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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy hazy More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 198 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon july 18, 1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 8852181 daily 10c, sunday 25c according to judiciary evidence Nixon okayed burglary after the fact Washington a president Nixon privately voiced a after the fact approval of the White House plumbers burglary despite his Public repudiation of it according to evidence just released by the House impeachment panel. Documents said assistant atty. Gen. Henry Petersen told the watergate grand jury that Nixon ordered the Justice department away from the Case in a Telephone conversation april 18, 1973, a i know about that. You stay out of and John d. Ehrlichman who overheard Nixon s end of the talk with Petersen said the president told him moments after hanging up that the plumbers break in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist was a fully justified by the Ehrlichman who last week was convicted on four felony counts related to the incident said Nixon again indicated a a his after the fact approval in Early May 1973. He quoted Nixon directly As saying Quot i surely recognize the valid National Security reasons it was Ehrlichman s statements were in an affidavit dated april 30 this year. Nixon claimed publicly last summer that he had no knowledge of the burglary beforehand that he would have prohibited it if he did and that he viewed it As a completely the Justice department several Days after Nixon s talk with Petersen ultimately informed the judge in Ellsberg a Pentagon papers trial of the break in having first sought a and received a the presidents concurrence. The contradictions Over the presidents role in the Case were among four new volumes of impeachment evidence totalling 2,090 pages released by the House judiciary committee. A fifth businessman and wife slain by Abductor volume 225 pages contained defense evidence. The White House defense on the Ellsberg burglary stopped Short of claiming legitimacy for it but hinted strongly that such measures were warranted by concern Over leaks. Nowhere is there any hard evidence that Nixon might have known of the operation if Quot Mila my in Advance or for that matter until John w. Dean mentioned it on March 17, 1973. But it was noted that Ehrlichman spoke with Nixon at length on the same Day that Ehrlichman was himself briefed by one of the principals after the operation. And Charles w. Colson said in an affidavit that Nixon was so worked up Over Miami Fla. A a Young Abductor who was paid $50,000 Ransom by his wealthy Boss shot the executive and his wife to death in their expensive car then pleaded a a done to shoot a before surrendering to authorities the Fri says. Slain were Sydney Gans 64, owner of a prosperous paper bag company and his 60-Yearold wife Lillian who had been held hostage by the for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. The beat goes on q. Is it True each time you sneeze your heart stops beating anon. A. Or. Ron Cox a heart specialist answers your question As follows no the heart does no to Stop with each sneeze. The tremendous increase in pressure within the Chest prevents the blood from returning transiently to the heart. This results in a smaller Quantity of blood being pumped by the heart hence a reduction in the size of the pulse. This May Lead one to the belief that the heart has stopped. In the Case of a sneezing attack when one experiences multiple sneezes the pressure from the Chest May be transmitted a to the veins that communicate with the spinal column. This results in an increase in the pressure exerted on the brain by the spinal fluid. In some people this results in a reflex slowing of the heart rate and coupled with a reduction in the blood pressure resulting from decreased blood return As noted above Brief fainting spells May occur. This is usually associated with coughing spells and is called cough Syncope. Rarely an individual May have an Early beat of the heart when he sneezes. This results in a smaller pulse beat which May not be Felt. These beats Are followed by a longer than usual pause before the next beat and the sensation that it May have stopped. In actuality it Hasni to stopped and the Electrocardiogram confirms this. . Done task me Why your eyes close when you sneeze or Why some people sneeze in the Sunshine needing a sheepskin q. I have lost my High school diploma and would like to know where i could get another one. I graduated from High Point High in 1959. . A. The High school office says a Houston engraving company makes the plates for the diplomas which include the Date and signatures of school officials. The plates Are destroyed after the order has been filled. The school will provide a letter certifying you graduated but we gather you want the diploma for sentiment or