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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 28, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Page t High Point Enterprise thursday january 28. 1926 High Point a Quot a Enterprise Rubl Ishac every afternoon Tad inn div. New operating efficiency has been developed. Tho Southern s net a earnings for last year were move than 36 million dollars a gain of More than four Why Golf balls Abs costing i the Treasury promptly Points out that Britain a settlement of Italy a War debt is on even More generous a and a half millions Over the profits a terms than our settlement with the of the preceding year. Further a p. Rawley r. B. Tem by italians. Great Britain will not re More there seems to be no reason Rwjr Kull it or for them publisher chive All of the principal even and to anticipate a slump for the so opposition to the Bill declare in debating today and h. A. Cecil business manager will get no interest. The British Quot i to a a debt will be paid in a period of 62 years just As the american debt Dan r. Schroder. Adv. Mgr. Til month. 3.00 one month. .#6 one week.16 the associated Brea is excl rely entitled to thou a for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in thi paper and Alto the local news published therein entered As second class matter at the Post office at High Point Bic under the act of Congress of March 8, 1875. Advertising department. 27 26 news department.2365 business department 2312 National advertising representatives Frost Landis and Kohn Brunswick building 250 Tark ave., new York people Gas building Michigan Boulevard. Chicago. Ii us Aye Jam Ary 28, 11 20 a thought i have fought ii Good tight i have finished my course i have kept the faith.�?12 Tim. 4 7. Is a firm Faith is the Best theology a Good life is the Best philosophy a Clear conscience is the Best Law honesty the Best policy and Temperance the Best . Will be amortized. But the United states will receive a Small interest addendum. The Treasury statement is made to turn the current of the assault j in Congress on the administrations j agreement with Italy but we doubt j whether it serves that purpose i Well. The members of Congress who i Are attacking see no reason Why j Italy should have from this country better consideration than France for instance or than Belgium. On the other hand they can see Why great Britain might Well be under obligation to give Italy generous terms. Italy a Entrance into the War was doubtful. Her alliances made her a logical Friend of Germany. For a time it was a question whether she should stick with Tho Central pow i ers or break away. The breaking j away was of the utmost importance i to the Allied cause. There can be i no reasonable doubt that British statesmen were largely instr Nen i Tai in persuading Italy into the right lineup Southern. If it is not to continue making transportation records then there is nothing in the general prediction of the continued Prosperity and development of the South \ ances i Ive Hunt red percent recently out inked from Page one this smacks of the old witchcraft Days the City fathers of Lorain o., in solemn conclave assembled Lave voted anti promulgated that beginning shortly All dances except the. A old time Quot dances such As Henry Ford likes shall be taboo in the City of Lorain. This according to press dispatches. In fact it is related unless the City fathers unexpectedly reverse themselves police will be authorized to see to it that every dance Hall in the City lives up to this edict. Not Only the new Charleston must go the Fox Trot the one step and the like Are under the ban too. One of the Wise councilmen defends this legislation by remarking that All modern dances Are i prop it is probable that j or and suggestive. Something was said in the course of negotiations that bound Britain to be generous in the settlement of Italy s Loans. On the other hand America s generosity still seems to have no stronger motivation than the goodly strength of the italian vote on this Side of of course the klan is against the i he water world court because it. Is not any thing like or Hundred per cent no i keeping to i i i ii nordic. Changes in attitude North or. John Roach Stratton is going to Florida to a clean up the state. Others go there merely to a clean an Economy administration eel mainly ought to regard the saving places in of $13 a Day by lopping off the payroll a suspended army officer As a a for the Good of the of course the vice president is not to blame for wanting a