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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 25, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Points population ii u. S. Government census 1923 1. 22,279high Point Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing pm pets weather forecast j tonight tuesday partly Ujj Cloudy rain in East portion i fresh Northeast winds vol. 34�?no. 108 full associated press. High Point n. C., monday afternoon january 25. 1926 to pages today Price five cents cloture of debate voted in second Ween of expects governor Senate today paving Way furniture show to support his to get vote on world court stares off Good wage commission second time role wartime spy accused of murder miss Nune Nills Many buyers Register and he is out of Raleigh while has been invoke Steacher of tears vote today was easily favor. Able to cloture both tar heels vote for it Washington Jan. 25.-�? apr the Senate invoked its drastic cloture Rule today to limit debate on the world court. The step makes certain a final vote on the court Issue within a Well known woman of Cabarrus county found dead Iii woodshed at Home Concord Jan. 2a.�? apr the body of miss Constance Cline former supervisor of the Concord grammar schools was found hanging in a woodshed near the Home Start on tour of Mammoth exposition Home the department Are by ing on that body with approximately 40 buyers believes it effective registered on the find Day of the second Lap of the Southern furniture exposition even the most conservative of the local furniture men freely expressed the opinion today that the Cir rent show would go Down on record a being the most successful exposition Ever conducted Here. Every Inch of floor space in the 10-Story exposition building is occupied with a diversified line of exhibits ranging from the simple bedroom and Kitchen sets to the Mclean thinks the commission has amply justified its existence May revise the Law schools she is survived by two Sisters mrs. Roy b. Troutman of Charlotte and miss Olive Cline of Concord and four Brothers Ralph be. Cline of Gaffney s. Karl r. And Frank h. Cline of Salisbury and a. Cline of Concord. Miss Cline Lias served As an officer of the state organisation of the women of the lutheran Church. Funeral plans have not yet been completed. Snow covers Chi inv now is Clear indications Are that night will be fair As Snow is fast melting away missed Early this morning and a search was instituted by neighbors. A. A r to shortly afterwards the body was Dis few Days with adoption or the covered in the shed s1lud it Een Resolution of american adhesion a ill health for some time. To the tribunal a foregone con the woman was the daughter of. I or. And mrs. John a. Cline and for delusion. Go years was a teacher in the local the vote for cloture was to 26, or five More than the necessary two thirds. Thirty six republicans and thirty two democrats voted to invoke the Rule with eighteen republicans seven democrats and one Farmer labor opposing it. The Roll Call follows for cloture republicans Bingham a Filer Apper Couzens Cummins Certis Deneen Edge Ernest fess Gillett Goff Gooding Green Hale. Jones of Washington keys Lenroot Mckinley Mclean my master Mcnary Metcalf Norbeck Oddle Pepper Reed of Pennsylvania Sackett Schall Shortridge Smoot. Stanfield. Wadsworth Warren Weller and willis�?37. Democrats Ashurst Bayard Bratton Bruce Caraway Edwards Ferris Fletcher George Gerry Glass Harris Harrison Heflin Jones of new Mexico Kendrick Overman Pittman Ransdall. Robbing Mckellar Mayfield Neely Inson Arkansas Sheppard Simmons Swanson Trammell Tyson Underwood and Walsh a is. Total 68. Against couture republicans Borah Bookhart Cameron Dale. Fernald Frazier Harreld How. Ell Johnson Lafollette Means mosses Norris Nye Pine Robinson of Indiana Watson and williams�?18. In democrats Bilease. Broussard Dill Reed of Missouri Smith Stephens and wheeler�?7. Farmer labor Shipstead i v. Total 26. Only two senators were absent. It was announced that if present j senator Dupont who is ill would have voted in the affirmative. There was no announcement As to How senator Copeland snood on a the question. Pro court leaders declared the vote could not be regarded As a test of strength on the court Issue itself. A number of senators who voted against cloture they said will support the court Resolution. The Roll Call followed an hours debate during which senator Robinson of Arkansas the democratic Leader declared it was not Only the right but the duty of the majority to Force action on the court. Referring to charges by senator Reed Democrat Missouri and Johnson Republican California that the country had been flooded with pro court propaganda the Arkansas senator declared the Kun flux klan had been stimulated in some localities