framing. You might find a classmate who la let you borrow theirs have your name in similar script put on a strip of paper that can be overplayed on the others name and then have a photo studio photograph it on printing paper with a Matte finish. We asked if in the future the schools order a couple of extra diplomas for each class to accommodate those like you who lose them years later. They were afraid they would Start piling up too Many and they Are fairly expensive. The school also gets credit for returning diplomas not used that is those ordered in december for students who fail to graduate or move away before june. Sound off any girl Between the Ages of 8 and 13 from the Allen Jay area who would like to try out for cheerleader for a Little league football team sponsored by the salvation army boys club can meet with me on saturday morning at 10 30 . At Brentwood Park. This football team will be made up of boys from the Allen Jay area. I have worked with these girls for three years and each year they have enjoyed it. In Case of rain we will meet monday at 5 . Thank you. Debbie Smith. Gunman. Authorities said the Man taken into custody was an employee of Gans firm but they knew of no animosity Between the two. Police identified the Abductor As Thomas Knight 23, of Miami. He was charged with two counts of first degree murder. Fri special agent Ken Whittaker said of Gans a the decided he wanted to get the Money and turn it Over to the gunman because he was afraid about his Gans rushed into a downtown Miami Bank on wednesday and told the Bank president that his wife was being held by a gunman. He said he needed $50,000. The Bank officer called the Fri and Whittaker and another agent rushed to the scene. Whittaker said Gans told him the gunman was circling the Block with mrs. Gans in the couples Mercedes Benz. The Fri arranged for surveillance of the car being driven by mrs. Gans while the gunman held a semiautomatic carbine to head Whittaker said. Gans placed the $50,000 in a paper bag left the Bank and was picked up by the Abductor and mrs. Gans. The three drove off. Mrs. Gans was forced to drive to a lonely wooded area in Southwest Miami. The Abductor then shot each in the head and fled into the underbrush As police and agents closed in on him authorities said. Some 200 lawmen converged on the scene and for some five hours used helicopters a Small plane tracker dogs and tear Gas to flush the gunman from his swampy hideout. Finally Dade county police sgt. Russ Kubik almost stepped on him As a seven Man patrol edged its Way through Waist High weeds after lobbing tear Gas grenades into the undergrowth. A the was burrowed into Sandy soil on his Side a said Kubik. A i thought he might be dead. But i put my gun to his head and said a get up put your hands a a done to shoot a the Man cried. Sydney Gans Lillian Gans police said they found nearby the $50,000 in Ransom and the gun used to kill Gans and his wife. Knight a slim six footer was muddied and bruised when pulled from the underbrush. Police said he had sustained an injury to his right . He made no audible comment As he was manacled and hustled into a police car. John Shapiro husband of Gans daughter Harriet said the Abductor was at the company office when Gans got there on wednesday morning. A unfortunately it appears that he the Abductor meant to kill them All along a said Whittaker. Friends described Gans As a Rich Active sportsman was one of the founding trustees of mount Sinai Hospital one of the areas largest and recently had been presented the prime ministers Silver anniversary medal for Aid to Israel. Makarios reports British support by Jeff Bradley associated press writer London apr armed with promises of British support archbishop Makarios flew off to new York today to ask the United nations to condemn the greek military Junta for the coup that overthrew him. He told newsmen he had Britain a Assurance it would not recognize the new military regime on Cyprus. A i was very satisfied with the talks i have had with the prime minister and the Secretary of state a the bearded archbishop said of his meetings with Harold Wilson and James Callaghan the British foreign minister. A i found a great degree of understanding and i appreciate the British attitude on the situation in Cyprus. To Ellsberg that he declared in july of 1971 a two months before the break in a that a i done to give a Damn How it is done do whatever has to be done to Stop these leaks. I done to want excuses i want results. I want it done whatever the on another key matter the documents showed that Nixon s closest aides using in formation which the late j. Edgar Hoover had classified a top secret and addressed directly to the president attempted to turn a National Security wiretap into political gain at Home. That disclosure came among a hefty a and heavily censored a sheaf of Fri files sent to the committee on the Telephone surveillance in 1969 and 1970 of 13 government