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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 26, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Points population u. S. Government census 1923 22.279 High Point Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants weather forecast j Cloudy tonight and wednesday not so cold in Central arum West portions tonight vol. 34�?no. 109 full associated press. High Point n. A tuesday afternoon january 26, 1926 to pages today Price five cents week of showing a \ furniture men say show is greatest in history of the Southern Market buyers from All parts registration for first week shows there were More Here than in summer 4 Many expected today plans Are now in making for More space for showing of furniture Ami details of Many important matters culminating an entirely new set of buyers Are flooding the furniture show Here this week from those during the opening seven Days. Many of the buyers Bere now come from Distant Points and Are buying heavy. Peo j pie in the nearby cities which visited the Market during last week made More elaborate purchases j than ordinarily but Are so near j that the Market is convenient and they can attend at each showing. Buyers from the far Northern and j Southern markets come Here and Danville discovers big special spot on the Sun at the top right Corner Danville va., Jan. 36-�? apr the appearance of an unusually distinct blot on tile surface of the Sun was visible Here at 11 50 of clock today the orb was viewed through a heavily smoked Glass. The Black Dot appeared pronounced on the top of the right top Comer. Raleigh Jan. 26.�? apr a strange spot was observed Here on Hie Sun at 1 15 p. Rn., today by observers using smoked glasses. The spot was clearly discernible without the use of Field glasses or Telescope. It was in the upper right hand Corner of the Sun and although occupying Only a very Small proportion of the suns surface was very distinct. Washington says Sun spots Are not new but have been visible several weeks in the United states and stories frequently carried. Says today a were merely accentuated by the Northern lights. World Couri vote t congressman in Penitentiary traffic Here Ano county seat is heaviest Purchase Stock enough to last them High Point Greensboro Highway proves to be most a year. Buying yesterday in All probabilities according to those in charge of demonstrations at the big furniture exposition building was heavier than Ever before on Tho opening Day of the second week for a furniture show. But despite the bad weather that prevailed and the Snow underfoot there were More buyers Here today than monday. Reports show there were approximately 530 buy is Here during the first week of the show making purchases. Many of them it is said were from u e Northern and far Southern Market but at popular in the state support was Given the claim that travel is heavier on the greens Boro High Point Road than on any Road in the state Highway District number five by statistics obtained from the traffic report of the state Highway commission for january a census of travel on that Section of Highway number to was taken on january 13 when the whole Section was covered .Ith i Blanket of Snow and travel was a the Ter Lally decreased As shown by the 8arhe time Quot number of them we re number of vehicles that passed a Latrom nearby cities. Certain Point on the Road. Every train that pulls into the j in this Day 1.527 vehicles pass station Here brings into the City j of a put ea8t of High 1 Mintmi of thin i manii Tina to Oral a number of new buyers. The outbound trains take great numbers away that have completed their Semi annual task of selecting furniture from such an elaborate display of material. Many who have displays at the show said this afternoon that they were surprised at the Way the buyers were flocking Here from All sections of the country. The first week of the show proved to be such a great Success that it was Waid by some who have been Patching furniture shows for years that but Little could he expected of the second week. But it has developed that such forecast were note Correct for the buyers that a were Here last week were from Dif i i Ferent cities and towns from those Here yesterday and today. I the display of carriages and All other kinds of toys by the Carriage i and toy company Baltimore md., is causing quite a bit of favourable i comment among the buyers. H. S. Prechtel in charge of the Baltimore display said the showing had y proven a great Success. This Cora Quot Pany also have on display a Large amount of Reid and fiber living room and porch suites. Here Are names of those