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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 20, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High Poust Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Friday january 20, 1930 weather ii Cali weather today noon. A Lam night .22 High yesterday. North and South Carolina a fair tonight and saturday not quite to cold tonight. Charlotte. Jan. 20. Map a official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station Asheville. 36 Atlanta. Augusta. 50 Birmingham. 56 Charleston. 50 Charlotte. Chicago. 30 Columbia. Denver. Detroit. 2 Evansville. 38 Galveston. Greensboro. Hatteras a a key West. 70 Little Rock. 60 los Angeles. 74 Memphis. 56 Meridian. 38 Miami. Mils St. It Mitchell. 20 new Orleans. 6� new York. Raleigh. Ban Antonio. 6fi san Francisco. 56 Spartanburg. 46 Tampa. Washington. Wilmington. Program not necessarily fortifications continued from Page i Mitten a told by brigadier generals George c. Marshall Deputy chief of staff and George v. Strong head of the general staff a War plans division. Officials contended that new weapons of this kind More War planes a Highway that would extend the Acop of the canal s defense far into the adjoining Republic of Panama All provided for in the administration s arms program Call for a Force of at least 26,000 officers and men. Or. Roosevelt asked a special $27,000,000 appropriation for a reinforced Garrison with $5,000.-000 of the sum to be made available immediately to Start work on new quarters. H. L. Fall 36 26 .00 so 32 .00 50 32 .00 56 40 .00 50 38 .00 44 31 .00 30 26 of 46 32 .00 48 24 .00 24 to .00 38 34 .00 62 48 .00 42 20 .00 46. 36 .00 70 56 .00 60 38 .00 74 56 .00 56 44 .00 58 38 .00 58 42 .02 30 16 .00 20 to .00 60 46 .00 30 16 .01 44 28 .00 68 42 .00 56 40 .00 46 28 .00 56 40 .00 30 18 .00 48 30 .00 to to should try or emulsion for coughs or Chest colds Jhuri in a j Aday a pm amount the Irr Tinl adventure Romance sine a Mutiny on the Bounty Quot Robert Taylor Wallace Beery in Quot stand do and fight Quot your i at Kirin a trouble shooting Trio a the Mesqui Teers huh John Way Mckay maa i kit him Quot pals of the Saddle Quot Aerial comedy new Carolina a scorching Gla St of thrills Quot storm Over Bengal Quot with Patric Knowles Douglas dumb la Rialto Ken Maynard in a Strawberry Roan chapter six the fighting Devil dogs yes men thieves at work again Here last night Safe cracked at Garland distributing company police detectives Here today Are investigating reports of a Safe robbery at the Garland distributing company the second to occur at that place within the past month and a break in at the High Point Overall company. Officials of the distributing company told police officers that approximately $120 was missing from the Safe which wag Cut open and rifled of contents. Officers making the investigation Early this morning said Entrance into the office of the firm was made by breaking a window pane and lifting a Latch. Metal of the door they said had been Cut through and the Concrete Interior of the door knocked out. The combination had not been molested. An undetermined amount of pants were stolen from the Plant of the High Point Overall company on South Hamilton Street by the thief or thieves who entered the building through a broken window. Officers said they had no definite suspects in either Case. They said also that they had been unable to determine whether the Safe breaking was performed by one person or a group of persons. Several Hundred dollars in Cash was missing after a Safe cracking Job at the distributing company which occurred about the Middle of last december. Thomasville Library Given special Book the Enterprise Bureau 8 comm t ree Street phone 535 Thomasville Jan. 20. A the Thomasville Branch of the Davidson county Library has received a special copy of a the Confederate government by Jefferson Davis. The copy which is contained in two volumes was specially printed and sent to the local Library by the Briarfield chapter of the United daughters of the confederacy. The copy was received this week and the Loon Library is pleased to have received it for it is one of a limited edition. Original copies have Long been out of print. Much historical data of the Era of the civil War is found in these volumes Sod they Are considered As probably the most accurate of that period. Also among recent acquisitions by the local Library is a Complete series of boy scout Merit badge pamphlets. A special rack has been received for these pamphlets and they will he placed on display a ome time this week. Believe it or not by Robt. Ripley Shakespeare Hever repeats j in Henry x act i scene 2 there Are 4 consecutive sentences1 beginning As follows used to break in Quot pipes the