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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Tobacco prices finish higher Raleigh no. Apr the flue cured tobacco markets ended their first week thursday with prices slightly higher in the South Carolina Border North Carolina area. At the same time a tobacco specialist at North Carolina state University in Raleigh predicted growers would be happier with prices they will receive for Good Quality up stalk tobacco. Almost All grades showed $1 to $3 increases per Hundred pounds the Federal state Market news service in Florence s c., reported. With the Quality of offerings improved several grades reached their highest prices of the week thursday. The percentage of lugs and cutters offered increased while priming decreased. A preliminary report showed the Days average to be $81.90 per Hundred 74 cents higher than wednesdays official average of $81.16. Gross sales for the first three Days of the Market totalled 16,435,369 pounds and averaged $81.65 per Hundred. Most grades thursday were Selling for $2 to $3 above support Price. Meanwhile tobacco expert w. K. Collins of Nusu said thursday that Industry needs weather and Early marketing conditions have All played a part in holding opening week prices below grower expectations. He said sales so far had been limited almost entirely to lower stalk tobacco and demand for this Type of Leaf is definitely less that it was last year. However Collins said prices indicate a stronger demand for up stalk tobacco because it has the flavor Aroma and nicotine that buyers want. A in my opinion a he said a growers will be Happy with the prices they receive for Good Quality up stalk weather conditions this year prevented the crop in Many areas from developing a Good Root system he said. Since nicotine is produced in the roots this May have increased the thinness of the lower leaves. At the same time Collins said a higher percentage of the lower tobacco stalk is reaching the Early Market than has generally occurred in the past. Monday markets in the san Hills and Eastern North Carolina Are scheduled to open. Gas coupons stored away concert worries officials Harrisburg . Apr the Cabarrus county Board of commissioners is worried about the crowd of 70,000 to 110,000 expected for a 12-hour Rock concert aug. To at the Charlotte motor Speedway. The Board instructed the county attorney thursday night to draw up an ordinance aimed at regulating the crowd. The commissioners had before them a Resolution from the town Council of Harrisburg 2va Miles from the Speedway asking that the concert be banned. However. County attorney John Boger said a i Don t think you can prevent the Speedway is in Cabarrus county. Stan Kaplan owner of Charlotte radio station ways which is cosponsoring the concert said a we understand the concerns of the people of Cabarrus county but we have anticipated he said he has hired 500 off duty policemen from Charlotte and elsewhere to help control the crowd. He also said six doctors eight or to nurses and eight or to medical technicians have been hired. And he said there will be More than enough toilets. Ervin opposes Helms dam Bill Washington a sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-., joined Raleigh and Wake county officials thursday in opposing a Bill to limit the scope of the Falls of the Neuse dam and Reservoir project. Ervin s opposition is expected to significantly increase the Prospect that the Bill introduced by sen. Jesse Helms r-., will die in a subcommittee vote next wednesday. In a letter to sen. Mike gravel Dalaska chairman of the water resources subcommittee of the Senate Public works committee Ervin said a i strongly oppose Senate Bill s-26-28 and Hope that the water resources subcommittee will not act favourably on the Helms and the . Army corps of engineers which will construct the project have denied that cutting 3,600 acres of Parkland from the project would have an Adverse effect on the dam and Reservoir. Helms has maintained the Parkland is a costly and wasteful part of the project. Local officials Are afraid the Helms Bill would either jeopardize or cause a costly delay in the project a expected to be Raleigh a major water Supply in the coming decades. High Point Enterprise Friday july 19, 1974 9a x e l e v Isi n to g station kept in touch with convicts you Are invited to meet the outstanding author or. We s. Deal wednesday july 24. The Good Book Shoppe 321 w. Main St. Thomasville 475-2066 in by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York apr news staffers at radio station Wash in Washington d.c., May still have a bad Case of Telephone ear. But they have a Good reason four Days of talks with two convicts holding terrified hostages at gunpoint. When the talking started at 3 05 . On july la Wash news director Bill Mccloskey recalled somewhat incredulously he heard the convicts a negotiating Back and Forth on what their press policy would the men Frank Gorhamjr. And Robert n. Jones earlier had seized eight hostages at a Cellblock in a Federal courthouse in Washington. Through newsmen the convicts demanded Freedom in return for their captives Safe release. They freed one hostage Friday. The other seven escaped sunday and the convicts were recaptured monday night after a shootout with police in which no one was hit. Mccloskey said his station was the first to Contact the convicts during the tense potentially bloody ordeal. He said he looked in the phone Book found a number for the Cellblock and simply called up. Once he had the men on the phone the station did t relinquish the line unless the convicts or hostages requested it. Wash got off the line for Good sunday at the request of Federal officers he said. The Cellblock had three