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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 25, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Run i High Point Enterprise monday january 25, 1926 High Point Enterprise Cook s integrity the one question the question about the Polar millions of dollars of Tracton prop erty and the transportation sys. Terns of several cities Are in actual Ity hanging in the Malahee. Publisher every afternoon Bonday. And. In Hawley Al to. Terry publisher h. A Cecil. Busine manager c. M. Waynic editor impulse to is first with a claim to Dan r. Schroder adv. Mgr. I discovery proving false to the a. Standard of the scientist or did he Elk tenths. 3.00 claim Only what he believed he had Ona month. Ii accomplished oui i week. La the associated press is a Zulu Lively entitled to the use for re he was mistaken in his geography publication of All news dispatches Cai location he could be esteemed credited to it or not otherwise credited in Thlu paper and Alto the Ioctl news published therein much in common with the Tommy Tucker of Mother Goose who us a l to sing for ills supper. Chaliapin sings for All his meals but it is to discovery claims of or. Frederick it jul Columbia s. C., the citizen be doubted whether he is often a. Cook always Isas been whether gip seems to want to hold on to called upon to sing for his mail. The trolleys although for years a a they have allowed the Jitney to. Bleed them White. In Spartanburg s. C., the trolleys a serve Only the Block traffic a according to the Herald of that City. In Concord n. C., j the lines have been abandoned. In 1 almost every other City of the if the Public could a Carolinas the traction systems Are is convinced that the explorer was either losing Money or operating honest even though it concluded on the Barest margin. A in spite of better conditions with the Street railways in the coun the doctor or the Public placed undue emphasis on the importance of Success. Did or. Cook surrender to the Joseph Strayhorn is the old Cook in be is Amundsen said he should is an a intrepid but Many have been convinced entered As second class matter that or. Cook knew his claim was at the Post office at High Point spurious when he made it and n. A under Tbs act of Congress of March 8, Isis. Advertising department -725 Netts department. 2385 business department2312 National advertising Filee Krosi Landis and Kohn Bruns wad. Building 250 Park ave., new a we people Gas building. Michigan Boulevard. Chicago. Something that is not forgiven and should not be forgiven the scientist or the Man who claims to be a scientist is misrepresentation. The characterizing distinction of try As a whole by no stretch of imagination could it he said that the situation in the Carolinas was even Good. What will the end be Public service does not know and cannot even make a reasonable surmise. It will however venture an opinion on what might have been. Maa be he s Hight according to the bartender at Queen s Hall. London who has dispensed drinks at this Center of music for thirty years an audience s taste for alcoholic beverages varies according to the kind of music it hears. Thus he says the demand for Beer during a wagnerian concert in fifteen times As great As in a mixed program. Johann Strauss works be asserts create a demand for wine and Mendelssohn concerts a one of Best known men in City and once a widely known athlete Joseph Leq Strayhorn Well known citizen died at his Home 409 South Wyenn Street shortly before Midnight last night. He had been in failing health for several weeks. But death came suddenly As.,.the result of an attack of Neu mean More Beer and whisky. A Hen Nionia and we As a Shock to his Many friends. Or. Strayhorn was born in ran Mozart dominates a program very Little drink is sold. One knows of no scientific support for a theory like this but doubtless the Many a opinion is valuable after thirty years experience. Mien Dav january 2.>, hmm. The truth in order that he might enjoy the profits. Amundsen had just come from the presence of his old idol now in jail when he revived the Cook discovery debate. The scandinavian is an impressionable and a Loyal fellow. He was moved by the plight of the aging explorer in prison and by his memories of younger Days when Cook appealed la. Ii. Rogers was a Good Friend to his imagination As indeed a cd Mark to Ain and appreciated by Ile is excusable for his mop but Mill Leent takes a joke warm advocacy but the trouble of had the trolley systems of the i one would 1, t0 know. However. Tile scientist indeed is his integ Carolinas been fairly dealt with for what kind of thirst is engendered Rity. He Deal in facts rather than i the past several years they would by american jazz. Perhaps he fancies. Portions of the Public not now be in their present Preca think that Cook was trying to rious position. The town and capitalize unduly his Northern ex-1 cities in imposing paving costs and Plo rations Aud that he sacrificed allowing Jitney Competition have would say it was a thirst for synthetic Gin. Burbank is a a unscientific a says a Chicago preacher and of course it is that he is irreligious. Scientists have succeeded in transmitting elements according to belgian claims. Only a few years ago. Elements were considered matter reduced to its ultimate Unity. Too seriously. Secretary Hoyle sink of the state salary and wage commission intimates that he is