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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather hot and hazy More data on Page 5a 90th year no. 197 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Cd a wednesday afternoon july 17, 1974 76 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Tower of London bombed London a a terrorist bomb exploded in the historic Tower of London today and injured at least 33 persons half of them children Scotland Yard said. The Yard declined to theorize what organization was behind the bombing. Irish extremists set off an explosion june 17 that damaged the houses of parliament and injured seven persons. Scotland Yard said most of those injured in today a explosion were danish and German tourists. In past bombings terrorists have Given Advance warning but there was no such warning in today s incident police said. A suddenly there was this bang a said mrs. John Lyall of suburban London a there was Glass and smoke coming out of the building. I heard children police cordoned off the area and two helicopters hovered Over the medieval fortress where England a Tudor Kings had their enemies beheaded. The environment department which runs tourist attractions in Britain said the explosion was in the basement of the Tower. It said there was structural damage to the floor above the explode Tower on 2 a near Cyprus Turkey reported moving troops by the associated press informed sources said Turkey was moving 90,000 troops and War Materiel to its Mediterranean shores today following the coup on Cyprus and newspapers reported turkish ships were sailing near the greek islands of Rhodes and Mitilene. The moves came As turkish leaders flew to London for urgent talks on the Cyprus crisis military rebels tightened their grip on the Island and archbishop Makarios told a conference in England he left Cyprus because he Felt he would be Able to help his people More effectively from outside the country. There Are approximately 490.000 greeks and 115,000 turks on Cyprus. The military rebels that overthrew Makarios on Mon Day Are believed to be committed to Gnosis or Union with Greece and the turkish government fears any such move would threaten its interests on the Mediterranean Island. Greece has denied any involvement with the coup. In Brussels All members of the North Atlantic treaty organization except Greece supported a Call for the withdrawal of greek officers from the guard As in . Russia and . At Odds on Cyprus by William n. Oatis associated press writer United nations . Apr the soviet Union and the United states were at Odds today Over what if for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Crabby q. How do you get rid of the crabs anon. A. You can get from a druggist a proprietary drug such As Kwell topic de or cup Rex. Lice can be transmitted by wearing the bathing suit or underclothes of an infected person or sleeping in an infested bed. Sources of infestation such As clothing bedding hairbrushes etc., should be thoroughly cleaned or discarded. If the problem persists see your doctor. D. C. Campgrounds q. Can you Tell me where i can get a list of camping grounds around the Washington . Area. Thank you. Or. C. A. The National Park service has compiled a list of tent camping and trailer facilities in Virginia and Maryland with a description of facilities the distance from Washington and the Telephone number. Most do not take reservations. You can request a copy by writing the Washington area convention and visitors Bureau 1129 20th, n.w., Washington . 20036. You can also get a sightseeing guide from them. The Virginia state travel service 911 East Broad Street Richmond va., 23219, has a brochure with a map of Virginia state Parks and another one called a camping in Virginia which lists 250 commercial campgrounds from the mountains to the sea. Mildew problem q. What will take mildew out of a White uniform thank you. Anon a. Bleach can be used on fade proof materials sodium perforate on others. Readers have also suggested using vinegar a or soaking in skim milk or Buttermilk. Mistaken identity q. Please Tell me Why the furniture building is called Commerce Street Wing it is located on Commerce Avenue. . A. The Misnomer is probably a hangover from Long years of calling Commerce a Street a just like some of us who la always Call a refrigerator an ice Box a and the Southern furniture marketing Center the a exposition Kuhlman visit q. I heard that Kathryn Kuhlman was going to be in Greensboro at the coliseum and would you please find out if and when she will be there thank you. Mrs. H. T. A. October 29, 1974, at 6 p m. Is the Date. The coliseum management says to Contact local churches around the latter Oart of september for tickets. Missing announcer q. What happened to the announcer on Channel 12 on sunday mornings at 8 of clock As i used to watch it All the time and wondered what happened to him i would appreciate it if you would find out for me. Mrs. C. S., Thomasville. A. Program manager John comas of Xii says apparently you Are referring to Bill Hefner. Bill is running for Congress in the 8th District. According to Federal regulations Hefner s opponent incumbent Earl Ruth would be entitled to equal time on Xii if Hefner continued doing the gospel songs program while a candidate. To resolve the Issue in fairness to both candidates station officials and Hefner agreed to turn the program Over to Mike doer who serves As its Host. Anything the Security Council should do about the Cyprus coup and the overthrow of president Makarios. At the first Council meeting on the crisis the soviets on tuesday called for urgent measures to protect the Independence of the Island. But the United states supported by Britain said information from Cyprus was still too sketchy to make any decisions. The 15-nation Council adjourned to await developments including possibly a visit by Makarios who spent the night on Malta in route to London. No time was set for resumption of the debate. In tuesdays debate soviet Delegate Vasily s. Safronchik blamed the coup on the greek army officers who command the Cyprus National guard. He said the greek