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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 28, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point s population u. S. Government census 1923 22,279high Point emt Komsi High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants i weather forecast fair and colder tonight Friday increasing cloudiness slightly colder on the coast vol. 34�?no. I full associated press. High Point n. A thursday afternoon january 28, 1926 12 pages today Price five cents fight in Senate Over new tax measure is intended to assure there will be no Hasty action j Register Ai so opposition to Tup Bill declare last of the Parker House ers chairman Smoot of the finance committee asks for vote before feb. To Washington Jan. 28.�? apr the Senate opened consideration of the tax Bill today with opponents of the measure declaring they would fight Hasty action even if tax reductions were delayed beyond March i 3 when first income tax payments Are due. When chairman Smoot of the finance committee i ked for final action by february to. Senator Norris Republican of Nebraska expressed doubt that a vote could be taken by that time. He added he did not see How it would be possible to get he Bill through in time for reductions on the March 15 payments and suggested that these payments be postponed until april i or provision be made for refunds. Both of these proposals were declared impracticable by senator Smoot. He said 2,3000,000 persons would be relieved of All income taxes by the Bill and that the government needed Revenue on March 15 to meet $600,000,000 in Short term obligations. Several members from both parties took the floor to Promise support for a program of Early action. Asked whether democrats and republicans on the finance committee has agreed on repeal of the Guiher Tanct tax and of publicity / for income taxes senator Reed Democrat Missouri remarked that the committee a must be in a senator Smoot replied that a Large majority of the committee had voted in favor of Reno it of both propositions. Senator King. Utah one of the democratic in Tabers of the committee however submitted a minority report opposing repeal of the two provisions. Senator Harrison. Mississippi. Another Democrat on the committee this pair in search of lost honeymoon married after a half Century Chicago Jan. 28.�? apr More than a half Century Frank t. Leebrick and Fannie to Rinberg were sweethearts in Richmond id. They planned to be married but her parents of. Jetted when he decided to strike out for himself and take land in Kansas so they separated and he took the Hind 1,000 acres near Mcdonald. In 1873 he heard she had married. Two years later he was wed. Their mates died hers in 1018 and his in 1023. A few months ago the girl then mrs. Poland age 73, wrote to or. Leeb Rieks sister in Santa Barbara calif., not knowing she had died. The letter was forwarded through devious channels to Fye Ehrick in Kansas. He took the first train to Chicago. Since Tho two had parted in Richmond they had not seen each other until last sunday. Rut. Leebrick lost no time in renewing his suit and they were married yesterday. He is 77. Today they were going Back to Kansas in search of As the aged bridegroom phrased it a a lost salesmen say orders pouring in fast and Many of them Are for big amounts new buyers Register some say list tomorrow who be even greater than today their belief preparing for summer six acres of floor space in Mammoth exposition building not sufficient to accommodate All of displays world Coore now endorsed by u. S. Senate formally overwhelming vote for adherence of nation to the International tribunal Washington Jan. 2s.�? apr the american ship of state after a Long delay is launched in the Channel that leads to a seat in the world court at Geneva. The Senate gave its a a advice and consent to membership last night adopting the adherence Resolution and its accompanying reservations by a vote of 76 to ,17, or 14 More., than the necessary two thirds a introduced amendments for repeal Jar Ltd but Many Detapia and for of the levies on automobile Ood is j maj neg remain for action before foul Chassis admissions Aud dues and the repeal of the stamp taxes on capital Stock transfers sales on produce exchanges playing cards insurance policies capital Stock issues and Bonds of indebtedness t in his minority report senator King asked that taxes be reduced j by $500,000,000 in place of the $300,000,000 recommended by the Treasury he assailed the Lack of Economy on the part of the administrations next year $200,000.