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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor probing Nixon s wariness of the Cia 4a thursday july 18, 1974 first Aid or full cure it May be that a thorough search of the voluminous report to which we have not yet had Access will prove otherwise but the published summaries of what the Senate watergate committee have recommended make them appear to be a band Aid treatment of a sorely wounded patient. The committee of which sen. Sam Ervin was chairman completed its work last week and issued a 2,217-Page report that includes 35 legislative changes by which it proposes to avoid another watergate. In his own separate statement. Sen. Ervin had this to offer a when All is said the Only sure antidote for future watergate is understanding of fundamental principles and intellectual and moral integrity in the men and women who achieve or Are entrusted with governmental or political and it May Well be True that it is not possible to write into Law sufficient rules and restrictions to overcome political immorality the committee concluded that a legislation is at Best a Blunt weapon to combat the seventeen months of investigations including Public and closed door hearings brought Forth no conclusive findings As to guilt or innocence of the misdeeds of which the Nixon administration has been charged. Instead the committee noted that its mandate had been limited to the recommendation of legislative reforms to prevent the recurrence of such abuses. Analysts of the document have excerpted the following As the major recommendations that the Congress a establish a permanent Public attorneys office similar to the watergate special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute cases of official corruption. A make interference with a Federal election a crime. A make it unlawful for any White House aide to engage in intelligence gathering for Domestic or National Security unless authorized by Congress. A ban infiltration by one candidates supporters of another candidates Campaign. A prohibit the use of Campaign funds for illegal purposes. A establish a Federal elections commission to investigate violations of election Laws and refer violations to the Public attorney. A ban Campaign contributions from persons receiving More than $5,000 per year in government Loans Grants contracts or subsidies. A prevent the political use of the internal Revenue service by making the irs report to Congress each year All requests and responses for tax information and audits by the administration and by forbidding any person in the White House from examining income tax returns. A require full financial disclosure by the president and vice president each the news a ban Cash Campaign contributions of More than $100 or single Cash Campaign expenditures Over $100. A set an Overall Campaign spending limit suggested at 12 cents multiplied by the voting age population of the area for each candidate. Perhaps we Are victims of the age of cynicism but we entertain Little doubt that the real culprits of politics namely those who with pocketful of hard Cash seek to influence the actions of government for their own Benefit can find ways to continue their work despite such precautions. It has been going on for a lot longer than watergate and will continue to go on As Long As private financing of political campaigns is allowed to continue. The watergate committee stood fast against the proposition already passed by the Senate but facing rough going in the House of providing Public financing of Federal election campaigns. To take financing out of private hands it held would be to destroy a a the voluntary right of individual citizens to express themselves politically As guaranteed by the first also the report continued a we find inherent dangers in authorizing the Federal bureaucracy to fund and excessively regulate political we View it As a certainty that if the Congress finds itself unable to revise the process or to regulate it sufficiently it will continue to suffer from the same abuses that have been the lot of politics for a Long time. For instance despite All the jaw boning on the subject and the publishing of the interminable lists of those who forget or refuse to file Campaign reports not a single court prosecution of a negligent candidate has Ever been conducted in North Carolina. It May be that the hoped for return to Public morality combined with the legislation As proposed by the committee will be All that is necessary to avoid the horrendous excesses to which we have become inured. But we will have to be la learn anybody who buys and drives an automobile either shuns altogether or at least shudders when he reads statistics about what it costs to operate one. A Story in the sunday paper told us that if you buy a Standard size 1974 automobile and drive it approximately 100,000 Miles before trading it in it will have Cost you $15,892.36 Over the Span of about to years. We know How we react to such High flown figures. The question