military government must Bear responsibility. He called on the Council to a take the most urgent measures to protect the Independence sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cyprus. A a time will not wait a a he declared. But he did not submit a Resolution for Council action. Ambassador John a. Scab of the United states said his government supports the a Independence and territorial integrity of Cyprus and its existing constitutional but he said a unfortunately there is much. We still do not know about the emerging situation on Cyprus and it is difficult at this moment to see clearly whether and How the Council can make a positive the Makarios governments . Representative ambassador Zenon Rossides flared up at the Calls for delay and urged an immediate cease fire Resolution. But like Safronchik Rossides did not submit a Resolution. Turkish ambassador Osman Okay charged that the coup was a mounted in he said Turkey a which considers itself the protector of the turkish cypriot minority a wanted a peaceful solution but would not yield its right to protect turkish cypriots. Aircraft hits Power line Dillon so. A a crop duster was seriously injured when his single engine plane crashed in the pleasant Hill Section of Dillon county late tuesday morning authorities reported. Spokesmen for the Dillon county sheriffs department said Jerry Webster 30, of Marlboro county was in a pretty bad conditions a after his aircraft struck a Power line and crashed. What s inside amusements.9a bridge12b classified ads5-1 id comics4d crossword12b editorials4a financial. 2a obituaries.2d sports1-5c television 14c women a Sec. B weather.5a Cyprus National the Best Way to Calm the situation a nato source said. Makarios said the coup against him monday was organized by the greek military regime in Athens and led by greek officers serving in his National guard. A they tried to kill me by attacking the presidential Palace with mortars and other weapons a he said. A the Palace was demolished. A they thought i was killed and they said on the radio that i was taken but As you can see i am alive. A i succeeded in escaping. I went first to Paphos where there is a radio station from which i made several broadcasts to my people. A yesterday morning a Small warship of the National guard fired at the radio station and demolished it while at the same time armoured cars and tanks moved toward Paphos is Makarios s Home town in Southwest Cyprus. Explaining his decision to leave Makarios said a i Makarios Waves As he leaves governors car on Malta a wire photo did t want to fall into the hands of Junta. I preferred to leave Cyprus. I Felt that going into hiding was not the answer after consultation with British government leaders Makarios was expected to Fly on to York to Appeal to the United nations Security Council for help in reversing the coup that unseated him on monday. The British forces radio station on Cyprus reported a Calm night for the Island with Only a an occasional Rifle shot and automatic weapons fire it said the curfew imposed by leaders of the coup on greek cypriot sectors of the Island had been lifted but might be reimposed later in the Day. A pooled dispatch late tuesday from Nicosia the capital said shooting continued in some towns. But greek sources in Athens reported the surrender of pro Makarios forces in Paphos the president Arch Bishop s stronghold to which he had fled monday and the National guard whose officers from the greek army led the coup appeared to be gaining control of most key Points on the Island. The Security Council met in emergency session in York on tuesday but after inconclusive debate adjourned to await developments. The United states and Britain urged a wait and see policy. The soviet Union accused the greek military Junta in Athens of instigating the coup and said a time will not and the . Delegate from the Makarios government appealed to the Council to order a ceasefire. Press and prosecutors come under Nixon fire by Frances Lewine associated press writer san Clemente Calif. Apr president Nixon says he believes there has been a harassment on a massive basis of innocent people by some members of the press and prosecutors in the watergate Case. And in an interview made Public on tuesday he said a the Chance to get a fair trial anyplace is impossible for any watergate figure. He said that if the charges against him in connection with watergate were True a i serve for one minutes and nobody would have to ask him to resign. He termed watergate a the thinnest scandal in american the president said that if he a had bugged out of Vietnam a a As some Liberal members of the press wanted a watergate would have been a Blip. They would t have the interview is included in a paperback Book a the personal Nixon staying on the Summit a written by rabbi Baruch m. Korff of Providence r i., and Rehoboth mass. He is head of an anti impeachment organization known As the National citizens committee for fairness to the presidency. Rabbi Korff said the May 13 interview at the White House was arranged by Bruce Herschensohn Deputy assistant to the president. Herschensohn also provided a flattering commentary about the author for the Back cover. Staffers in the press office of the Western White House were providing duplicate copies of sections of the interview for distribution to reporters. Rabbi Koffs committee published the $1.25 paperback and will print 300,000 copies in the next month a key time in the watergate impeachment proceedings. The committee gets the royalties the rabbi said. The tape recorded interview contained a defense of the presidents position harsh criticism of the Media and some of the special watergate prosecutors men and a denial of any anti semitism in response to reports of Westmoreland loses primary baseball s dizzy Dean Dies of heart ailment Reno Nev. A dizzy Dean an Arkansas farm boy who pitched his Way into baseball shall of Fame with a blazing fastball winning the admiration of millions with a Dow Home twang and zest for life that sometimes made managers Pale died Early today. He was 63. Dean who with his brother Paul formed a feared pitching