permanent cloture of the Senate. He has to hear ail the debates. Miss Cole s letters will be read in the Ormond suit for damage it is announced. Judging from the manifestation of popular interest in this private correspondence tile publicity rights of the letters could be sold for a surer monetary return that the suit provides. The world co firt Issue was one Shat the Senate realized it could dispose of in no other Way than by a vote for adherence. The Issue is not settled now. Say court enemies j Siut the vote undoubtedly gets a j great Load off the minds of the re j publican leaders. Luther Burbank has been invited to speak in a san Francisco Church it Gnu religion. Perhaps the congregation would prefer to hear him on something that he known a lot about particularly As the gardening season is near at bund. Carolinians in official Washington Are not enthusiastic about the minimum eight months school term plan for All North Carolina Public schools our Raleigh correspondent has observed. He draws his conclusion from the reflection of capital opinion in the correspondence of Lite state papers from that Quarter. This is not the first indication of late years that the state is changing so rapidly in its political aspects that the old timers in office at Washington have difficulty keeping up with the spirit of the people Back Home. It is said. For instance that both democratic and Republican state conventions Are expected to endorse the eight months term. This Means that the Issue not Only is regarded As an undesirable one upon which to Start a fight hut that neither party organization likes to allow the other the possible advantage of singular endorse tion. Since the Days when some of our stronger political figures at Washington were compelled to understand the political tendencies of North carolinians for practical purposes the conditions have changed in them. Now the year 1926 is Young thus far and it is impossible to foresee what it May bring Forth but even at this Early Date it does seem As if it ought to be possible to award first prize for asininity to the men who voted this Law. The odor of the 187 4 tank town hangs Over this Little ordinance shedding a Musty fragrance of forgotten Days it takes us Back to the Days of canal boats and crinoline to the Era of Homespun clothing and Wood burning locomotives. It is still the 19th Century. Big Crayon portraits of Franklin Pierce Aud colonel Fremont must sell Well in the City Council chamber. Some smart Salesman ought to go there with a new line of Mustache cups too probably head sell the whole consignment. There was a Day when most Good people in this country Felt about modern dances just As these councilmen still feel. There was a feeling that All the a a newfangled a dances the Walt and the two step were morally wrong. Many very Good people devoted much Earnest thought and discussion to ways to Cope with a the dance but we be outgrown those Days. We have come to realize that dancing is a splendid tonic recreation that the impulse to move in Harmony with Lively music is a Good impulse not a bad impulse. We have in other words grown More civilized. Apparently however there Are Chicago Jan. 28.�? apr while the Cost of refined rubber used to make a Cost 51 cents it is $3.06 today an increase of 500 percent said i Douglas Tweedle Western manager of Spalding and Brothers in explaining the recent Advance if the Price of balls the Price of crude rubber Lins fallen but the 1926 Golf balls had to be made from material bought while the Price wa3 High. A dozen balls weigh 19.44 ounces so that if they could be manufactured of raw the Cost of the material would be Only $1.21 a Box. The Garden variety of Gutta Pere a no longer fills the Bill for the Best bails and the a Caoutchouc that is used must be refined and made into the purest elastic yarn which is wound under tension until the Pellet is built up. This selection of the fittest and its refinement run up the Cost of the material to almost three time the value of an equal amount of commercial crude rubber. The manufacture is a tedious process and All imperfect pellets must be thrown out before the globules go through three Coats of enamelling. The balls Are then wrapped in waxed paper and cured for a Long period. They Are a a unmade More rapidly and carelessly for the expert will not play More than nine holes with the same Ball while the Duffer soon cuts the a Pill Quot to Toiv less Ness by Topping or slices it into the Woods or Hooks it into a Pond. Points of the Bill particularly those