registering since yesterday at to of clock d. A. Jefferson and wife Chatham furniture and undertaking company Chatham a. Mrs. W. R. Edwards Edwards studio Ingli Point e. E. Carter. Ernest Carter High Point j. M. Allison Farmers Supply company Brevard h. C. Hilton r. A. Johnson Phillip Levy Norfolk a. C. S. Freel Sluder furniture company Canton r. Z. Robbinett Robbinett Brothers Georgetown s. C. J. S. Wrenn Wrenn Brothers furniture a of Pany Siler City l. Tabakin Meyers and t Aba Kin company inc., Norfolk a. E. S. Turlington e. Turlington and company Ben Ion j. B. Marshall rechts furniture House Baltimore my. H. Roy reams Telsner reams company of oocyte Nio Holb furn Ture Quot company i to Deaton. be too Many desire to speak on the court As Well As other subjects great talking today advocates of adherence to the court Early abandoned Hope of vote today cloture was needed final test of Tho Issue will come tomorrow according to the opinion today of the pro court leaders Washington Jan. 26.�? apr so Many senators insisted on talking today on the world court As Well As other subjects that pro court Lead Quot gave up Hope of reaching a Fin. Vote before tomorrow. Stripped of rank begins sentence president Coolidge approved the court martial finding As to suspension allows half of pay that is the Only mitigation of the sentence ordered by the president Reid is very critical counsel for the army officer de clares that the administration finally a a got the officer of the air Bervie Washington Jan. 26.�? apr under the tight lid of cloture the Senate approached today the vote which will take the United states. Into the world court. Quot whether the final Roll Call will come before adjournment today or be deferred until tomorrow was problematical. Proponents of adherence have concluded their argue a a a Nea representative John Langley of Kentucky left under guard snapped As he was about to enter Atlanta Penitentiary to Start a two year term for a dry Law violation. Toledo girl after thrills says she got liquor from embassies Washington Jan. 26.�? a i a stripped of his rank As colonel j in the army air service William Mitchell today began serving his sentence of suspension from the army for five years. Contrary however to the decision of the court martial which convicted him under the 96th article of War of insubordination in connection .Ith his determined fight for a unified air service Mitchell will receive half pay and certain living allowances during the suspension. President Coolidge in affirming the courts verdict stipulated yesterday that the sentence would be executed As ordered except As to the provision depriving the former colonel of All pay and allowances. Under the presidents decision Mitchell will receive $397.67 in distress today result of storms at least twelve liners including the Leviathan Rush to their Aid All in the Atlantic liners delayed from one to three Days by the storm in making port one vessel at Panama two British freighters and an in j identified ship Are signalling for help from out of the Atlantic Washington Jan. 26.�? a had tired of school Velma said and. A search for a a a thrill to offset a come to Washington for a lit. To a a a a or Rill a of a a i tic excitement arum of off i y during the pions Tiro of j ments and opponents now Are in a Hom Druin in of at private school j followed. Police said she added the the president a dined to prolong the discussion i has led miss Benita Kennison 19. Information that the Celebration Mitchell has met the situation j More than a score of reservations j of Toledo into police court Here was bolstered up by liquor from thus if we thou comment either to the Swanson substitute Resolu-t0 explain How it happened that an embassy but she did not Dis i Karl in Hie half pay allowance or tion of adherence have been offer drove on automobile into a close which one a16 among his friends that ,. He will submit his resignation. His ? counsel. Representative Reid new York. Jan. 26.�? apr three steamships were in distress today As the result of a storm out i in a he Atlantic Ocean. At least it liners including the Leviathan and the Aquitania were battling toward port .Ith nearly 6,000 passenger this is th8 first photograph of miss aboard. Anna May Deitrich Norwood a j most of the liners Hare been de girl whose legless headless played from one to three Days by was found near Media. The Ltd it Toje storm which already has taken tto it fms a in to i i time at nit sri Psi Alt i ,. R a toll of three lives and was responsible in part for the sinking of one ship. The ships in distress were the i British freighters anti Noe and Lar Stan and an unidentified vessel j near Panama canal. When the liner president Rouge velt launched a life boat to take the Crew of the anti Noe two i sailors of the Rescue Crew were lost i As the life boat was crushed against the an Moe. J the norwegian freighter Solvang Sank off Delaware breakwater Sun Day after a collision .Ith the Oil was found in a clump of Bushes on the country estate of Samuel j. Henderson Philadelphia lawyer. He killed woman s de however and these must be disposed of before the final vote. Roll Calls will be demanded in a number of cases. Under the Rule which the sen lamp Post during a Snow storm of wan-.