maut a a ton 4h 4 to Gabatin pet to 4 4 4 7 pod Mont reit units j a 4 hou0> in 21 us ii a 44 44�?T a p ton c la 34 i in. Hutko a to 4 to 4 Tou a ten no bans it k a Impo a 13 i 24 i 24 24 a p. Let. Or of n c Toto ii in Slom sys to a i Ito Quant mins Ion or itto to a a u is us is Mic corp i an j amt lit 4 14 7h 7h the 7 re c pro. Dent Caps j 9 a jumper pet in 4 j j j rep. 6 ii Al to pans Toto ii Ca find 2a s 9 huh a. I s Quot go of Quot a prod to 4 act pc Orp my j Ive i l in a a ii a a a 24 74h poem the or ii a a i 1 it re. Plastics to i i a Mcculo jul u 4 Jyh Hgt. Salem Cap Jyh 4 a Mede co u j it a to pc men hand be x a Toh be i data 7 la is ii to to i shone s b g boy 4us nor cd Quot i 13 j i i i i Sonce products x 4 i a Clara a lit to j 4 4 4 4 4 a Misc Natl corp i a it us 71 to Jyh 3 to Sou h in fit b Aitra ise 4 1 a a i a to i 4v 4to rescuer toll at Ian it to i Sou Natl corp super Dollar stores Sfier ent ceasing la 4 Vath i Jill j i 19 4 Jyh j 4 restraint a a Stalin 40ij a Moos 32 la s 2 Jyh Toto a i j4 ii us Jha Khz la a a a i test its my Bros u 4 us Sharp Natl i Shalt res 2 la 14 a a 14 the 14 Jyh i Triangle Brick 4 synths so 13 j57? to 77 a 77 4 he inc a 4 the Terrac Tea j 9 3 4 4 a to a unit inc pm Ca o Banchs a Tei i a Sal ban i b b Aase shoes group aes a hitting corp i a by id co j Alk co p aright mail Riser it 4 4 i j i i Sci to11 4 i to 4 in ii Shah is u a i a a t ii in him a1 Teso rope of in t i i a to tut to toll i is 4j is Una and it i h h h ,.lr 24 i in 4tos 9to to co my it i Jyh to to avd Pii 14 j 4h 94 a Hay Iii a 7t i i 4 Shah to int i 2 Uto Uto Uto Jimm of Tor is 5 to to to to copyrighted p. The Assoc Tad pros k7# copy a Teddy the atm ared Prett 197 saw figure Ere Unotti Ciol Inlet other a i to noted Rte Oldiv Wendt thelor Egom taut a annual Mem bated on in att qua Terly Ortemio annual declaration special or tra divid end or payment not Avey i a Are toot note a Alto ii c Ore i a o annual Rote put tick Jena cd liquidating dividend e dec tired or a a in preceding i month i declared or a d Attar Totka. Wend or Tipit up i a o thit year dividend omitted deterred or be action Token a la a vide no meeting a dec ared o paid this year an Accuu motive True Aith in Dent in Arreor no Nom tue r Dev ared or a j or preceding 17 month plot Dock dividend t a d in Dock in preceding 12 month Etc mated Vath value one d v id end or it dish ibo Tun Date e d Dendor i r Ighut y a e a dividend and to it in full i saw in full Cid caned and outed Kirtle Quot tined a a Aith a Quot ant a my a without Mart ant it i do Tributino or in bankruptcy of receivership or Tway re Organ Ted under the bankruptcy act or ats med by Tuch com pane a act seeks successor to director Shattle a a Furi h is underway for a successor to Hoy Wilkins Long time executive director of the a act even though Wilkins is Balking at the idea of retirement says Margaret Bush Wilson Board chairman it the group Wilkins successor pro Bush won t be known until a september Board meeting she said a we have a flexible timetable the deadline for applications was june Beirut. Lebanon a Lebanon warring christians and moslem announced an agreement today to establish a Buffer zone Between their sectors of Beirut palestinian chief Yasir Arafat also announced he was sending a peace emissary to Damascus because the Syria palestinian crisis As Well As the lebanese civil War must come to an end Quot Arafat held a night Long emergency conference with his allies the leftist lebanese moslem he also held his second secret meeting in three Days with a delegation from the right Wing Christian phalanges party which has the largest Christian militia fighting in the 15-month-old War both the joint Palestina moslem command and the a Salange party announced that the meeting resulted in agreement to restore electricity to Beirut and to establish a free zone Quot to restore communication Between the moslem and Christian sectors of the City Hie announcement said both sides would withdraw their fighters from the q0-Yard-wide no Man s land in which . Ambassador Francis e Meloy Orris economic Counselor and their lebanese chauffeur were captured last month prior to their murder. The zone will be manned within 48 hours of the withdrawal by 1.300 saudi arabian and sudanese troops of the Arab league peacekeeping Force who have been standing by at Beirut Airport the announcement said observers believed Arafat s decision indicated he was ready to Bow to syrian president Hafez Assad s demand that he and his leftist lebanese moslem allies Stop shooting and negotiate a peace settlement satisfactory Syria meanwhile the . Embassy postponed indefinitely the evacuation of americans and other foreigners scheduled for today because of lighting along the route to Damascus an embassy official said a Convoy would be organized later if the Security problem Quot eases or that an evacuation by or air might be arranged. Only 143 of the approximately 1.000 americans left in Lebanon signed