provisions by which committee under a Compromise agreement of republicans and democrats increased the amount of total reduction of $330,000,000 provided by the Hogue Bill to $352,000,000. Reductions in the income t3xes provided by tire measure would dozen Golf balls s"m0�?ont p,�?T,8-0?0 july j,0, or. Smoot said which he Divi Dedas follows incomes of less than $10,000, $52,200,000 incomes Cly $10,000 to $100,000, $46,800,000 incomes in excess of $100,000, $12o,,oq0, anticipating attacks on the grounds that the new rates gave too much reduction on incomes Over $100,000 by a slash in the maximum surtax rate from 40 to 20 per cent and not enough on incomes Between $10,000 and $100,-000, senator Smoot declared the principle of sound economics was involved which looked a a further than to the interest of any individual grouped a the largest single source of income for those having incomes Over $100,000 is from dividends a he said. A we have made no Cut in the Corpora ton tax. It is Only proper that the tax on dividends should be reduced through the surtax reduction to tax corporate earnings first at the 12 1-2 per cent rate whether distributed or not and again at the 20 per cent in Case of a distribution to persons with an income in excess of $100,000, or a total of 32 1-2 per cent would seem to be going quite As far As Justice and fairness can permit.�?T he explained that under the new tax rates Revenue would be collected from personal incomes As follows incomes of less than $10,000, $67,000,000 incomes of $10,000 to w Illiam Davis involved in Hilt less murder Oase by sen evidence developed endorsed by i. S. Senate Formalin t continued from Page i a russian 143 years old is seeking a divorce from his 82-year-old wife. They be lived together 61 years and the woman is becoming a a unreasonably jealous.�?T the husband alleges. The next time probably the lady will know better than to marry a Man so much older than she is. The rapid growth Lexington we offer congratulations to Lexington for temporary proof thai the City is the Metropolis of Davidson county. The special Federal census the town bought gives Lexington an official population of More than 8,000. This places Lexington above Thomasville in pop Ashe Ville Jan. 28.-�? apr evidence tending to show that William Davis is the murderer of mrs. Annie May Burgess pretty 23 year old widow who was mysteriously slain Here a week ago May be presented to the Buncombe county grand jury today according to the police. A witness whose name the police refuse to divulge yesterday picked Davis from among 12 men As the Man who had been seen Iii a theater with mrs Burgess within two hours of her death police said. Mrs. Burgess according to evidence the police have obtained was in a theatre with a Man As yet unidentified when Davis entered and began to quarrel with her. A a in a not worried a Davis who a been in the county jail for a week said today on learning of the disclosures of the police. A i know where i was that Zeb Darnell sentenced to five to eight years $100.00, $322,000,000 incomes in excess of $100,000, $300,000,-1 world Chi r e now too. A those who have High incomes each year.�?T he continued a must j contribute any tax saving toward i investment in Industrial enterprises reacting to Benefit All of the people Aud an additional tax contribution to the government must result in subsequent years from the corresponding increase in corporations earnings and dividend distributions those who have Large incomes for the first time in their lives that is. Incomes in excess of s100.000�?Are certainly making a proper contribution to the government under a Law that obliges them to turn Over one fourth of their profit in the advocating repeal of the provision allowing publicity of income tax payments senator Smoot declared it of Little value because of obvious Means of making false returns which could be corrected after publication. The Treasury lie said a has been unable to Trace any additional receipts from the fact of defending the repeal of the estate or inheritance tax the committee chairman declared Quot it would seen quite proper at this time for the Federal government to withdraw from a Field of taxation which is so fundamentally and naturally within the Peculiar province of each individual a s. C. A. M. Wheeler Buggess amp Brown at co., Richmond a. I Wheeler Narrows va., Geo. W. I Jones it. E. Quinn co Durham i Butler Butler furniture co., Rose-1 w. M. Felmet herring f. Co., con Boro n. Cd j. H. Crumpler Rayull verse s. C. H. V. Curtis Holland