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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise a word edgewise Inan Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor is British system worthy of emulation 4a wednesday january 30,1974 a year after the cease fire in the one year since peace with Honor came to Vietnam mrs. Earlyne Thomas has lived her life in a limbo. She does not know whether she is a wife or a widow. Her husband. Air Force it. Robert j. Thomas was co Pilot of a b-52 which was shot Down Over North Vietnam during the Christmas bombardment of Hanoi just one month before the signing of the cease fire accords in Paris. Of the six crewmen aboard the bomber three survived As prisoners of War and later were among those released by the North vietnamese. Two Are listed As killed in action. So far the government is unable to answer the queries of mrs. Thomas about the Fate of her husband. It. Thomas is one of the 1,138 americans still unaccounted for in the Vietnam War. That statistic is one of Many which underscore the terrible irony of the situation in Vietnam since the cease fire agreement of Jan. 27, 1973. More than 56.000 vietnamese have been killed in military clashes during the year. More than a million men Are still under arms in South Vietnam. North Vietnam has 200.000 troops in the South. Arms from America. Russia and China continue to pour into Vietnam. North Vietnam and South Vietnam report More than 335.000 violations of the cease fire agreement. For Vietnam the past year has been the year of a the cease fire the end to the War is not in sight. What has been accomplished is the withdrawal of an overt american military Force in Vietnam. American combat troops air planes and warships have departed american prisoners of War held by Hanoi have been freed. Their Homecoming Early last year was an emotional moment for the entire nation a one which seemed to give meaning to the experience of the american intervention in Vietnam. The sequence of events of the past year shows however that the withdrawal As great a Relief As it was fell far Short of being that a peace with Honor spoken of by president Nixon. Neither Saigon nor Hanoi is close to carrying out fully the terms of the ceasefire agreement. Both Are still engaged in a struggle that must seem As senseless to the vietnamese people As it now does to us. Our troops Are Home but our responsibility has not ended not to Vietnam not to mrs. Thomas. The government owes to her and to the families of other men whose Fate remains unknown As full an accounting As possible of what happened to them. The government own equally a full accounting to the ceasefire accords. The United states is now involved indirectly in the Vietnam War. It is supplying materials and funds to Saigon in apparent violations of the cease fire agreement. It has resumed recon nuisance flights Over North Vietnam by the admission of both state and defense department officials in violation of the agreement. It has voiced threats of possible renewed bombing attacks on North Vietnam which would be in violation of the cease fire. To argue that North Vietnam is also guilty of violations is no defense. The United states should be truthful about its own role in Vietnam. We should be responsive to the terms of the cease fire we should make every Effort to bring Saigon and Hanoi to compliance with the agreements. A cease fire War is not peace with Honor a As mrs. Thomas knows As the people of Vietnam know. Bicentennial Lunatic fringe the Observance of the 200th anniversary of the United states of America is going to produce a lot More news than accounts of a pageants of Progress and who can grow the Best looking Beard. For instance the Bicentennial Center for the District of Columbia in Washington now sports on its Wall a specially done mural which . News amp world report editor Howard Flieger terms the a worst joke in 200 depicted in the mural Are such people As communists Karl Marx Freidrick Engels and Joseph Stalin along with Mao Tseung. While Richard Nixon is caricatured wearing a Mustache and costumed As a movie gangster and Tricia Nixon Cox sports an afro Hairdo. The muralist responded to reporters questions by saying he had a a lot of fun doing the painting. For instance no. 2 one organized group appears to believe that the Only logical Way to celebrate the nation s Independence is to kick somebody in the Teeth As a Way of commemorating this nations kicking the British Crown 200 years ago. The lavish publication of a the Peoples Bicentennial commission in Washington which borrows the proud Tom Paine name of a common sense for its Masthead puts the Lions share of its emphasis on protests and demonstrations. Its front Page trumpets the december rally in Boston which turned into a hate big business hate the president mob scene. A column entitled a living in the Usan starts with the sentence a take me out to the Ball game buy me some congressmen senators the photos Are mostly of Boycotts and strikes. And a headline on a Story about Richard Nixon a tax problems asks a do you pay More taxes than the King a not to be