-000 the additional amount for tax reduction would be made visible. A instead of Economy in the departments of government a the report declared a there is Manifest a determination upon the part of substantially All executive agencies to increase their personnel expand their authority and Power and augment their senator King proposed that All excise taxes including those on automobiles admissions and dues be repealed and he opposed vigorously the otherwise unanimous action of the committee of repealing Tho inheritance tax and the provision allowing publication of income tax return. Declaring there was a a powerful propaganda in favor of the repeal of the inheritance tax he charged that a Aback of this movement there is a determined to have the states repeal a their inheritance levies he also favored the modified rates provided by the House Bill with a credit of 25 percent instead of 80 per cent on account of payments on state inheritance taxes. Senator King also urged further reductions in surtax rates applying on incomes Between $22,000 and $100,000 along the lines originally proposed by democratic members of the committee and protested against the increase of one percent in the corporation tax. Smoot sets a Date for vote on tax measure Washington Jan. 28.�? a opening Senate debate on the i reduction Bill today chairman of loot. Of the finance committee in charge of the measure set february Ioas the Date for final passage if tax reduction is to be assured by March 15 when first income tax instalments Are due. Senator Smoot said ample time has been Given for debate but he the United states actually becomes a member of the tribunal. And meanwhile senator Borah Republican Idaho Leader of the Senate opposition to the court declares the fight is not ended and that the people will be asked to decide it. The next formal step is the notification of president Coolidge by the Senate that it approves membership. The president then by Means of the state department will communicate the reservations and declarations of policy to the 48 member states of the league of nations and inquire if they approve of american membership As qualified by the reservations. When these nations reply in the affirmative the signature of the United states will be affixed by diplomatic representatives to the original protocol and statute now deposited in Geneva. The Resolution of ratification also will be filed at Geneva and american membership in the court will have become a fact. Remaining in dramatic session Long past the usual hour of adjournment. The Senate swept aside a group of proposed nullifying reservations 4.o the adherence Resolution before finally adopting the Resolution itself. Hundreds of spectators including mrs. Woodrow Wilson wife of the War president witnessed the close of the Long fight Aud heard a last minute Appeal for defeat of the Resolution delivered by senator Johnson Republican California. It had no apparent effect however Aud on the last Roll Call 40 republicans and i 3 6 democrats voted for american membership. Fourteen republicans two democrats and one Farmer labor senator voted in the negative. Taking the floor just As vice president Dawes was about to order a Roll Call. Senator Johnson said the a deed is almost done a and i he then congratulated the democratic senators and Tommis seated i with the republicans. A a we have acted in this matter a i he said a was if we were saying that a tis to be done a there Well done if All records for attendance of buyers at the furniture show Here were shattered today when the registration list showed 191 buyers had registered Between to of clock yesterday morning and the same hour today. That number will exceed any other registration by approximately 50 people. It had been predicted by Many i old experienced furniture people i that the sales and attendance would i fall off during the last three or i four Days of the show but now these people stand with Mouth and \ eyes we Ide open wondering what will happen next. A we have never before in All our experience seen anything like this a said a group of salesmen As j they stood in the lobby of the Mammoth furniture exposition i building this morning discussing the Shew. They say they have been attending furniture shows in j All parts of the country for years i j but have never seen one Susji an overwhelming Success As the one Here has proven to be. Mid summer usually bist ordinarily the mid summer show proves t be the most popular with the buyers but the show Here so far Blas surpassed any Ever before held in High Point. Such a great registration leaves officials in the dark As to what they should plan for the Inid summer show that will open Here july 19 and continue through july 31. A if the summer show surpasses this one what will we do with the people a said one of the officials. Now a dark horse the list to Register yesterday up until to o clock in the morning was the greatest of the two weeks up until this time and exhibitors As Well As officials said that in All probability it would be the biggest Day of All but now that registration list is looked upon As a a a dark the Only one fault that can be found with the