to oppose the court senator Reed with whose name the klan agitation had been linked by senator Robinson immediately and of her it Arents Here today. Miss Cline 47 years at age was More ornate upholstered parlor and dining room suites. A walk through the Many Dis Winter. With All its flurry visited High Point this morning and spread a Blanket of Snow Ove Mother Earth. The Snow started falling shortly before the breaking of Day and by 7 of clock the ground was covered. At noon however the flakes were scattering and within a Short time the Sun was shining brightly. The temperature started on an upward climb and at 3 o clock this afternoon registered above the freezing Mark. The sky was Clear of Clouds and indications at this hour according to weather Sharks was that the night would not bring Forth any additional White flakes. State la covered Charlotte Jan. 25.�? apr the Modiste mine. Snow paid her second visit of the season to North Carolina last night and today. Her design was a cloak less elaborate but More charming than the first. Its Border of sleet was missing but instead it bore a deeper softness with a Flake like veil Over it. The Southern Section of the state was Clad in its new garment at Daybreak i i the Fleecy downpour still continuing. Charlotte was an Inch or More deep at 8 of clock thi it Steed Quot the Quot Senate he had no Connee a morning with no Sigu of let up. Tion with the plan did not know if Greensboro reported an unofficial views and did not care. Senator Johnson replied briefly to the speech of the democratic Leader but senator Reed said he did not want to reply a because there has been nothing for me to reply to a Quot he cloture petition As filed senator Johnson said proposed to limit debate on the original Swanson Resolution of adhesion and not _ on the substitute offered last sat-1 u Day. A Why was it not presented before a he asked. A because i thought we could get an agreement a senator Swanson replied. A i forecast All of the changes in my opening senator Harrison Democrat Mississippi offered an unanimous consent agreement to limit debate after february to but senator Borah Republican Idaho objected. This is the second time the cloture Rule has been invoked since auf adoption in March 1917, after a a croup of twelve senators had conducted a successful filibuster against president Wilson s armed ship measure. The first time the Rule wag used was on november 15, 1t19, to limit debate on the treaty of Versailles. The vote then was 78 to 16 and a vote on the treaty followed four Dayt later the first proposal to invoke the Rule was made on july 9, 1917, when the War time food control act was before the Senate. It was withdrawn fhe Day afterwards it continued on Page 4i plays of Standard furniture is like a Peep into fairyland. Handsome creations of the master minds of furniture making Industry greets the Eye on All sides and several hours would be consumed in exploring the building should the visitor devote As much time As he would like to the Many attractive displays. While buying was spotty today it was pointed out by Veteran furniture men that monday is always a Slack Day in the furniture Market and sales Are expected to be More brisk the remaining part of the week of the furniture exposition. A number of Large orders Are expected to be placed towards the latter part of the week when buy Jers who have been hesitating Between a selection of one or More of the Many attractive lines Are expected to make final decisions on choices of goods and to place eleventh hour orders for Large shipments. A saw Worix a. G. H. Brooks. Wood Worley furniture company Raleigh j. T. Lambert Enterprise manufacturing company Coleridge n. J. B. Brookshire a. L Audle. Fletcher furniture company Winston Salem r. M. Joyce a. J. Teague Robertson furniture company Greensboro Jay Rester Harris Osborn piano company Leaksville j. S. Crim Crim can Trail company Winston Salem g w. Wright g. A. Phillips Phillips Wright furniture company Wash in a on n. J. F. Looper Johnson p Orbis Simmons company Greensboro j. R. Brumby Southeastern furniture company Marietta a. W. F. Kleckley Kim Brell furniture company Columbia. S. W. B. Taylor Beaumont furniture company Asheville d. D. Fanes r. S. Bountres Rountree corporation Richmond a. A. L. Wachenheim w. Cuevas Gulfport furniture company Gulfport miss. W. T. Richards Empire furniture company Atlanta a. R. .1. Swimley a m. Swimley Winchester a. L. H. Thompson Shoemaker and Wilson furniture company Hamlet Isadore Hefter hotter Brothers inc., Norfolk a. J. Haskell. Haskell and Cockin company Norfolk a. Henry g. Trent Henry g. Trent furniture company Knoxville Tenn. N. S. Jarrett Sawyer Brown company Ahoskie n. J. W. Boggs Boggs race Purn. ., Bristol Ca. R. M. Bonn Ball bros., Ristol Tenn h. K. Horn and wife Herman k. Horn Bellfountain Ohio Atlee w. Wampler Atlee w. Wampler Westminster or. H. Simonds Yowell. Drew furn. O., Orlando Fla j. R. Ritter r. J. Ritter and son Kutztown a. B. Clements Clements Chism amp Parker Danville a. J. M Gilly j. M. Gilly furn. ., Appalachia a. Ralph Tucker Allred furn. ., Erwin Tenn. R. A Crawley Cawley furn. ., Roanoke. A. P. Lewis Zebulon Supply co Zebulon n. V. Whitley Zebulon Supply co Zebulon. N c a e. M. Freck e. M. Freck furn co., Asheville r. A Calfee Lowe under the present regulations state is hampered in rewarding some of its Best. Men Ami women workers spa Cir a to the hoi Amis Raleigh Jan. 25.