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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 20, 1926, High Point, North Carolina To i"4w 1 4 it i i a x f&--9 Pace 2high Point Enterprise wednesday january 20, 1926 Willis Slane is new president of the country club Well known business Man is chosen As successor to r. B. Terry in office Slane president in succession to Randall b. Terry who had served As head of the club since its organization. R. T. Amos was elected vice president and t. V. Rochelle was re elected Secretary. The retiring vice president a. E. Tate tendered promotion declined the presidency. The new president was one of the original dozen organizers of the club and a business Man who has been steadfast in his interest in it. I doth of the other officers elected i have been among the most Loyal i supporters of the club and its pro i Gram. The terms of office of six direct army Ai Jervice for the fourth time in year the service is under a special scrutiny the newly constituted Board directors of the High Point country club last night elected Willis h. Washington Jan. 19.�? apr for the fourth time within a year the Virtues and Short comings tors ending the membership meet-1 army air service came under f senior debating learn takes honors from juniors on the Railroad crossing question both teams have american last showing today in a Blue beards seven wives music by orchestra j ing held last nigh to just Beton the j director s meeting chose a half dozen successors. Three of tile old six were re elected they being j. I e. Millis c. C. Prince and j. W. Lambeth jr., the last of Thomas a Ville. Three new directors chosen s for three years were a. S. Parker i w. C. Covington and a. S. Cald a Well. Fred n. Tate resigned his i place in the directorate and j. A Shelman the term. Today at a Public orpheus today entire change of program Chas. Soladar presents his a Brinkley girls 16 people 16 the show that has set the town to talking. Dont miss it Broadway thursday and Friday review Here hearing. With a View to corrective legislation the House military committee began an inquiry covering ground similar to that traversed in turn by the House air Craft committee Tho president s air Board and the Mitchell court martial. To Aid in the drafting of an air service Bill the War depart was selected to fill out ment made Public an outline of the i congressional action it considers other directors of the club Are i necessary to carry out the Recomb. E. Kearns s. H. Tomlinson w. Mendat Ioos of the air Board. The h. Slane r. H. Wheeler r. H. I outline proposed the following Walker it. R. Hagan Wescott Hob amendments to the present Law arson a. E. Tate r. T. Amos re changing Tho name a army air b. Terry and Carter Dalton the financial report of the club wag made by or. Rochelle at last night s meeting and the question ame up once More As to the Par services a to a air appointment of a second assistant Secretary of War to supervise aviation. Appointment of three assistant Chase by the club of the Golf course Arny air chiefs wit i the rank of and club building now owned and brigadier general. Temporary in leased to the club by t is Sunset i crease in rank for certain classes Park company. The president was a officers. Authorized to appoint a committee i More pay and extra government to negotiate with the owners with life insurance for flyers. A View to getting some sort of prop-1 revival of the decoration a order position that the club could and Merit to Reward extraordinary would accept. Peace time achievements in any the spirit of last nights meeting i Branch of the army was determinedly favourable to the authorization for Purchase of air development of the Golf club As a Craft without competitive bidding on the subject migs Minnie Herman wins Honor being Best speaker but looses fight permanent institution of increasing usefulness in the Community. Meeting tomorrow a Bible study class will meet tomorrow afternoon at the residence of mrs. Mccain Johnson Street at 3 of clock. Broadway last showing today courage fights by the Side of love a it always did a tile Scarlet provisions to expand the training of enlisted men As pilots. The War department expects to propose later a five year project to bring army aviation up to the desired strength. Young movie Star has own love philosophy Here is Ben Lyon s philosophy of love if i met another girl like my Mother id marry her today. A girl does no to have to be Beautiful to be attractive personality counts. Of any Man thinks he knows women he Sall wrong at the Start. In be met a thousand girls every one was different. And my idea of a wife Well if i had any idea she d be a combination of Lois Wilson Blanche Sweet Dorothy a Basilan Diana Kane Atherine Ray Ruby Blaine Lucy Fox. When do i expect to marry ask Mother she knows. Everybody a going to see Harold in a girl shy at Broadhurst Friday