&Quot"1 a i Mish Keilson who is visiting in addition to the Bright Bath i Mitchell o i her sister Here also is invited being suit and pyjamas the girl wore tor the second time Elbe its pm a a it e a is Cash a to Ruhr ret a Tang .lipper., and hone Point. Of this number two were horse drawn two were motorcycles 1,275 were passenger cars 52 buses 194 trucks four were trailers and 118 were foreign cars. The largest number of foreign cars passing any Given Point was registered at Ruffin on route 70 138 passing there. The largest number of horse draw vehicles passing any one Point in the District was registered two Miles of Raeford on route 24, 70 passing in one Day traffic on route 60, registered near Guilford College on this Day was almost As heavy As on the High Point Road 1,463 vehicles passing the census taker funeral services j. Body removed to Winston Salem for burial Iii the Waugh ton cemetery funeral services for James . Hennis who died at his Home near Oak Hill school saturday night were conducted at the Home yesterday morning. The service were conducted by Rev. L. M. Swain and elder Neese Davis. The body was then removed to Winston Salem for burial in Laughton cemetery Rev. Or. Swain officiating. The following served As pallbearers w. C. Welch Roy Russell Early Shoat w. O. Peebles j. E. Rhodes and j. E. Smith. The Flower bearers w Ere miss j publicans As Well As democrats to May Morgan miss Minnie Walters original reservations endorsed and miss Eunice Issom. J by the administration. Funeral services for woman at Monroe stands Deaton child today j trial for murder of Man w to plead for her finally adoption in 1917, each senator is limited to one hour on the Resolution of adherence and All amendments which have been offered. Some of these amendments will provoke More or less general discussion hut leaders of the pro court forces Are hopeful that a final decision can be reached by tonight so that the tax reduction Bill can be called up wednesday. On the decisive vote the leaders for ratification Are confident that they will be Able to Muster an even greater margin than the five above the necessary two thirds recorded yesterday on the cloture Issue. They count upon several democrats As Well As some republicans who voted against cloture to join in the majority for the Resolution of adherence. Likewise they Are confident that they have the votes to reject All amendments to the Swanson substitute Resolution although Only a majority would be necessary to adopt amendments. The position of pro court leaders is that the additional reservations in the Swanson substitute embodying the safeguards contained in the greater number of the proposed amendments and they plan to Point this out As an added argument for Early action. Opponents of the court make no Effort to conceal their satisfaction .Ith the reservations which senator Swanson and his associates have added to the original hard ing Hughes Coolidge or. Reid criticized the a a unseemly haste of the presidents action and he declared a this whole pro ,.feeding from Start to finish a shows which she and her friends partook to spend the night at the House of that an a invisible mind and hand them that the collision terminated to match. A two Day a endurance party at Jude Mac la in Ald ordered her of embassy refreshments. Detention and postponed the hear one explanation was offered to ing. The girl was charged .Ith lice judge Macdonald yesterday driving an automobile while drunk by the girls sister Velma who .Ith and without a permit. It is the Sec a Man Friend John Hoffman Ond time that the a driving while were in the automobile when it was drunk charge has been placed halted by the lamp Post. Benita against a woman Here. E. K. Preaches to gang begin thursday Wesley memorial pastor de Many new students expected livers Strong Sermon the meetings gain interest the series of meetings being conducted by the High Point a a gang continued to gain momentum last if est when Rev. E. K. To Register for the Spring term Al College have Laboured without ceasing