willing to Pardon the commission freely for any mistakes it May have made. Of Ile Greensboro Bauk robber tells the police that he needed the Money. This is a plea rather rare in these Days of affluent Al brigand age. Tjo unt Salm has succeeded in having a a summons served upon Bis wife. He is determined to compel her to support him in the luxury to which he aspired when he married her. The president of a Greensboro Bank furnishes Bond for the Young employee who is accused of robbing it. In other words he trusted him with other people s Money and he Wilt risk some of his own on him unt a he is proved guilty. Before Burbanks claim that there the doctor which landed him in prison for a Long term served to strengthen Public disrespect for his explorer s claims. Had he lived blame Lessly after the great a exposure everlastingly the world would have been confused in a measure by his claims of discovery. Even after his contentions were fully disproved his honesty would have been credited by people generally. The Man who makes sacrifices in the interest of science generally is believed to be sincere in these latter Days. Usually the explorer i3 reasonably honest though he color his accounts somewhat. Even Marco Polo ultimately was vindicated. The world puts a High estimate on achievement. It mattered not enough that Cook strove hardly Aud too much whether or not he arrived. But if the doctor knew that he had not discovered the pole when he claimed a had he was obtaining goods by false pretence quite As surely As the prospector brought about the near collapse of their transportation systems. A it is just As inequitable and just As unfair for a City to Force the trolley company to Bear the Cost of i paving in and about trolley tracks 1 As it is for the state of South Carolina to Levy a License tax on utilities on a too per cent valuation while other properties Are returned at anywhere from 2 to 42 per cent. There is no argument to Back up this paving tax except that it was imposed thirty or More years ago when there was a cause for it. When that cause the horse drawn trolley was removed the tax was not removed it stuck and still a Sticks the traction the Levy on Street railways for part of Street paving costs is a practice that comes out of that period when the operation of the railways was either profitable directly or indirectly. For one reason or another tile franchise was valuable and the owners were Able to make up who takes Money for Oil Stock when is not room in the universe for re he Knowis and dry incarnated Man. It might he Well to discover How Large the universe i jmj do is. Up to the present time we have had nothing More than meaningless he Man Coni i Ange guesses including those of or. J heat Waves May be broadcast by Archibald Henderson. I radio says professor Dibble of car Negie Institute of technology. De second time Kule made during War has been invoked continued from Page when an unanimous consent agree men for a vote was entered into. A month later a petition to limit debate on a War Revenue Bill we As presented but it too was withdrawn. Last March a petition was put in to end a filibuster by senator Copeland Democrat new York on the Isle of Pines treaty but the senator ended his own filibuster and the petition never was acted upon. Soon after the Senate had voted today to invoke the Rule and expedite its discussion of the world court senator Reed Missouri made a motion to adjourn. A quorum Call intervened and when a quorum was established senator Reed said he would not insist on his motion. A the Senate Sis Here now a he said Quot and it can proceed with its business. When i made the motion there were Only about six senators Dolph county Mabr 4, 1873. He was the son of. M. And Sarah Causey Strayhorn and received his Early education at Springfield Public school and Oak Ridge Institute. He was a great athlete during his youth and became known As one of the Best baseball pitchers Ever reared in this Section. In August. 1898, or. Strayhorn was married to Minnie Barker of this City who with the following children survive four sons Joseph Lee jr., Samuel. Carl and Milton Strayhorn. All of High Point and James Strayhorn. Of the United states Navy now stationed in Cuba two daughters misses Dixie and Ruth Strayhorn of High Point two Brothers r. Addison and. Edward Strayhorn of this City also survive. At the time of his death or. Strayhorn was Foreman of the Cabinet room at the Southern chair company which position he had held for the past 2 7 years. He was a member of Wesley memorial methodist Church and re Piton Lodge. No. 63, i. O. O. F. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at vie Home. Rev. E. K. Mclarty pastor of the Wesley memorial methodist Church and Rev. W. B. Davis pastor of the main Street methodist Church officiating. Burial will be in Oakwood memorial Park. I in the chamber and since it already at some Point in their charges for a adjourned , we Migl tall drafts made upon them by theas Well do it Public officials. The latter it seems i senator Lenroot. Republican justifiable to say usually found it i Iseo sin loan state Monet funeral services for Akeo Man Are conducted today a Well known Guilford county citizen who fought with general \ Atlee Dies Many tar heels Are family night at after Law licenses the new theater Lenroot. In charge of the fight i want immediate action that More convenient for political and other practical