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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 28, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday. January in. Vizo Kage train to e being developed tile a helium express Quot to re a picturesque part of War machinery is plan i element used in lighter than air Craft develop according to present indications. I the tedious Laboratory like equipment now in use discarded. I the once rare Gas will be rushed j from base to base in Long Black i to ins of ominous looking cylindrical tank cars the first of which was approved recently by the Bu-1 Reau of explosives and is due to i arrive at the United states helium Plant Here within 30 Days. Drawn up far enough behind the lines to he Safe from hostile shells for they will be charged to High of explosive pressure a Battery of nine i or ten such cars will be Able to nil a dirigible the size of the ill j fort Worth tex., Jan. 28.�? a starred Shenandoah. Apr the a helium express will one will carry More than enough be a picturesque part of War a helium to inflate a Blimp of the Chinery if plans of both army and to Type Hangard at Scott Field. I Navy for handling the buoyant and in a Small fraction of the time 1 j required with the present a a bottle a system of handling the Gas. J great As this step appears it is really not As remarkable As the a Advance shown in the production j Aud handling of the Gas during and since the world War. When it tis recalled that prior to 1918 less than the Content of one a a bottle a i of 178 cubic foot capacity had been produced anywhere the construction of tank cars capable of transporting 210,000 cubic feet each becomes less of a feat by comparison. The history of helium development in this country is another commercial Romance tinged with the Grimness of National necessity. From a business Enterprise operated by two private companies it beautify it with a Diamond dyes Quot just dip to tint or boil to Dye each 15 cent package contains directions so simple any woman can Tim soft delicate shades or Dye Rich per Anent colors in lingerie Silks ribbons skirts waists i grow to a National monopoly the dresses Coats pregent Plant having been built stockings sweaters j jointly by the army and Navy later draperies cover 0perated by the Navy alone and now under jurisdiction of the Bureau of mines with every governmental department privileged to requisition a helium for legitimate needs. I. A / 1 1 Ings hangings a i everything buy Diamond dyes no other kind and Tell your druggist whether the material you wish to color is Wool or silk or a it is Linen Cotton or mixed goods. To guilty knowledge. Of the. Whereabouts of son a of Doc the frs Spring chickens together with her ignorance of the. Beaning of thoe word Quot Assi i late Quot influenced mrs. Magnolia Johnson s reply to Doc Tebbs questions considerably when she. Went to him for medical advice. C 92� no service. Inc whether Attiq co flt it once prohibitive has to less than $27 a thousand cubic come Down from $100. A cubic feet for the 850,000 feet a month foot for the first Drueful produced this great Ming Oil must banish eczema Anil skin troupes extracted at the Plant at this time. Should items allowed for helium development in the present budget before Congress prove sufficient to double the Supply of natural Gas from which helium is extracted the Cost can be brought Down to $17 a thousand cubic feet a it is pointed out. Or your Money Back that a the plan on which Mooney a Emerald Oil is sold by Mann drug co. To All who buy it for any skin trouble whatever make up your mind today that you Are going to give your skin a real Chance to get Well. Never mind what caused it you be probably been like a lot of other people convinced that the Only thing to use was an ointment or Salve some of them Are very Good hut in the big majority of rates these Sticky salves simply clog the pores and the condition primarily remains the same. Go to Mann drug co. Or any a other Good druggist today and get an original bottle of Mooney a Emerald Oil. The very first application will give you Relief and a few Short treatments will thoroughly convince you that by sticking faithful july to it for a Short while your skin troubles will be a thing of the past. Done to expect a single bottle to do it All at once but one bottle we know will show you beyond All question that you have at last discovered the one and Only sure Way to restore your skin to perfect health. Remember that Mooney a Emerald Oil is a clean powerful penetrating Antiseptic Oil that does not stain or leave a Greasy residue and that it must give Complete satisfaction or your Money Beer i ily refunded. Will be asked to study in America american