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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina In High Point Enterprise Nunda. Jul it la. 1976thieves sometimes can outwit scientific crime fighters i i i j ii a Margeret a intr associated press writer Washington Ai in the Laboratory s fluorescent Glare a Tex Homran examined ugly Brown splotches on a imy yellow quilted Robe \ baby girl Bird by err wearing the Nob at the time she was raped the splotches were dried bloodstains it was the technician s Job to tie Ter mine whether the bloodstains on the Robe match <1 those on a Ivor til jeans and a loot Hal Jersey taken from the key suspect in the Case the results of a variety of chemical tests would be crucial for police gathering i Wvence against the Man the chemical analysis could either link him inextricable to the crime or exonerate Bim the results would lie up usually important in this Lase because the victim Al though so survived could not of course identify her Al Tacker the Robe the jeans anti the football Jersey Are among Ujj. Thousands of items sent each i year to the Khi Laboratory in t Washington which conducts t nearly 500,000 examinations annually Tor criminal in a vet in nations throughout the a a a i urn f the h i handles More j criminal Case Laboratory i work than any of the 2�n slate and local police labs in tin t country most soul i town a i Allice rely on f the Fri bit their lab work Jay Cochran or. An Assis a Tant Fhi director who Heads a the lab says some a sophisticated techniques Are n available to Polit e departments Only at the Fri the incl tie a method soon r to he used for determining $ whether a blood Cample v came from a male or a female f tin the other Ila rid some in state labs particularly those v affiliated with a medical r examiner office May do More than the Fhi lab Iii tilt area of pathology largely Cocariu Etc some tests to body i tissues must be done immediately and cannot await shipment of spec i Metis to the Fhi in Washington j the Fhi lab was started 42years ago As a one Man. One a a a Microscope concept Quot says i Cochran who is 4d and is trained As a mechanical Cigir shh of plumes tilt in ale How 512 Eill a my to Juipi it Worth 7 47 a million about Kilt fourth of the Woik is per formed for Law enforcement it agencies tidier than fit i i Cochran save Iii the physics i into chemistry Section that i proportion grows to til it or p cent. With the Fhi picking up a. The Tost / some cases cml in remark obit suet Ess stories but a other end in failure sometimes lab officials tee they re orb one it Hort is p ahead of lit Iii so sent Iii knowledge for example Maurice stack head tit the physics i Aud chemistry Section noted that criminals often tile tilt Ibe identifying numbers of stolen cars and weapons Hie lab uses a chemical process which can restore the i numbers but investigators a Are Muling that some theft rings tile off numbers then lesion them chemically anti ilk them Oil again a a there a no Way we can re store a number a second time. Stack lamented hell h Herndon the Sta Tion Chiel in charge of code breaking and document a analysis said prison inmates Al ten communicate in simple c sit s and this practice once in d to die arrest of a prison inmate for the homosexual b murder it another inmate i i he lab received a prison message written a the suspect once tile code was broken analysts found Hie message to be a murder ism a Fossa say s Herndon who is Aud has a masters to Gree Iii forensic sciences tie Fri recently added an a Electron Microscope to the physics lab stick said tile $ Microscope soon proved vital in the examination it a \ Butcher knife taken from a r burglary suspect s the burglar had t i through ii aluminium screen f to break into a House the Tedin irian had to determine whether the defendant s knife could have been used to ass lash the screen i. A the knife Tiad shiny places in it. And a regular it Microscope just showed the Shin plates bigger a stack hut with the Electron f. Microscope it was possible to establish that these shiny glaces were aluminium of the i s a in e makeup a a the screen a major part it the Fri lab operation involves ballistics j to Sis to determine whether bullets taken from victims were fired from a particular defendant s gun this involves microscopic examination of the striations on the Bullet As Well As other tests to determine whether traces of barium and Antimony Clements commonly found in ammunition Are present in material swabby from a suspect s hand but stink a 43 year old specialist in forensic is fences Aid ballistics identification often is impossible to obtain because 22 Caliper guns Are used in 40 per rent of All murders a the 22 Caliper Bullet is so Small there s Only about a 20 per cent Chance of identifying he said tile Fri often must identify gun parts found at crime scenes to make the Job easier the lab maintains a collection of about 3,000 guns value at More than $1 million the collection includes rare and valuable Antiques such As a world War la Village la Gar carbine one of Only 1,200 made and a 45 pistol among 500 made by the Singer sewing machine co when it switched to military production Early in world War ii Fri officials say that in a few cases police investigators themselves make it impossible for the lab s analysts to come up with meaningful findings Hor example some have sent in the clothing of a rape victim and that of the suspect in the same package so there s no Way to Tell whether hair and fiber found on the suspects clothing got there during the crime or afterwards soil samples have been sent in envelopes which broke during transit one policeman firing a gun to obtain test bullets for ballistics comparison sent the Fri lab the trunk of a tree with the eight test bullets still imbedded in it they were so messed up we could t Tell anything about stack said a and the characteristics of the gun barrel had been changed by so much the Normal procedure is to fire the test bullets into a tank of water or. If that s not available a swimming Pool one police department sent in dynamite and explosive raps in the same package creating the risk of an explosion in transit the Fri has put it it a manual advising police How to handle and mail evidence and it conducts training courses Lur crime scene investigators there s one Fri lab Man whose Job could make him the envy of thousands he watches dirty movies Herndon explained we have a file of about every Triplex and obscene movie made in this Rountry we keep them in Case testimony is needed about where they were made who directed them and so Forth home�"31 i yet appliance m. Kje Kenmore laundry pair. Save 100 save 5000 col spot 15.9 . Upright Freezer 2h9.i1 66931 sear bes Kenmore 13-Cycle Washer a 13-cycles, 4-water Levels or $399.95 a 2-Speed motor amp q a dual action Quot agitator to it scar Best Kenmore heavy duty dryer a solid state seniors 299.95 a 5 fabric set Tings a top mount lint screen or. 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