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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Artondale looks into presidency by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Washington a sen. Walter f. Mondale has become the second Early entrant into the 1976 presidential race by authorizing formation of a committee to finance a study of his chances. The 46-year-old Minnesota Democrat also indicated that if. He decides to run he will follow the Lead of George Mcgovern and declare formal candidacy far ahead of the traditional election year starting time of january. A being relatively unknown i d have to get into it earlier than some other candidates a he said in an interview after his announcement thursday. Like sen. Charles Percy r-111., who formed an exploratory committee last year Mondale stands Well Back in his party a presidential Field. Hut unlike Percy Mondale May have an easier Road ahead. Those leading him in the polls a Sens. Edmund s. Muskie and George Mcgovern possibly sen. Edward m. Kennedy and gov. George Wallace a Are questionable 1976 candidates. Asked How his plans would be affected by a Kennedy candidacy Mondale said a a if i decide to go i would do so regardless of who else got but he conceded a Kennedy candidacy would diminish his own chances. Only sen. Henry m. Jackson do ash., an unsuccessful 1972 aspirant seems certain to make a 1976 bid. In the Republican Camp however three big party names a gov. Ronald Reagan and former goes. John Connally and Nelson a. Rockefeller a already Are out campaigning though they have yet to form Campaign committees. In addition vice president Gerald r Ford making the traditional disclaimers of candidacy leads the gop polls. Parkway Section closed Roanoke. A. Apr More than half the Blue Ridge Parkway is being closed from today through mid March. This is being done to conserve fuel and to enable maintenance Crews to catch up on Back work. The Mountaintop Scenic drive will be opened in time for Spring travel. Most of the closings will be in Virginia. The North Carolina closed Section includes la Miles from mahogany Rock South of Sparta to n 18 at Laurel Springs Parkway supt. Granville Liles said the campgrounds at Julian Price Park and Linville Falls ., previously open for Winter use would be closed. Restaurant Chain gives refund Greensboro . Apr Hardee s restaurants inc., of Rocky mount ., has refunded $82,034 in overcharges to its customers in North Carolina the internal Revenue service says. The firm operates 250 Ham Burger style restaurants across North Carolina. The refunds were made by absorbing Cost increases that otherwise would have been passed on to the consumer the irs said. An investigation by the irs determined that a Price increase put into effect last August by Hardeep a was not in compliance with Federal Price read the classified poor nutrition ruled out scientists directly link alcoholism and cirrhosis by Warren e. Leary a science writer Boston apr researchers say they have directly linked alcoholism and cirrhosis refuting some theories that the liver disease is related to poor nutrition instead of drinking. In what they described As the first Long Range alcohol study with advanced primates Baboons the researchers said diet is not a primary Factor in the progressive degeneration of an alcoholics liver. A we have shown that chronic alcohol consumption in the Baboon in the absence of nutritional deficiencies is heat toxic and produces All the stages of liver disease clinically associated with chronic alcoholism in Man a they said. Hrs. Emanuel Rubin and Charles s. Bieber of the mount Sinai school of Medicine of the City University of new York. Consumers chief raps milk Price Pinehurst n. C. A mrs. Lillian woo president of the North Carolina Consumers Council has told dairymen that minimum prices for milk should not be fixed. She told the convention of the North Carolina Dairy products Assn. Thursday that the Dairy Industry had used the state milk commission to prevent Price Competition in the Sale of milk. The commission sets minimum prices at the retail level. Mrs. Woo of Raleigh proposed abolition of the rebate system an end to Home milk deliveries and reestablishment of Competition to set milk prices. Under the rebate system retailers May receive a rebate on the Price of milk paid to the wholesaler if the volume is Large enough. Mrs. Woo joined with representatives of the news Media the general Assembly the Dairy Industry and the milk commission for a panel discussion during thursday s session. The convention closes today following a banquet and a speech by lbs newsman Charles Kuralt a native of Charlotte. Dylan