duo for the a Gas House gang St. Louis cardinals in the 1930s, died at St. Mary s Hospital two Days after suffering a severe heart attack. Dean died at 1 35 a m. Of heart failure after his condition had taken a turn for the worse tuesday afternoon said de spoon a Hospital spokesman. Spoon said Deans wife Patricia his brother Paul a a Daffy Dean of Springdale ark., and Paul a two children were at the bedside when the former Pitcher died. Dizzy Dean and his wife had no children. He was hospitalized Here sunday night with Chest pains and suffered a severe heart attack Early monday. Dean first began complaining about Chest pains last dizzy Dean thursday in nearby South Lake Tahoe Calif where he was hospitalized for three Days. He was visiting a Friend there and had competed in a Golf tournament. The funeral and burial will be held in Wiggins miss., where Dean lived said spoon dizzy Dean a former migratory Cotton picker who claimed he Only went through the second Grade was one of baseball a great pitchers. But he might have reached much greater Heights if an injury had not destroyed his effectiveness at age 27, when he should have Only begun to reach his Peak. He was perhaps baseball a most eccentric character since the Days of Rube Waddell Early in the 20th Century. Waddell sometimes called in All the outfielders in exhibitions then struck out the Side. Dizzy preferred to fill the bases then fan the Side. He also was known to break curfew and other rules on occasion. He was a big right hander who had a blazing fast Ball and bragged about it he used to Tell the hitters when the fast Ball was coming then fire it past them. He struck out 17 batters in one games then a record and led the National league in strikeouts four straight years. He won 30 games and lost Only seven in pitching the St. Louis cardinals to the National league championship and world series title against Detroit in 1934 nose baseball s on 2a Columbia so. A former army chief of staff William c. Westmoreland a bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination has ended in a crushing defeat for the retired four Star general. Or. James b Edwards a Charleston dentist serving his first term As a state senator was a runaway Winner for the gop nomination in tuesdays primary election. The democratic nomination will be decided in a july 30 Runoff Between Charles a a pug Ravenel a 37-year-old investment banker from Charleston and rep. W. J. Bryan Dom the two top finishers in a Sevenman democratic race. Democratic gov. John c. West was limited by Law to one four year term. Edwards 47, swept easily by the 60-year-old West Moreland former commander of american forces in Vietnam by rolling up a 9-1 margin in his Home county and running close behind Westmoreland in other areas of this traditionally democratic state. Political observers said neither the Vietnam War nor the watergate scandals affected the outcome of the first statewide Republican primary in South Carolina history. They attributed the results to a Small gop turnout and the fact that Many Long time republicans especially in Charleston county voted for Edwards who has worked for his party during the past to years. Westmoreland had returned to his native South Carolina Only two years ago. In previous years the gop had nominated its gubernatorial candidate in convention. Racial slurs in transcripts of some presidential conversations. In the interview the president said that if charges against him on watergate and the cover up were True a nobody would have to ask me to resign. I serve for one minute if they were True. A but i know they Are not True and therefore i will stay Here do the Job that i was elected to do and Trust to the american constitutional process to make the final however the president said he Felt resignation or impeachment at this time a would have devastating consequences in terms of foreign policy would jeopardize the Best Hope we have to build a Structure of peace in the Nixon said a the great majority of those who have Analysed the watergate presidential it transcripts say they done to find an impeachable offence but they done to like their tone. A Well i can say if they were to tape the conversations of presidents that i have known they like their tone Nixon said he believed some of special prosecutor Leon Jaworski so eager Beaver staffers had engaged in a an abusive he said a it will be found that there has been harassment on a massive basis of innocent people that Many without guilt have had their reputations badly damaged. Many who have been charged with guilt have been charged on Flimsy indictments As was indicated in the Mitchell stans he referred to former at see press on 2a Job health group reports pressure to water advice by Brooks Jackson associated press writer Washington a Job health researchers say they Are getting pressure from the labor department to tone Down their advice on How to protect workers from Industrial poisons. The pressure is said to be coming from the departments occupational safety and health administration Center of a watergate controversy also related to Job health rules. Osha officials want health researchers at the department of health education and welfare to quit recommending Safe Levels for Industrial substances that Are harmful to workers sources say. Presently hew researchers Issue a criteria documents for different poisons recommending specific ceilings which they feel will eliminate health hazards. Osha then must translate the recommendations into legally enforceable standards. Critics often charge that Osha swaps lives for profits and sources say this has led Osha officials to seek an end to hews specific recommendations. One source inside Osha said the Agency a standards chief Daniel p. Boyd pressed hew officials for an end to specific recommendations of Safe Levels during a meeting two weeks ago. The source said some of Boyds subordinates Felt it would not be proper. A spokesman at hew said Boyds idea had been rejected because the Law requires hew to recommend specific ceiling Levels. The inter Agency dispute see Job on 2a

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