for this Days .Ith the presidents decision viewed As closing the official phase of the Case it is Likely that it will provide new material for discussion in Congress where the former colonel has Many friends. Representative Reid himself is expected to open the fight on the House floor. In the matter of Mitchells pay president Coolidge agreed .Ith the recommendations of Secretary Davis and disagreed .Ith the suggestion of the War department Board of review which passed on the Case and maj. John a. Hull judge advocate general. The Board and general Hull favored suspension of All of Mitchells allowances and one third of his pay. Secretary Davis and the presi Dent were moved to retain Mitchell on the payroll because a there Are restrictions on the activities of army officers by which the accused May be hampered in securing pm to provide support for the Wesley memorial pastor emphasised the Charity of the Bible reservation. Jin assuring Man that he can be they hold the View that these have redeemed though he be steeped in been framed to meet most of the the blackest sin. He described in objections raised in the debate which l Ogan last december 17. These reservations were framed by leaders of the pro court forces after frequent conferences and .Ith the object of meeting the objections of a number of senators re a a re a. A a a a. V m f i be h f 80n of mrs and mrs go so Deaton i of Star died at a local Hospital yes Monroe Johnson Rustin Johnson furniture Jan. 26.�? apr the. U to i Ter Day afternoon following an ill trial of Bertha Case charged .Ith company. Gastonia h. H. A Ness of several Days. The body was i the murder of Frank Fowler .Ith Harlow Willcox furniture company,1 Petersburg a. W. J Buchanan Gilmore furniture company Charlottesville a. B. T. Britt Zebulon Supply company Zebulon n. C. Walter m. Jones r. E. Jones Ani son Galax a. W. M. Simp removed to the Home of the Par j whom she admits she lived for Sev ends last night for funeral services j Era years a without Benefit of and interment this afternoon. Clergy was today nearing an end in Superior court Here. Florida judge dead i Fowler Union county Farmer the mid term examinations at High Point College will Start thursday and continue for one week according to announcement made this afternoon at the College. The regu j ploy ment. Mclarty pastor of the Wesley Jar Spring term will begin off Ciary himself and those dependent upon on february 6. Officials at the College stated the although there were but 198 students now registered at the col Scarlet they shall he whiter than Lee it was expected that there Wil be possible during the five Snow would be several new students to a Veary 10 revoke that modification Register tor the Soring term. The i Atay by time Quot Thollot Tother court number it was said is not certain at this time but it wag officially estimated that it would exceed the 200 Mark by several. Memorial Church preached a Strong Sermon to an attentive congregation. Or. Mclarty preached from the text a though our sins he As while Mitchell will receive his allowances and half pay a a during the pleasure of the president it a Beautiful Way the feeling of a person who has gotten rid of his pac1 of sins and chosen to walk the path of Light .Ith Jesus. A the gang will continue to hoi 1 meetings every night this week at the Wesley memorial Church. While the meetings Are designed for members of the organization the Public is cordially invited to participate. Services begin at 7 30 of clock .Ith a pastor of one of the local churches preaching each evening. Action. In his statement president Coolidge reviewed briefly the causes and course of the trial declaring Mitchell has characterized the and the cloning term has been a ministration of the War and Navy wonderful Success at the College and the Spring term is expected to be even better according to officials. Departments a a As incompetent criminally negligent and almost treasonable a a and that the Board of review a finds that those statements were made without basis in fact. A the effect of the sentence. Representative Reid declared is that chiropractor confesses to the Aad one. Man tas drowned in the heavy seas when crime under gruelling in be Crew of 29 was transferred to the Tanker. Of i lit Leer j the president Roosevelt first _ i went to the Aid of the anti Noe in Philadelphia Jan. 26.