furniture co. Clinton n cd Geo. I bro., n. I. Holland Holland Bros. N. Bull Norfolk auction co., nor to Durham j. C. Farlow Cut rate Folk. A. J furn. Co., High Point v. L. Hill to. P. Rankin Rankin Chandler r of inc miss furniture company Gastonia j. H. I Stanley the Stamey co., he spoke on the same program d. Manufacturing company ent wit i senator Lenroot Republican whistle manufacturing company Wisconsin who led the fight for Rockingham j. W. Bloxton j. W. The court. The latter predicted dial Bloxton and company Greensboro a a when the Clouds of mis represent Jacob Deitz Frank Eisman Matta tion have rolled away most it it of Tox furniture company Windell those now opposed to the court c. C. Blankenship Gilmer inc., will favor i Lynchburg a. R. C. Linkous the world court was created. Gilmers inc., Wilson h. L. Under article 14 of the covenant. Smoak Wannamaker Smoak com of the league of nations and in Pany Orangeburg s a o l Der plan a Mission Root nations Haven entered the court league or nations and in Spany Orangeburg s. C. O. L. Ans drawn in lj<20 by a com j Blankenship Gilmers inc., Lynch it a of jurists of which Elihu i it pro a. W. F. Smith. W. F. Was a member. It Orty eight j Smjth furniture company Maiden which passes on International disputes and whose opinions Are binding Only when the nations involved consent. The reservations qualify american membership stipulate mainly that this country is to acquire no Legal relationship to Tho league that it May at any time withdraw from the court and that the tri j. Lashings it. L. Ballard Rose Gathings company Wadesboro w. E. White White furniture company Louisburg n. A j. Blue j. M. Hughes Hughes Shaw furniture company Henderson Dan h. Instead Winsteadn a Conway s. C. I. Greenspon p. Sat risky i. Greenspon Newport news a. L. Finklehoffe new England furniture Charlotte. Jan. 28.�? apr a sentence of from five to eight years in state prison was imposed on Zeb Darnell 33-year-old Pine places where the old feeling still a Joje Farmer in Superior court Here lingers. Why not the news and observer elation total at least until Thom a Road commissioner Page re Avlue gets a new count commends the creation of a state i but regardless of the ultimate constabulary for North Carolina i Resolution of the question As to there is much to be said in favor which of the two thriving communal a of replacing the present Deputy ties is the More populous the sheriffs and constables paid too i showing the census makes for Lex Little and too few in number join ton is very interesting. It Audi Render the highest efficiency and Cates a rapid growth of a very at reports from Chicago say that the name of Clarence Barrow has been presented to the democratic county managing committee As a possible i candidate for u. S. Senate. This was done it is added without Barrows knowledge. In Many ways it is an admirable idea. A great Many of us do not agree with All of Darrow a views especially when it conies to crime and punishment but sending him to the Senate would secure for the country the services of a Man honest and fearless full of sympathy and moved by an intelligence strictly above tile average in the Senate or elsewhere. Schools of state uniformly desire eight month term record number of a i furniture buyers today following his conviction yesterday of manslaughter. Darnell was tried for the slaying of Joe Hinson postmaster of Pineville who was killed thanksgiving night following a a a party attended by both men. The plea of the defendant was self defense. On the stand lie told the jury that he and Hinson Iliad both hem a a drinking and that Atter lie had shot the postmaster he brought him to Charlotte for medical Aid. Not knowing that he had killed j him. The jury was out two hours rotary club addressed continued from Page one failed for $80,000 last year. College presidents and mayors within fifty Miles of Raleigh will have special seats at the will Rogers entertainment Here february 5, and manager j. Sherwood up a Church who is staging Rogers and the de Rexo quartet has received assurances of Many educators and two chiefs that they will accept his hospitality. The Rogers entertainment will take place in the big auditorium. The singers Are a great aggregation it is the purpose of or. Upchurch to have As Many collegians As lie Bunal shall riot touch upon any j uru Lulf company Springfield subject involving the United i Bass i a l Ashworth Gilmers states without consent. Inc., Danville a. E. D. , a a Couch and Timmerman Granite Ville s. C. R. E. Lineberry