up for the Convoy along with 266 persons of other nationalities this was Only slightly better than the response to the previous evacuation in june when a la s Navy ship took 110 americans and 157 others to Greece on the Battle fronts monday. Christians continued their attack i a palestinian refugee Camp in Christian controlled Eastern Beirut for the 28th Day bul the palestinian defenders of Tai Zlatar refused to give up Carter advisers to discuss Post election transition Plains. A Iasi a for the first time since the democratic convention. Jimmy Carter was to meet with key advisers today to discuss Campaign strategy and to map plans for the transition to a Carter presidency in essence they will talk about flow to get from where we Are now to a Carter an aide said. Those at the meeting with the presidential nominee were to include Campaign manager Hamilton Jordan Stu Izenstat. Carter s adviser on issues Jack Watson an Atlanta attorney handling transition plans and Dick Mot. Administrative assistant to sen Walter Mondale Carter s vice presidential running mate the role of Mondale in the tall Campaign was High on the Agenda of the gathering. Although the election is 3 months away. And Carter tells supporters not to be overconfident the former Georgia governor confidently has set up a transition team to help him assume the presidency with As few problems As possible Watson chairman of the state Board of human resources which oversees health and welfare programs planned to report to Carter on his Talent search for people to serve in a Carter administration including possible Cabinet members an aide said Watson played a key role in Carter s reorganization of doctors deny charges of medical negligence Greensboro Iasi a five doctors have denied negligence in prescribing birth control pills for a former student whose estate is suing for 85 million in her death. The doctors at the student health service of the University of North Carol a at Chapel testified monday that Janet a Neill was told no Oral contraceptive can be absolutely sate her estate claims she was not adequately warned of the possible Side effects of nor in or in and died of liver complications brought on but the use of the contraceptive miss Neill died Jan 25. 1975 at age 25 drs Caroline Dixon Donald k Mcintyre. Lincoln b Scott. Charles k Moth and Francis Marshall filed the answers in . District court the other defendants. Parke Davis amp co. Manufacturer of the Pill. And Eckerd drug inc which sold the Pill by prescription have not answered the suit. Or. Mcintyre said miss Neill requested and was Given a prescription for an Oral contraceptive get 17. 1972, he said Norle Sirin was prescribed after a Pix steal examination and consultation the a factors said miss Neil received counselling and was told that no Oral contraceptive can be guaranteed absolutely Safe or effective they said miss Neill was questioned for any possible Side effects Atter using the medication for one year and did not say she had any. Viking lands from Page i a which Mutch described As Quot a Beautiful collection of the second picture was to be a panoramic View of the Martian landscape made by a camera on the Lander with the ability to sweep a Long path across the horizon. Tax benefits from Page to a later Date one of the most expensive amendments being questioned would Cost the Treasury an estimated $40 million a it ear for the Benefit of the major Oil companies the amendment would make certain that firms belonging to the iranian Oil consortium continue to receive a tax credit for foreign taxes paid on their iranian Oil it is easy to determine who would Benefit from some of the amendments for example sen Walter Mondale. Damn. Was looking out for a Home state Industry when he won approval of an amendment providing a tax credit for homeowners who install Energy a v my them ins Tats Tine of the biggest manufacturers of such equipment is Honeywell inc of Minnesota other beneficiaries of the amendments identified by Proxmire or Kennedy include investor diversified services. United airlines Chrysler corp Large shipbuilders Boise Cascade general electric. Westinghouse. Eaton corp. Encyclopedia Britannica. Major life insurance companies and Pittsburgh plate Glass co m is. Nixon May leave Hospital in a few Days Wilkins told the convention of the National association of the advancement of coloured people two weeks ago in Memphis tenn., that he wants to remain in office at least through next summer despite a Board announcement that he would retire Jan j. Long Beach Calif api a former first lady Pat Nixon is reported by doctors to be making steady Progress following a stroke and a release Date from memorial Hospital May be set in the next Tew Days or Bernard j. Michela. Economic i from Page i Al was at annual rate of $1,368 9 billion an increase of $6 billion or four tenths of i per cent Over May that compared with a $10 4 billion Advance in May and was the smallest monthly