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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise saturday july 6, 1974 7a lit it Lull of ii Iii pm Lav Odull to j f Alt lip tip a a. The other passengers booed hissed future president from Page i a blame for Hurt feelings but i never doubted he was doing exactly what Nixon wanted done. Another person who was losing Access to the president in those Days was his longtime Secretary Rose Mary Woods. Administrative functions that she once handled were being assumed by Haldeman and his staff. In time Haldeman became so incredibly Busy that most people had to Deal with him through Larry Higby his Young assistant. It became a joke in the White House that there really Wasny to any Haldeman just Higby up there sending All those memos. But Haldeman existed and if he gave me an order i assumed that either the president had specifically asked that it be done or that Bob was operating within such Well defined guidelines that he knew what the president wanted without specific instructions. The result was the same an order from Haldeman was an order from the president. Haldeman was without question the Best instrument Nixon Ever found for accomplishing exactly what he wanted done. Not everyone served the president in such a totally unquestioning manner. Haldeman was just As Hartline As Nixon. He hated Nixon s political enemies As much As Nixon hated them. That i think was Haldeman a major flaw As a presidential assistant a he lacked any Independent vision that might have helped Nixon avoid mistakes. Press Secretary Ron Ziegler never uttered a syllable that had not first been approved by Nixon or Haldeman. That got him the Job Over Herb Klein and others who had been known now and then to express a personal opinion or an Independent thought. I had far More respect for Klein the director of communications a sleepy eyed sex newspaper editor who did not fully share the prevailing paranoia about the Media. He had the idea that if we treated reporters decently if we were As candid and open with them As we could be most of them would give us a fair shake. In Short he did t View the Media As enemies simply As critics who if properly handled would probably give us our due. His attitude had two results. First it made Klein by far the most effective person we had in dealing with the press. Second it made Haldeman. Nixon and others increasingly suspicious that Klein was not Klein had been a Nixon Man since the late 1940s. But now he was suspected of being too a a soft or too a a Liberal and was therefore being Frozen out by Nixon and his new hard line advisers. I came to regard Chuck Colson As an evil Genius. His brilliance was undeniable but it was too often applied to encouraging Nixon a Darker Side his desire to lash out at his enemies his instinct for the jugular. I would have to say that a granting always Nixon scentral responsibility for what happened in his administration a Colson was one of the men among his advisers most responsible for creating the climate that made watergate possible perhaps inevitable. From 1970 on he was the Man whose advice the president most often followed on politics and on the Media. He arrived in the White House with one Secretary and by the time he left he had dozens of people reporting to him. The rest of us would joke about Colson a Ever expanding Empire a the department of dirty tricks we called it a and about the fact that none of us knew exactly what Colson was up to. The joke would in time be on us. Dwight Chapin was handsome and self confident and his influence went far beyond his official role As appointments Secretary. He gave a lot of time and thought to All matters relating to the presidential image. He played no operational role in the Public relations program which was my responsibility but he was someone i consulted with closely. A Chapin the person i Felt closest to in the White House might have been called Haldeman a Haldeman. He was just As rigid politically As Haldeman but far More personable and he often served As a Buffer for Bob. When people were becoming furious at Haldeman a abrasive behaviour Chapin would go Down to the White House mess and talk about what a Good Job Bob was doing for the president. Chapin was also something of a practical joker he and i once faked a memo from the president to the senior staff saying that henceforth they should Deal directly with the president not with Ziegler on press matters. Chapin sent a copy to Ziegler who after a few hours of panic finally realized it was a joke. In the mid-1960s, when Nixon began gearing up to run for president he hired Chapin on Haldeman a recommendation. Chapin sometimes told a Story from that period that i think suggests Why Nixon a Public relations advisers eventually gave up on presenting him As a lovable Man. Sometime in late 1967 or Early 1968, when Nixon was an unannounced candidate for president he and Dwight left Nixon a Wall Street Law office were driven to la Guardia Airport and boarded the shuttle flight for Washington. Once the plane was out on the runway the Pilot announced a delay in Takeoff and Nixon began to chafe. A a in a not going to sit Here All Day a he said finally. He got up and went to the stewardess and demanded to see the Pilot. When the Pilot came out he announced that he was Richard Nixon and he wanted off the plane immediately. The Pilot protested Nixon insisted. Finally the Pilot radioed the Tower and a ramp was rolled out onto the runway so Nixon could disembark. Chapin said he never forgot the sick feeling he had As he and his Boss climbed out of that plane while in the background the other passengers booed and hissed their future president. By arrest of drug ring believed crippled Washington a a drug smuggling ring alleged to have brought $32.7 million Worth of cocaine into this country from Chile in military aircraft and diplomatic pouches has been crippled with the arrest of 22 persons the Justice department says. Chilean authorities arrested 16 persons in Santiago including members of the chilean air Force and Navy. Six others were arrested this week in the Washington area new York City and Madison wis. The Justice department said All 22 were key members of the ring sealed indictments were returned in new York on june 5 but kept secret so that authorities could make arrests As simultaneously As practicable. The announcement was made jointly by John r. Bartels jr., . Drug enforcement administrator and chilean ambassador Walter Heitman who stressed that Law agencies of the two countries had cooperated in the investigation. The chilean embassy Here said the arrests in its country were part of a new anti drug Campaign initiated after the armed forces overthrow of the government of the late president Salvador Allende last september. In a statement the embassy quoted Gen. Ernesto Baeza head of the chilean civil police As saying Allendes government had removed itself from Interpol the International police network a in order to protect narcotic the ring was said to have smuggled at least 162 pounds of cocaine from Chile to new York via Washington Between May 1973 and last month Bartels said. A spokesman said cocaine has an illegal Street Sale value of More than $500 a Gram. The five count Federal indictment alleges that a naval officer stationed in Valparaiso with Access to diplomatic pouches arranged the smuggling and that an officer stationed at the chilean embassy received the incoming drugs. Diplomatic pouches Are routinely used by diplomats to carry communications and Are not subject to customs inspections. Among those arrested in the United states was Marion r. Brown a University of Wisconsin professor of agriculture who worked in Chile last year at the University a land tenure Center. Another was mrs. Eduardo Diaz of nearby Silver Sorine. Md., whose husband is a chief Petty officer in the chilean Navy assigned to the country a embassy Here. Her husband was arrested in Santiago. Charges listed in the indictment include conspiracy to import narcotics and distribution and Possession with intent to distribute narcotics shop monday night a til 9 . Monday and tuesday specials. Announcement. Of David o. 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Wrenn St. Downtown High Point n. C

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