is do those Arab shrieks who Are buying up american and British luxury cars read this kind of copy caveat investor As the value of the Dollar continues to sink investors Are casting about for new ways to protect their Money from the ravages of inflation some buy land or real estate. Other prefer gems precious metals or works of Art in Many instances these investors would be better off if they entrusted their Cash to a Bank or savings and loan. Take land for example. As a Rule the carrying charges on recently purchased land run about to to 12 per cent of the Price per year a 7 to 8 per cent interest on the Sellers note and 3 to 4 per cent in real estate taxes and incidentals. This Means that raw land must appreciate in value at twice the historic average of 8 per cent to pay off. A is your land that exceptional a Forbes Magazine asked a unfortunately you wont know for sure until you sell it. Or to be More precise until you try to sell it. There May be no investors in Art gems and precious metals often Lack the expertise to make Wise choices this was certainly True of some of the Well heeled japanese who invaded the Art markets of new York Paris and London about two years ago. A they had no time to develop an Eye for Western Art a a French Art dealer said a just the Way wed say All japanese look alike to us they distinguish Between Good and the mediocre. They bought Many Are now Selling their acquisitions at a substantial loss. The Gem Market is equally treacherous for the Novice investor. A even in the Best of times a Dun s Magazine observed a the executive who invests in gems is going blindly into a Field where there is no Central marketplace no reported prices and no ii they May be disappointed. A the experience in Japan which lifted its ban on Gold last year suggests no Bonanza for speculators a business week noted. A in april 1973, when the ban was lifted dealers imported is tons of Gold. In May Gold imports dropped to 13 tons and since then the monthly level has never topped to the lesson seems to be that there Are few investment havens in an inflationary world and that the people who find them Are at least As Lucky As they Are astute by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington on tape recordings made shortly before he began a Federal prison term Charles Colson said he believes the Central intelligence Agency has evidence that still More Campaign funds were diverted by the Nixon family for personal expenses. The former White House aide said he thinks this is a major reason Why president Nixon is afraid to make a thorough investigation of the Ciao a mysterious role in watergate. Senate watergate probes already have reported they found $4,562 in Campaign Money funnelled by Nixon crony Charles a a Bebel Rebozo into such gifts As Diamond studded earrings for Pat Nixon. Colson however said he believes the Cia has Learned that the president and his family also made personal use of the infamous $100,000 Given by billionaire Howard Hughes to Nixon and channelled through Rebozo. Colson advanced his theory in three hours of talks with businessman detective Richard Bast who Colson approached to investigate the Cia. Such a probe Colson Felt would show that the Cia framed him. The sex White House a dirty administration to scrap 300 co maw snips a Blews item tricks ringmaster said he was never Able to convince the president to fire Cia director William Colby and put a Nixon Man at the head of the Cia. A they must certainly know something very heavy on Nixon a commented Bast who was secretly tape recording Colson. Colson himself a deft Bugger of conversations while at the White House replied a they a i mean if he knows this stuff is going on and he a not doing anything about it a began Bast. A you know what i think a interrupted Colson. A you want to know what i really think. In a Loyal to the Guy Nixon a cause he a my Friend. I think Bebe used that $100,000 for himself and for the president for the family and the girls. I think that the president figures a this is my worst suspicion a that if he really blows this. Hughes can blow the whistle on As Colson saw it however it would be the Cia who put Hughes up to blowing the whistle. Hughes Colson pointed out had close organizational ties with the Cia. Bast asked whether the Only thing the Cia had hanging Over Nixon a head was the $100,000. Replied Colson morosely a who knows that that a the Only $100,000.�?