White Oak department store Greensboro l. J. Butler revolution store company Greensboro r. N. Hinshaw proximity mercantile company Greensboro j. M. Speas e. E. Register at show Rad. Miss addle Malone. Sou. Pub. Utilities Winston Salem. W. K. Wyatt w. K. Wyatt Danville a. P. H. Mashburn and wife. R. H. Taylor and wife p. H. Mashburn. Old fort n. C. Mrs. Sydney Bluhm e. Sternberger co., Clyo s. C. J. M. Quinn Quinn Miller Kinston n. C. Oscar Miller Quinn Miller &�?zco., Snow Hill s. Cd j l. Miller Quinn Miller Kinston n. C. A l. Gibson Arni wife. Covington hardware amp of vow nature co., Covington a. J. N. Batts. Rocky mount furniture co. Rocky mount n. C. J. P. Carlisle j. P. Carlisle Greensboro. J. L. Mcnair pee Dee Fumble co. Hartsville s. C. W. Of Fox a. P. Rogers. Will f. Fox Tabor n. C. Geo. Washburn Jno. M. Best furniture co., Shelby n. C. M. W. Player in layer furniture co., Bishopville s. Or h. G. Lewis la. H. Jones furniture co., Winston Salem a. J. Winfield Petersburg furniture co., Petersburg a. Frank w. Cole c. E. Cline Fredericks my. H. J. Alford and wife mrs. J. C. Peace h. J. Alford Greenville s. C. B. B. Jones b. 13. Jones Edgefield s. C. H. S. King. Greensboro furniture co., Greensboro miss Maude Cole f. W. Ort continued from Page i Wilmington Furni Tun Ltd. Hayes t. L. Hayes and company Wilmington n c b l sober i Elkin j. Ii. Holton Rose Furni-1 a inc., Exmore a. We the buyers who had been Boldin j lure company High Point . It. Lories. Julius Levine Peoples fur Back until they had looked Over All nature company Wilmington. Give the Best Protection. In some states notably Pennsylvania the Tractive and enterprising town. Lexington ranks easily among the state constabulary has come in for Piedmont cities that Are possessed much commendation As Well As i of All the necessary qualifications severe criticism. I for rapid expansion. The figures a a big question is tile one of Are All the More imposing when it proper pay for sufficient men to do is known that they do not include the work suggested. The Legisla the Erlanger Village of nearly 2, dec Jon of y now it appears that the Long list of attacks on women in Toledo part y left today Laid to a mysterious a Clubber a Are j for Florida the work of a Man recently release i a party of ill people cd from a state Home for mental defectives. I pm re i ican get Here the Rogers a is Tulfo today by or. Dalton goes great with the colleges. And the funny Man is being staged by one of the Best stagers anywhere. Justice Willis j. Brogden probably broke a supreme court record when he hopped into the work lie fore lie had heard an argument picked up the papers of a predecessor and wrote the opinions in a presentation which he had not heard. Justice Varser whom Brogden has succeeded. The rotary club today was addressed by Carter Dalton on the subject of the life and achievement of St. Paul. The program was in charge of Oscar Kearns. Or. I Dalton s treatment of his subject i held the interest of the luncheon i party throughout. Of 21 people leu Are on train 45, Southern this afternoon at 1 50 of clock in route for Florida which state they will tour too people on the outskirts of Lexington. The Prosperity of the Southern Ture of 1925 killed the. Bill because they could not see the Way Clear to the Large expense. The Bill As a beginning provided for Only 3s officers and men and the Cost for the first year was to be $ 110,000 and $165,000 for the second year j1� Southern railway serves of coarse. 38 men would be an in the South and finds its service insignificant number to police a state j Cre singly profitable. Since Tho like North Carolina with a Popula j company a common Stock was hued tion widely scattered of two and a. Out of its immobility of veal and half million people it was this git forced to a dividend paving at Ion that gave pause to the leg no Lack of publicity hat a a ser Vable. Every ones in Toledo nor Era would i Ould pre Assembly through oaf it o Der thei us if the Gover to the next Geu sooner to the a legislature refile attorney Gentile Workings of in other states of men and the with the Best e of sue a been of Advance of the company a earnings has been noted widely. But the publicity seems justified Edwa by the facts. The company is j Nia Guati among the big four railway Organ j beats Henry Ford t i manufacturing three cent ifs just one More cae of that j before returning Homo. Another kind. The institution authorities party of High Point people will leave saturday to tour the a Bun me Seldom to blame. In every