machine duplicates the slow deliberate puffing of the experienced smoker. Chicago Ien Quot n. A a a March of dimes to Start tomorrow the March of dimes feature of the a fight infantile paralysis Quot Campaign will get under Way Here tomorrow when High school students begin their new York stocks a Ive a dime negotiations on refugees broken Down re it Nutini Yetf from a i rectors still remained and financial circles watched closely to Sec whether they would resign. The Stock Market turned slightly stronger after Shacht s elimination. Professional dealers said his withdrawal indicated s Freer Money policy and of further changes took place a Boom in the Market would result. A i i Al Al Mca do in hip Quot a communique announcing the Surprise move said a unified leadership of the economic financial and Money Market policy was necessary to fulfil the additional tasks placed on business for the building up of greater sets rat had been president of the Reich Bank since March. 1933 two months after the nazis came into Power and had previously served in that capacity from 1924 to 1930. He also had been minister of economic from 1934 until october 1937. When Hitler announced the acceptance of his resignation. Funk was appointed head of the Reich Bank for four years. Schaht who had remained in the Cabinet a minister without portfolio after he quit the economics ministry will retain his Cabinet stat tis. The communique said special tasks would be assigned to him. Almost simultaneously with the announcement an article by Funk appeared in a special edition of the Magazine Der vier Jah despian four year plan threatening to Transfer Germany Trade with the United states to the Balkans. It was generally regarded in informed circles As Germany a answer to president Roosevelt congressional message attacking nazi and fascist policies. A during the first ten months of the year�?193s�?Germany imported goods Worth almost 5,-000.000.000 Marks $2,000,000.-000 Quot Funk wrote. A it is of special interest that the country from which National socialist Germany bought the most goods was the United states which daily and in the most vulgar terms abuses and insults this big customer. A the United states will lose this customer and the difficulties and incompleteness of the Anglo american Trade treaty will Snow that no substitute for this customer will be found on the Dis Turbed world Viar a Button Sale of buttons on the streets. The Button Sale will be conducted by students of the senior High school under the supervision of the student Council. Frank e i Palace theatre Salem Street comic it he bilk Thomasville coming tomorrow a come on rangers a with Roy Rogers a also of real Ana Coiner last la Mes Toda a missing guest with pail of a admission Adi its 15c 2 for 25c except saturdays children. 10c Moses treasurer of the Campaign today acknowledged receipt of $28.3� from the Junior High school Button drive. The Campaign will be climaxed by an informal dance which will be held at the Emery Wood country club Friday night. January 27. The country club has postponed for one week its regular dance scheduled for that Date. The club also suspended its Rule regarding script dances As a favor to the Campaign Mills Home Union to be continued Thomasville. Jan. 20. A the Mills Home credit Union held its first annual meeting last night at the orphanage Library and voted in favor of continuing the credit Union in the department of agriculture in the state after highly favourable reports on the activities of the credit Union during the past year were Given by the officers. A Resolution was passed to Appeal to the state legislature for $4,500 to carry on the work in the state for the next two years. The Union was organized in february of last year and now boasts a membership of 23. Shares total to Date Over $550 with no share withdrawal. 20 Loans have been made to members to Date according to the report by Romulus Skaggs treasurer of the organization. Dividends of six per cent were paid to stockholders at the meeting last night. It was brought out and emphasized that the Mills Home credit Union was affiliated with the state credit Union association and the National credit Union association and that As far As was known it was the Only Union of its kind existing in an orphanage. C. C. Mckoin in a report by the credit and loan committee. Plated that it is a savings proposition and a service for borrowing. The purpose of the Union was brought out As a credit Union to make Small Loans to its members at a nominal rate of interest and operates similarly to a building and loan savings organization. Paul Keyes president praised the work of Tojo officials and pointed out How they had complied with All the rules of the Union in a report of the Board of