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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 20, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Quot in Point Enterprise wednesday. January 20, 1926 Page 9 Keli n h Kuk today anxious to set it ufos it Arba a Hawley 25, Kilts Brite Reynolds Ami gets a Job on tin Tolg Rupli. Bob Jeffries police reporter Jerome Ball i Man about town and Barbara Are at a roadhouse when a prominent Titan kills himself. Barbara connects Lydia Stacy wealthy widow wit i the Rase by a a it to Scarf found at the inn. Mrs. Stacy likes Bruce. He t ignores her advances so she refuses to invest in \ ale acres ills realty finn and tells Andrew Mcdermott managing editor of the Telegraph that the finn is crooked. Manners bruces partner abscond Ami when the affair is Given publicity Bruce blames Barbara. Barbaraus invalid Mother Dies Anil Barbara takes an apartment with fancy Mcdermott s daughter she tries to cure fancy of her infatuation for Ball and the girl accuses her of wanting Ball herself. A factory girl i Ortt a Cran by wins Bruce through Barbaraus a lovelorn a column. Barbara trios to find Solace in Hor work. Mcdermott semis her Alo a convention of Tho National federation of women a clubs where Barbara sees manners manners arrested and brought Back to the City drags in Bruce. Bril be goes on trial. When mrs. Stacy refuses to help him. Barbara confronts her with the red Scarf. Mrs Stacy surprises everybody even Barbara by testifying so Bruce is acquitted. Bruce passing with Violetta snubs liar Hara. At her apartment she finds a note from fancy saying she has married Jerome Ami gone to Chicago. Wow to on with the Story. h a it e r 41 the summer wore on. Asphalt pavements began to soften and children ran barefooted after ice wagons in the streets. September Vas ushered in with drought. The Telegraph office became an a veil into which Waves of heat wept from the composing room a very time the door was opened. The soda pop Man with his Bas tet of bottles made the rounds four Rimes a Day and did a rousing Busi Tess. Frequently some member of lie staff sent to the drug store for in ice Cream a treat All around a Barbara came in from a Long Lusty trip to the fair grounds one file noon just As the spoons were Leing Laid Down in the pm Tiv ice Ream glasses. She pulled off her tat and dropped into the first chair it hand. Her hair Lay in wet strings across her forehead. Byers brought her a Glass of ice water. A a sorry you came too late for rho Frozen dainties Barbara a he we. Miss Badger turned and left. Hie group. Barbara sipped the water. A a these a re the Days when id like to get i thousand Miles away from this career of mine and forget it Ever Byers smiled. A a better get married. This City is full of wives dressed in Cool linens sipping mint lemonade on shaded porches this afternoon. Simplest thing in the world Young lady. Pick a Good Busky Man to do the worrying and be fresh an Dainty to meet him on the front porch when he comes borne dripping and Grimy on a hot Summers a a but there Are More wives fuss big Over hot stoves in the Kitchen j than there Are sipping lemonade a morning Hahs yesterday you were talking like an old a raid. This morning you seem to be on the Point of buying a cat. A is it that bad a to in continual e Cable Span will carry new to of puget sound. Six cacti strands weighing six tons each my capable of withstanding a sprain of More than he Koto Pound to Ere swung Between two Tower til Ive High the towers Are 6.2j i Lect apart the Span exceeding in Lent a ii those across the St. La Wren Quot River it clears the water by in no than lion feet at the lowest Sag to the generative storage capacity of Lake Cushman a diet figures in test of Teeth decay cause will not affect state internal organization dam was built in a Canyon of the two hotels and several i Arm Skykomish River raising the water. I it a i level of the Lake Iso be t and run Are hurtled Vav till nine it Hack nine mibs this store 460,000 acre fett More water. The new unit will develop 50. Too horsepower at a Cost of $4 1500,000. A second unit to Hie 90.000 horsepower and t Twe n $2,000,000 and raising of aide h Charlotte. Jan 19.�? and the appointment of m. O. Dunning. I collector of customs at savannahga., As supervisor in charge coast guard operations in North Carolina South Carolina Georgia and Florida will not effect the prohibition enforcement department i of the eighth division officials of the divisional Headquarters said today. Tatom a. Vii a raising of suspension in the u out a and cd enlargement of a Biri cunning the burning of two hotels and a it of i e a i farm houses were eng mooring achievements in the constr of a new Imit of Tacoma Copal Power system. The added Power made a Ola Gnu will be transmitted Over i a Tail planned in Clearing the land a Baltimore. Jan. I it api Johns Hopkins specialists Are conducting experiments which they believe will have a a profound influence on the breakfast table of the they Are decay of the