state j in the Union the facilities for caring j those who left this afternoon i for the mentally sick Are invade j were wat. The authorities have to re lease those that Are occasionally j dangerous in order to keep those j that Are dangerous All the time. J some Day Well realize that but j Ting Down on appropriations for i such institutions is the poorest j Economy in the world. We should spend twice As much annually on i them. Every year that we delay j i Means More tragedies such As the of the lines had decided what they j wanted and placed their orders. I a everybody is doing business i now a said a i have heard of some pretty Good sized orders being i placed but most of the orders have i been medium and there s been j plenty for i in describing How the last mgt a i ate buyers were pouring into the i exposition building or. Ogham re a lated an instance to show How they were Corning it so lust that it was i difficult to keep Check of them j a this morning i was showing 1 three men Over our lines and in i order to determine whether he was one of the Early visitors or not i casually asked one of them when he had registered. A of. We just got Here a was the answer we saw the building and just walked in Tho Back door without taking the Trou a Hie to walk around to the judge Titos registering yesterday of retired Ter noon and this morning follow from the Bench when the a finish it. A. Williams. Gilmers inc., cd c. E. Griffith is Sou Tuortu rail Winston Salem Ira b. Turner Way co. Was on his hands. Judge Turner amp co., Charlotte c. C. Zayiona in the country in earning capacity and the Southern s rate of increase is hard for others to maintain. The Gross Revenue of the i a con railway for last year was in excess it Tuy of of 149 million dollars or about seven millions More than in 1924. Y Tome in the meantime the operating costs have been Kepi Down and a ill a Loi i num i. Jordan automobile is that Germany if she the process of Aiu Nii of Able to pay off All her at the expense of the mrs. J. J. Farriss mrs. W. In Shipman mrs Lamar Mccallum mrs. M. S. Hiatt. Mrs. W. C. 4,. W. F. Abels Alisa Lucile Goldston miss Pattie Nowlin mrs. R. F. King. Miss Annabella King. Mrs. A. M. Rankin. Mrs j. W. Welborn mrs. J. T. Ryan. Mrs. H. Ii Oakes. I us Frances Montgomey miss Margaret Mcadarra miss Ruth Welch. John Griffin. Lee Gibson turn War Deb rest of the world. Somebody get sch Ford and push. We Don Many to do with Aluta ouch Annapolis. Al a a Ann ouija Point men of ant in Ger that rub appoint etl md., Jan Ernest of t William a. Bill Ingram As Field coach naval Academy football Tea made at the naval Academy Ingram a former middy i stir recently resigned a. G lot the University of Indian Ball team. Brogden came Down and took Tho oath of office hut he had come far too late to hear the j county Case argued. It is a suit to j remove Cloud from a title and the i plaintiff who brought the action Wen it below As he does above. The attorneys in this Case wer Taliaferro Aud Clarkson the Tun 1 for member a son of Justice Lier i it Clarks appearing for the Plain Tiff and Manly Hendren and worn i Hie Forsyth county giants representing the Southern. It is an j j easement Case involving Chr Grad of Powers by the Genera Assembly and eminent Domain enter. The old East Tennessee and a. T. And j Grants come in for discussion a and the Grant of Powers to the. I that right in Tennessee specified no maximum or minimum Width to its right of Way and judge Brog-1 Den holds against the Road. The new Justice was complimented by the elders on the Quick Aud easy Way in which lie handles his Maiden opinion. The Law As Given by judge Brogden will always be attractive and when he gets on the More human questions with which the court deals he will have a Cooper b. I. Lane Cooper Furni to lure co., Union s. A ii. Ii. Tarle a ton Cooper furniture co., Char Ville a. Wilbur Barnes Foster Barnes Clayton buggy and furniture company Clayton j. S. Hill c. J. Brady Jordan Marsh company Boston mass. W. R. Smith Smith furniture company Brevard a. G. Carter Carter furniture company Sanford 13. G. Melver Lee furniture company Sanford a. C. King j. A. Vaughan i a. Johnson furniture company Charlotte n. , n. J. Hammack Stanley s. J. Eggers p. In Hodges c. M. Critcher Home furniture company Boone w. P. Amos Amos furniture company Kinston i. Evans and wife Evans furniture company Fayetteville a w. A. Jones. Jones furniture company. Clayton j. W. S. Miller Miller and re Iller. Savannah. A. Harry Martin. J. W. Austin j w. Austin Mayodan j. 