purposes to draw upon the Public service companies and let the companies collect from the people. The people were More inclined to do something about High taxation than High Gas and electric rates or excessive Street railway fare. Ole by ease hurls the i Erial bout a new York congressman wants the name of the War department it banged. Its present designation is too belligerently suggestive he holds. Sometimes it seems that the name is Apt to be the most danger a elopement of the radio May result in the transmission of heat Waves from some Central Plant to furnish the Comfort needed in the colder climes. Such development will be necessary ultimately As fuel is aeons thing about it when. Congress pitted say professor Dibble. Finishes with its program. A the professor has in mind the log cation of detectors in offices Homes it will be quite All right Here for ,. A ,. And factories. But Why not detect the county commissioners to ap-1 a a. ,.j 1 and amplify the heat Waves in pub lie Parks and streets of the Dibble idea works out the distinction of county commissioners to propitiate the Money for the recon Striction of the Road connecting High Point and Greensboro whether the state legislature pays it Hack or not. The Road needs improve a ment. And it must be improved. L Ither by the state or the county. For ratification then asked for the Reading of the protocol and statute by the clerk. As the Reading started senators began to file out again most of them bound for the restaurant or belated lunches and senator Reed again suggested the absence of a quorum. He was determined he said to Kee l senators on the Job. Friends of senator Simmons deny the charge of a a progressive a Republican senators that the tar Heel a cold out a to the stand patters in order to save the Duke millions from inheritance taxation. It he were guilty he got More in the Way of a Compromise from the stand patters than the a a progressive republicans have been Able to secure. The tropics will be lost because Greenland then could have her icy mountains and Lier Coral strand too. In the cold countries the bathing beaches could be used while. Hibi tion that its enforcement ice skating in the same neighbourhood went on undisturbed. There is Little disposition nowadays to dismiss As rubbish the assertions of scientific possibilities. The wildest claims of the experimenters of a few years ago Are commonplaces of achievement now. Apparently the Only limit to human accomplishment in the realm of physical contrivance is Many a imag a absolutely not a says governor nation. And that is quite Strong As Mclean in response to floridan a the prediction of professor Dibble question As to whether North car indicates. Olina permits the flogging of Pris a 1 11 owners but the stanly county con a raises the question vict superintendent still is to be up Street car future a what a a asks Public service not for nothing have these southerners been termed fire eaters. Senator Cole , of South car online stunned the Senate the other Day in a burst of flaming oratory that attacked foreign diplomats in Washington for a a feeding liquor to american a these foreigners a stormed senator Blease a bring their liquor by the truckload from Baltimore to have their fun. They have their parties and can drink openly. A but the poor cab Driver out in the rain wet and cold buys a half pint and goes to his room to warm his body. A dirty spy calling himself a prohibition agent looks in the window grabs the poor Man and he is railroaded to the Rock pile for thirty no one can honestly contend whether he be Friend or foe of pro is free from discrimination. In Washington hundreds of foreigners May openly carouse and show their contempt for our prohibition Laws and then flaunt a diplomatic immunity in the face of any official who dares even to remonstrate with them. And the corridors of the Senate and House office buildings even the Capitol resound with the heavy Minnesota. Ork May be started by summer at Eleaet Washington. Jau. 25.�? apr the Senate world court fight neared the showdown stage today. Cloture Rule limiting debate to one hour for each senator or Mutual agreement to restrict discussion on their own account was the proposition facing leaders of the opposition to proposed american adhesion to the tribunal the opposition was Given the first hour of today a session to continue negotiations for unanimous agreement with the certainty that failure of the negotiations would be followed immediately by a vote on the question of invoking cloture. Advocates of the court who requested employment of the Rule were confident of its adoption with More than the needed two thirds majority. These friends of the court expected the vote on cloture to indicate also How the chamber will line up when it gets a Chance to decide whether this country will sit in the court at Geneva. They believe the substitute Resolution of adhesion presented by senator Swanson Democrat Virginia proposing reservations More restrictive than the present ones has swerved several doubtful senators to the pro court forces leaving Only 16 senators identified definitely with the opposition. These opponents were listed As republicans Borah Idaho Brook Hart Iowa Fernald Maine Frazier and Nye North Dakota Harrold and Pine Oklahoma Johnson California Lafollette Wisconsin Moses new Hampshire Schall Minnesota and Williams Missouri. Democrats Reed. Missouri Dill Washington Blease. South Carol Ling and Farmer labor Shipstead funeral services for James Ansel Parrish Well known Guilford county Farmer who died at his Raleigh Jan. 25.