� Colson is the first to suggest the Cia has undisclosed evidence of Nixon Campaign fund misuse but there have been reports of fund juggling Ever since we first told of the $100,000 Hughes gift three years ago. On May 28, for instance we reported that a Rebozo paid for presidential Pool Pool table and architectural the Story was confirmed almost word for word by a formal Senate watergate report on july to. Though suggesting that the Cia was not above blackmailing Nixon Colson himself told Bast he was considering doing the same thing to the president. A recent and fervent convert to christianity Colson suffered an apparent relapse when he said he planned to use Quot a Little leverage on getting the president to get off his a and Stop this Cia the a a leverage was to be a report passed on by Bast that Nixon had received a hefty contribution from the Shah of Iran. We later alluded to that Story pointing out that the Shah a representative former Secretary of state William Rogers had firmly denied it. A you May be giving me the key to getting the president to investigate the Cia a Colson said excitedly when Bast related the tale of a Royal iranian gift. A you May have to put me in the position of being Able to say to the president a lets Cut out the so a Colson went on. A you done to want to practice blackmail on the president you done to want to put yourself in the same position As these other people have. Chuck a said Bast. The tape purred soundlessly for a moment. A i done to Call it blackmail a said Colson. Footnote Colson a Brief threat to blackmail the president was clearly not to save himself he had already agreed in writing to plead guilty to obstruction of Justice in any Case he quietly informed presidential counsel Fred Buzhardt of the iranian report and did no More about it Cia sources said the Colson Campaign funds charge is Good afternoon electric ties outlay a Quarter Ion quiddity. Buying gems takes an experts Eye and a veterans feel for the Market a the kind that Only daily involvement can above All else the Gem investor should Bear in mind that he invariably pays the retail Price when buying but will receive no More than the prevailing wholesale Price when he Sells. Well then How about Silver despite the rising prices of Bullion and coins in recent years the experts advise caution. A the Market this year has been purely psychological a said Robert Keck a commodity analyst at Banche is co. A and prices have reacted because of demand from a lot of people who believe that Silver has some kind of magic to protect them against since Keck made that observation Early this year the Price of Silver has dropped from around $6 to $4.50 an ounce. That leaves Gold a a the immutable and fiduciary value Par excellence a As the late Charles de Gaulle reverently described it. Legislation approved by the Senate and pending in the House would lift the 40-year-old ban on private ownership of Gold Bullion. If the Bill becomes Law Many brokers expect an epidemic of Gold fever to sweep across the land. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus red rubber a Man named a a Goodyear had a Bright a i dear of printing our Money on rubber but the men at the head preferred paper instead and now we Are having to suffer. Just look at this nation in the midst of inflation and see How the dollars have shrunk. If they were made out of rubber then somehow or other our Economy might not be sunk. Just think How much we could fetch in meat and potatoes and Honey a would make it a Quot snap for every Chap to have a Small nest egg of Money. Now the men at the head who used paper instead knew what could happen with rubber for if it should a a bounced they would have to announce that they were running for cover but the papers so Light it has blown out of sight it makes every one of us shudder. So it seems to me and done to you agree a would be smart to now use red rubber mrs. Sarah Mcnatt in the presbyterian. Home newsletter the seemingly modest $15,000 a year the City of High Point undertook some years ago in support of epic a cooperative Effort by municipalities which sell electricity and by Rural cooperatives to Pool interests is. The states Power generating firms has ballooned now into a total expenditure of $254,528.07 As High Points contribution to a Maze of unsuccessful operations that have Cost and Are costing this City Money far beyond what was Ever planned at the outset. It would seem time for City Council to look that gift horse closely in the Mouth to find if this City is justified in spending Public funds on electric related enterprises before one More cent is poured into enterprises of futility rather than Utility. This is not to say that High Point s participation in any or All of those multifarious organizations a Piedmont electric cities into which this City has poured $106,251 Only to see that Case for generating electricity thrown out by the supreme court electric ties to which this City has contributed $90,968.34 in an unsuccessful Effort to Force Duke Power company to sell the municipalities a 5 per cent interest in its nuclear Power Plant in South Carolina and epic which is something that seems to become involved whenever and wherever electricity is mentioned and into which this City has poured $57,308 without much visible result a is necessarily wasteful nor to say that possibly that investment in excess of a Quarter of a million dollars was not in some Way helpful. The benefits if any Are too Complex to be understood by laymen but the expenditure of $254,528 of Public monies where a modest annual expenditure was held up As Worth the City