show is there is not sufficient floor space in the Mammoth exposition building with its six acres of floor to care for All the manufacturing companies that wish to put their products on display. Exhibits outside All available space in various buildings near the furniture exposition building has been taken and these places Are filled All fhe ?t7he with buyers. Some say that bad weather prevailing during the beginning of that a show is responsible for the huge crowds of buyers that Are flocking Here now but others deny this and say that it simply Means buyers have come Here and were so Well pleased they have notified their friends of the show. The list today includes people from All sections of the country. They Are Here from As far South As Florida and equally As far North. Buyers Are buying and the buyers have not travelled this distance just to attend the show. They Are purchasing Stock. The salesmen say the Southen buyers especially those from the far South Are purchasing larger Stock than the Northern buyers. Many of the buyers from the North. It Vas explained have just attended the furniture show at Chicago. One or two people who were in the a Windy City during the show there say the High Point show is by far the better of the two and that they find a More suitable Stock from which to select. A it s a great show Frank Ogburn representing the Ideal table company line was beaming with enthusiasm this morning Over the greatly increased registration of buyers during the past two Days. A a the january show ordinarily does not come up to july or. Ogburn declared a in the first place the Rush of Christmas Trade schools of state uniformly desire eight month term both democratic Ami Republican state conventions expected to favor it big counties danger greatest opposition expected Here the longer term is now in Force Washington is Oei the correspondence from the National capital shows not great amount of enthusiasm there for the proposition to the Butts my Raleigh Jan. 28 depart firemen searching for injured. Ment of education people North it Carolina teachers association a county superintendents and so far s As callers at the Raleigh depart j i ments can determine All schools j of All character will press for the several workmen were injured when the Parker House Boston birth i eight Mon is school term and of a place of the Parker Roll collapsed during its demolition. Photo shows \ Ter to both democratic and re pub j bean state conventions a Plank in the party platforms committing the state to the constitutional eight months. The greatest opposition is exp from the larger counties j j in which the longer term now ex-1 Chicago Jan. 28.�? apr a j its but school men Are disposed to report of a plot whereby an army think that these Are the very Strong of gangsters outside would abet a i holds of the longer term. In for armed assault on prisoners and Byth there Are four legislators guards in the county jail in a i counted offhand for the proposal wholesale delivery attempt was j there Are to Bree lower House Mem Given Little credence by jail offi jeers and one senator All of them rials today. The information was j a accepted As allies it is the received by a morning newspaper same in Guilford and again in which said support was Given it by Wake. Speaker Edgar w. Pharr discovery of a Hole in a rear Wall who come8 from Mecklenburg has of the jail Ami finding of saws been Ted again8t the j term files and dynamite Caps in the be l l Aud the next speaker i3 not so of Henry Fernekes midget Bandit i Lair Nellh tto a i sentenced to die february la. M. A Young heart is a paying for youth Ile settles $100,000 heart Balm Case out of court. At new York he changed his mind claimed that right but Tho w Oman in the Case de i it dined to concede it Caldwell is victim paid less than $5,000 for the privilege of changing his mind after asking Divorcee to marry him new York Jan. 28.�?i aft a George Brinton Caldwell 63 year old banker and club Man who once wrote that Prince of Wales who takes another dangerous Tumble while Riding. He was Anoia boy with a Young heart has settled out o court the $100,000 breach of prom jail authorities in Chicago a re not convinced of delivery attempt a this is old one Winnipeg Jan. 28.