�?governor Mclean a absence this week while the departments Are firing on Bis a Alary and wage commission will Wllliam j Steele it famous by for undoubtedly move the executive to i Thoj american government during say something for the Secretary Atho War and confidential agent for statement sunday morning made ,0 House is now in prison at new pretty Plain his belief that somebody in the state government is giving Aid and Comfort to the enemy. Governor Mclean does not have anything to do with the commission in its general promulgation. It is known Here that he disagreed with it on some state holidays which have been taken from the vacation leave of the employees but the governor does not believe that there is any department work j ing under serious hardship. The Secretary of the commission j has almost pointed in the direction of auditor Baxter Durham who refused to open on Leeds birthday. The auditor was followed by treasurer who happens to be off with the governor. This break into the machinery of the commission portends later. If it comes nobody doubts that governor Mclean will justify the commission and defend its work far above the few thousand dollars that it has saved. He will contend that its classification is intelligent and just. Bueler is killed emergency Calls in doorway Home interrupt radio of Iames Deering world wide tests fashionable District of new yet the Teek of broadcasting York is puzzled Over a has opened in a very mysterious murder successful manner Man was in livery London heard plainly question of the police is English stations take up the whether the murder Vias broadcasting when the intended or accidental j United states rests May be wrong target the Earth encircled investigation of a previous Rob program this week is to re it Arbory of $90,000 loot is being rip All liver the world by the carried on in connection i broadcasting stations of with murder Ito be several nations new York. Jan. 25.�? new York. Jan. 25.�? a a map a the murder of an eng a week of International broadcast Butler in the doorway in the Ink a its 01>e�ei. R. A a notwithstanding the interruption Home or James k. Deering jus Jbv s q g cab off fifth Avenue was puzzling the program furnished by for i police today. Sign stations was heard at various the Butler Herbert Bra Tail. A t1�?� ,tc<1 3tte5 Quot who had served in several Well \ for 45 minutes Between to and known families was found in i a Aing the tic coast were shut Down after Tim full livery last night in the yes norwegian freighter Solvang and Tibule a few moments after he Tanker Quot Ere Coll a Ion off Delaware breakwater. R a. I f i ? or m til had answered the Doorbell. He j As messages went through the a old Marshall chiropractor Rias in it it to Tho heart Tho a Nam a a Orleans on a charge of murder. Photo at the left was taken at the new Orleans prison the one at the right shows him As he looked As a sergeant in the regular army in 1917, when he was sent abroad with the american military Mission was instantly killed. The Slayer Solvang and the Reserve of All her Crew the chances of reception off to to to cup Ftp i 11q t71p tit a o y/0 is i / disappeared slamming armo rican stations abroad waned. Vil Uulu a in lol i isl 11 Luis Jull of heavy plate Glass door with such mid Western stations continued on r a to # a i to to f 77� violence that it was cracked. I As they had to Bridge of Anna Dietrich i he Milliner a Ste Psi i Lul la a jews. I the pistol shot that killed Bram-1 an a r was not expected much of in if i. Phia i a it t Jall was within hearing of half a to or programs would reach the Philadelphia Jan. 25�?- Young woman Lud was Oul j dozen Well known residents. John i old world coincident with of silence Depew a residence is near America 8 Iran Nae 1 and stations University club is a few doors London Bournemouth and Dav entry. England Barcelona. Spain Jan. 25.�? apr David l. Marshall a chiropractor confessed Early today that he had dismembered the body of i clothing she had bought last tues Anna May Dietrich. Day a the Day she disappeared to sobbing and unnerved Marshall Wear to a dance the following denied that lie murdered the night. Thirty five year old Norwood Mil Marshall had glibly answered liner declaring she had taken numerous questions Iii the District the opposition Isnit personal or a a �?