phones he added a and at one time we were talking simultaneously on All three to either hostages or convicts. Once we realized that we Hung up one of them because we never wanted to Block the authorities Access to the Cellblock by he said Wash when the convicts or hostages consented taped interviews with them for its news broadcasts but either offered the talks live for other newsmen who came to the station or replayed the taped conversations for them. After the 105-hour drama ended Deputy atty. Gen. Laurence Silberman said that to Avert bloodshed a the main thrust of our strategy was to keep them the convicts talking and our main ally was the Mccloskey. Who said Wash kept its five member news staff working in shifts to keep its Cellblock line open noted that when the convicts asked the station to hang up a they always called us he attributed this in Large part to the Telephone rapport Chris Lorenzo a Washington Newspaperman had built up with the men during the Early stages of their escape attempt. The authorities did t interfere with the stations phone link Mccloskey observed but he said he regretted getting off the phone sunday at the request of Federal officers. J a my g pm Shore j a Btu Charlotte a Wung University station amp a Gap High Point soc Charlotte Chwals Roanoke 52 Wujs Winston Salem new Home youth singers sat., july 20th at 7 30 . Park place Baptist Church 400 Fife St., Thomasville everyone Welcome it to 4 too Phi. 2 news. Weather sports it news 4 what a new 8 news 8 eyewitness news 10 6 of clock news 12 news 6 30 pm. 2 news 1 zoom 8 Abc news 8 Fox 12 Abc news 7 00 . 2 beat the clock 2 lbs news i your future 8 to truth or cons. 9 to Tell the truth 12 what s my line 7 30 . 2 wild world of animals 3 Good times i electric . 8 Lassie 0 Sanford and son to 12 to Tell the truth 8 00 . 2 3 dirty Sally 1 Washington week 8 the Brady Bunch 8 Hee Haw to 12 Sanford and son 8 30 . 2 Good times 3 Ozzie s girls i Bill Cosby 8 $6 million Man t furniture i Market samples at j done to miss 11 30 wide world of entertainment a in concert to Brian Keith 12 Hollywood squares 8 00 . 2 3 movie 8 to 12 movie 8 30 . 8 the Odd couple 10 00 . 8 Toma i 1 00 . 2 3 news 8 news 8 to 12 news. Weather sports 11 30 . 2 3 movie 8 Abc entertainment 8 to 12 tonight ugh pts Sno a fall kids Tell lies. Not just some All. And when they do parents usually react in the same Way. They get angry. What Parent has not worried about his child a honesty is Little Tommy turning into a liar is Little Janey not to be trusted at All is my child becoming a criminal is there something the matter with me this week family weekly examines the subject of children a lies. You la learn How and Why children lie. You la also learn the motives behind All those untruthful and sometimes tall tales. You la discover a family Counselor a five guidelines for dealing with the problem. In your copy of the High Point Enterprise a a t a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a week end specials Pecan dining room suites table 2 leaves 6 chairs special compare at $400 m99�?� Early american sofa Ano chair top Quality fabric. I 9�?� Box Springs and mattress Quality constructed both pieces so Coo twin sit a others to $139.95 Early american bedroom suites double Dresser. 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To . 8 Toma a the Street a Toma is double crossed As he attempts to prevent a bloody takeover of ghetto vice operations by a group of Well organized gangsters. 11 30 . 2 late movie a swinging this musical drama pita teenager against teenager in a tumultuous entanglement of summer romances. 8 wide world of entertainment a in guests Are Rod Stewart Maggie Bell Janis Joplin electric Light orchestra and Budapest a locomotive it \ family week fear on a Polonia i oui i hat the How Kidnap Friar i mrm Ion i Tri Hai hot lord i i Boul i mid v pop Star talk about How ii Feria Lorrale mute Washington a emergency gasoline rationing coupons printed during the recent Energy crisis Are stored in secret warehouses in Case of future shortages the Federal Energy administration said today the 4.8 billion coupons have been a source of embarrassment for the Fea since rep Bill Gunter d-fla., disclosed in May that they could be used to trigger Dollar change making machines. The coupons contain an image of George Washington. The identical image appears on Dollar Bills an Fea spokesman said the coupons which Cost $12.5 million to print have been stored in several government owned warehouses across the nation. He declined to specify the locations but said All were in a secure locations guarded by such government agencies As the defense Supply Agency the Federal Reserve and the Bureau of the the spokesman claimed Little or no Money was involved in the storage since All of the facilities Are government owned. He said the coupons were transported to their storage facilities a in armoured vehicles and treated with the same care As the spokesman said Fea Felt the chances of anyone breaking into the government guarded facilities and stealing the coupons were minimal. Gunter had claimed the Fea would have to destroy the coupons to keep them from being used in the change machines but the spokesman said there Are no present plans to destroy or alter them. He noted that the coupons would be Worth More than a Dollar on the open Market if rationing Ever should occur As a result it would not be advantageous for persons to use them in Dollar changers during rationing he said. Gunter has been a persistent critic of the coupons which were printed by the Bureau of engraving and printing As part of a contingency rationing plan. Another family weekly exclusive july 21 what makes children Tell lies

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