�? apr experts at Tho University of Manitoba who have examined a fat soil discovered at a depth of 20 feet in the Tyndall quarries Manitoba estimate its age at 30,000,000 years. The Fossil is known As the Tribolate. Scientists say it is a Long extinct water creature something like a crab which Crawler at tile Bottom of the Large sea that covered the Prairies millions of years ago. Fractured Collar Bone is chief injury of in Rince in fall today from horse easily located. It is assumed that Captain goo Rue la. Wemer tag a the., Fri a Wing a a Quot a Quot i of the Jailer allo. I in i the disco very a lower Louse he a Townsend Verneker Cache but said the Hole it he a a. Toh. Connor from Page will seek a a Road police f 0 r state. He asserts had been caused by deter ration of Wilson or Dick Fountain from Lek Ester eng., Jan. 28�? apr the Prince of Wales suffered a fractured Collar Bone when he was thrown from ills horse today while Hunting with the in Ernie hounds. The Accident Oce Urr he at Little Shelton this afternoon. Tile Prince fell on his left shoulder breaking the Collar Bone on that Side. He is returning to London for medical attention. Tin Prince of Wales fall today was the second in two Days. He was thrown yesterday at Melton mow Fory when his horse fell dead under him. It makes ids fifteenth Riding Accident since the autumn of 11 20. Of one previous occasion near is Dighton Aux card in february 11124, he suffered a broken Collar Bone while raining a Hunter. An old Wail of a room j Edgecombe. An advocate can be by connected with the from either or a1., masonry was repaired at _ Ashington correspondence to North Carolina papers does Tot show much enthusiasm in the National capital for state education i once. I because six men in the jail Are i awaiting the Gallows during the j next three weeks sentries Annecy it parties Are going to i with riot guns have been placed have a hard time dodging the is i about the jail. I sue the republicans have lived j this had no connection with any j on denunciation of the state s Edu a i deliver., plot said Warden welder cation system because it does not i in but was merely a precaution afford the Equality of term de-1 Ujj. J r. 1 Ary measure. Handed by the state Constitution. Highway hair a the newspaper to the plot in the proposal is in line with their suicide threat is n jail Hospital Man to make recommendation to Assembly eluded smuggling of arms Ami ex-1 views. The democrats have Glori confessed slaver of miss Deit Plosives into the jail to be used bed their record on schools. _ by the prisoners in an assault on All the denominational schools the guard at the same time the which have looked with such Dis outside attacks and dynamite no favor on the big appropriations to took place. One phase of it called the higher institutions and have Charlotte Jan. 28.�? a chairman Frank Page of the j for escape of prisoners Arr it is the bemoaned the pittance to the ele North Carolina Highway commis a abridge of sighs joining the jail Santary schools have their bion said Here today speaking be i to the criminal courts building Ami Chance now and Are expected to fore the kiwanis club that he pro shooting Down any opposition posed to recommend to the next j Rich is held without bail for crime ise suit brought against him by Clara Shiras. The suit was withdrawn suddenly yesterday after adjournment of the Days hearing during which or. Caldwell had admitted that he did talk to the plaintiff about marriage but Only in a general Way. Attorneys refused to confirm reports that $4,500 was Tho amount of settlement. Mrs. Shiras divorced wife of Ralph d. Shiras of Kansas City has testified that the banker first proposed to her after introducing himself on a train in route from Chicago More than two years ago. Yesterday letters from him were i placed in evidence in which he said i a i think a Man can change his i mind As Well As a woman a and i a i am not a Gay Lothario but an old boy with a Young heart and a too much or. Caldwell testified he had j previously tried to Settle out of court but that mrs. Shiras had demanded $5,000 for her and $1,500 i attorneys fees which he considered ? too much. One of his letters which he i identified said i a i think a Man can change his j mind As Well As a woman. And it is my wish to change it now. I have not asked More than i am Rilling to concede. Certainly no marriage should take place against the will of either this was the second breach of Promise suit brought against or. Caldwell since his marriage morn than two years ago to miss Marion Haley Andrews school teacher of West Brook me. The first was brought by miss zoo m. Evans a manicurist in Boston for $300, Phil Adelphi a Jan. 28. Apr David l. Marshall confess a a to. Said Caldwell had pro a i a. Posed to her several months before exercise their Opportunity. The two de Slayer of Anna May Dietrich has announcement of his engagement most important i it ii it. Rii Rit Fig threatened to take his life and is to miss Andrews creation of state wed Colt Briary Christian Leader will urea in the state now Are Max Gar under guard in the Hospital at a a forstricter11 eqmrcement0nofij the talk Here in february intr jrztgn0ita1rj,n0ttatrcrtla, mrs. Rate Boyd Dies Laws relating to traffic. He said he would ask the legislators to promote the necessary machinery for issuing personal driving permits. He said however that no Addman. They have More to do with hta he a it waa revealed today 0 the party than any other pair by of Alcera