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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy today Little cooler 92nd year no. 200 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation High Point n. C., sunday morning july 18, 1976 882-171# classified ads 885 2177 other depts. 885 2161 94 pages daily 13c, sunday 35c victims Tell of ordeal motive in kidnapping unknown Chowchilla. Calif map a shivering and dazed. 26 children and their school bus Driver came Back from a 36-hour journey of terror saturday and told of being buried alive by mysteriously silent kidnappers the victims of the unprecedented mass kidnapping told of a nightmarish descent into an Earth covered truck which they believed was fashioned As their coffin we thought we d had said the shaken bus Driver Frank Edward Ray. 55. Who related to reporters the ordeal in which he and my kids Quot dug out of a stifling underground cell in a Remote gravel Quarry the quiet kidnappers a three masked men with guns barely spoke to their victims ignoring the children s desperate cries of a Why Quot Quot the kids kept hollering. Why a they do this to us. Quot Ray said he added a i Don t know investigators too. Seemed baffled at the possible motives of the kidnappers no Ransom demand was received and authorities noted Chowchilla is not an affluent town nor did any terrorist group claim responsibility or demand a Swap of political prisoners for the children. At Dawn when the youngsters were carried Home by tearful parents the abductors were still at Large an All Points bulletin was issued for three men believed travelling in two vans one White and one medium Blue each with two cd radio antennas Ray had said one Van was White and the other Black the apr said one Man was identified Only As Jerry Mccune Quot one of the others was described As 36 years old with Black curly hair. A chipped front tooth and a Tat Senate probe reports illegal drug traffic still out of control too on his right forearm the other was described As 27. With Brown hair. Blue eyes and a hairy mole on the right Side of his Chin authorities refused to say any More earlier they said the kidnappers kept stocking masks on their Heads and it was not known where the More detailed descriptions came from the earlier reports also described two of the kidnappers As White the third was not described i Washington api calling drug abuse a National tragedy. Senate investigators said saturday that a reorganization intended to strengthen Federal efforts to combat the traffic in illicit drugs has failed in the three years since the drug enforcement administration a Dea a was established the nation s illicit drug traffic has grown said a report of the Perma ment investigations sub Eom Mittee. A unit of the Senate government operations committee Quot the Nui Ber of drug addicts continues to increase at a rapid rate Brown heroin from Mexico continues to come into this country in massive amounts and drug abuse continues to spread into Rural Anc suburban it said in comments on the report Peter Bensinger. Dea administrator. Said that while the Agency welcomes and needs the interest of the committee for More effective Law enforcement against drugs Quot the finding of this report simply put. Are dated Quot Quot they May represent the committee findings on past aka operations but do not portray Dea s Mission or strategies in july. 1976 Quot he said in a statement the subcommittee s report in ��2��0 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one caffeine count q. What beverage has the most caffeine in it a b a. A Chart of the caffeine Content of Coffee Tea and Cocoa from u s dept of agriculture publications and the amount contained in several beverages data from the pan americano fee Bureau will give you an idea there Are wide fluctuations in what the beverages contain since there arc variations in the caffeine Content of the Coffee Beans Tea leaves and Cocoa from which they Are made for example Tea leaves have More caffeine Content than roasted Coffee Beans but a cup of Tea has less than a cup of Coffee Here is a list of products the per cent of caffeine in each then Hie milligrams of caffeine in a 5 ounce beverage made from if Coffee roasted. I 5 per cent it instant Coffee j to 4 per cent it 90 to 125 my caffeine in 5 of beverage Tea. Dry leaves. 3 0 per cent 30 to 70 my Cocoa nibs roasted. 0 4 per cent commercial Cocoa. 0 2 per cent chocolate drink. 7 8 my caffeine cola drink Brand a. 36 3 my caffeine in 5 of beverage. Brand b. 38 9 my caffeine per 5 of. Drink water Hauler q. I need to know it anyone could help me haul 7,00 1 Gallons of water to fill a swimming Pool on Kivell drive a we have tried for three weeks and we can to find anyone and need someone that would be reasonable with their prices. Thank you. . A of the Pool is within the City limits where a lire Hose could be connected to a hydrant you can make the arrangements with the fire department an off duty fireman can do it you would be billed by the City for the water and use of the Hose plus whatever fee the fireman charges for his time and services if you live in the county a spokesman at the Guil Rand fire department said they could t till pools polyester dyes j. What kind of Dye can be successfully used on polyester material is there anyone in High Point that dyes polyester dresses or anything made of the material thank you. Anon woman. A the directions on the powdered or liquid dyes would specify what materials it can be used on if you want to try it yourself if the dress has any trim or decoration of another