�? apr one Hundred nine applicants for License to practice Law in North Carolina appeared before the North Carolina supreme court. One Hundred five applications for License by examination had been made but two we Ere Alist. And of seven who had applied for License under the comity act one did not appear. The examinations Are being held in the Hall of the House of representatives. Goes to president Washington Jan. 25 map residence in the deep River set lion in the court martial record of Wil shortly after to of clock saturday Planje Mitchell has been forwarded night following an illness due to to on Resi Eru Coolidge for final a infirmities of old age were con. Ducted at the deep River Church this morning at la of clock Rev. M. Hilliard Rev. P. W. Willard and Rev. W. H. Hutchins pastor of main Street methodist Church. Thomasville officiating. Burial approximately 150 representative citizens from All sections of Guilford county met this afternoon at i of clock at the Jefferson Standard cafe Greensboro and passed a Resolution calling upon the county commissioners to take the needs. Sary Steps to loan the state $250, j was in the Church cemetery. There too with Whir High Point-greens-1 vere Many Floral offerings and a Large attendance Boro Highway May be widened to Parrish was born in David Ohio has the Only mortgage the picture version of John Gold Ynos play a a the wages of wives a is the Stellar attraction to be featured on the screen at the new Broadhurst tonight and tomorrow. The picture is one of the latest creation from the big William Fox studio Hollywood cal., and it is Suid to be one of the Cleverest featured of the month. The cast includes a half dozen favourites including Jacqueline Logan who made such a big a a hit in a when the door opened a Beautiful Margaret Livingston Zazzu Pitts Creighton Hale an old time favorite. Earle Fox. A. Comedian of rare ability and others. A a Mack Sennet comedy and Fox it news will Complete the interesting program for these two Days. A Compromise a with Irene Rich. Comes wednesday and thursday company in the United states or a and Friday and saturday the Gani Zed and run by women. Sin to a a Charleys Cou 30 feet. Tried for whipping and otherwise abusing his charges so severely that death resulted. Publication supported by the pub _ lie utilities association of the car France says the new Ambasia-1oliqas. Quot a to become of the Street ups her debts railways of North Carolina and South Carolina a what indeed High Point cannot be pleased with the present condition of its Street transportation system and it must be admit Dor is willing to i to the United states. This is it might be noted in passing is the pleasant Way in which each new minister from that interesting country introduces himself to the United states. The French Are famous for their politeness. The present woman governor of Texas married Jim Ferguson 27 years ago a because she was dead they a merely keep them bumping set on seeing if she could scrub up i along co their noisy Flat wheels. A Roughneck As Well As a Kitchen Public service continues floor and it seems that s she a still i a a the Automo Ilist of course is it leaning up after Jim politically i not particularly interested in the As Well As otherwise. And probably i question neither does the average Jim s neck is quite rough As citizen or even the car rider a Pear much concerned. And yet Ted that there is no indication that it is to be extended or improved. The owners of the Street car line Here do not make a pretence even of keeping the cars in condition. Tread of the bootleggers. Senator Blease wants to know Why a the Cotton Hill boy who works from Daylight to dark Hasni to the same privilege of carrying a flask As some Little half Nigger from a foreign country a Why indeed perhaps it is the penalty of being an american. Prohibition has never been Given the Opportunity of being fairly judged for the simple reason that we have never had prohibition or As senator Blease puts it a Only for those poor devils who Haven t got the Money to buy Only one Feodor Chaliapin the famous russian Singer in Berlin recently and on his Way to Leipzig called at the general delivery window in Berlin and asked for i mail. The clerk declined not knowing Chaliapin whereupon the latter offered to prove that he was Feodor and none other. After listening a few seconds the clerk thrust the letters Lute the singers hands. Chaliapin like Many others has no matter How the cloture question is settled the Senate this week will begin consideration of the tax reduction Bill. One possibility we the Resolution further requested the county commissioners to make the loan As soon As possible that the work on the Highway could get underway during this year. At the same time the commissioners were warned to make a careful study of the situation and to be sure the taxpayers of the county would be safeguarded against any loss. Some attending the meeting said in All probabilities the commissioners we Ould make preparations for the loan at their february meeting. This was urged in the Resolution we hich was passed unanimously by those attending the conference luncheon. There were approximately 50 people at the meeting from High Point. They along with the others were advocated of