overlooked is the report of a women a protest group in which the speaker took her text from Abigail Adams in saying a if particular care and attention Are not paid to the ladies we Are determined to foment a rebellion and will not hold ourselves bound to obey any Laws in which we have no voice or these Are the kind of voices from left Field which will make an already splintered Bicentennial organizations Job doubly difficult. Nobody wants a sterile Here today gone tomorrow Type of Observance of the nations 200th birthday. It will be a major loss if it does not leave us with material improvements to physical America and a heightened sense of the things that Are great about this nation. But the Bicentennial Observance needs no emphasis on the things that Divide us that tear at the fabric of National purpose. A remembrance which takes its prime clue from the Rowdy ism of the Boston Tea party and emphasizes nothing but the negative will make for an empty Celebration. The fight against tyranny and oppression is a never ending one. It will go on this year and next and in the years when the birthday party is Over. But a hair shirt is a poor costume and an exercise in kicking oneself poor entertainment at a time when we have an Opportunity to be proud of where we have come in 200 years and to resolve for yet better accomplishment in our third the news beat the Devil flip Wilson is virtually guaranteed a laugh when he says a the Devil made me do after All everyone thinks he has a Little of the Devil in him. Or maybe a lot. It is. Not so funny but undeniably engrossing when a person becomes possessed entirely by satan. Satanic Possession is the subject of a the exorcist a a new film that promises to rival the Box office Success of a love Story a a the sound of music a and a the godfather Quot Only three weeks after release to decidedly mixed reviews a the exorcist had collected $5 million in rental fees for Warner communications inc. Warner chairman ted Ashley reports that the studio is getting As much As 85 per cent of a theater a Gross receipts As a rental fee As against 30 a 35 per cent for an average film. No one will Ever accuse a the exorcist of being average. Long lines wait for hours outside the Heaters where it is being shown. Tickets available for 83 at the Box office Are sold by scalpers for As much Asho. Once inside the theater some patrons do not remain seated very Long. For the Story of a 12 year old girl possessed by the Devil and of efforts to exorcise the evil presence can turn the strongest stomach. A ifs like this every night a said Hunter Kaplan an usher at the Westwood theater in los Angeles As he by John p. Koche King features Syndicate for reasons i have never discovered British politics Are usually described As Placid gentlemanly and decorous. If we think of revolutionary traditions France immediately comes to mind although in. The 17th Century 4hese Placid englishmen shortened one King by a head and threw out another. Basically i suspect this British reputation for political geniality comes from the absence of High revolutionary rhetoric King Charles i for example was not executed in the name of Liberty Equality fraternity but Mun Danely for betraying his Trust. Yet any american who has Ever witnessed the House of commons debating a hot Issue must wonder if he has drifted Dipti Lune it t a. Huh a one Ltd in Fai Lle. Sir into a riot. Speakers Are constantly interrupted by hecklers and shouts of a shame a their supporters reply in kind to the Point where no one can hear a thing. One session i saw Back in the Early fifties was climaxed by All the tories standing up and Yelling a shame a while on the other Side the labovites were standing and singing the a red Flag to the tune of a Maryland my Maryland. The . Congress in Short is a Model of parliamentary manners. Wage demands right now there is a rancid Quality about British politics unmatched in my memory. Indeed a while ago the speaker had to end a session of the House of commons because it was impossible to maintain order the issues Are extremely simple on one level and extraordinarily Complex on another. In the simple formulation the Trade Union movement dragging the labour party in its Wake has declared War on the duly elected tory government. The miners were the catalyst they demanded a 30 per cent wage increase one Well above the governments wage guidelines. When it was refused they stopped working overtime. Simultaneously the railway unions started Quot working by the Book a that is meticulously adhering to every Rule no matter How absurd. The result has been a general economic catastrophe aggravated by the International Oil crisis. Prime minister Edward Heath has taken a hard line putting most industries on a three Day work week and emphasizing to the suffering British that it is the Trade unions and their labour party allies who have caused this unpleasantness by their Rule or ruin policy. By the time this appears Heath May have called a snap general election on the question a who governs Britain a on the More Complex level the problem is a can you pay a Man enough to be an underground