fabric the Dye would probably affect it differently there Art no commercial dyers Here the closest one is Loebl Dye works inc. P o. Box 52, Roanoke a. 24002 their Telephone is 703 344-5161 they can Dye garments rugs uniforms draperies and can also flame proof items like auditorium or school draperies they ask that you Send the garment together with a Sample of the color wanted the Sample can be on a piece of paper or cloth a ribbon or even a Candle has been sent to them before doing the work they will Send a statement of what it will Cost and that varies with the fabric or finish the weight and the styling was based on an investigation and hearings conducted last year it said that a although Dea has presented statistics to demonstrate considerable numbers of arrests of violators and seizures of illicit drugs the ability of higher Echelon dealers and financiers to bring illicit drugs into the United states has not been effectively the subcommittee said the Dea has concentrated too much on pursuing Low level drug dealers and addicts and not enough on conspiracy cases targeted against High level narcotics traffickers it also complained of a Lack of co operation in exchanging information Between Dea and the customs service responsible for protecting the nations Borders and ports of entry against smugglers sen Sam Nunn. A a. Acting chairman of the subcommittee. Said in a statement accompanying the report that Dea and customs had a declared War on each other a not in the big time. International narcotics smugglers and dealers Quot the Dea was established in the Justice department on july i. 1973. Under an executive order of former president Richard m Nixon consolidating the enforcement functions it a number of agencies. Nunn said that despite the subcommittee s criticisms of Dea operations he we Sam pressed by the efforts of atty Gen Edward Levi and Bensinger. Quot to Correct Many of the problems they inherited Quot High parking parking spaces May by at a Premium in Many cities. But this Driver really did not have to Rise above the crowd to find a place actually the Volkswagen sus ended on a pole is part of an advertisement for a foreign Auto garage off Bragg Boulevard in Fayetteville it also provides some Shade on a hot Day. As Jackie Mosley discovered a the incredible voyage a in which children from simple farm families vanished without a Trace thursday afternoon a threw this tiny Rural town into communal grief that turned to Joy when the youngsters returned Home saturday Quot Welcome Home kids Quot said a placard at City Hall where the weary but unharmed children arrived in the Moonlit predawn hours see motive on 7a president gains 35 delegates by the associated press president Ford and Ronald Reagan each scored sweeps on the last Day of gop state convention voting saturday. But Ford ended the Day with a net gain of 15 votes Over Reagan and moved to within 64 delegates of the Republican presidential nomination. Ford took All 35 delegates at stake in the Connecticut convention bringing his Delegate total to 1,066. According to the associated press tally. Reagan has 1,020 of the 1,130 needed for nomination. Reagan won All 20 delegates available at the Utah convention in Salt Lake City both victories were expected and left the balance of Power with the 172 delegates who remain uncommitted no More delegates remain to he chosen before the party meets for its National convention aug 16 in Kansas City Ford called Tor Unity at the Connecticut convention in Hartford to Quot Center our attack not Oil fellow republicans but on this democratic Congress the democratic platform and the democratic ticket which tries to be All things to All people now we must resolve to Stop fighting each other and Start helping each other it was his first political address since Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale won the democratic presidential and vice presidential nominations on thursday Ford got a rousing Welcome at the Hartford convention but outside the Hall a group of about 50 Reagan supporters chanted Quot we want Reagan Quot and waved placards students return two Dairyland students walk to the family car Clad in blankets Atter their Early morning arrival in Chowchilla Cali saturday All 26 students and their bus Driver were found unharmed Friday night near Livermore. Map wire photo conjecture spreads officials puzzled Over kidnapping Chowchilla. Calif apr police officials knew saturday when and How 26 school children and their bus Driver were kidnapped but they Don t know by whom nor Why in this farm town not far from the foot of the sierras conjecture sprouted like Cotton in the adjacent Fields but it was just that conjecture Ransom mayor James Dumas a 59-year-Oid furniture dealer said Ransom was a logical Assumption the three masked men who entombed their captives in a dirt covered truck in a Livermore Quarry. 9 a Miles North of Here asked each child his name age and names of his parents As they passed Down a ladder into their prison but that was about All the men said throughout their 11-hour Cross country wanderings with their captives. Police report no Ransom messages Fri spokesman Charles Bates said the abductors were wearing stocking masks and that they said Little beyond ordering the children to the rear of the school bus before they were put into the vans he would not speculate about a motive. Roy Tatom. Superintendent of the Dairyland school District where the youngsters were attending a summer program thought thai Ransom were involved it might have been for political reasons Quot swapping people Quot he said some of theirs for some of ours i doubt it was for Money we re not a Rich Community inside Reading parents in school trucking for 40 years. Peace quest at 92editorials. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Pages 13, 14, 15c obituaries classified by envoys from abroad Carter s policy assessed tax cuts Extension top priority item Washington a Extension of the present individual income tax cuts for americans is a no i item of business when Congress returns monday from a two weeks recess also awaiting decision is an Extension of the Revenue sharing plan for stale and local governments the congressional recess which began july 2 covered both the fourth of july Holiday and the democratic National convention members will recess again oct. 12 through aug 20 for the Republican National convention they plan to end then 1976 session on get 2 to give time for campaigning before the november election the tax cuts were enacted last year and technically expired on june 30 hut a Law was enacted to freeze Tux withholding rates at the june 30 Levels until sept i to give Congress time to decide in an Extension if the cuts Are allowed to expire it would mean a $445-per veal tax increase for a four member family earning $6,000 a year the yearly tax hike for a typical four member family earning $15,-000 or a single person making $25,000 would be $180 a couple with no children and earning $10,000 would face a $204 tax increase on tuesday the Senate votes on a proposal by Edmund s Muskie a Maine that would extend the approximately $15 billion in individual tax cuts through sept 30. 1977 Washington a certain foreign policy Aims outlined by democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter have worried key allies of the United states pleased others and dismayed the Arab countries but an associated press Survey alter the democratic convention of two dozen Tinong the 128 embassies in Washington disclosed a consensus on one thing the International policy platform adopted by the democrats seems to almost All hard eyed diplomats to by Bland and Broad enough to permit Carter if elected to switch course and change emphasis on quite a number of major world issues Quot it s one thing for a challenger Tor Power to spoil out his wishes a Veteran european ambassador remarked Quot it s another thing for him to full ill those wishes when he faces tile realities in office most embassies sent observers to tile new York convention to Analyse and report to their Home governments on the sort of International posture a i Jem operatic administration might by expected to take Only a few however considered themselves tree to provide attributable comments a majority of tilt envoys declined to by identified for fear of being accused of meddling in internal u s affairs spokesmen Tor the soviet and other communist embassies declined to discuss any aspect of Carter s approach to world affairs the Survey showed concern among America s partners in the nato Alliance Over Carter s sceptical attitude toward existing nuclear strategy Carter has publicly expressed disbelief in the possibility of limiting nuclear War this strikes at the idea of a flexible response Quot which is at the Center of nato planning now and to anxious West German. British and other it hied officials it revives the Long discarded conc ept of a massive nuclear retaliation Quot against an aggressor using even tactical atomic weapons a pleased Relief among japanese and South korean authorities Over Carters pledge to consult with them on preserving a u s military presence in their area a we have the impression or Carter is keeping his options open and we appreciate a senior asian envoy said a unconcealed dismay among 15 Arab countries Over what they see As the democratic party s readiness to Back up the israelis to the Hilt militarily politically and economically the Doyen of the Arab diplomatic corps. Ambassador Najati Kabbani of Lebanon telegraphed Carter and other democratic party leaders at the convention this week protesting their see Carter s on Loai Youthful convict gets break from Community Virginia City Nev apr Rod Sessum walked out an open jail door to Freedom saturday actually the door had been unlocked for months and Sesslin says the sentence was Quot about the Best thing that Ever happened to instead of staying behind bars Sessum 19, had worked at Odd John around this old mining town and often ate dinner at residents Homes instead of in his Century old cell by the time he finished his jail term he had friends. Gifts of c Lothes offers of full time jobs a College scholarship donations of Money and even an old car which he rebuilt and got to run on thursday the youth first convicted of assault in the robbery of a Hitchhiker got probation but was later caught in his Home state of Louisiana driving a stolen car he was returned Here As a parole violator and in october 1975 was sentenced to a year in jail normally authorities would Send prisoners to the state prison in nearby Carson City but sheriff Bob Del Carlo said because of Sessum s youth authorities decided to let him stay in the Dungeon like jail. After Sessum s first six weeks of imprisonment the cell door was unlocked he began working around town getting a Chance to meet residents of the Community Quot of i had been anywhere else i would t have had this happen Quot said Sessum Quot i have made the friends that i made Sesslin asked whether he figures he can now make it in the outside world said Quot of yes. I think i can make

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