who accompanied him. I similarly the party May have to to the prison yesterday after he Louisville Kyd a newly appointed do More with them than it a after Long illness Hewitt f. Cunningham i Amman in Nav Mav Nave in i no me Yri Suu to Aie Luciy Tiller it f. Hid Hpe a hid without Hail for the mis. Hate Boyd Well known Christian Endeavor Field Secretary with any other it j Incon u a resident of High Point died at her of the All South Extension com. Oei Vable that they should Tonose act d of cd re Nero he wa3 sal<1 Home 412 Gatewood Avenue this tonal Laws were needed but merely i nil tee. Will be the principal the term Quot to have made the threat when am orning at la of clock. Her death the enforcement of those that j speaker at a mass meeting of the enlightened self interest would i detective who had visited the Pris a followed an illness of several a we j?1?1 res Ian. Idea Var restrain them but they Are not yet j Oner s wife returned with Contes-1 a. A Union which will be held at the committed they will have that in Aion of the Rcd Ort that mrs. Far i a. W done quickly and we have done it Muhidi quickly. The traditional. Policy of somewhat checks buying activities the United states is to be altered and with the heavy drought of the now by a great Republican body. Past season conditions have not we Are to embark upon this in in favourable for the furniture charted Trade. Then Southern buyers have when the result of the Roll Call not the freight problems to con had been announced in a dead is ten it with that the Northern and Lance. Senator Bruce Democrat Western men have but they Maryland congratulated the re pub Are but gang heavy re _. K a committed. They will have their i Aion of the report that mrs. Mar-1 John Overman asks a Cain presbyterian Hilt Here on f february Chance at the next state convention shall would not Aid in his defense a de Kun 1a years Overman asks again s according to announcement made or it win a a asked t0 or old the or have anything to do with him x of pm bum Neia re fur this morning. Or Unningham will platform and that piece of Timber i a a that a the last Straw a Marshall irs nov came 11 this Rita in us at that time be on a tour of the la the thing on which or. Gardner i told the detective. A a what a the use be saunters Olowin the. I i it1 or Boyd a has a for new court District Washington Jan. 22.�? apr senator Overman Democrat of North Carolina re introduced today his Bill proposing the creation of an additional Federal court District in his state. The measure was referred to the judiciary committee where the senator will urge Early action. Two Carolinas. Or. Cunningham has head Quad on Putin in a increasingly apparent that to at i will end my life at the first Here since that time. Of Sooga Tenn and has Gardner is to have no oppose j be is survived by Iii i a. V. I Fri Lara Roro son to Tho or Izaak i charge of activities throughout the j tf0n. He will be nominated with orders were sent to the prison j ters. Y three Daugh Clara Evelyn and Tiu. A Iii be Iizumi Aiea w in v blesses Clara Evelvn and Southern states. He is a graduate very Little further opposition talk. I at once to place a special guard j Mable bold All of High Point two of the University of Louis vice and he does no to need committing but Over the prisoner j sons it churl Boyd of Spray a i has a b. Degree from the pres Tbs school Folka hag had a it described by the police As the w. P. Bold. Of Chattanooga Tenn a most amazing criminal in the his and two half Brothers j l mop tory of Pennsylvania Marshall to Ford it of Miami Fla and will Mer Day was a mental and physical j Ford of Wilmington Del by Terian Seminary there. He has Dot in feeling and Thev would Uke m08l amazing criminal in the and Quot two half Brothers been president of the Louisville be let up again under the no vision of the fvhri3ti,an Endeavor Union and for state banking statistics due to. A a under the Prou Sions of terms was superintendent of ladder in a new do a a gun Winier. Wreck guards said. Mrs Boyd a member of the measure the state would be divided the life work department of the i total resources at the Clow of the Marshall dreads the ordeal of methodist Church of Gastonia and into three districts Eastern Middle Keh Lueky Endeavor Union. Of higher than they have Facio a a crowds at the Kroner s in a a. Devout Christjan woman How Baa and Western. Court would be held a Inan the it have j quest Iati the death of migs Deit loved by to entire Community n in the Eastern District at Raleigh better term. I enc Latham chief a Tate Bank i Rich next tuesday a a let a Ruah u1 which she lived. A Wilson. Elizabeth City washing Washington Jan. 28.