Miner a in other words should there be exemptions from wage guidelines for those working in notoriously dangerous trades the labour party claims that the Heath government is using the miners Case As a pretext for Union busting that it would Cost less to accept the miners demands than refusal is now costing. They Are preparing to fight the expected election with the slogan a Aback to work with Wilson a Harold Wilson is counting on the forty million voters to blame the government not the unions for its woes. Poor country but there is another Factor that has to be put in the election computations namely to what degree will the electorate cold dismal and infuriated simply blame the a a politicians great Britain for reasons largely beyond its control has become a poor country by the standards of advanced industrialized nations. Over the last Quarter of a Century neither labour nor conservative governments have managed significantly to alter this economic reality. When the populace in 1974 suddenly finds itself living in conditions reminiscent of 1946-47, there is a natural tendency to turn All the rascals out. This a danish syndrome in the recent danish election an anti political movement received an incredible proportion of the votes could Lead to the resurgence of the Long dormant Liberal party in Britain. Not so much because the liberals have that attractive a program but simply because the party has been uninvolved in economic disaster. The liberals could not conceivably win a majority in commons a they Are unable to Field 635 candidates a but they could Well prevent either the conservatives or labour from achieving decisive control. This if anything would make the existing situation worse but Given the general anti political mood in Europe it is not beyond the Range of probabilities. Washington merry go round irs audit of Nixon a gentle affair by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the internal Revenue service muffed the investigation last year into president Nixon a controversial 1970 and 1971 tax returns according to inside sources. The tax agents tried to run Down our Story that a secret $100,000 Cash gift from billionaire Howard Hughes had been delivered to Bebe Rebozo for the president. Yet the agents never bothered to look at the presidents Bank records which were kept in a special vault at Rebozo a key Biscayne Bank. Rebozo has sworn that the $100,000 gathered dust in a safety Deposit Box. Yet the agents made no real Effort to Check who had Access to the Box whether Money was removed and to whom it was distributed. No Effort Rebozo also collected Cash from other fat cats in Nixon a behalf. Yet the agents made no attempt to run Down who contributed How much they coughed up and what happened to the Money. Nor did the agents Challenge a $576,000 tax deduction which Nixon claimed for donating his vice presidential papers to the government. Yet the presidents appraiser did no to even select which papers should be donated until four months after the july 25, 1969, deadline had passed for claiming such deductions. The deed giving the government title to the papers was also Back dated. The president paid such Low taxes $792.81 in 1971 and $873.02 in 1972 on an income that averaged More than $280,000 a year a that the computers automatically targeted his returns for audit. Most of his income including his presidential salary checks were routed to his tax attorney Frank Demarco in California. Then Demarco would relay them Back across the country to Rebozo a Bank. Quick look in May of 1973, the agents spent less than eight hours with Demarco going Over the presidents books. They found the paperwork in order. About the same time they traced the $100,000 gift from the Silver Slipper one of Howard Hughes Nevada gambling houses to Rebozo. It was delivered by Hughes aide Richard Danner. A few Days later the superficial internal Revenue investigation fizzled out. On june i irs District director William Walters wrote the president a your examination of your income tax returns for the years 1971 and 1972 revealed that they Are Correct. Want to compliment you on the care shown in the preparation of your but like so Many other statements concerning the president this too has turned out to be inoperative. Tax agents Are now Back investigating the presidents returns again for evidence of possible fraud and tax evasion. Research As evidence that the Oil Industry puts today a profits ahead of tomorrows needs the major Oil companies spent letters to the editor nearly As much Money in the Early 1970s on advertising As on research. This is the confidential report of government auditors who investigated the comparative spending of seven companies in 1970, 1971 and 1972. Their study does no to even take into account therefore the Media saturation Campaign undertaken by the companies in 1973 to counteract the bad publicity Over the Oil crisis. Their preliminary findings Are summarized in a general accounting office report which reveals that the seven companies kept their research spending at stable Levels while their advertising budgets climbed steadily. Yet