~,1 a office in Sun Home official to Bim part leaders 1>o� in his Philadelphia office attorney s Ottyce in is own Nome because she had been jilted by a i1 his Philadelphia office and in wealthy new York Man. J presence of the mutilated body half an hour in fore to broke a tie morgue Down and confessed Marshall Lead Marshall Hail let Een left alone Bent Over and looked straight into i with District. Attorney Taylor. The disfigured face of the woman a . Taylor,1f he began suddenly in the Media morgue and had utter a tense silence of five min Wuu Trail us but said it wish she could speak utes. A want you to Promise in cidred 0p persons were Oak nearby wage commission act stuck out. She would Tell you that i am Al it things that you will take car Avenue the Slayer escaped the chief clerks in the office of of my wife Anil child. Then we a out being seen. That there is much antagonism Back Home. There is a noticeable attrition about the state Highway commissions offices and saturday when chief clerk w. H. Pittman left the office of the state superintendent of Public instruction the worst features of the salary and Lima Peru and Buenos Aires took the air. Almost at once. Reception of Mush Ami announcements from 2-Lo, London Low Buenos Aires and 6bm, Bournemouth was reported from Long Island and new a York City. Later reports reached the chief clerks in the office of the state superintendent have a the confession made in the of there was another pause he was taken to Media from his Home in Bywood Heights which overlooks the Ravine where the dead line at $4,020. The county di.s5xtct attorney William super tendencies have Long since gone above that while City super i tendencies innumerable exceed the salary of the state superintendent of Public instruction. Elasticity to a Law which will not bind the states Best men and women to a hard and fast classification j will be sought. Raleigh will wrestle this week with a proposal to stage with the Aid of a local organization various j plays to be put on through the help of miss Virginia Terrell new York and Raleigh newspaper woman and miss Edith Russell former Raleigh teacher some plays to run through ten weeks this Spring. The plan was to have the Parent teachers associations underwrite the plays and to sell sufficient number of tickets to make Atlanta Jan. 25.�? apr them go. The associations Are i traffic toll in eleven Southern video in two ways. One group states for the week ended last i night was 33 parser i killed and 111� coterie is or in Refl if a it a Uhny a yer a eloquently assisted by attorney Survey made by the associated r. N. Simms who objects to drama Zariv today associated in the schools. F Ess e y a the other less scrupulous faction being or. Deering was in Atlantic City and his wife was awaiting his return when she heard the Bell. A perhaps that is my husband a continued on Page two thirty three a r e russian woman is killed in so his held Ai the Island traffic toll of the week included 33 deaths and 287 injuries away. One theory is that an enemy of or. Deering sought to enter the House and shot tile Butler police Are 3e<jkiii�. To learn mom about several arrests made in a futile Effort to find the Purl Iners of $90,-000 in Bonds from the attorneys office Safe in july 1920. ,. Braman was in the Kitchen talk quarters for the test at caring to a maid when the doorbell1 and i a Ito Broad rang and mrs. Deering was up Sast rna8azme, of reception of tax. Stairs with guests although Hun ? British stations and Cle Mexico City and the British stations elsewhere through the United states. Power Crosley chairman of the radio week executive committee telegraphed from Cincinnati. Ohio that the test was a Success at least As far As reception of european programs by americans was concerned. Officials of the test were notified from Philadelphia of the appearance of a a mystery station which signed off As the Eiffel Tower Paris according to an Amateur who reported receiving it on 230 metres. Eiffel Tower was not scheduled to take part in last nights work. From Chicago and new England came reports of poor reception of foreign programs. Question of her right to in enemies. J tonight from to of clock and la. To j e. At outbreak of the world 0 clock it a astern Standard time Ter tile i Niter rotates War Braman quit the service of american. Acadian cuban and a Raiser a the Duke of Cornwall in England Elcan stations will broadcast to enlist and served five Vears in special programs for overseas list the English army. Loners. From la o clock until mid new Wrork Jan. 25.