a undertaking at the outset indicates a quagmire from which the City needs prompt extrication. Nobody to whom we have talked at City Hall professes to realize so Large an expenditure was poured into what now appears to have been a rat Hole that has produced nothing but failure and futility unworthy of a City with the business brains this City possesses. It is time for the City Hall bureaucracy to justify what it is spending so recklessly without producing anything tangible that a worthwhile and without telling citizens of the cover up of such expenditure that could better have been reflected in lower taxes had that faucet been Cut off earlier. How about it folks its your Money that a being wasted on wild Goose chases for whom someone needs be held responsible. Tion has added another million dollars to just one phase of the Westchester improvement project while this City Dawdle delayed and has endangered life and property on that overloaded thoroughfare. For years its improvement has been funded since then Highway commissioner t Lynwood Smith drove it to where Money was made available and All this City had to do was to carry it through in cooperation with the state Highway commission. But promises and More promises have seen costs mount while nothing happened until now other projects needed worthy and on the state approved list Are going to have to be trimmed a or even Cut out completely in one important instance a because of inaction to these Many years when the widened and improved Westchester should Long since have been in use. Now it develops that Infra death of David Mac Jester recalls Days when he Cut quite a figure real estate Wise Here before settling into Thomasville after being caught up As were so Many others in the depression which hit realty values destructively in the Early 30s big Hearty and Clever in conversation he regained his position in the trading world until at age 72, he died last week. Jaycees and their Jayc ettes will hold their family picnic at Oak hollow sunday july 28, beginning at 12.30or. Joseph g. Walser jr., associate professor of religion at Alma College is one of three faculty members chosen by seniors As distinguished professors the High Pointer taught at Duke and Carolina prior to joining Alma College at Alma Michigan. Jack b Weaver has bought another Plant at Brightwood va., where he will expand production while maintaining a Plant Here a he Hopes thereby to catch up on shipments running a year behind. Letters to the editor impeachment would be a tragedy to the editor the u. S. Constitution plainly states that a president May be removed from office for treason High crimes or bribery. President Nixon has not been convicted on either of these charges and there is no Way possible to find him guilty if the Constitution is upheld. Every member of Congress took a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution and the american people expect them to do just that. As for impeachment he has been impeached from the Day he took office by his opponents but removal is entirely another thing and to remove this Man from office would indeed be a tragedy to America and the entire world. If a True evaluation of the accomplishments of this administration is made the answer would have to be and this fact cannot be denied. I do not condone his profanity but if All profane politicians were removed from office it would necessitate removing most members of Congress and the leaders of both major political parties. I admit that Nixon is a cold and highly skilled politician but there is no Way a dress Dent can Deal with a Congress that is filled with corruption and graft in a gentle Way and get results. If election committees Are to be considered i would suggest the democratic committee for Kennedy of 1960 be thoroughly investigated As there is Strong evidence that Kennedy never legally won the election. If president Truman had permitted general Mcarthur one of americans greatest generals to Cross the 38th parallel in the korean War there would probably have been no Vietnam War but instead he fired him simply because Congress did not want to harass the enemy. Congress did not want Nixon to Cross the demilitarized zone either but he did and what did he accomplish he brought the longest War in history to an end something neither Johnson nor Kennedy could do. The recent peace settlement in the Middle East was another amazing feat for the great president and no one can deny him accomplishments in foreign affairs. On the Domestic front things Are looking much better. Farm income is at an All time High without govern ment subsidies. Well Over 80 million people Are working and employment is at an All time High. Could you fire a Man like this some would but most sound thinking americans would emphatically say a no g. H. Lambeth 115 Hilltop re. Thomasville . Berry a world q 1174 by a. Inc Quot i wish i could travel All Over tha world upending taxpayers Money Maklon myself look Good Quot

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