directors. Paul Keyes and Romulus Skaggs directors for two years e. Morris Eggars s. L. Raper and mrs. I. P. Frazier directors for one year c. C. Mckoin for two years and mrs. Martha Hardy and c. A. Kearns for one year each loan and credit committee and h. Ltd. Early miss Mary Ella my Credle and j. B. Farthing supervisory committee were All nominated in a report by Rev. J. A. Nielson of the nominating committee and accepted unanimously by the members. The Hoard of directors will select their officers Al a lir of i. New York. Jan. To. Map a two porn. Stocks Adams exp. Air reduce. Alaska Jun. Al chem a Dye Allis Chal mfg am can. Am car Fly. Am for pow. Am pow la. Am Rad St to. Am Roll Mui. Am smelt ref. Am Bug ref. A t a Tam Toh Anaconda. Arm in at. Acl. A ref. A lat corp. Baldwin. Bao. Barnsdall. Bend i x a lat. Beth Btl. Boeing Al rpm. Borden. Borg Warner. Briggs mfg. Budd mfg. Budd wheel. Burr add Mach. Can dry. Can Pac. Cannon Mula. Case j Caterall Trae. Champ p Che of m St p a p pad Chrysler. Coca cola. Colum o come credit. Come bold. Com with Sou. Consol Blu. Con of. Cont can. Corn prod. Curtis weight ,. Curtiss Wright a Del Lack Doug Aire. Dupont flee Auto la. Eire pow it. Freeport bul. 267� Oen elec. 4ts� Gen food. 40 Oen Mot. 47 Gillette. 72 Goodrich 23�?T Goodyear. 34 4 Graham Paige. I14 it nor by pad. 274 mud Mot. 7� Hupp Mot. I1 i cent. 18�?Ta int Harvest. 56 int Nick can. 33 int Tel a Tel. Of Kennicott. 393 Krof crr proc. 23 lab he o f of. 31�?Tligg Myers b103�?T4 Loew. 48�?T, Lorn lard. 22�?T, louts Nash. 53�?T Mack try. 27�?Tj Mccrory store. Ll1 a to k t2 Mont Ward. 491 Murray corp. 7 Nash Kelv. 9�?~, Nat Blacutt. 24, Nat Cash Reg. 25�?T, Nat Dairy prod. 13�?T, Nat dint .26�?T Nat Lead. 24�?T Nat pow it. 8�?�, n y cent. 20 no am a lat. 17�?T North am. 241, nor Pac. 13. Ion. Wlm. 9, Isa a. 43 u 98 4. 31�?T,. 3�?T. A a. Iou. 19,. 46 a 4. 21� 156489 a 4 31 a a 54 38 a 26 22 14 7 a isl 7�?T4 in 2673 304 17>4 29 274 7b 5 17>� 194 3s 32 93 46�?Tj 274 33�?T, 131 7% 52 la i. 271 8. 40�?T 856,. 25�?Ta. To 69isom j pet b. N j Ohio of. Otis Elev. Pac be. Packard Param Pix. Penney j o Penn Dix Penn r r. Phillips Pitt Ber pub eve Pullman. Pure of radio a. Rad k Orem Rand. Rep us. Reynolds b Scab a Scab Oil. Sears. Shell in Socony vac Sou Pac. Sou by. Sperry Ste brands std of Cal. Std of ind. Std of n j Stewart Warner Studebaker Swift. Tex corp Tex Gulf prod. Tex Gulf Sui trans Amer Tran West air in carb. In Pac. Unit Aire. Corp. Drug. Fruit. Gas Imp ind Alco. Pipe. Rub. Steel. Vanadium. Vick chem. Warner pie. West Union. West elec mfg Wilson. Woolworth yell to. Youngs 8 t. Unit unit unit unit u s u 8 u 8 u s. 9�?T a 24,. 29�?T,. 4�,. 12. 80. 44 a 214 40s, a 8>4. 34. 36,. Iok. 74. 2�,. Is. 22 a 43 4. I Jln a. 71. 13� 131 ii. Is ,. 20�?T, �T�34 28 28 50114. A. 19, 471, 3 4 32. P. 9 a 88�?~k 96 38�?Tsi 3,. 54 68�?T, 12��?z 23 a 434 47, 644 28�?T j. 39 54. 23 l 113 4. 50. 194. 50 tax supervisor says $400,000 added to books one fourth of amount from High Point special to the Enterprise Greensboro Jan. 20.�?a c. Hudson Guilford county tax supervisor said today approximately $400,000 has been added to county tax books As a result of a drive against property owners who failed to list their Taxe. This amount the supervisor said has been added to the books since december 15. Approximately one fourth of the amount he indicated is from High Point. Or. Hudson predicted that the Campaign will result in increasing taxable values by $1,000,000. He said he had in his office the names of several Hundred persons not listed. If those persons have not listed by the time the county commissioners meet monday february 6, the supervisor said he would ask the Board to authorize him to a list on information Quot As provided for in a mate Law. He pointed out that All person Between the Agee of 21 and 50 Are required to list their taxes regardless of whether or not they own property. A males Between those aces Are required to pay poll taxes. Notice of Sale of land under and by virtue of the Power of tale contained in that certain deed of Truat executed by Charlea a. Lain and wife Bertha e. Lain to insured mortgage Bond corporation of North Carolina trustee dated november i 1934 and recorded in the office of the Register of deeds of Guilford county. North Carolina in Book 750, at Page 33, default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness thereby secured and demand having been made for Sale the undersigned trustee will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder for Cath at the East door of the court House in Greensboro North Carolina at 2 00 o clock p. In. On the 16th Day of february. 