and saturday. Denny has no peer in the Light comedy. Field. In this scintillating comedy drama he plays with a Bright brilliance that will add Many shining hours of Delight to \ our lung Ter Loving life. Music by Orgon american music by orchestra thursday Friday and saturday a never the t Wain shall meet from the famous Story by Peter b. Kyne a a a a picture with a big All Star cast Anita Stewart Lionel Belmore Bert Lytell in ii ii am Norris Huntly Gordon Emily Fitzroy Justine Johnstone Princess de Bourbon Ceorge Seigmann Florence Turner we ask you to compare our pictures with any other theatre in the state. We done to want just fair pictures of the program Type and this class of pictures will not be shown at the american. E Are careful in our selections and we want you to watch our coming attractions. Extra added attraction thursday Friday and saturday the a Charleston 99 Max Williams professional Charleston dancer will give performances demonstrating both room and stage Steps of the famous Charle Don. Time of act 9 p. M. The negative team composed of Garland Mcpherson and Henry Gurley seniors was awarded a unanimous decision by judges in the annual Junior senior debate last night at the main Street school a. Dit orium. The query was Quot resolved that the people of High Point should vote by popular suffrage a Bond Issue of a million dollars to be used to eliminate Grade Crossings within the City limits provided the railroads will assume three fourths of the the affirmative was upheld by miss Minnie Herman and Robert Overman. Although she and her colleague were Defeated miss Herman won the Honor of being the Best speaker of the occasion and will be awarded a Gold medal by Bob Wagger local jeweler. Henry Gurley was declared second Best speaker. Rip judges the judges of the contest were Paul e. Lindley of the High Point College faculty the Rev. George la. Brown pastor of the first methodist Church and t. Wingate an. Drews superintendent of City schools. Miss Billie Hiatt vice president of the senior class was chairman of the debate and miss Nell Jones Junior was Secretary. Miss Minnie Herman made the opening address for the affirmative. She presented a number of powerful Points Iii favor of elimination of the Grade Crossings in a Clear forceful manner her Rich voice carrying distinctly to every Corner of the auditorium a of Mercoal suicide miss Herman declared it was obvious that the query needed interpretation. She called the judges attention that the query did not read a fall Grade Crossings should be eliminated but that the Money should be used for the elimination of Grade Crossings. She said that meant Only those Crossings that endanger lives or impede Progress should be eliminated and to say that All Crossings should be eliminated would men the City would be robber of its arteries which would result in commercial suicide. She contended that Only those Crossings that present real traffic problems should be eliminated Cost about $3,, to the speaker declared that up to the present time there have been three suggestions presented the City Council for the elimination of the Grade Crossings within the City limits. The first would put the Southern railway around the City at a Cost of approximately $5,Gou too. The second would build underpasses at an estimated Cost of half a million. The third and the one she declared was advocated by the of. Formative is that the Southern tracks should be made lower than the City. She quoted City authorities As saying this would Cost approximately three million dollars. Miss Herman pointed out that the Grade Crossings constituted a real menace to the safety and Prosperity of the citizens of High Point. She reviewed the activities of the chamber of Commerce the mayor and prominent citizens in making an extensive study o situation the mayor she said has Only recently communicated with corporation in the entire South. Duty of Road he declared the negative would attempt to prove the following Points first that the City is unable to carry a $1,000,000 Bond Issue second that the taxpayers should not be forced to give a million dollars to the richest corporation in the South and third that the tracks of the main line of the Southern should be lowered but that it is the duty of the Southern to lower them. More than $1,000,000 he admitted some of the Grade Crossings should be eliminated but argued it would require an expenditure of More than $4,000,000. 