feeding of rats in a Laboratory. Or Clarence j grieves already has determined that diet is one of the chief factors of decay but the fundamental reason still is unknown. No one knows what is the chem Teal or other Agency which first Ive Breaks through the enamel and i est he j tarts the trouble of it is a chem-000.hoo j Teal it is not known whether it is taken into the Mouth from the out was to j Side produced by a germ or is a quarters at Washington. D. C., is it High Point today inspecting the local boy scouts with the idea of conducting a first Aid and life Haw ing institution Here in Spring. Sack institutions Are conducted Ann Ballf in various sections of the country one in practically every state in Thun Ion. Or. Yates said it was probable that a school of this nature would a eking the cause of be located in Central North Caro Teeth. Through the Ina Tbs Spring and that High Point was a suitable place for such a school. Sure Relief for indigestion on be used for Lake Bottom the City set two $60,000 fires destroying two Rural hostelries and ranch buildings on abandoned property Tacoma has been in the Power Busine Sint Quot 191 a it. Its profits for the current year have been placed at approximate in $1,000. Product of the body itself. Red Cross official of line part of which spans a Ai a too. On inspection tour Captain David j. Yates of the american red Cross with head i 6 Beulah hot water sure Relief ans and 75 package everywhere Quot go Oil morning someone said to Barbara. Yesterday you a Ero talking tibetan old maid. This morning you seem to be on the Point of buying a cat. Is it that bad Quot Tress while she s visiting her Moth at its height. But personally. I or Here and find out whether she regrets sacrificing marriage for a career. Ida must he about 50 now and he name is one of the top five or six on the american stage. Shell Tell the truth a a ill look up Ida this afternoon a answered Barbara. A a in a not equal to the Rescue Home today. The weather is Sticky enough without Hunting up any More messes. I hate All this cheap a a done the too sure you la find cheap sentiment a1 the Rescue Home. Mothers Are pretty much alike in whatever circumstances they May he. You May find some Bona fide emotion out Barbara made the appointment with Ida Storey by Telephone. Two hours later she was seated opposite miss Storey on a wide porch in the City. A a that s a rather personal question Isnit it. Miss Hawley a said the actress when Barbara had made known her Mission. A but in be never hesitated to Tell the truth yet. Though 111 have to Trust you to Deal fairly with nit in the woman was at least 50, Barbara decided. Her statuesque figure. In a skilfully draped Tea gown might have been that of a much younger woman. But there were lines about her eyes and a somber Droop at the Corners of her Mouth that spoke of greater age. She Lay in a wide swing and talked easily without pause. A titi Tell you my Story. Miss Hawley in a few words. And you can do what you want with it. A i deliberately chose Public life at the age of 20. I had every argued Barbara. A a done to talk to me thing then youth Beauty Ayd love. About married Bliss. In be seen too j rut there was one thing i did not Spany married women Byers looked at her Over his glasses. A a honest to heaven. Barbara you re getting to talk like a spinster of 4 5. Better Cut it out Sven if you do feel that Way. Folks will think you re a disappointed Barbara was stung. A a you and the rest of the world May think what you like a a she snapped. It m lick of the impertinence of men anyhow. From the time a girl is 21 or 22 they begin to ask her Why she Hasni to married. A the poor dears Are so conceited they can to believe that any woman gets along without one of them of her own free Byers retreated in mock terror behind a newspaper his eyes Twink ing at Barbara Over the top of it now and then. Instantly ashamed of her outburst she walked away to her own desk. As she passed the City desk Wells looked up. A i have a Hunch for a great Story. Miso Hawley. A heard you and Byers fighting the old fight on love versus career. This is the idea. Hunt up some Little Waif in one of these maternity Rescue Homes and get her views on whether motherhood is Worth the Price. A a then catch Ida. Storey the a Hafer Fame. A a it a always the Blessing you do not have that sets your pulse heating hardest. I threw away love and took ambition. A it was Swift sailing for a few years. I had better Luck than most beginners More Praise More Money More admirers. I know now that while i never took it seriously my fan mail had not a Little to do with keeping we contented. A you know it in t Only a specific love affair that keeps a woman satisfied. Admiration from any source whatever helps to fill the needs of her emotional nature a Barbara wondered if that was True. She thought of the night that Jerome Ball had told her he was to be married of the unpleasant Gap left in her life by bobs going to new York of the Sav Orless existence she had been leading