gain since personal income dipped last july director of the Hospital s rehabilitation Medicine department said mrs Nixon now needs physical therapy Only once a Day and a daily occupational therapy session has been added the new session will develop coordination and function in the 64-year-old mrs Nixon s left Arm and hand doctors say mrs. Nixon continues to walk independently and now is practising going up and Down stairs. Michela said monday. Mrs Nixon the wife of former president Richard m Nixon was admitted to the Hospital july 8 after suffering a stroke the Day before at the Nixon so san Clemente Home. Argentina s from Page Iai earlier this month and captured a number of records and documents of the organization the Fri s third in command. Domingo Mena. Is still at Large tile other leftist guerrilla army is the Monto neros a Radical Ott shoot of the Peronis movement righting terrorists Are also extremely Active but the leftists Are their targets and the government does nothing to curb them Santuchi. A 42-year-old tonner accountant was the founder of the Fri and was also reputed to head a Center for International terrorism in Paris he and Gorriaran Merlo 34. Were reported killed when troops stormed an Fri hideout just North of Buenos Aire other guerrillas and two army officers reportedly died in the attack army spokesmen would neither cont Iron nor deny the report they said a communique was being prepared and released an interim statement saying an army Captain was killed monday night it gave no details. The Fri first surfaced in 1970 with an attack on a police Post in the Industrial City of Rosario. In recent years the organization has collected millions of dollars in Ransom for kidnapped foreign executives and has harassed the army and police with daring frontal assaults and sabotage estimates of the Erp s strength Range from 500 to More than 2.000 Well trained guerrillas with thousands More sympathizers to provide Aid and cover. The latest major attack attributed to it was the assassination june 18 of police chief Cesario Cardozo. Who was blown up by a bomb reportedly placed under his bed by his daughter s Best Friend More than 70 suspected leftist guerrillas have been killed this month and Well Over 700 persons have died in political violence this year Georgia state government Carter has stayed at Home since his return from new York Friday venturing out Only to sunday school and Church and to visit his sister Gloria Spann on monday he also has been Reading books on Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey reflecting on the upcoming Campaign writing thank you notes to democratic leaders watching the olympics and resting his aides say he also thanked Al Cio i resident George Meany by phone monday alter the Al Cio executive Council endorsed him for president his wife to Salynn ventured out in a Golf cart to do some shopping at a downtown Plains grocery store but was mobbed immediately by tourists this has t happened to me Here fore a she murmured As she signed autographs Quot i guess it s something you have to the candidate s wife a Silver Peanut dangling from a Chain around her neck drove daughter Amy and two neighbor boys to the Carter Campaign Headquarters where they picked up a Carton of books that had been sent to Carter fight year old Amy received a Book of Peanut cartoons in which she immediately became absorbed in order to avoid the questions of newsmen she yelled for her Mother to hurry up Quot a m going to drive off it you Don t come. The Little blonde said to her Mother mrs Lillian Carter the 77vear-old Mother of the candidate gamely signed autographs at the Headquarters but said she you Len t shake hands because she bruised hers during lengthy bouts of handshaking in new York mrs Carter had a Frisky Brown poodle on a Leash a gift from an admirer Quot she s really pleased with said officer manager Maxine Reese Quot she says that the dog has a better Pedigree than she does . Police on Alert for riots Johannesburg South Africa i a i a reinforced police patrols were on the Alert for a new outbreak of rioting today in the Soweto township eight Miles South of Johannesburg but the Birthplace of the Black uprising last month remained Calm the government postponed the reopening of Black schools scheduled for today following widespread rumours of ant Gover ment demonstrations in Soweto to coincide with the resumption of classes. The schools have been closed since the rioting last month in which 176 Blacks and two Whites were killed and there were fears that the postponement would touch off new disturbances in the sprawling ghetto where the trouble last month began Soweto residents reported militants were trying to organize a strike and threatening Black workers with violence if they went to their jobs in Johannesburg but commuting workers flooded into the City and trains and buses were operating normally. I f

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