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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 31 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon january 31,1974 44 pages Call us circulation.882-1719 classified ads.ms-2177 All other departments ms-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c watergate not Likely to end anytime soon an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears associated press writer Washington a at an extraordinary moment in american history president Nixon has once again urged the nation to close the Book on watergate. That is not Likely to happen soon. Even As Nixon urged an end to the watergate investigations wednesday night he gave a qualified pledge of cooperation with one that is just beginning. And that May be the most significant of All the House inquiry into possible impeachment proceedings against him that constitutional process raises the Prospect that members of the Congress Nixon was addressing will one Day vote in judgment of him Nixon a watergate statement seemed directed beyond the House chamber to the nation and the voters who elected him. One Democrat said he thought it an Appeal to the people a to Tell Congress to get off his specifically Nixon said it is time for the watergate special prosecutor to Stop investigating and go to trial. He said he has turned Over All the material needed to prosecute the guilty and Clear the innocent. A i believe the time has come to bring that investigation and the other investigations of this matter to an end a he said in his state of the Union address. A one year of watergate is that is a familiar theme. Nixon and his spokesmen have said before that enough is enough that it is time to put watergate aside and turn to other business. The investigations he wants ended include those of three Federal grand juries in Washington. The Senate a special watergate committee and the House judiciary committee. Beyond the grand jury investigations Are indictments and trials Likely to continue for months and certain to fuel the watergate controversy. The Senate panel has authorized but postponed renewed Public hearings. Sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-., the chairman. Said that the inquiry would have concluded Long ago had Nixon a been willing to give us the evidence in his Possession. A that Ervin statement has by now become a Litany. By Carl p. Leubsdorf associated press writer Washington a vowing never to resign. President Nixon has Given a qualified pledge in his state of the Union address to cooperate with House impeachment investigators. Nixon s Promise came in a dramatic finale to the wednesday night speech delivered to a p �2@5i3 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. January clearance q. I am trying to find. A we interrupt this question to bring you a special one Day feature born of desperation called action lines january clearance. Drowning in a sea of Over 2,000 questions and comments left Over from �?T73. We shall print As Many questions As space allows and let readers take the role of answer Man As they often do in a Are action to help Speed the clearance. If you can furnish an answer please give your name address and source of information. Have fun questions i am trying to find someone who makes or Sells stainless steel jewelry As i am allergic to metals. When you sneeze does your heart Stop my hamsters Teeth Are yellow and what should i do about it when you Are playing Ping Pong and you spin the Ball on the other Side of the table and it bounces Back without your opponent hitting it Back whose Point is it Why do people have to retire at age 65. I do not have Birds this Winter at my feeders As i normally do and was this just my neighbourhood or is it True All Over town who owned Cream Rose dairies in High Point where was it located and in what year what Are the dates Mendenhall Brothers Model farm dairies and sunny Side dairies operated what do doctors find out when they look in your eyes with those lights if god made Man who made god i have read genesis but it did no to help. What is the address of the compassion program where you donate Money to educate and clothe a child overseas where could i get a cheap place to have a a Sweet sixteen party what is the world s record in Pogo jumping who is the oldest resident living in High Point now Are there any Quot gambling Anonymous organizations in the Piedmont do you know a recipe for a mixture that can be used for a substitute for eggs where can i find the music to the Good ship Lollypop does anybody have a copy of the gospel song a my mothers dying message does anyone have the words to the country and Western song called a the deck of cards is there anyone in High Point who makes Good spoon rings i would like the address of a computer dating place where you Are supposed to find a perfect mate. It there a Bird watchers club in the county of Randolph or see action line on Page 8a no evidence to show Dean lied by Donald Rothberg associated press. Writer Washington a an assistant special watergate prosecutor said in Federal court today that there is no basis for believing that ousted White House counsel John w Dean Iii lied under oath. Quot we have no basis for believing Dean has committed perjury in any proceeding a Richard Davis said. A we would have no basis. For bringing any charge of perjury against or. Dean a Davis added. The prosecutors intend calling Dean As a government witness at the trial of former presidential aide Dwight l. Chapin on charges of lying to a grand jury. Davis statement at a hearing on pretrial motions filed by Chapin was the first Public statement from the office of special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski directly contradicting reports from Capitol Hill that the White House has evidence that Dean lied to the Senate watergate committee. The former presidential counsel told the watergate committee he believed president Nixon was aware of the watergate cover up prior to March 21, 1973, the Date Nixon said he first Learned of a it. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania said recently he has seen White House transcripts he believed contained evidence Dean lied. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell scheduled a hearing for feb. 15 to hear evidence on Chapin s Contention that Dean should not be permitted to testify. Chapin contends he considered Dean his lawyer when both were working in the White House. Jacob Stein Chapins lawyer said a if the government has evidence or. Dean has lied even in matters extraneous to this Case we have a right to this it was then that Davis said the government has no information. Gesell also denied Chapins request to Transfer the Case on the grounds he could not receive a fair trial in by Stan Benjamin Washington associated press writer a the Case will stay Here. Washington a it a the Case will be tried on the president Nixon has told Date i have set a the judge Congress to expect economic said. The trill is scheduled for stagnation increased april i unemployment and High inflation in 1974. But he said i a a there will be no recession sail a / a .1 i his no recession pledge what s inside i however did not Promise an economic bed of roses but Only a Choice of thorns if bridge.9c necessary he said he would classified ads.6-1 id Speed up Federal spending and comics.4d stimulate still More inflation. Crossword.9c rather than let a tight listed editorials.4a anti inflation policy destroy financial.2a too Many jobs. Obituaries .2c in his annual state of the in sports .1-4c Ion message on wednesday television so night. Nixon said inflation and women s news.1-8b the Energy crisis were com weather.3a Birling to Worsen the nations movie magnate Goldwyn Dies pledge to cooperate qualified Nixon declares he will not resign presidency packed joint session of Congress and to millions listening and watching across the nation. But he said his cooperation would have to be tempered by his presidential responsibilities a remark that Drew sceptical comments from some democrats. Declaring that a one year of watergate is Nixon called on the democratic con trolled Congress to join him in making 1974 a a year of unprecedented Progress in accomplishing a 10-Point Agenda of National goals. He called for action to break the Back of the Energy crisis and said he was sending Congress major proposals in the Fields of health insurance and welfare Reform he promised action to safeguard personal privacy a proposal that produced audible snickers from some democratic lawmakers. He said Arab leaders will meet soon to consider lifting their Oil embargo and he disclosed his proposed Federal budget would total $304 4 billion with increased defense spending but no new taxes attend prayer breakfast sen. John Stennis. D-miss., greets Edward Cox left while president and mrs. Nixon right introduce their daughter Tricia Cox to mrs. Stennis As the first family arrived at the Washington Hilton hotel thursday to attend the annual National prayer breakfast. Behind Stennis is the Rev. Billy Graham who accompanied the Nixon. A wire photo no recession vows Nixon economic Outlook and he w arned the Day of bargain priced Energy was or broadcasting nationwide a shortened version of his message Nixon publicly scorned a the perennial prophets of gloom telling us now that. America May be headed for a recession. A Well let me speak to that Issue head on a he said. A there will be no recession in the United states of America a a a primarily due to our Energy crisis our Economy is passing through a difficult period but i pledge to you tonight that the full Powers of this government will be used to keep americans Economy producing and to protect the jobs of America s los Angeles a Samuel Goldwyn the colourful polish immigrant who helped found the american movie Industry and became its most Independent producer died Early today at 91. The cause of death was not immediately known but Goldwyn had been hospitalized for an undisclosed ailment relating to age earlier this month. Goldwyn a motion pictures included a Best years of our lives a a a withering Heights a Hans Christian Andersen a a Guys and dolls a a porgy and Bess a and a the Pride of the Goldwyn had been secluded in his Beverly Hills mansion since 1967, when he suffered a stroke. His Only Public appearance was on March 27, 1971, when president Nixon came to the Goldwyn Home to present the producer with the medal of Freedom the nations highest civilian Honor. Samuel Goldwyn he elaborated in the Complete printed text of the message. Which said a a slowdown in economic growth is inevitable in 1974. Quot during the Early part of this year output will Rise Little if at All. Unemployment will Rise somewhat and inflation will be the message said. Nixon said he will propose a fiscal 1975 budget of $304.4 billion a $29 7 billion increase j 0 survive Pogo Pogo 707 crash new York a a pan american world airways Jet with 101 persons aboard crashed Short of the runway at Pago Pago. Samoa today and caught fire the airline reported Here. At least to survivors were taken out of the wreckage of the 707 Jet a pan am spokesman said. A there May be More he added a we have just not been told at this he said first reports indicated a number of the passengers had been headed for the United states. The plane was bound for los Angeles from Auckland new zealand with stops at Pago Pago and Hawaii. It hit the ground about 1.000 Yards Short of the runway he said. Over fiscal 1974. Which Quot will support the Economy resisting a major slowdown but. Will not provide a degree of stimulation that could accelerate inflation Nixon said he had assurances of a forthcoming