the last few months. Miss Storey went on a Well for a Long Long time the game was Worth the Candle. I prospered in my work made Money made some friends As the prosperous always do. Quot but i grew older. Of of course my professional life is still Ildren cry Mother Castana is especially prepared to relieve infants in arms and children All Ages of constipation flatulence wind Colic and diarrhoea allaying feverish Ness arising therefrom and by regulating the stomach and bowels aids the assimilation of food giving healthy and natural sleep. To avoid imitations always look for the signature of u absolutely harmless no opiates physicians everywhere recommend it. Found myself less attractive to my friends. The Glamor of Youngsu Cess had died away. A both men and women sought Rne less and less frequently. My apartment was no longer the rendezvous for the stage crowd. I was unmistakably getting did a you understand you must handle this material with discretion a Barbara nodded. Migs Storey sat up in the swing a if i had it to do Over again. Id marry at 20 Anad take what came i believe that poverty and respond Nihil ties and heartaches with someone you love Are better than material Prosperity and Independence alone. A a it a the years after 40 that Are the nightmares my dear. I done to care if you say that in the Story. Old age alone is the most horrible Fate a woman can meet a Barbara looked at miss Storey. Her eyes were burning and her voice was tremulous. Suie had changed miraculously from the Cool poised woman of the world that greeted Barbara an hour ago. Barbara was anxious to get away. The woman was telling her things that she did not wish to hear. She Rose to go. A thank you for giving me so my sch time. Miss Storey. Iti try to Deal fairly with the she was out of the House and walking Down the quiet Street. The sky had turned Cloudy and a Breeze had sprung up. As Barbara walked Large drops of rain began to Patter on the sidewalk. She hastened her Steps. The rain became More violent and the wind swept in Little eddies up the Street. Barbara began to run. It was Only a Block to the Street car line. She reached the Corner and crept close to a store front to avoid the rain. No cars came. She waited in the pelting rain for a Long time. Then she left the shelter of the building front and began to walk. It was quite dark when she reached Home. Her shoes were Sodden and her clothes dripped water. As she unlocked her door. The rain suddenly ceased and a flood of Tya set Light filled the sky. But a moment later the torrents began again. Inside the apartment. Barbara stood still and looked around her. No article had been moved since she left that morning. The stillness was broken Only by the drip q1 rain along the gutters. A the years after 40.�?T�?T what would the years after 40 be if life was like this at 26? Barbara went out into the Kitchen and put the Kettle on the fire. Then she Laid a plate and Silver for herself at the Little table. Suddenly she turned about removed the Kettle from the stove turned out the Gas and put the plate and the Silver carefully Batik in their places in the cupboard. Then she turned out the lights in the front rooms and went Back to her bedroom. A few moments later she was lying on her face in the darkness listening to the dreary guzzling of the rain out i Side her window. The next morning was Gray overhung with Clouds but the rain had stopped Barbara caught the seven of clock Avreet car to town. Her face was Haggard. She had fallen into a heavy sleep toward Dawn and had waked too late for breakfast. At a Little lunch counter near the Telegraph building she drank a cup of Black Coffee. Between the lunch room and the office there was a pet store whose windows usually attracted Many Small boys and girls and some older ones. The window this morning was full of persian cats White yellow and Tiger. Barbara stopped to look at them. She stood looking at the magnificent animals. Forgetful that time was passing. They looked like comfortable Domestic creatures. Barbara looked for a Price placard. There it was. A Twenty five Del she made a half motion toward the door of the shop Someon said in Oer ear a Good justifies still Lowert rices on Graham 9 Brothers trucks Graham Brothers announce a substantial reduction in the prices of their Complete line of trucks and motor coaches effective january 7th. This is their third reduction in eight months. It brings the Price of their product far below any truck of comparable Merit. Large production justifies Low prices. Graham Brothers Are the largest exclusive truck manufacturers in the world. New prices Deus Reed in High Point i ton chassis�?bb.$1060 life ton lv2-ton life ton lv2-ton life ton by bus Chassis cd. Low Chassis my. 158�?� Chassis feb. Low Chassis la 128�?� Chassis be. Ohst Sis a a a a a a a it 158 $1330 $1425 $1410 $1475 $1515 $1710 Faison motor company Graham Brothers Dodge Brothers dealers Corner Willowbrook and Commerce its. Phone 2729 ?

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