research is vital to overcome the critical Oil shortage. An economical method is urgently needed for example to recover Oil from abandoned Fields. In some abandoned Wells an expert told us 60 per cent of the Oil remains in the ground More attention to research also might have developed a practical Way to extract the trillions of Gallons of Oil which is locked in the shale and Coal formations of the West. Here Are highlights from the Gao study. A Gulf Oil spent $18 million on advertising in 1970, Only $12 million for research. A Exxon slashed its research budget by $2 million in 1971, while increasing its advertising budget an estimated $5 million. Exxon provided no information on its 1972 research spending although it proclaims on to a we want you to apparently they done to want us to know too much. A Standard of Indiana spent the same amount in 1970 on advertising and research a $28 million each. But in 1972, the company raised research spending to $33 million and Cut Back advertising to $26 million. A Standard of California spent $44 million on research in 1971 but withheld the advertising budget from the government auditors. Rever sely Mobil Oil reported a $23.5 million advertising budget in 1972 but refused to divulge the research spending. Footnote the Gao study requested by rep. Charles Rangel d-n.y., notes that a research May mean different things to each company and that the a data obtained does not include any exploration surveyed the distress around him. A the men faint and the women a the exorcist is crammed with scenes of physical and sexual violence accompanied by some of the foulest language Ever heard on the screen but Shock value alone cannot explain its Appeal. Bruce Cook of the National observer offered this additional explanation a modern psychology May have done much to revise conscious thinking on. The nature of god Man Good and evil but ingrained deep in All of us is the medieval version of the Cosmos in which god and the Devil Are locked in struggle Over the soul of consider if you will the Faust phenomenon. Johann Faust was a Learned German doctor of the 16th Century who travelled widely performed magical feats and died under mysterious circumstances. According to legend he had sold his soul to the Devil in Exchange for youth knowledge and magical Powers. The Faust Story has inspired some great works of literature a Christopher Marlowe a play a doctor faustus a Goethe a dramatic poem a Faust a and Thomas Mann a novel a doctor Berlioz Gounod Schumann and Liszt among other composers set the tale to music. Who gets the circus freebies Berry s world to the editor i write to share my ideas concerning the giving away of free tickets to the circus coming to this area in Early february. There is much Public sentiment for rewarding with the a f ree tickets outstanding Community service contributed by children a organizations. I do not know who the awardees Are but it is my guess that they Are benevolent organizations and individual citizens in Greensboro and surrounding areas. Its a marvelous idea to Reward unselfishness and Community awareness but it seems that the awardees do not possess enough Community awareness and Are themselves selfish in their selectivity. My Point is that it May be the a warders own children who Are eligible to receive the free tickets a a if not their own children then children who have had opportunities similar to those their own children have had. I hear no offers on to suggesting that free tickets be a Given to children who have never been to the circus. The children who Are Lucky enough to belong to an organization i. E., children who Are Lucky enough to have parents affluent enough to pay dues buy uniforms transport kids to and from meetings Etc have had Many opportunities and experiences extended to them. It is my opinion that these children can afford to go to the circus and have probably been Many times. It is my Assumption that if a child belongs to an organization worthy of receiving the Reward of the free tickets then that child in practically every Case is affluent enough to have been to the circus before. Readers May question this Assumption As there Are exceptions i am sure. Then Why Isnit there nubile sentiment for giving away tickets to children who have never been to the circus before i refer Here to the children who have neither had Benefit of going to the circus nor of belonging to a group involved in Community service. Going to the circus should be a Universal cultural experience. Public education assumes that it is so. What teacher in what classroom fails to mention or have instruction relating to the circus my plea is that benevolent persons working together in their various organizations consider the children who really deserve a Chance to go to the circus. My Hope is that private individuals will invite at least one child to accompany them when they take their own children to the circus. Marta Britt Saa w Fairfield re a 1974 by Nea. A i feel sorry for you son. You May never be Able to aspire to a big luxury top of the line automobile Quot

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