packs Charlotte coliseum Charlotte a a standing room Only crowd of More than 13,000 in the Charlotte coliseum roared its approval thursday night of Folk singing idol Bob Dylan on the eighth Stop of his 21-City concert tour. He was Given a two minute standing ovation when he appeared onstage. Two and one half hours later the audience surged from their seats to the stage when in conclusion he gave them a song they a been waiting for like a rolling Dylan wore a Black suit and White shirt instead of the jeans of some of his previous appearances on this his first tour in eight years. He Sang his old standards and several of his about to be released compositions simple songs with simple wishes. A May you stay forever Young a he Sang to his audience some in their mid-30s and older but Mosty in their 20s and teens. Said they also have established the Baboon As the Long awaited Model for studying alcoholism in Man. Rubin said during an interview thursday that the Baboon liver is almost indistinguishable from the human and the Baboons 10-15 year lifespan makes Long Range study possible. In human beings liver Dis a a s e normally progresses through stages. When most people drink fat globules accumulate in the Liv irs finds Gas seller violations Greensboro no. Apr the internal Revenue service says one of every three service stations in the Carolinas it surveyed in december and Early january were found to be violating Price Laws. It said most of the violations were minor although a few instances of suspected Price gouging were under investigation. Karl Kristofferson irs spokesman said to stations in both states was forced to Roll Back a total of $7,000 in overcharges. He said others in Charlotte and Greensboro soon will be forced to Roll Back $10,000. He did not identify tie stations. Or but this normally reverses when drinking stops. Studies show that some people with benign fatty livers who continue to drink get alcohol hepatitis a serious inflamed liver condition in which cells begin to die. Alcohol hepatitis generally is considered a forerunner to cirrhosis an irreversible disease in which part of the liver Dies and scar tissue builds up. Rubin said it is unknown How All these stages of liver degeneration relate but now that there is an effective animal Model the answers should be found soon. In the study published in the current new England journal of Medicine the researchers gave two 13-member Baboon groups controlled nutritious diets. But one group was fed varying amounts of alcohol for differing periods of up to four years. The animals Given alcohol All developed fatty liver. Four showed the characteristics of alcohol hepatitis one showed Complete cirrhosis and another partial cirrhosis. The researchers said the results appeared related to dose and duration of alcohol intake As is thought to be the Case in human beings. A it has been said for Many years that alcohol did no to cause cirrhosis but that the real disease was nutritional a Rubin said. A a but we have shown that alcohol itself is toxic and for the person who drinks excessively a Good diet won t protect How they voted on tax Cut Raleigh a Here is the Roll Call of the North Carolina House on a motion by rep. Sneed High a Cumberland to recommit a $51 million tax reduction Bill to the House finance committee voting a a Aye a a Auman Bis sell Boger Bradley Brown of Wilson Bundy Chase Cobb Davis Dorsey Frye Fulton Gamble Garner Gilmore Greene Hall Harrelson Haynes Hiatt. High Hise Hunt of Orange Jernigan of Cumberland Johnson of Robeson Johnson of Wake Jordan Keesee Lang love Mashburn Mcdaniel Mcknight Michaux. Miller Mitchell Owen Oxendine Payne Phillips Howell Purington Redding Rhodes Roberson Rountree. Smith spoon Stevens of Caldwell Stewart tally tart. Tolbert Tomlin. Twiggs Webb which Ard Wynne Zahner. Voting a a not a Arnold Baker Barker Bell. Blackwell Bright Bryan. Bumgardner Debruhl Everett Falls Farmer Foster Gardner Green Harkins Hightower. Holmes Hunter busking Hyde James of Onslow Jeas of Pasquo tank Jernigan of Hertford Jones Josey Kemp Lawing Lilley Long Mason Messer Mohn Morris Quinn Ramsey of Madison Rogers Sawyer Schwartz soles Speros Stevens of Buncombe Thomas Tison Tyson Watkins White Woodard Wright. Paired for motion Harris paired against motion Brown a of stanly. High Point Enterprise Friday january 18,1974 a negotiations with israelis cause rift in Arab Unity by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Egypt a troop disengagement Accord with Israel seems Likely to churn new uneasiness in the Arab East posing a possibility of new political turmoil and instability. As usual Syria is at the Core of the matter. Its regimes have shown great Talent for demonstrating the fragility of Arab alliances and an old Middle East hand can detect developing new Arab rifts and even rifts within rifts. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger a diplomacy has produced what the syrian regime of president Hafez Assad warned Egypt to avoid. If there was to be disengagement Damascus held it should be simultaneous on both syrian and egyptian fronts. Was Egypt now thinking of Egypt first and Foremost at the least it would seem the egyptians have trod upon sensitive syrian corns and perhaps angered Iraq As Well. Egypt May have looked upon the initial Suez pullback As a step to wider accords but Syria has been saying the two Arab allies planned the War together and thus were obliged to plan any disengagement together. Syria insisted on the letter of the 1967 . Resolution on israeli withdrawal from conquered territory plus what Damascus Calls a guarantee of the National rights of the Palestine president Anwar Sadat of Egypt also linked prospects of settlement to ultimate israeli withdrawal t<5 1967 lines but he sounded less hard line amenable to achieving his goal by relatively slow stages. The Tenor of the growls coming from East of Suez suggests that the Arab Camp with its diverse philosophies and interests remains unable to Bury old Mutual suspicions and hostilities regardless of recent displays of Arab Unity. Syria has sounded bitter since the cease fire. Sadat had something to show for the october War with his forces on the East Side of the Suez canal and his bargaining position strengthened. Syria however lost yet More land As israeli troops drove within nearly 20 Miles of Damascus. Syria boycotted the first stages of the Geneva conference and seems unlikely to reconsider unless there is some Assurance that israeli forces will pull Back from her territory As Well As from Egypt a. I Ford Grubby a Ford 1-40 amp Hwy. 66 Kernersville . Q rect a car As Low As $5 a Day Small we do things we could t do big 273-7438 Nader pushes Congress to get Oil information of you wont to save Money on a first class record player radio transistor radio or cassette recorders come in and see us. We have a few left and priced to save you Many dollars. We Honor All Bank credit cards Quot remember Nash saves you Cash Quot Nash jewelry co. 127 n. Main seafood Platter shrimp oysters fillet of flounder fillet of Perth pan Trout Devil crab. Cole Slaw French Fries hush puppies. Amus seafood restaurant 1718 North main St. Ims also i to North main St. Fillet of flounder51.991 by David Martin associated press writer Washington a two Federal officials and consumer advocate Ralph Nader have urged Congress to require More Complete disclosure of Energy data by Oil Gas and Coal companies. Federal Power commission chairman John n. Nassikas and James t. Halverson director of the Federal Trade commissions Bureau of Competition said thursday that some material Given to government agencies should remain confidential. However Nader told a House subcommittee on regulatory agencies that a there is no information that constitutes a Trade meanwhile evidence was disclosed indicating that some natural Gas producers have tried to buy up and then withhold available reserves waiting for higher prices. Documents in the files of the pc show that an Independent Gas producer testified at an otherwise routine rate hearing several months ago that he had been approached by a number of other producers some of a a a a a a a a a Ltd a Friendly i voice is a As near As i your phone them major Oil companies. According to the testimony he said they sought to buy his reserves to hold in the ground. The producer Douglas l. Bendell an executive of the Okmar Oil co., told the pc that the companies had said they were willing to Gamble that if they held off producing the Gas for several years it would be Worth a great Deal More Money. Bendell refused to identify the companies. Bendell said in a Telephone. Interview that he has not yet sold the Gas either to one of the interested companies or on the Market. An pc official said that to his knowledge no one else had offered testimony As Strong As Bendello a but added that there have been a number of cases in which Gas producers threatened to hold off production if the commission did t Grant them a rate increase. Furniture Market samples at i Pix it prices the Only show room in High Point Selling direct to the Public luncheon Buffet monday thru saturday pizza a lasagna Spaghetti Ali you can eat includes salad family night Mon. Amp tues. 5 to 9 . All food discounted. 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