1939, the following described property located in the City of High Point North Carolina beginning at an Iron stake on the South aide of Ward Street in the City of High Point which place of beginning is St the intersection of Ward Street and r Deg Way Avenue running thence South 78 Deg. West 150 feet to a stake a Corner running thence South 3 Deg. To min. West 150 feet to a stake a Corner running thence North along Lam s line North 78 Deg East 150 feet to a stake a Corner running thence along Ridgeway Avenue North 3 Deg to min. East 150 feet to a stake the beginning Corner and being known a no. 1201 Ward Street in the City of High Point North Carolina. Tto Sale will be held subject to All outstanding taxes and cases a Menta. This the 14th Day of january 1939 insured mortgage Bond corporation of North Carolina. Trustee. Chloe l Ferree 1-29-27 2-310 assistant Secretary Pittman will speak elder r. H. Pittman editor of Tho advocate and messenger will be with the High Point primitive Baptist Church for a service sat inlay afternoon at 3 of clock Ani saturday night at 7 30 of clock and sunday at la a. In. Center theater to open january 30th two performances will he riven dedication planned the Tenter theater High Points newest and most elaborate motion picture House will formally open on monday night Janu uary 30, it a announced today by Hugh j. Smart City manager for the North Carolina Heaters. Inc. The theater doors will open at 6 30 of clock on that night and there will be two performances one starting at 7 o clock Sud the other at 9 of clock. There will be a Short dedication program just before the opening of the 9 of clock show. Mayor c. S. Grayson will be present and speak briefly and music will be rendered by the Capella choir of High Point College. The Center theater is one of the most modern in the South and or. Smart believes that Ninny persons would like to take advantage of the opening half an hour prior to the performance on january 30 to inspect Hie Structure. Abbott Proctor to Paine members new York Stock Exchange new York Cotton exc hangs new York curb Exchange Chicago Board of Trade and other Exchange 304 South main Street Telephone 3461 a Otis d. Phillips manager English Street curb Marke just arrived from the land of Sunshine a mixed Load of fruits and vegetables. Red Kipe pint strawberries s lbs. Lard 73c a a Garden found red Ripe Pound tomatoes 10c iceberg 2 Heads lettuce. .15c Pound cauliflower 10c Nice Florida 2 Bunches celery 15c fresh Lima Pound be ans. 15c Good Sweet 10 la potatoes 17c Irish no. I Gobbler to lbs. Potatoes 20c Vrush Florid far Corn 5c Dainty to i so it 11 21 i is. Flour .65c aimed 4 cans tomatoes 25c new red Hiu 7 la. Potatoes 25c quart oysters 35c round string less tender 2 lbs be ans. 15c guaranteed poultry Yard 2 do eggs 55c pet milk. 25c x Small or 4 Large milk fed Pound fryers 20c dozen Grapefruit. .23c Pine kindling. A hunches 25c phone 6221 and be convinced free delivery we refuse to be under sold we take pleasure in announcing the appointment of the High Point Neon company As sole representatives of Stanford and Inge inc. Art Kraft sign co Biltmore sign co All types of electrical displays Quality Price service that cannot be duplicated in the country today Post office Box 241 High Point n. C. Special Sample spot chairs straight and rockers Well made and with sturdy frames and Long wearing covers. Special while they Quot i last $2.95 Metal Beds Well mad and in a Good Satori Arent of style. Special whue they last. Sg.95 up Paramount furniture company 214 East Washington Street phone 3102 Are you a male Wallflower Are you a a Stag line Johnny because your 1 w a a dates always teem to have another engagement is if May be caused by that old a Jalopy a you re girls Are tremendously i Aal this Factor. Play Safe and come by and to see and buy one of our better used cars 1937 Dodge do luxe Coupe new tires radio Heater 18,000 Miles i owner. I 3 1937 Plymouth de luxe 2-door Sedan orig a r 4 r Ilia tires like new 17,0th Miles i owner. 1936 Plymouth 4-door touring Joir Sedan. Pm do Soto $445 1936 Ford for Dor Sedan radio healer. Odoi to 1936 Ford Tudor de luxe Sedan it Offit radio Heater. 1935 Chevrolet Sedan master de luxe. 1935 Plymouth 4-door touring Sedan. Tda do i 1934 Terra plane Coupe. Sis Jwj 1933 Plymouth Coupe. Of 4 the above cars have 1939 plates and Antifreeze extra reasonable bargains 1931 Ford coach. $125.00 1930 Essex 2-door Sedan. $45.00 1929 Chevrolet Coupe. $45.00 1928 Chevrolet coach. $20.00 1928 Ford Coupe$35.00 1929 Graham Sedan $15.00 1932 Essex Coupe. $35.00 ukr i car Balkam in Charlie Hendrix Matt prettily Lien Sellers Tom w inflow Karl Phillips new car salesmen t. O. Rivet i Paul Greene John Austin furniture City motors inc. 792 North main Street phone 3296 a authorized de Soto and Plymouth sales and service

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