friends service committee will ask japanese students Here and keeping themselves fit to the despair of subordinates who Hope to step into their shoes. Lord inc Cape at 73, is still the head of a great shipping organization and far More Frisky than Many of his younger associates. Lord Balfour at 77, still plays Tennis and never showed a firmer grip a Lyon world affairs. Thomas Hardy at 85, is still going Strong As a poet. Lord Oxford shows no signs of age and carries his 70 years with a vim that is Lisco rag aging to men who thought he was finished when he surrendered the premiership. British archaeologists have used air planes in making preliminary surveys of the Sites of ancient ruins. Snow weather is 0 coat weather buy one for Philadelphia. Jan. 28.�? apr under plans launched by the american friends service committee a selected group of japanese students will be invited to come to the United states next autumn to study in colleges and universities As the guests of americans. The friends service committee said that a nation wide Appeal would he made for cooperation in carrying out their plans. A number of colleges already have volunteered. A this is the first Concrete said a statement a a to give general expression to the widespread desire to improve our relations with the people of Japan. A if the quota Law were applied to japanese As it is to europeans the approximate number of Japan-1 Ese immigrants admitted yearly would be Only 150. We Hope to be Able to extend an invitation to at least 150 students. A a a friends service committee composed of japanese quakers has been formed in Tokyo. This committee will be charged with the selection of the students. The Choice will be based entirely on individual fitness and Aims and the students will not represent any official or other special interests. A a on their arrival in this country they will be placed in Volunteer colleges. This will insure the full i Benefit of the plan to americans As j Well As to the the underwater a a bladders a of the common floating Plant tin bladderwort really Are traps that catch Small aquatic animals. Some of the deep living sea plants of the Black sea contain j larger percentage of Green colouring matter than those that live near the surface. Feel splendid nicest laxative done to stay head achy dizzy by ious constipated sick one or t we pleasant can like a a Cassare. Taken any to. Will mildly Stin. Late your liver a Start your Bowel then you will both look and Fet lean Sweet and refreshed. You Lead will be Clear stomach Sweet ongue Pink and your skin Rosy. Because a Casca rets never grip it a sicken it has become the arg Cost Selling laxative in the world. Directions for men. Women Chil Irenen each boxy any drugstore. If rheumatic natives of Tahiti eat to sweets just think a you can buy one coat for the regular Price and get the second one for just one Dollar More of you Don t want two overcoats you can buy a suit and get the overcoat for the extra Dollar or you can bring a Friend in with you and let him go in with you and you both save Money the Young menus fancy menus shoes do to hew healer says Glass of salts help to overcome rheumatism acid a Friendly fives $5.00 in Lemon Tan genuine calf balloon combination prime Oak soles. Come in Fellows see these splendid Valuer we offer you in Quality shoes. Wrights rheumatism is easier to avoid a. J than to cure states a Well known i la in in j c v i authority. We Are advised to dress old healer died seven years warmly keep the. Lea dry. Avoid exposure and above All drink j plenty of Good Vyater and avoid eating sweets of All kinds i rheumatism is caused by body waste and acids resulting from food 1 fermentation. It is the function of Poison ago now one even greater lives in land Papeete Tahiti Jan. 2s.�? 7val�?T,.,,at, i the kidneys to filler this to ,4 in w. J.a1lv.leo i rom the blood and cast it out in years ago he Lait a prediction that h f h a after him would arise a healer who i would be his Superior. Now the a of polite passenger station j. N. Wright a w. J. Wright a it. M. Line a Lames Garner a Earl Winble j. Ii. Young Are also a Means of freeing the i Tive populace is flocking to turaids i blood of this impurity in Damp i successor. And Chilly cold weather the skin i tales of the a Miracle Many so a it p�3�?