7d. Mcintyre reliable furniture company Mebane a has f. Hauser Gilmers inc. Raleigh i i. W. Mitchell. Mitchell furniture company. Charlotte t. In Dallas e. H. 7veeks, Reidsville furniture company Reidsville it. K. Mitchell e. W. In Mitchell Dan c. Woodall Rose amp Woodall Bendon. N. C. Jno. M. Best Jno. M. Best furniture co., Shelby n. C. H. W. Peak. F. L. Peak Peak amp Angel Rocky mount n. C. Goo. S. Boylan a Monroe co., Wilmington n. C. In l. Helms e. G. Harris Efird a department store Charlotte m. In Brigham Brigham amp Holbrook. Bradentown. Flu. J. B. Tate Refran Tate furniture co., Spartanburg s. C. V. A. Pope. Pope mattress co., Durham m. Lester Maun t. E. Green Raleigh furniture co., Raleigh L. Herring. J. W. Herring c. C. Elrod herring furniture co. Spartanburg s. A w. F. Wall w f. Wall furniture co., Spartanburg s. C. Vance Lucas Lucas Ashland Ala. E t. Baris. J. L. Coker amp co Hartsville. A c. Mtichell Clark and wife Clark furniture co., Burlington n. It p. L. Hennessa Paragon furniture co., Shelby n. Cd M. Benton. Jones furniture co. Greenville s. H. B. Mot Tern. Gilmer inc., Asheville. Splendid drama at the new theater Lotte p. 2d. Bussell and wife Piedmont furniture co. Durham j. C. Ford m. L. Ford amp sons Cloyer p. C. Miss Gertrude Knott Piedmont furniture co. Durham E. Ford. M. L. Ford in sons Clover s. C. W. L. Hunter and wife Hunter Bros. Electric co., Fayetteville n. C. Nancy t. Norton. Hunter Bros. Electric co., fort Bragg n. Ca w. O. Player w. O. Player. Darlington s. Cd w. M. Brannan a. W. Blanchard Dunn furniture co., Dunn x. C. W. M. Best and wife Cit in g. Best amp son Lumberton n c. R. O. Kirkman and wife Kirk Man amp pen Dinger. C. N. P. Anderson soft co., Waynesville Tucker g. S. Tuck g. Cd Morris Morris Incese v. Co., Greensboro w. B. Lumsden j l. Wood car. Power in Light co Raleigh c. M. Pennington pen i Niu Tou f. Amp ural. Co. Hartsville s. C. Geo. Pease ave. Centra Power co. Little . A e. J , p. L. Jarvis. Slate Jarvis f. 1 cjo., son Nicholson f. D. C. Corriher. L i Landis Claude i How co., Landis b. Green r. If f. Co. Grai Man g. I. Haus i Winston Salem d Lexington n. J up Cine Benefield Souder Ander i file Hardy or e. R. I daughter. Hardy 1 or a co., a Isburn c. A. Thompson a id or 11 Navy Bani jul if Fici b at to show his writing style ice Brogden has his co Art door properly labelled and erne now. It is his purpose d his week ends at his Home Ham and his work Days in t. An Ideal arrangement for re Here. Leigh a. S. Cofield Coffi nature co., High Point. J. Vav. Owens j . Owens nature co. Newnan. A. Davis Gilmer inc., or s. Or r. E. Bass Bass f co., Rock Hill s. Or j. Vav. G. Reid amp son Rock cd c. D. Morton. Mulga furniture co., Norwood. I f. Morgan. Morgan furniture co., x or. Aeon of Guttag in. New York City Maxi ago furniture House pc Lee. Lee furniture lid Man. X. Or j. H. Luw ill is store Laurens. Fur j a. J. Anvil cd. A nature. Reid Morton or t. Clapp or d. Colline Ville j. I Harn Benson in Tho a Compromise a a playing for the last time tonight at Tho Broad Hurst is a charming society dramas with Beautiful women stylish clothes and everything pertaining to make a drama of exceptional Merit it is said. And of course Statesville j there is attractive Irene Bien. One of the real charming stars of. The present Day screen supported but t live Brook and a magnificent company of popular players. The picture is Worth seeing and unquestionably another crowded House will View the attraction to night tomorrow a a Madam behave one of three of the funniest Comer die of a year. Will be seen. Julian Eltinge and Ann Pennington Are the feature players and there Are said to be ten famous screen Coni a h. H. N Chol co., states Villa undid How. Co., Bra in. L audis n. E. Sykes . Array Greet i to Lam cd e. In u of it. C add f co. I. Molies k w Mot in v Quot pc Darf wife and i. Lur Taco Sal that to co. Col it in . Ii h summer Vii and wife. Burlington cant i. Benson. Co., it Sou. Toh cd l. Palmate or j. Agton f. W. Vest f. I j. La i d. I m alb Marh Jacob flu Izen cd Asheville wife in i Nici e. Efird s. Chai Huiey Stoufe b in Ana As c 1 it a a it Salt you t. R. In t. P. Dill p. Dillon Ham Rick i of co., g ton Hill lion. T. P win. I in Mon n Tho play. It lever As a sch Chavez shown on saturday Broadhurst along w Clever program Arni last of the week. Is claimed to Irley a vill also be at the new a Ith that a. Xvi i improving rapidly lends of mrs Dan it. J be glad to learn Tbs by improving Ani sex Usui r to ii

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