�? a j Kamfner who found More than Lhing through a he told detectives funeral arrangements Are income ton. New Bern Fayetteville and a the Treasury issued a statement j �3o6j 00 too at the Clos of h i after his Heanne a a a can to 1 waive Pieta pending arrival of relatives. Wilmington. Today designed to show that the .7 e. Use 0f Busi the coroners inquest. Pm willing interment today designed to show that the in the Middle District the court War debt terms granted to Italy Ness in september 19 25. The or it would sit at Durham Winston yesterday by great Britain Are i hot in Ono inn Tho i re a r. I Man As $4$u,Voo,. The state necessary he said a Well if i to pass it by if you Fellows resources May run As j informed that the hearing was aifshnrv"661 01"0 ii Desboro Andt tip re Liberal than the italian-1 reached approximately three figure a Lisburn. T american settlement which is in in a a for the Western District. Char a Der severe attack in Congress. Shelby Batesville and Ashe Here is the Way the Treasury i Wal Hon a in a a nmn Ville Are designated As the places figured if us bump ill in Al my cemetery cd Verity Days of the in gtd. There will be Gram i must. Then i guess there it meshing else on the pro-1 Catawba College is Given higher rating where the court would hold terms sheriff Sutton first witness at Brevard j Many Small Banks had a hard time Nam s2, j running. The Bottom has been her sire ached and the climb is year or. Latham has had his Force work period. Italy owes the United Italy owes great i 837.000.000 and will pm 346.000.000 Over a sixt new ports a arned that after passage of thei. Measure by the Enate the Bill must ? j0,?1 -_pr.e8ldent e sent to conference for adjust ent of differences Between the Jsu a in a Senate with a further de i while new income Blanks must printed. Rite committee chairman diced principally the tax reducing time Farmers have Money who had provided Means for end on the other hand the july Ferine n a International tribunal a show i3 supp08�d t0 be better bearing n cause the Farmers have planted having for its object the peace of their Coupon and Money is circular the world. ,.leaving the chamber where he the i e bad conducted a warm fight against the Many orders received a. A a. I or. Ogburn declared orders Wert court. Senator Borah told a.,a a a coming in thick and fast now a Brevard Jan. 28�? apr sheriff b. J. Sutton of Transylvania county took the stand As the j first witness in the trial of mrs. J Naomi Norris and Lawrence Tritt on a charge of murdering the woman a husband William. The jury had been completed and sworn shortly before noon. When he was called to the Norris Home following the slaying on december 27, the sheriff testified Tritt said he and Norris had fought and that he a a had to kill the on the december figures a Lllan Itelo set at a i did a pay the year but it is a huge Job and i 3 .c.-Sage ver Ding All the figures in All the de commander b payments for these 500 and More j timed at to this country $2,407,00 a like period question of sanity Sioux f los s. D., a in a arguments As to the f mrs. Catherine Roger 19-year-old a expected to consume n Day b the me Bank confirmation of the Sale of the position 105 mile Ivanhoe Cotton Mills Smithfield j Sciury Island All wednesday Means the almost immediate reopening of that big fac Orv and the renewal of one of the not in distress a Ork. Jan. 28.�? apr Cataw hat the White Star Ruer no tin Vas in distress were Flefil at rest today by a wire age received from he or by the associated press a. Rn., Greenwich e said a a olympic al1sbur Awba Coll i the r rth Ca Day w be e ii that i. Expected to consume most of to. De. 0 0de i j Ente Dav in their trial on charges of businesses in Johnston county. N0unce that Bank robbery. ago stated in the defense counsel was prepared to brought 2ou�?~000 and the a Quot Ere afternoon tha stress testimony Given by medical Taen Over by the old operators known As experts that mrs. Rogers was owners who paid the losse3 a j charge of the she robbed bobs not bos prise wishes to Ai it was erroneous 1 Issue of yest erds Ilson Bett it and owne the Ink of Renner a and that l inti a on Page 4 continued on Page 4 id on Page 4 in whose Home he had been living i her daughter was mentally deft because he a did no to want to be run Dent and easily submissive to thei j mothers will i woo paid the losses of Cobaj Jiuu stockholders. Waived company disc claims and assumed owner lure show of the property. The Mills 1 the change Anc continued a Page 4 Ager e. A. Be Hay w a Unetic says h do Kef Leld e fur denies under Man if. Jan. 28.�? apr be authorities aug ice it of a letter from pol Ina College Confer hereby the local coi i full a Grade rating he present year in the ill be accepted on this or states. The College i Here this fall with d Sophomore classes was recently visited i and a thorough late Plant made. Plans y for the addition of Lior classes next year. It this year has exit Ken Iii Lobert i. Harris will a that he has be a d is confined to his 4 Bod

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