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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather hot humid More data on 3a 90th year a no. 190 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon july to 1974 92 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for wafer Gife cover up efforts Nixon praised Dean Mitchell Washington a the Day after president Nixon received a detailed briefing of the watergate coverup he commended John w., Dean Iii and John n. Mitchell for making it work. The president s remarks were transcribed by the House judiciary committee from a Section of a March 22, 1973, presidential watergate tape omitted by the White House when it released its edited version of the conversation two months ago. The conversation took place shortly after White House chief of staff h r. A id Eman and chief Domestic adviser John d. Ehrlichman left the presidents office in the executive office building. Dean the White House counsel and Mitchell Nixon s former Campaign chief and attorney general had been discussing future watergate strategy with Nixon and his other top aides. A believe me. It s a lot of work a Mitchell said. A ooh great a Nixon replied. A i May unintelligible. Well let me Tell you you be done a hell of a Job the transcript shows an unidentified voice made an unintelligible remark. Followed by this comment by Nixon a i did no to mean for you. I thought we had a boy Here. No you us. John us carried a very very heavy Load. Us both Johns As a matter of fact but us i was going to say huh John Dean is us unintelligible got a put the fires out almost got the Damn thing nailed Dowtin till past the election and so Forth. A we All know what it is. Embarrassing god Damn thing the Way it went and so Forth. But in my View us some of it will come out we will survive it. That s the Way it is. That s the Way you be got to look at Dean who had told the president the Day before that the cover up was a a cancer growing on the presidency and had to be Cut out. Told him March 22 a we were within a few Miles months ago but. Us we re a a the Point is get the god Damn thing Over with a Nixon broke in. A that s right a Dean replied. The three men then returned to the plan they had discussed earlier in the Day with Haldeman and Ehrlichman a proposal to offer the Senate watergate committee a Kissinger never asked for Ellsberg profile How do you do Secretary of state Henry Kissinger embraces his wife Nancy after arriving at nearby Andrews air Force base tuesday night. Kissinger returned to Washington after briefing european leaders on president Nixon s Moscow Summit. A a pwn a pm for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Turn turn turn q. Would you please if possible locate the poem whose first two lines Start with a there is a time to sew and a time to i think it is titled a for whom the Bell i will appreciate it. . A. This is from the poetic writing of a the preacher or Ecclesiastes. Chapter 3, verses 1-9, which begins. A for everything there is a season and a time for every matter under it includes the lines a a time to Plant and a time to Pluck up what is planted and a a time to rend and a time to you can read the entire Section in your Bible a for whom the Bell tolls is from the a a devotions of John Donne the 17th Century poet and Clergyman. It begins a no Man is an Island entire of and ends Many a death diminishes me because i am involved in Mankind and therefore never Send to know for whom the Bell tolls it tolls for Pinto pickers q. I plan to Plant some Pinto Beans and have never done so before and would like to know when you pick them. I have heard you pick them when in the Shelly stage and have heard others say not to pick them until they Are dry. I wonder if you could get the information on when you pick them and keep them throughout the Winter. Thank you very much. Mrs. . A. County agent John Crawford says its too late to Plant Pinto Beans this season As it should be done in late april or Early May. They generally done to do too Well in this area and grow better where the atmosphere is drier. They Are very susceptible to bean rust so they should be planted Early enough before the rust builds up the leaves drop and cause the Beans not to mature. Crawford says they Are a running Type of bean and grow on a trellis. For dry Beans to keep Over Winter let them stay on the Vine until they dry up. If you use them for Shelly Beans pick them after the bean has matured but before it dries. Double barrel query q. I would like to know if the containers butter and Margarine come in Are suitable to use for freezing. Also where do you get a Box for the Enterprise Carrier to deliver your paper in and what is the Cost anon. A. The plastic containers Are Fine As Long As the lids Are on securely. If you will Call the circulation department of the Enterprise and let them know where you live ask the agent for your territory if he has an extra newspaper receptacle for you. They Are $1.25 at the circulation department but the Supply has run out at the moment. To outward bound. Where can i get some information on the outward bound school in Colorado thank you. Or. J.s., Thomasville. A. The address is p o. Box 7247, Park Hill station Denver Colorado 80207. They will Send a brochure on request. The Colorado school located about to Miles West of Aspen conducts courses year around. Students learn Rock climbing Mountain Rescue expedition techniques and other mountaineering skills at elevations from 8,000 to 14,000 feet. Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger testified for 90 seconds in the plumbers trial today and said he never requested that a psychological profile be prepared on Daniel Ellsberg in 1971. Kissinger answered Only three questions one from an attorney for John d. Ehrlichman the others from an assistant special watergate prosecutor. Ehrlichmann a attorneys subpoenaed Kissinger in an attempt to shake the credibility of a key prosecution witness David r. Young who worked separately in the White House for both Kissinger and Ehrlichman. A Cia official had testified that Young told him in August 1971 that both Kissinger and Ehrlichman had requested that the Agency prepare a psychological study of Ellsberg who had two months before leaked the Pentagon papers study of the Vietnam War to the news Media. Ehrlichman s attorney. William Prates asked Kissinger a on or prior to aug. 12, 1971, did you authorize David Young to directly or indirectly obtain a psychological profile on Daniel Ellsberg from the Cia Quot Kissinger replied a i did the defense said it had no More questions. Assistant prosecutor Philip bakes asked if Kissinger knew whether such a study was in the works or if he knew of any plan to gather psychological information about Ellsberg. To both questions Kissinger answered a i had no such Kissinger in 1971 was Nixon s chief National Security advisor. Kissinger was the final witness in the trial now in its 10th Day. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell said defense and prosecution attorneys will present final arguments thursday. Gesell plans to Issue final instructions to the jury of six men and six women Friday. In anticipation of Kissinger a appearance hundreds of persons had lined up outside the courthouse and the courtroom itself. Kissinger was just Back from Europe were he consulted with nato allies about president Nixon s Moscow trip. Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon papers study of the Vietnam War to the new York times in june 1971. An incident that led to creation of the plumbers a special White House investigative unit of which Young was co director. Young testified last week in Exchange for immunity from prosecution. The plumbers planned and carried out the sept. 3, 1971, break in at the Beverly Hills. Calif., office of Ellsberg s psychiatrist or. Lewis j Fielding. Report about watergate to be written by Dean in Exchange for the committees agreement to keep its proceedings secret and not Challenge the presidents claim of executive privilege to prevent his aides from testifying. Nixon a a. But i know we can t make a Complete Cave and have the people go up there and testify. You would agree on that9�?� Mitchell a i Nixon a you agree on that john0&Quot Dean a if we re in the posture of everything Short of giving them a Public session unintelligible and the whole Deal. You re not hiding Nixon a yeah. Particularly if particularly if we have the Dean Dean a and they be been Given Nixon a and your View about the Dean statement is to give that to the committee and not make it Public Dean a that s Correct i think that so Nixon a and say its us a Mitchell a give it to the committee for the purpose a Nixon a a a the purpose of their Mitchell a a unintelligible to limit the number of witnesses.�?�. Nixon the proposed Dean report had been described by Ehrlichman a few minutes earlier As a a modified limited hang out a designed to uncover Only part of the watergate Story. But Nixon told Mitchell and Dean it should be presented to the watergate committee As if it were Complete. A a this is everything we know or. Senator Nixon suggested he would say in turning Over the report. is everything we know i know nothing More. This is the whole purpose and that s that. If you need any further information my our counsel will furnish Mitchell still faces judiciary transcript versions differ on hush Money Washington a on the crucial Issue of president Nixon s involvement in the payment of watergate hush Money there Are differences in the versions of presidential transcripts published by the House judiciary committee and by the White House. The judiciary version released tuesday quotes Nixon that payment of hush Money would be a Worth former chief Justice Earl Warren is dead Washington a the death of Earl Warren a Champion of the Bill of rights in his 16 years As chief Justice removes a figure indelibly linked to landmark decisions of the supreme court in one of its most controversial eras. Warren 83. Died in Georgetown University Hospital tuesday night a Little More than five years after his retirement from the nation s highest judicial Post. A Hospital spokesman said he died of heart failure. Under his leadership the court struck Down segregated schools Laid Down the Rule of a one Man one vote and greatly expanded the rights of the accused in criminal cases. Tributes came swiftly for the Man whose years on the court were marked by criticism which included demands for his impeachment. President Nixon who often was at Odds with Warren in their years As California politicians and who criticized Many of his court decisions saluted him As a a partisan for chief Justice Warren e. Burger named by Nixon to succeed Warren and steer the court toward a strict construction of the Constitution said Quot his contribution was Large Rosa Parks the Black seamstress whose refusal to give up her seat to a White see former on 2a Earl w Arren the White House version contains no such statement. The judiciary version quotes Nixon As saying during a discussion of watergate conspirator e. Howard Hunt a demand for Money a Well for Christ s Sake get it Quot the White House version deleted the words a Well for Christ s at another Point after Nixon was told that former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell and Campaign aide Frederick c. Larue knew of Hunt s demands for Money the judiciary version quotes the president As saying a a unintelligible do the White House version casts Nixon s words As a question a do they intend to do something a these references to hush Money were made in meetings on March 21. 1973, the Day Nixon says he rejected the idea of paying for Hunt s silence. Later that night Larue allegedly delivered a final $75,000 payment to Hunt s lawyer. The watergate grand jury in naming Nixon an urn diced co conspirator in the cover up focused on this payment. A key element of the judiciary committee s see transcript on 2a by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell faces More questioning by the House judiciary committee about a $75,000 payment to watergate burglar e. Howard Hunt or. Mitchell who approved the March 21. 