�?mrs.i a night All american continent Sta Anna Liege Ruegg Alekhin pro i a Arflac crowd attend a Toab will remain and Broad a a la of Yuwu Avii Enas casting will come from tax Lima bit Ion worker and wife of Alexan a a Der Alekhina russian chess Mas Ter faces deportation from Ellis programs will consist of operatic Island unless she can furnish Bond w.1f aneiaj_8e1r1iifelf.0.r. Austin Efird j selections and native songs. Am speak a i Dill it a he Criel suddenly. A i Taylor at Media came in tumbling Don t know Why i did it i was frantic words after the chiropractor frantic with _ had been examined for four hours. I Hen he began the Brief store she remarked to her guests. A my was to inn in Morin Fanini Iii. I tile woman s death mid Tho Dis moment later the shot was heard mrs. Deering her guests and us servants thought a robber was a forcing Entrance and were afraid a to go Down stairs. A Telephone Call brought two policemen who found the Butler stretched on the floor Back of the Iron grilled doors. I an empty .38 calibre Shell was nearby. Bramall a wife who is a maid employed by the de rings. Said that a As far a she knew he had no i a f Mui funeral Pera. Low Buenos or a lox cd. Roust Rune Rai Buenos a Reg. Madrid the will tre is intensely anxious however to get a school Bond Issue carried. The number killed and injured. And it fears to diversify its inter there were eight deaths and 49 in est now. Misses Russell and per j juries in that state. Alabama reported no deaths from traffic tomorrow night. Count of three inches of Snow with More still coming Down. It was not unusually cold at the Gate City. One Inch was reported from Salisbury and still snowing Winston Salem most Northern of state Points declared the fall at i and 1-2 inches with Snow still falling. It was melting in the twin City As fast As it struck. Gastonia Charlottes neighbor measured the fall there at three inches at 8 30 a. Rn., with More still descending. Variety of Wear Lux Atlanta ga., Jan. 25.�? apr Dixie experienced a variety of weather today ranging from Clear and warm at Miami to general snows in North Carolina and Virginia. South Carolina also experienced a taste of Snow. At 8 of clock two inches of Snow bad fallen at Spartanburg and the flakes still were showering Down. Louisiana Georgia Alabama Mississippi Tennessee and Arkan pc. R. Hunt Darlington furn. I Church of the Good Shepherd funeral services for Foust who died saturday night at Bassadore Poindexter this score shows a distinct fall of $500 this week. Bis Home 305 West Davis Street from Lima one which no kick on the. The.-1 Elfes Peem a in the number mrs Ruegg a Elk his a a seek to Leidal were that i London win not be on the . Allied. Enter the United states with her morning at ii Ouock at the re coming on again Florida held the record both Lonj f0ur.vear.0id kor meander or formed Church. Rev. Milton White it to Montha to study pro Hill a a slowing friends today Are endeavouring leased6 Tia be gathering of i in Homey held to the sum Anion members ,en3 an j relatives attended the i Alekhina a has written several Hook in Quot a Quot or or in favor of prohibition or font was Well known the a Home on Turton Street for. She has been at Ellis Island with High Point having lived Here for i w Anderson Street Hoilier son for several weeks. She was the Jast 2o Vears and had scores refused admittance on the ground of friends among the older residents of the week the toll repro. That she had not properly establish. Dents of the City. Court today and among them was. Second with 46 injured Tom p. Jimison Charlotte labor there were no outstanding Acci Rell Are Here watching the con f Troverso Range. And it has hardly causes. Furn. ., Hinton a a. V. n. J begun Hare at the first of the South Carolina reported the few it throw Lowe furn co. Hinton. I week. Est injuries but five having been Vav. A. E. Floyd reams and Law licentiate numbering 115 records in the Palmetto state. a Lynchburg a. H. W Kim took their turn at the Suur Erce Virginia followed Florida a clo Brell Kimbrell furn. Spartanburg. S. I. Helmly i c Helmly furn. ., Savannah a s. G. Braswell 9. G. Braswell furn co., Ensley Ala. J. W. Mccarty Killgore furn co., Ensley Alan. E. H. Hills Kimbrel furn co Columbia s. R. J. Hersh co., Phila. A. g Merker Merker Smith. Philadelphia a. W. E. Marsh Aulander furn. ., Aulander n. N w Legrand Nathan w. Legrand i put his sign. Hamlet n. H. L. Sch Olsburg Jimison took his la renting the general run of casual killed Iii j. Editor and former preacher. Or. Jimison was allowed to take his turn. Though beset by a past. Ties. He came to Raleigh from Chapel a tabulation by states follows Hill without a protest following him. He is trusting his Case to the Virginia. Court. If he wins his License he North Carolin will be a lawyer but he does not South Carolina yet say where he will practice. I