�? j Mil at Suntic sunday but lost the ,. _ _ _ crippled Steamer in a Snow storm. A having confessed that to j after yesterdays Rescue Effort the strange and dismembered miss anti Noe drifted helplessly .Ith Anna May Dietrich. David l. Mar j boats and wireless gone and Waves shall chiropractor was being held i flooding the holds. The president. A a. Roosevelt stood by. Without bail to Jay the anti Noe had about 20 men Marshall married and the a. Aboard. She left new York Janu ther of a 12 year old daughter Ary 14 for Queenstown. Made a second confession last _ Lar Stan sent out an ,. S. O. S. Last night he was North night in which he admitted Strang of he Antonos ,.ith the 0erman Ling the woman whose a cabaret steamship Bremen racing to her Complex he said we As proving a Side. Financial Strain upon him. Miss die-1 be Lar Stan which carries a Trich a 34 year old Milliner had Crew of 22, left Swansea january 9 ambitions to be a a modern for new Ork .Ith a cargo of Coal. Yesterday having readily told of her distress signals caused a his acquaintance .Ith miss die shutdown of radio broadcasting in Trich and of having treated her1�?T�?� East a or three hours and 25 professionally Marshall confessed minutes. The american programs that he had Cut up the body but of the International broadcasting steadfastly denied that he had kill res we Ere silenced in the East for de her. Almost 45 minutes. The first confession however. Identity of the vessel in distress did not satisfy authorities parti off Panama canal was sought to Cul arly that part wherein he said s Day. She was first thought to be the woman had taken p Ison be. Jthn Corvus in route from port cause a Quot wealthy new yorker .Ith land. Oregon to new a York hut it whom she was in love had jilted developed the Corvus is at san her. After much More question-1 Francisco. Ing he suddenly shouted late last 1 among the liners in the storm night today were the Caledonia. Colum a a in a lying. Ifs All lies Iti Tell bus Duilio Edison France Mont the truth now a Royal Giuseppe Verdi. Lithuania a i knew miss Dietrich for eight Rejona Transylvania and Zeeland. Years a he said. A at first she the Leviathan sent word that All thought i was single. Recently she aboard were Well but that she was got a a cabaret she want making but eight knows an hour in de to go out sky Larking at nights tremendous seas. Among her 1,122 she began taking lessons in the passengers Are the Duchess of Charleston. York her daughter and Sophie a i told her i go out j Tucker the actress .Ith Here i was afraid my wife might find out. Then too i began to be afraid of the financial Strain. But she insisted that i take her to roadhouse and to cabarets. She threatened to Tell my wife about our relations if i did t take her out. I was desperate and in a rage. A i seized her by the Throat to i unique system in five of Best teams of dogs entered Derby Fop five years a the nation will he i shake Heri to make her understand j without its Foremost Champion of i that i could t and . The Pas Manitoba. Jan. 26.�? in adequate National a then i done to know wha Appeal for clemency for Washington Jan. 26. A wag filled on March 9, 1924. He former judge j. L. Billingsley wag married to another woman at son Fuller Simpson j in nature com j of Miami fla., died Here today the time of the acknowledged inti Pany Clinton s. C. M. M. Clocking after an illness of More than three Marieg 0f the defendant. Isi. M. Clocking and company port months. He had been undergoing the woman on the stand yester Routh a. W. M Linker. Bell and j treatment by the Mayo Brothers j Day it to a the jury that Ghe shot the Harris Concord e h Thompson in Minnesota eight weeks before j Man after a had cursed her and tuomas Brothers Richmond \ a coming Here where he entered the wag advancing toward her and her 0. S. Goodwin Goodwim Smith Washington Sanatorium furniture company Ralph d. C. J judg Billingsley is survived by Cogdell d. C. Cogdell. Goldsboro three Brothers All of Florida. Mrs. A. B. Vogel. Voge and son spar Billingsley is from Charlotte n. Texan proposes inquiry into the result of Mitchell court martial and the Law \ apr Only five of the Best teams in the North country were entered Coolidge May consider today for the official opening of j the ninth annual the Pas dog Derby. The Derby this year is scheduled j to be run 120 Miles and will last i three Days. One third of the Dis Tance to be covered each Day Over i fire department Trong a Roger and son spar-1 l. Armstrong i Orrison furniture com j Ville Tenn mrs. C. Don and company i Tenn. F. White a York fur Point. L. Smith a. L. Smith Ville n c Cadiz at 12 i Carlos the s flying wireless 15 p. Pain is q from Epson furn. Island a a a a a 4, Jepson that e age 4 i course s by a in communication id Jan. 26. Map a the is station reports that rn., the Steamer san n communication .Ith plane it plus Ultra Cando Bay Canary l Vincent. Cape verde child a by she said that i when she shot she Only intended firing into the floor. Fowler was threatening her life at the time she alleged. Fowler who lived several hours pleaded at a Hospital where he was carried that the woman be not j prosecuted and left his estate to his son by her. Prince is Captain London Prince of a to i ency of i f which entry i Rich Moi Washington Jan. 26.