1 the speaker said at present the valuation of the City is Only $32,-000,000, and the bonding limit is Only eight per cent of the total valuation which is for All things not classed under the head of a bonded with these figures he pointed out it May easily be seen that the City May be bonded for Only $2,585,359.29. He quoted r. L. Pickett City manager As saying the bonding limit for anything not classed a a necessity is eight per cent and at the present the City is bonded to the extent of $4,282,000. The City Council May vote Bonds for As High As they like for anything classed As a necessity but the City has voted to the limit the amount not classed As a necessity. Jack Fields assistant City manager he said declared under the head of bonded necessities came water and lights department sewerage system and Street department and did not include Public schools Public health Public buildings and the elimination of Grade Crossings. He declared that at the time the City Council was afraid to vate Bonds for a sewerage main in Mechanicsville for fear of ruining the credit of the City. Profit in Carolina or. Mcpherson asked that the judges Bear in mind that in 1924 the Southern railway made just one half of its profit in the state of North Carolina and that High Point is the third largest shipping Point on the Southern line. Robert Overman spoke next for the affirmative favouring eliminating the Grade Crossings stressing the Point that High Points growth has been and is dependent on the railroads and that without the roads the City would be nothing but a Hamlet. He pointed out that elimination of Grade Crossings would be a Mutual proposition that the Railroad would profit to some extent by the project but that the City would reap More benefits. People would object he declared there would come the cry that the poor people should not be taxed to improve the railroads property. Ile insisted that instead of the Bond Issue working a hardship on the people the improvement of the City a property would be an investment. The speaker pointed to the rapid growth of the City and said if the tracks were not lowered the citizens would impoverish themselves and the City. To trains Dally or. Overman referred to information obtained from the chamber of Commerce that 60 trains passed through the City daily. He placed 45 persons As a conservative estimate of the number of test sons held up by each train. It estimated the time lost by each individual As eight minutes which would give a total loss of 400 hours a Day. On the other hand he said the elimination of the Grade Crossings would make possible the read handling of the City a fast Gronim business. Henry Gurley the concluding speaker for the negative was f the awarded the Honor of being the interest including a tulle Scarf of Orchid Jade comb bracelets and unusual necklaces. In addition to miss Stewart and Ben Lytell the cast of a Nerer the Twain shall meet includes such Well known players As Huntley Gordon George Siegmann Ben Deeley Bra est butterwort Justine Johnstone Lionel Belmore and James Wang. Maurice Tourneur directed the production from the scenario by Eugene Mullin. Joseph Urban designed the settings. It is a cosmopolitan picture distributed by Miro Goldwyn Tetra Ethyl gasoline not a Public danger Washington Jen. 20.�? a commercial gasoline containing Tetra Ethyl Lead is not a Hazard to the Public health and there is no reason Why its Sale should be prohibited under proper regulations surgeon general Cumming of the Public health service was informed yesterday by a committee appointed to study the subject. The investigation was ordered by the surgeon general last May As a result of the death of five workers at the Bayway n. J., Plant of the Standard Oil company of new Jersey. The report of the committee was based upon a study of 252 individuals exposed in various degrees to the exhaust fumes of the Gas and who had handled and distributed Tetra Ethyl Lead gasoline. No cases were discovered of Lead poisoning or other diseases resulting from the using of the Gas the report said. Investigation gave special attention to automobile Drivers who were exposed to exhaust gases in a much higher degree than the average automobile owner. It was pointed out however that the health Hazard in the manufacture and blending of Tetra Ethyl Lead is serious and must be the subject of precise regulation and care. The committee asked provision be made for St continuing study of the problem. Defects decrease in student examinations Jackson miss., Jan. 20.�? apr a vast decrease in physical defects of College students has been noted in examinations Over the last decade at Iaslea appt a. And m. College. Or. C. B. Mitchell College physician attributes the improvement to educational work in Public health programs. In a letter to or. F. Under dood state health officer he called attention to the improvement in Teeth and corrected Eye defects. Quot i find practically All Teeth in Good condition whereas nine years ago i Seldom found a set of sound Teeth. There Are thirty seven freshmen with properly fitted glasses. Nine years ago i found Only six with Morgan broke hitting record of int speaker Chicago. Jan. 30.