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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley. Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round Pentagon kept undercover watch on t 4a Friday january 18,1974 something americans Welcome the nations recorded music Industry knows no peer when it comes to sensing Public attitudes and responding swiftly. The most notable recent evidence of that sensitivity has been the Rush to get the Wax renditions of a Canadian television commentators unsolicited tribute to America. The now famous Gordon Sinclair statement is not in itself unique but it comes at a time when Many americans need an injection of National Price buffeted As it has been so constantly of late. Shortly after it was printed in the congressional record the Enterprise reprinted the statement a on last oct. 8, to be precise a but it was several weeks after that when the Brief essay began to get wide attention. Now responding to literally dozens of requests from those who failed to read and clip the first time around we Are repeating it herewith by Gordon Sinclair the United states Dollar took another pounding on German French and British Exchange this morning hitting the lowest Point Ever known in West Germany. It has declined there by 41 per cent since 1971 and this Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the americans As the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people in All the Earth. As Long As sixty years ago when i first started to read newspapers i read of floods on the yellow River and the Yangtze. Who rushed in with men and Money to help the americans did. They have helped control floods on the Nile the Amazon the Ganges and the niger. Today the Rich bottomland of the Mississippi is under water and no foreign land has sent a Dollar to help. Germany Japan and to lesser extent. Britain and Italy were lifted out of the debris of War by the americans who poured in billions of dollars and forgave other billions in debts. None of those countries is today paying even the interest on its remaining debts to the United states. When the franc was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the americans who propped it up and their Reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets of Paris. I was there i saw it. When Distant cities Are hit by earthquake it is the United states that hurries in to help. Managua Nicaragua is one of the most recent examples. So far this Spring 59 american communities have been flattened by tornadoes. Nobody has helped. The marshal plan the Truman policy All pumped billions upon billions of dollars into discouraged counties. Now newspapers in those countries Are projecting the news writing about the decadent warmongering americans. Id like to see just one of those countries that is gloating Over the erosion of the United states Dollar build its own air planes. Come on lets hear it does any other country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing jumbo Jet the Lockheed tristan or the Douglas to if so Why done to they Fly them Why do All International lines except Russia Fly americans planes Why does no other land on Earth even consider putting a Man or woman on the Moon you talk about japanese Technocracy and you get radios. You talk about German Technocracy and you get automobiles. You talk about american Technocracy and you find men on the Moon not once but several times. And safely Home again. You talk about scandals and the americans put their right in the store window for everybody to look at. Even their draft dodgers Are not pursued and hounded. They Are Here on our streets and most them. Unless they Are breaking Canadian Laws. Are getting american dollars from a and a at Home to spend Here. When the americans get out of this bind. As they will. Who could blame them if they said. A the hell with the rest of the world. Let someone else buy the Israel Bonds. Lot someone else build or repair foreign dams or design foreign buildings that won t shake apart in when the railways of France Germany and India were breaking Down through age it was the americans who rebuilt them. When the Pennsylvania Railroad and the new York Central went broke nobody loaned them an old caboose. Both Are still broke. I can name you 5.000 times when the americans raced to the help of other people in trouble. Can you name me even one time when someone else raced to the americans in trouble i done to think there was outside help even during the san Francisco earthquake. Our neighbors have faced it alone and in a one Canadian who is damned tired of hearing them kicked around. They will come out of this thing with their Flag High. And when they do they Are entitled to thumb their nose at the lands that Are gloating Over their present troubles. I Hope Canada is not one of these. But there Are Many smug self righteous canadians. And finally the american red Cross was told at its 48th annual meeting in new Orleans this morning that it was broke. This years disasters. With the year less than half Over. Have taken it All and nobody has helped. Foreign Aid on the ropes president Truman proposed his Point four program of Aid to underdeveloped areas 25 years ago a in his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 1949. The roster of americans opposed to foreign Aid grows longer by the year and yet the program manages to Limp along somehow. By narrow votes in both houses Congress last month authorized nearly $2.4 billion for economic and military assistance in fiscal