Georgia. He has not even said that he will Florida. Alabama. At Mississippi. De her status As a temporary visit the following served As pall-1 i sch Olsburg dept. Store Camden Wake Forest during the summer Louisiana s. C., f. E. Garvin Garvin furn and at the University throughout Arkansas co., Newton n. L. A. Yates l the a. Yates furn. . Darlington s eve Henry g. Lane Rector o Tennessee Kentucky i or Althou re her vises were granted bearers Edgar Whit Iner. W. P. I the an in rican Consul at Zurich. J j i Este George it Mien on. John an. Appear i mrs. Ruegg h Edrick James r. You tug and Alc Ikhine is in the right to o enter 0 harsh Embler. But was u Nable to Rod uce the re the s Flowerbed res. All grand qui ired Boj 4 of $5. 0. She will be a d Augh items of the ceased were Dei sorted t s week if the Bond is m Gladys Fot Usa Dorothy Forth it Ming author Dies at urdu e. Miss Vin pert due. Mrs. I Ell is Man d a a and c Arl j dyers mrs. H. M. Perdue and vial no fatal results Rolt to k a a a fir Sas with temperatures above of Eez ing however Felt but slightly the Snow storms of the Eastern Seaboard. Kentucky with the ground still covered with the Snow of several Days ago Felt icy temperatures Louisville reporting 25 degrees. Danger of strike London Jan. 25.�? apr a general British strike was narrow trials Pierce Hampton Dies in Currituck Home co., Darlington s. J. M. Allison is St a debating the Call to Monu Farmer Supply co., Brevard n mental Church episcopal. Rich c. A. J. Edwards Mulligan furn. Mond which has invited him to be-co., Raleigh. N. Harry Levy its Rector. Seminola bed 9pg. Mfg. ., Miami monumental Church built to 60 Fla. L. Rafelman Seminola bed people who lost their lives in the spa. Mfg. . Miami Florida. Theatre fire of ish is one of the a great episcopal charges. This was want the data the old Church of Edgar Allan Washington Jan. 25.�? a poems Mother the poet being two furry tick county wit the House naval committee to years old when the fire occurred. It Melv at Raleigh d was w patients time of which s Mner hog thou fat vere in t the Blaze lure a h most o Ted. The Jan. Rousi dam re to its As ing at ish funeral services for mrs. Wall conducted ing an extended illness were conducted yesterday morning at Concord methodist Randolph county. The services were largely j attended by friends and relatives of the deceased. Services were conducted by the pastor. Rev. Or. Clay and Rev j. M. Hilliard of this City. Buna was in the Church cemetery. The following served As Flower mrs. Bearers miss Ione Howe mss and i Gladys 9prouse, miss Francis Walker mrs. William Pierce its. G. A. Culler mrs. Mary Pickett mrs. A. Wright and mrs is w. Franklin. Mrs. Eliza funeral services for mrs. Miller conducted Elizabeth City up a Pierce a Mph any years reproved Day asked the Navy department for whether mrs. Poe perished or no in averted today we Hen a conference i All its correspondence with the air is Uncertain in Raleigh but the of Union leaders voted by a Small j Craft development corporation history of monumental Cou Grega majority not to Call out the men. Backed by the Ford interests con tion is a part of the Virginia com. On Friday but to accept the a Ward Kerning the building of an All Metal j Mon wealth. There in but one other of the National wage Board. Dirigible. So Well known n. 25. I Snow at Rock Hill 70, for Roc k Hill s. ?T., Jan. Be from i tap a this City just Aero neral As j North Carolina Border was saturday morning blanketed by nearly night at his Home in a ate Lilly. Ac-1 inches of Snow who cording to word received Here to fell bet re a mid Nigl Day. At 9 of clock the pre it or. Hampton was for Many years it tinned and an hour prominent in the affairs of his bad changed Home county. J la this three a began to it and Dawn imitation con Deraay afternoon at at Muir Chapel. Re pastor of the Church the services were de by relatives and deceased. Burial Church cemetery. The following serv died suddenly in Avenue Fri conducted yes funeral services for mrs. Sus-3 39 of clock i Anna Miller who died saturday at v. Or. Powell i Tho Home of her daughter . J Kennedy near fullers Mill Han largely attend-1 Dolph county were conducted at friends of the a Hopewell methodist Church yester was in the Day afternoon at 3 00 of clock. Rev. I w. R. Harris pastor officiating pall burial was in the Church cemetery. A is c. D. Phifer. Collins the pallbearers were. Charta f. Smith n. E. Nelson j. W. Pat Moore Brown Fuller Hemps. Tou and w. F. Clary. Flower Bear i Myers Samuel Wall David flood r later the tall Era were mrs. Flora Smith. Mrs. J and Thomas Floyd Lect. Rompers. D. Phifer and misses Alice Bryant a Large Here was just above freezing and Mary Jane Jones. I vices. Crowd attended t in

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