�? a Charley Morgan a Catcher on the Macon team in the South Atlantic league put himself in a class with the Best of them last season when he smashed the record for consecutive hitting which Tris speaker Hung up in 1920. Speakers record was eleven straight and Morgan turned in an even dozen in a Row. The Maco Backstop started his run in a game on May 31, when he hit safely in his last two trips to the plate. In his next game he got four hits out of four at hats. Duplicated the stunt in his next game made a hit in his one time up in a fourth contest and then poled one on his first time up in the fifth game. Suicide is believed to have been prison official orpheus attraction of week is among Best Chaa. 8oladar and his a Brinkley girls a the attraction at the orpheus this week which has showed to packed houses every night promises an entire change of program for today. This company which truthfully boasts of a $10,000 costume display. Has won the verdict of High Point theatregoers As being one of the cleanest attractions to Ever visit the City. Funny comedians headed by Chas. Soladar the Little fellow with the big voice and Billy Lang who is not Only funny but a Clever dancer As Well Good singing gorgeous costumes and Beautiful scenery places this attraction at the head of the list. A Complete change of program will be Given today which Means nothing will be repeated from the first Bill which went Over with such a whoop. _ meeting of Rible class members of the East Green Street Bible class will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2 30 of clock at the residence of in. B. G. Leonard 90$ East Green Street. How doctor treat colds and flu to break up a cold overnight or to Cut Short a attack of Grippe influenza sore Throat or tonsillitis physicians and druggists Are now recommending Caloma the purified and refined Calomel compound Tablet that gives you the effects of Calomel and salts combined without the unpleasant effects of either. One or two Cal Tab at bed time with a Swallow of water a that a Alf. No Salta no nausea nor the slightest interference with your eating work or pleasure. Next morning your cold has vanished your system in thoroughly purified end you Ara feeling Fine with a Hearty appetite for breakfast. Eat what you please a no danger get a family package containing full directions Only 3j5 cents. At a a drug store. V adv old resident Naur death Quot i had not eaten food for to Days and was slowly starving to death. Given up by five doctors i tried a bottle of Mayra a Quot one dose will convince a a which gave Relief at once. I am 75 years old and would have died but for your wonderful Medicine. The jaundice 13 All gome and i am gaining appetite and strength every it is a simple harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically All St Maiv liver and intestinal ailments including appendicitis. One dose will convince or Money refunded. For see by Hart drug co., and druggists everywhere. Mrs. G. Hicks meeting postponed members of the Elinor Stephen Bible class which were first Ach used to meet tomorrow nigh Hay postponed the meeting Antu wide night at 7 30 o clock at Welcl time it will be held at the real dance of mrs. Roy Fowler. Bible Claes meeting members of the Eliza Steven Bible study class will meet Tomor Row afternoon at 3 of clock at tin residence of mrs. John sic Eloi North main Street we have what you want Clarence Saunders. I to All whom it May concern this is to certify that i Samue Mcmillon being the Legal father o one Thomas Mcmilon wha if undo 17 years of age who has Reft in Home and Board will not be Respo Bible for any debts or Dannage do by him and i also forbid All be sons from keeping harbouring hiring him under penalty of Law this Jan. 13. 1926. Samuel Mcmillon. 809 e. Green Street. L-1320 27-2-3 notice of dissolution of partnership. We the undersigned b. L. Ben Nett and d. S. Bennett have this Day sold our interests in the bus Ness known As Bennett brother meat Market located on sout Wrenn Street to messes. W. J Bennett and t. B. Bennett. This ii to notify All persons that Wear no longer responsible for any debt contracted after this Date. All o accounts Are to be paid to a above purchasers and All Bills rent dered to them. Signed b. L. Bennett i signed i. S. Bennett. January 5th, 1926. 1-13-20-27 2-3. Phone 820 230 e. Sycamore St. Greensboro veterinary Hospital or. N. H. Whitehill veterinarian formerly with the dog and cat Hospital Washington d. C. Specialist in diseases of the dog trial of our Quality Coal will convince you that theres none better. Phone us today. City fuel Corl has. F. Blake prop. Phone 335 tour warmest friends it it setting sound argument based on statistical facts from various the president of the Southern rail Way seek lug an investigation of sources he touched his Spach with tile problem and this had resulted j in the tentative except Ance of the offer for an investigation by the official. Will allow $4,000,000 the speaker offered a plan for the elimination of the Crossings whereby the tracks of the Southern would be