officials and four newsmen. Hoover in a dec. 29 letter to the president noted that one of the men being wiretapped had received a Call from former Secretary of defense Clark Clifford. Clifford remarked in the conversation that he was see Nixon on 2a partial transcript Given committee a Lcy re politicians arrested a i appreciate their Assur ances that under no Circum stances Are they going recognize the so called new regime imposed by the Junta of Greece upon the people of the archbishop was expected to appear before the . Security Council on Friday. Small member Powers of the . Security Council were circulating a proposed Resolution. It reportedly called for the withdrawal from Cyprus of the cypriot National guards greek officers who led the coup. It also expressed opposition to annexation of the Island by Greece which is believed to be the object of the coup. While Makarios pressed his personal crusade Britain and the United states were trying to ease the threat of an armed confrontation Between Greece and Turkey. Washington a White House lawyer James St. Clair today gave the House judiciary committee a partial transcript of a presidential conversation he said proved president Nixon was not aware of and did not approve paying hush Money to watergate defendants. St. Clair briefing newsmen after a closed door summation of his impeachment defense said the 2vfr-Page transcript was part of a tape of a March 22, 1973, conversation the committee had subpoenaed earlier but which Nixon had refused to provide. St. Clair said he gave it to the committee because former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii a testimony before the committee changed Deans earlier version of his hush Money conversation with Nixon. St. Clair said Dean in his Senate watergate committee testimony last year said he left the March 21, 1973, conversation with Nixon feeling the matter of payments to watergate burglar Howard Hunt was unresolved. But testifying before the judiciary committee last week St. Clair said Dean a indicated something had been St. Clair said the transcript he presented to the committee covered a conversation Between Nixon and his chief of staff . Haldeman Early in the morning of March 22. St. Clair said the excerpt he supplied to the committee quoted Nixon As saying blackmail would not be paid to the watergate defendants. A crucial part of the committees watergate evidence is that $75,000 was paid to Hunt the night of March 21, following Deans talk with Nixon. St. Clair was reminded at the briefing that Nixon has repeatedly told the committee it had the whole Story of watergate. In releasing edited transcripts two months ago Nixon said he had now made available the full watergate Story. Quot that does no to mean every single word Ever uttered a St. Clair said. A it was the full Story As we understood it to be at that he said Dean s testimony had changed the situation and led to Nixon a decision to release the portion of the March 22 tape covering Nixon and Haldeman stalk. St. Clair s summation was delivered to the committee after it had already received draft proposals of articles of impeachment. A working paper prepared by rep. Jack Brooks d-tex., for the committees consideration proposes seven articles charging Nixon with violations of the Constitution and the Laws of the United states. A draft of the articles was distributed privately by Brooks to democratic committee members. A copy was obtained by the associated press. Brooks major article is a charge that Nixon obstructed Justice by a series of actions that interfered with the investigation and prosecution of crimes involved in the watergate break in and a cover up and the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg a doctor. St. Claire a summation aimed at establishing that Nixon was not involved in the watergate cover up or any other matters under investigation brought the committee to the final stage of its impeachment inquiry. Other articles by Brooks charge Nixon with committing fraud in the filing of personal income taxes turn see partial on 2a scientists attempt to tame lightning by Frank Carey a science writer Washington apr government weather scientists have launched an Effort to tame lightning one of natures most destructive weapons. Their experiments just started in thunderstorm prone Colorado involve a variation of a technique developed in world War ii to Jam enemy radar. Developing thunderstorms Are to be seeded with literally millions of Inch Long aluminium coated Nylon thread fibres called chaff. The Needle like fibres will be spewed from aircraft flying through the heart of a brewing storm. The object is to cause thunderhead to discharge their electrical Energy slowly rather than in sudden and violent bursts of lightning. In world War ii chaff was deployed from aircraft As a kind of Decoy screen designed to protect american bombers from the searching eyes of enemy radar. The technique became known popularly