� Are closed thus forcing the marvellous cures Are in circulation kidneys to do double work they and although the natives of Tahiti become weak and sluggish and til j Are civilized and ordinarily highly to eliminate this waste and acids sophisticated they Are abandoning whish keeps accumulating and air european physicians and Transfer j curating through the system t Ven ring their Faith to the new healer tally settling in the joints and i hundreds Are taking their , causing stiffness soreness Menta to him daily. And pain called rheumatism. No claimant of Powers at the first twinge of Rheuma had tile reputation or commanded i Elsm get from any pharmacy about i the Faith of the natives in Al four ounces of Jad salts put manner equalling Turah but his j tablespoonful in a Glass of water prophecy of a successor is now Aid it Aalt a drink before breakfast each Ling the Man enjoying popular a morning for a week. This is Heip j cl1113 Ful to neutralize acidity remove waste matter also to stimulate the octogenarian Cotton kidneys thus often ridding t m 1 1.1 i i blood of rheumatic Poison men Rorm health club Jad salts is inexpensive and is j made from the acid of grapes Aud London. Jan. 28.�? apr Lemon juice combined with Lith Manchester octogenarian Cotton and is used with excellent results men have established a club where shy thousands of folks who Art sub i they Are doing their daily a jerks Jet to rheumatism. A three Day Sale women a ready to Wear menus and boys clothing menus women a children a shoes Friday saturday monday announcing the first appearance of Spring attire a bringing the sparkle of new styles new fabrics fresh ideas Subtle changes in color and line All resplendent by vivacious and charming All so smart individual and Chic. Price Ranee $9,50 a a $23.95 e now have a Large assortment of dresses in Wool Satin and Satin Back crepe. The styles Are in flares and straight lines. These Are in All the wanted colors. Special prices $4.95 �?o$18.95 a group of Winter Coats part of them fur trimmed while some of them Are in the sport tailored models without fur. Straight lines and flare styles. Prices $3.95 �?o$18.95 we have just received a new shipment of slickers in Blue red Vellow and purple. $3.95 �?o$4.95 a cleanup in counter shoes menus shoes one table of menus shoes includes some Well known brands in Bench made co of shoes that sold for $5 and $7.50 one table of men s oxfords. Mostly Large sizes. Shoes that sold for $5. And it k 85.50 Only. 50�t/d one table of men s shoes and oxfords in Black and Tan. Most All sizes in the shoes. They sold for $4 and $5 cd a k now Only. To Jeo ladies pumps two very pretty styles in ladies Patent strap pumps both styles in High and Low heels at Only $2.95 &Quot&Quot&Quot$3.95 one table of ladies High top shoes in Tan calf and Black kid. Sold for clock $3.00 and $4.00 Only. Al one table of Young menus oxfords in Brown and Light Tan and most All sizes. To some sold As High As $5 Only to 00 Virn ladies oxfords Arv pumps one table of ladies pumps a Oxford Brown Patent and kid sold for $4.50 to $6.00. A real bargain co q it at. One table of ladies pumps and oxfords in Tan Patent kid and Satin Many of these shoes sold As High As $4.00 to s5.00. Co Cik now Only. A a one table of ladies misses children a menus and boys shoes. Some of these sold As High As $3.50 and $4.00. Borj now Selling at Only. Amp Mij to children a shoes one table of children a shoes in Light Tan. Patent kid and Patent two tone and Fly 1 a Beaver Only. Edly to one table of children a shoes in tam Patent kid and Patent. Two tone at. One table of children slight Tan and Black kid at Only. $2.45 $1.45 Al for s. Great reductions in clothing these three Days menus and boys clothing greatly reduced in this Sale you will find reliable brands that Are Well tailored in every respect and patterns that Are distinctive in style. One lot men s suits just arrived included Iii s$23.95 one lot men s suits was c 1 c of $24,50 now. To Al o a o one lot menus suits was c Quot i q to $21.95 now. Djlo�f3�/ one lot menus two pants suits a a i la Tow. one lot men s suits was $16.50 now. One lot men s suits now. One lot menus suits now. Our boys suits Are greatly reduced. One let suits one Long and one Short $15.95 $7.95 sgt c k pants now. One special lot boys suite i Long i pants. Sizes 3 to 8. $5.95 $6.95 $4.95 priced for this Sale. Sizes 7 to 17. Q of now. 35o.00 men s overcoats that originally and $24.50 Choice now. One lot menus of Coats new patterns that sold for $10.95 now boys of Coats All sizes reduced prices $3.95, $4.95, $9.95 furnishings men s dress goves Iii kid and suedes included in this 3-Day Sale Price $1.95�?od$2.45 one lot men s work gloves a Canvas leather Palm. Cov $10.95 i St. 15c men s All Wool sweaters that sold tor $3.95 to $4.45 now. Menus sweater $14.85 $9.95 $7.95 one lot boys two pants suit now. One lot boys 2 Pant suits. One lot Bov a Peen be special lot sweaters. Miles Union suits w hit weight. Boys Union suits. $2.95 $1.95 95c 88c,98c 79c,88c Efird a department store South main Street opposite Post office

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