�? a. Pm investigation of the Mitchell court martial ease .Ith a View of revising the Law governing military court was postponed today in a Resolution by representative Connally demo. I Erat Texas. The int fully would be conducted by a special House committee. J a the recent trial and conviction of col. William Mitchell for i violation of Tho articles of War a j or. Connally said a has raised a j very serious question in the i minds of a great Many As to i whether or not the articles of i War and court martial procedure in the army and Navy Are in need j of review and revision by con j during the morning or. Mit Robeli visited the office of repro tentative Reid at the Capitol. He said lie would have no statement to make for the present. Washington Jan. 26.�?- a before president Coolidge would j t a course on the Saskatchewan River. I be inclined to consider clemency the entrants signed for the first for former governor Mccray of Lap today Are Billy Grayson Earl j Indiana now in the Atlanta Peni Brydges Harry Olensky Ross j tertiary it would be necessary for Moxley and Emil St. Goddard All j Mccray to submit a new petition hat possessed me. The next thing i knew she was dead there before me on the floor of my j chief Homey believes stain it was because he did not want former Indiana Gove Morl be charged .Ith murder he said that he dismembered the body and disposed of it by throwing the Torso and legs in a Field at Media and hiding the head under a Railroad trestle a Short distance from his Home at Bywood Heights. Of the Pas. I shorty Russick former Winner and regarded As a i this year failed to ent<3r la moment. I Point Derby aes i out that ill health Justi release. La Good one and Iii prove effective Ivorite at the was a Perm n equip asked o Oast l Issue certificate Kington Jan. 26 Sion to Issue $5 ment Trust Cert fic the attitude of the president was i away from pedagogue rules disclosed today at the White House parental discipline and a where it was pointed out that the petition for clemency already Auh o and on Whilt Justice a Ooka dude the of it of to ii the depart a ran nth Disfavour Alth of the grounds for lash Haugen Bill up Egton. Jan 26 Enten Aud. Tion of sentence. R now is reported to be from High blood pressure. Ligation of his condition Nutly ordered by the de of Justice. He is serving e for using the mails to wit a party the Early spoke to a Ltd it i Charlotte Jan. 26.�? a _ Platt Landis High school football player is Back Home after running and realized his greatest ambition that of speaking to red Grange. Landis away around Christmas time and secured a Job at Miami As water boy at a game in which the former Blini participated. A in that Way i managed to get near enough to him to speak a he proclaimed. Landis said he got a Job later hash but a week included. Fire chief a. B. Homey Calls attention to a unique step taken by the City of Cincinnati in an Effort to reduce the expenses of its fire department. This City has passed a personal responsibility ordinance which requires that the person or persons responsible for tion shall pay the Cost it out. As evidence of the i ordinance is effective c Calls attention to an Itei in i firemen a journal states that a verdict at $30 a room a Home a w Nim id. Miss wills wins Cannes France. Jan. 26.�? a. Pm miss Helen wills american Lawn Teaguis Champion continuing her unbroken string of victories i since her arrival in France today it lands at 8 20 Defeated miss edit 6-1 6.0. Nep ulus Ultra. Las Jan Franco aviator Felt resumed flight pal Mas Canary islands i. Map a commander other Spanish Umed their flight Argentina. They e Cape verde la i and is Tod Spain i co Flagra of putting it that the de Homey i appearing the item has been handed Down in Cincinnati Ord ring a citizen to pay $500, the Cost of a fire for which he was deemed responsible. This Man s building caught fire after he had been warned by the fire authorities to clean up the place the second time lie not Only bears the damage wrought by the fire by must actually pay the i City for putting out the Blaze. Ipod off of Bibl class meets the Green Street Bible class will meet at the residence of mrs. Al. L. N their plane i Winfrey. 804 East Green Street tomorrow afternoon at 2 30 a a i

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