As giving the a electronic Raspberry to the enemy. Announcement of the newly launched project came see scientists on 2a continued High interest seen by Peggy Simpson my committee wednesday associated press writer that inflation was at a Washington and a Quot Ger us a l go s a the presidents cd three aug Ough of con ,ro1 Federal Reserve Banks and sad great Mac Quot fee predict interest rates will re a a. Required to beat it main High and a employ _ _ meat will Rise in the right. Davd Las lbs in presly against what one called the d. Be i Raes Rve worst peacetime inflation in a?? Philadelphia the nation s history. Said Quot we Are in perhaps the they told the House Bank worst f Ace time inflation in our history. Unless we begin t0 unwind inflation i am i fearful of the consequences what s inside i not Only for the Economy but i for our entire social amusements.4d Eastburn Alfred Hayes of Bridges a the new York Bank and John classified ads4-ud j Bulies of the san fran comics. 10b Cisco Bank said government crossword us spending should be reduced editorials4a to eliminate the proposed financial2a budget deficit for next year. Obituaries .2d they also said the Federal sports1-6c Reserve should further television 12b tighten the Money Supply. Women s Newsi-7b All stressed that the weather.3a so continued on 2a Nicosia Cyprus pooled dispatch a the Cyprus National guard pressed a massive manhunt today for left Wing politicians and others who supported deposed president Makarios. More than 1,000 persons have been arrested since the guards greek officers led it in a coup monday. Soldiers began House to House searches in Nicosia and other cities towns and villages wednesday. All but Token resistance to the coup and the president it installed Nikos Sampson ended with the fall tuesday of Paphos the last stronghold of archbishop Makarios on the West coast of the Island. Shooting was reported in the Countryside but the new regimes information chief Spyros Papageorgiou told newsmen Quot the shots you hear Are merely the rejoicing of National guardsmen. Our revolution is a Complete Success and there is no organized papa Georghiou a predecessor Miltiades Christo Doulou was arrested wednesday he was one of Makarios closest advisers and an outspoken opponent of the greek Junta in Athens. The american born wife of another Makarios confidant or. Vassos Lys Sarides was captured in a Mountain Village. Mrs. Lys Sarides the former Barbara Cornwall is Well known Here As a writer and journalist. Her husband still being sought Heads the left Wing Center Union party. Glaukos Clendes chief negotiator for Makarios with Che Island s turkish minority was one of the first arrested. He was later freed but is being kept under close surveillance. Henderson has water problems Henderson . Apr the City Council has backed a request for a voluntary to per cent reduction in water use throughout Henderson. The request was made by City manager Melvin Holmes. He said that if City consumption is not decreased voluntarily some kind of enforced reduction May be necessary. Holmes told the Council wednesday that Henderson has developed a serious water problem. Its not a matter of Supply he said but a matter of the filtration capacity of the City a present water Plant. Holmes also said heavy summer demand for water had resulted in a drop in water pressure in some parts of Henderson. Remarking prices pet Peeve by Louise Cook associated press writer the practice of remarking items on the supermarket shelves As prices go up a practice that Safeway stores inc. Says it is stopping is one of Consumers pet peeves. A walk into any supermarket and ask any consumer and scream about it a said Ellen Azwell president of the National consumer Congress. Safeway the nations largest Chain announced wednesday that it would no longer remark an item to reflect higher wholesale costs on new shipments. Or. Kent Chrstensen vice president of the National association of food chains said the action probably would Force other supermarkets to follow suit. Officials of most of the other big supermarket chains were not immediately available for comment or said they wanted time to study the situation. Supermarkets often argued that it was necessary to remark the same items putting a new sticker on top of an old one or blotting out the old stamp with a fresh one. The argument went something like this suppose a can of peas Cost the supermarket 20 cents and is Selling for 25 cents. The Price the supermarket pays goes up to 25 cents and therefore the new shipment will sell for 30 cents. It contends that it can t put out new cans priced at 30 cents while there Are 25-cent cans still left on the shelf. That would bring complaints from Consumers who picked up a new can got charged the higher Price then spotted another customer with an old can paying less. The manager of Wood s Market in Richmond a. see remarking on 2a

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