the project and said the sooner the work was started the better they would be pleased. It was explained that Frank Page chairman of the state Highway commission had informed those interested in the project that the state would be in a financial condition to repay the county within the next two years. The Road now is 16 foot wide and those attending the meeting almost unanimously agreed that it was the most travelled Road in the state and its present Width was absolutely unsatisfactory. The Road it was explained has been the scene of Many automobile accidents in the past few years and that until some action we As taken and the Road made wider the number of accidents would increase. Members of the High Point and the Greensboro chamber of Corn Json county May 8, 1838. He served in the civil War under general Vance. He moved to Guilford in the Section which was Bis Home at the time of his death More than 20 years ago. He was the son of Wiley and Mary e. Parrish. He is survived by the following two sons e. C., and t. J., Parrish. Guilford county two daughters mrs. Ben s. Lambert of Thomasville and miss Elvesa Parrish of \ Guilford county two , t. I m. T., and h. Parrish also of Guilford county. The pallbearers d. O. Frazier William Parrish. Charlie i Parrish Rose Parish Lloyd god i Felte Bruce Glodfelter my James Harrison. The Floral offerings were carried by mrs. R. A. Loflin miss Mary Parrish miss Lula Parrish miss Margarette Parrish and miss Vera i Glodfelter. That agreement Between the two i Merce told those attending that factions would include provision that the tax Bill be Given the right anything that was possible for either of the chamber bodies to do of Way except we Hen a senator would be a pleasure and that every chooses to discuss the court Issue. J with cloture in effect a vote on the adhesion Resolution Likely would be out of the Way before the end of the week giving taxes an uninterrupted course. The House meanwhile will dispose of the naval appropriation Bill and then turn to the Ilau Ghen Bill proposing establishment of a Divis assistance possible would be give the move. A meeting of representatives and officials of the Greensboro chamber of Commerce at a meeting last Friday night agreed that they would work in any Way possible to Aid in the movement. High Point officials have been offering any assistance necessary for some youth astounds scientists by his Copenhagen lad invents apparatus that records the movement of the stars Ion of cooperative marketing in the time the Bill department of agriculture departments appropriation will be taken up next. House committees will consider other phases of agriculture along witty Railroad labor legislation while Senate inquiries will continue intr aluminium and proposed Railroad consolidation. Sentiment was that the commissioners would make the loan and that the Money would he available for the state within the next 60 Days. If such be True it was sex Copenhagen Jan. 25.�? apr scientists in Denmark Are amazed at the attainments of 16 year old Bengt Stromgren son of professor Ellis Stromgren director of Copenhagen a astronomical Observatory. This budding astronomer has constructed an electrical apparatus which automatically registers the movements of the stars thus saving astronomers Long and patient watching through the Telescope. By the invention the human Eye is replaced by a photo electric cell connected with a telegraphic receiver we hich measures the time of transit of the stars through the Meridian. The Young Storem Gren who Only recently left school is now studying mathematics and astronomy at Copenhagen University. For the Snow weather is of coat weather r buy one tor a or y--v.jta.x4t a a 5.v �.�?�,� j a a Quot a \ a. V fac a 5 a a ills if1. Lust think a you can buy one coat for the regular Price and get the second one for just one Dollar More. If you done to want two overcoats you can Ait and get the overcoat for the extra Doi Vou can bring a Friend in with you and til go in with you and you both save Money the Young menus fancy menus shoes a Friendly fives $5.00 in Lemon Tan genuine calf balloon combination prime Oak soles. me in fellow offer see these splendid you in Quality shoes. Alue we inquire ends Washington. Jau. 25.�? map a the Senate investigation of the charges against the Alum Numi the planned work on the widening of last two years his instructors have the Highway should get underway confessed themselves unable to by mid summer. Teach the Young Genius anything it was pointed out that the i More. His father however has Instate Highway commission will let listed on his continuing his studies some contracts on february 9 and for the Sake of the companionship if the commissioners will take in of boys of his own age and to pre a mediate action the widening of vent the too rapid development of High Point Greensboro Road i i son s brain Powers. When Only company of America in Whilt rotary Mellon is interested w Rupply terminated today i judiciary committee. H Sec i contract can be let at this Tim a the which would assure the people that the work would be started within the near future. 14 years old. Bengt astonished the International astronomical society by writing a highly technical article on astronomical problems. Wrights opposite passenger station. St. Wright a a. Wright a r. M. Cline a James gamer a Earl worn Hie. K. Young. F

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