lowered at a Cost of the Fine flavor of oratory and set Forth his argument in an attractive manner. Although admitting that Many accidents have occurred at Grade Crossings in High Point the speaker maintained that they Avera due in Large measure to carelessness on the part of the travelling approximately $33 000.000, while Public and could be reduced by the allowing $4,u00.000 for that com. I proper precautions without the in a let Ion of the project. Intense expenditures for Grade a Las Herman attempted top Ove i crossing elimination he said that the City is financially Able to Bear i obstructions at Crossings and neg us part of the expense by quoting j figures of the City a assets and re-1 venue. The City a present debt is $4,000,000 $2,000,000 of which is not charged against the City us it i is Revenue producing. She said in 1925 Lite City was valued at $32, i 000,000 and eight per cent of this i value can be voted in Bonds. The City now has $2 560,000 that can i be voted in Bonds she said. No ism is set tile speaker declared that no specific tune was set for the pro j posed project and proposed that this plan be adopted and the program started in 1928, which would allow sufficient time to formulate plans. One of the pouts the speaker brought out was that in Tho lust five years the value of the City has licence on the part of watchmen and other employees of railroads Are often responsible for toll in human life. All Crossings must be made Quot Safe and fool proof a a Young or. Gurley argued he confined bi3 speech to an economic discussion of the question. Troy. N. Y., Jan. 20.�? apr correspondence among the effects u a Man known Here As a John Francis Beckwith pad a whose body was found hanging in a closet in his Home yesterday indicated police said that he was one of the officials of the Atlanta Penitentiary discharged some time ago after discovery of an alleged drug ring in the prison. Beckwith came Here last november and was understood to have come from Miami Fla. Several manuscripts ready for submission to publishers were found in his rooms. He was about 50 years of age. The body was Clad in women a under Sarmenta. You can always get it cheaper at Clarence Saunders. A Uvince Nashville two years prior to six month ago my health was very bad. I suffered with my stomach had pains in my Side Anc Back and was so nervous i Otto. Could not sleep. I became weak am of course was not Able to work. I tried several remedies but nothing did me any Good until i Learnt about or. Pierce s favorite Prescript Ion. It helped me right from the first few doses. I took five bottle and have been Well Ever yrs. G. Hicks 813 Cheatham St. All druggists sell favorite prescription. Liquid or tablets. Write or. Pierce president invalids hotel Buffalo n. Y., for free advice y that keep out the rain a snug fitting Side curtain on your car should make it practically weather proof. Does yours chances ate it does not. Fit your top with our custom made Side curtains if you want the kind that Are really storm proof because storm tight. High Point buggy co. Anita Stewart Wear wonderful gown array although Anita Stewart plays Tho role of a half caste South sea Island girl in Peter d. Klyne s i a never the. Twain shall which is coming to the american theater on tomorrow she wears nevertheless a bewildering array of Beautiful costumes during the increased by per cent and the pres s ent its which take place in the uni on t rate or increase was on an average of 12 per cent a year. Only ask one million she declared the affirmative was Only asking one million of three and a half million thus leaving two Amra halt millions to be spent on other projects. Is it in of Fht Garland Mcpherson took up the fight of the negative in a forceful and convincing manner. He waived the question of the need of removing some of the Crossings but questioned the advisability tit High Point taxing its citizens with a $1.000. Too Bond Issue to improve private property of the wealthiest Ted states. Among the various evening gowns worn by miss Stewart who with pert Lytell is featured in the now photoplay is an unusually exotic creation of flowered Creyonne As a background for heavily beaded designs. Because of its oddness. Smartness and Charm of line it is the popular play s favorite gown. Another evening gown is of Jade Chiffon heavily beaded in crystals and was especially imported by the cosmopolitan corporation for miss Stewart s use in the production. In addition to other attractive creations. There Are numerous accessories w Orn thai arc of commanding 4 Viz a in % lit of a the Fielding suite no. 72s j furniture buyers greetings a cordial Welcome awaits you a 4th floor exposition Butic Knox upholstery company manufacturers of living room furniture originators of the famous k d-3-piece Day in fat e High Point North Carolina a it he

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