1973 payment told the committee tuesday he did so with the understanding it was for Legal fees not to keep Hunt quiet. He returns to the stand today. He also said there was no mention of the payment in a phone Call he received from former White House chief of staff h r. Haldeman shortly after a March 21 meeting Between president Nixon. Haldeman and former presidential counsel John Dean Iii. Haldeman s Call is a key bit of circumstantial evidence in the watergate grand jury s indictment of Mitchell and Haldeman and its naming of Nixon As an a indicted co conspirator in the w watergate cover up. Mitchell charged with perjury obstruction of Justice and conspiracy agreed to testify Only within the narrow area of the $75,000 payment and his general relationship with Nixon his terms touched off an hour Long argument Over whether the committee should be so limited in its examination of Mitchell. Nixon counsel James d. St. Clair who requested that Mitchell be called has focused his defense on the March 21 payment attempting to prove it was not initiated by Nixon. Some democratic committee members objected to being tied to St. Clair s defense strategy in their questioning of Mitchell. Russians changing missiles Washington a the russians May have started dismantling some of their 210 old intercontinental ballistic missiles As a Possi it ble first step toward increase ing their Fleet of submarine based missiles. Pentagon spokesman William Beecher declined tuesday to discuss the status of soviet ss7 and ss8 icbms but other sources said there Are signs the russians May so a russians on 2a what s inside i amusements.5d Bridge 6c classified ads 5-10d comics4d crossword10b editorials .4a financial .2a obituaries.2d sports 1-4c television.5c women a news 1-6b w Esther .3a the Road to watergate his idea. Would. Sow Iii will. And generally create confusion the a watergate Saga con finite to unfold but for one of the participants a Jeb Stuart magnifier a the a torn a been told. Today he is in prison for crimes he rom milled and helped others to commit. This series of seven articles is his version of what happened anti Why excerpted from a a Iii american life one Man s Horn toll it is reprinted by permission of athenaeum publishers by Jeb s. Magruder North american notepaper Radunc my main concern in february As Liddy awaited a third meeting with Mitchell was the March 7 primary election in new Hampshire. We had two goals in new Hampshire to test our Campaign techniques and to demolish the presidents two Republican challengers reps. John Ashbrook and Paul Mccloskey. The Early polls looked so encouraging that we decided not to spend any Money on television advertisements. Instead we chose to rely heavily on an extensive direct mail program one that As i told Mitchell in a memo reflected a the Best that is known from both the commercial and political this direct mail program was tied in with our Telephone program. Our Telephone canvassers noted on ism cards whether each Republican voter was favourable unfavourable or undecided about the president. If the voter was undecided the Volunteer would note on the card what issues most concerned the a ter this card was fed into a computer which sent that voter a letter with material on the presidents position on the Issue in question. This letter would then be followed by a second phone Call to see if it had caused the voter to decide in favor of the president if so the voter would be called in the get out the vote drive at the end of the Campaign. This program in new Hampshire came at a time when we were still experimenting with techniques to persuade the undecided voter. Eventually our experience in the Early primaries led us to halt this kind of persuasive activity and to concentrate instead on getting our sure pro Nixon voters to the polls. The direct mail operation in new Hampshire seemed to work Well and it was subjected to follow up analysis that led to modifications and improvements in subsequent primaries. Yet our mailing program which was entirely legitimate was subject to the kind of slippage that afflicted so Many aspects of the Campaign. The problem once again was Chuck Colson he was obsessed with the idea of instigating a write in vote for sen. Edward m. Kennedy in the democratic primary in new Hampshire. His idea was that if enough democrats could be persuaded to vote for Kennedy a who Wasny to on the ballot and said he Wasny to a candidate for anything a it would Cut into Muskie s vote sow ill will Between Kennedy and Muskie and generally create confusion among the democrats. Naturally Colson wanted to use our mailing lists and wanted us to pay the several thousand dollars that the postage and other costs would come to. I discussed Colson a scheme with Mitchell and we were both dubious about it we liked the idea of showing disunity among the democrats but we weren to convinced that one mailing would do very much. It seemed like a Large outlay for a dubious result so we stalled hoping Colson would drop the plan then one Day in february i was in the White House and encountered Colson just outside the presidents office. A a we be got to get that mailing going a he told me. A live just come from talking to the president and he thinks it s i returned to my office and called Haldeman who told me that what Colson said was True the president did want the pro Kennedy mailing in new Hampshire. I reported to Mitchell and we agreed to go along with the plan. Once again it was what i called a throwaway decision a matter of Mitchells going along with some dubious White House plan because it would please the president or because it a a his idea on to a

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