meeting among Arab Oil producing nations to discuss lifting their embargo against Oil shipments to the United states which have so far. Reduced . Oil imports by about 2 million barrels a Day. A Elf the embargo is Nixon said a this will ease the crisis but it will not mean an end to the Energy shortage in America. Voluntary conservation will continue to be Nixon Drew one of a his biggest cheers of the night when he declared that a lasting peace is a the chief legacy i Hope to leave from the eight years of my he combined revisions of previous proposals and some new ones in the 10-Point program which he called a an Agenda of truly significant it also included a pledge there will be no recession continued efforts towards a a just and lasting settlement in the Middle East continued efforts towards his goal of american self sufficiency in Energy by 1980, decentralization of government increased transportation Aid to communities and Reform of the Federal educational Aid system. Although most of the 30 interruptions for applause came from the Republican Side of the House chamber. Cop and democratic lawmakers joined later in hailing Nixon s goals while generally splitting along partisan lines Over watergate. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania said Nixon was Frank in addressing watergate and Quot i particularly liked his offer to cooperate with the House judiciary that panels chairman. Rep. Peter w. Rodeo jr., d-n.j., said he interpreted Nixon a offer to cooperate consistent with his presidential responsibilities As meaning cooperation we Ith limitations. Sen. Philip a. Hart a Mich. Said Nixon seemed to be saving a i will cooperate with the committee of impeachment the Way in be cooperated with other committees. Those materials i want you to have. I la give Nixon launched his watergate remarks delivered without a text after it appeared he had finished his speech. He declared he wanted to end on a personal note stating he had cooperated with the watergate special prosecutor. Nixon said a the time has come to end that and other investigations when he asserted that a one year of watergate is enough Quot virtually every Republican in the chamber Rose to his feet and most applauded vigorously. Sen. Edward w. Brooke r-mass., who has urged Nixon to resign stayed seated. Noting the House judiciary committee probe he said a i Ste Nixon on 2a Kissinger optimistic about Oil embargo Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said today that the lifting of the Arab Oil embargo a will be recommended by several Oil producing countries at a meeting in Tripoli feb. 14. Kissinger said he is quite optimistic that the embargo will be lifted. He made his remarks to newsmen following a closed door meeting with the House ways and Means committee. Kissinger said he put before the committee a your plans for the Energy conference and our general expectations in the Energy Field the situation in the Middle East and we had a very useful and very constructive discussion about Trade asked to clarify president Nixon s reference in the state of the Union message wednesday night about a meeting to discuss the lifting of the Oil embargo. Kissinger said Quot the president pointed out that in his personal correspondence with Friendly leaders in the Middle East he had been assured that a see Kissinger on 2a most Drivers ignoring 55 . Speed limit by Van Vanuch associated press writer Drivers Are generally ignoring North Carolinas new 55 Miles per hour Speed limit. But fewer Are being cited for speeding and fewer Are having accidents. An associated press newsman drove from Charlotte to Greensboro on interstate 85 wednesday Jan. 23, in an attempt to find out How Well motorists Are abiding by the lower Speed limit. He found that if you drive along at 55 Mph. You will be passed by nearly everyone else on the Road. But those who pass you won t zip by at 75, 85 or 95, ease around at 60, 65 or 70. State Highway patrol officials say the reduced Speed although not being followed strictly by motorists is reducing traffic deaths and speeding citations. It. Col. Edward Jones patrol commander says it has been effective enough to consider changing the Speed limit to 55 permanently and there is some legislative sentiment for a proposal. Capt. L. J. Vance who oversees patrol operations in the Eastern half of North Carolina estimates a 25 per cent drop in speeding citations during january As compared to last january of the Speed limit he says a we Are enforcing it but we certainly Arentt going out there and make mass arrests. That be accepted by the Vance says patrolmen Are assigned where traffic is heaviest or sections of roads where More accidents occur. So if traffic on a certain Road is flowing smoothly a patrolman May leave it and go where he is More needed. The a newsman driving at 55, made a 15-minute Cheek of How Many vehicles passed him on the Way to Greensboro. From 9 . To 9 15 ., the count was five tractor trailer rigs and la other vehicles mostly cars but also a couple of pickup trucks. On the return trip another Check was made from 12 30 . To 12 45 . The count was 14 cars and similar sized vehicles and six tractor Trail ers. The Only vehicle passed by the newsman was a Volkswagen driven by an elderly woman on the return trip. Other Drivers have reported similar experiences. In a letter that appeared in the thursday Jan. 24, editions of the Charlotte observer Donna Magee of Charlotte said a a on a recent trip Between Charlotte and Greenville s.c., on 1-85,1 was made aware of both the dangers and the inequities of the 55 m p h. Speed limit. I maintained my Speed at Between 50 and 55. However few other Drivers seemed to do so. Not Only was i continuously passed by private automobiles but also by Large the newsman also made a a a most on 2 a

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