year 1974. But it cannot be assumed that the program will remain in Force indefinitely. Disenchantment with foreign Aid cuts across partisan and ideological lines. One of the most startling congressional votes of recent years came on oct. 29, 1971, when the Senate rejected a House passed Bill authorizing appropriations for both economic and military assistance in fiscal 1972. In a floor speech entitled a Farewell to foreign Aid a Liberal takes leave a sen. Frank Church d Idaho said a the experience of 20 years of Aid shows that we can neither bring about fundamental Reform in tradition encrusted societies nor prevent revolution in those countries where the tide of change runs deep and Strong. All we can do is to service the status quo in countries where it is not strongly challenged arguing the conservative Case against foreign Aid. Sen. John l. Mcclellan to Ark asserted a for too Long the nation has attempted to Export democracy abroad to unwilling and Unready recipients while neglecting the obvious needs of our people and democratic institutions at Home. Foreign Aid As an instrument of International diplomacy is a Flop and we should Stop a Quarter Century ago foreign Aid was being hailed As an almost unqualified Success. The first postwar phase consisted of emergency assistance distributed through the civilian Supply programs of the . Armed forces and the u n. Relief and rehabilitation administration. Next came reconstruction Aid As exemplified by the Marshall plan. They said it magic gives us a vacation from logic. The conjurer baking a cake in a Many a hat is performing a wonderful service a he is teaching the owner of the hat not to take his head too seriously. A a fan Teller quoted by l. A Ware tremor of television program featuring magi. Nan to explain renewed Public i Lerett in magic. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington perhaps we can shed More Light on How Henry Kissinger and his military aides wound up spying on one another. It grew out of the frustrations of the joint chiefs of staff Over president Nixon a obsessive secrecy. They were often kept in the dark about world moves which affected the armed forces. To keep better informed adm. Thomas Moorer. The pcs chairman set up his own pipeline into the White House. He received photocopies of documents that had been filched right out of Kissinger a secret files. These were delivered by the joint chiefs Liaison officer at the White House rear adm. Robert o. Welander to Moorere a executive assistant capt. Arthur k. Knoizen who presumably turned them Over to Moorer. A sensitive Knoizen also circulated some of the documents to the other military chiefs. Nothing appeared in writing to indicate the documents had been copied from Kissinger a files. But sometimes Knoizen sent a cover memo warning of the a a sensitivity of the material. Another Navy officer capt. Howard n. Kay represented the joint chiefs at meetings of Kissinger shush hush Washington special action group. Afterwards Kay submitted reports of the meetings stamped a secret sensitive a to Knoizen. Separate sets of minutes the third pase a Long term development assistance a has proved most difficult to implement. In proposing his Point four program in 1949. President Truman said a we should Foster capital investment in areas needing development. Our aim should be to help the free Peoples of the world through their own efforts to produce More food More clothing More materials for housing and More mechanical Power to lighten their the trouble is that a the initial groupings for the right roads to development during the 1950s were directed Down Blind alleys by simplistic know How show How interpretations of president Truman s. Idea a argues Rutherford m. Posts vice president for development of the overseas private investment corporation. A a naive optimism was followed by disillusionment and demands for other keys to instant visible new approaches to foreign Aid Are still de ing tried. In the recently passed authorization Bill for instance Congress replaced the old categories of technical and development Loans and Grants with functional categories aimed at such specific problems As nutrition population planning and education. Critics described these changes As a cosmetic a and so they May prove to be. In any event experience shows that improving the lot of a developing country or Region is bound to be a Long and painful As Well As expensive process. Mother Gross rhymes Hen the sinister Force devoured the poor tapes. Indeed with such relish you d think they were crepes he ate All eighteen minutes each bit and each Crumb. Leaving Only the Wail of a . 33ic in. A word edgewise intended for the Pentagon a official use were signed jointly by Warren Nutter then an assistant defense Secretary and James h. Noyes a Deputy assistant Secretary. But unknown to the civilian leaders Kay a More detailed minutes were routed out of Channel directly to the joint chiefs. Launched probe in december 1971, we quoted from secret documents to prove that Nixon and Kissinger had lied to the american people about the . Role in the India Pakistan conflict. This led to an intensive search for our sources by the president undercover the investigation directed by former Kissinger aide David r. Young jr., utilized wiretaps lie detectors and other quasi Legal tactics. But instead of uncovering our sources the a a plumbers stumbled upon the Pentagon spy ring. Footnote Captain Knoizen told us there had been absolutely nothing surreptitious nor sinister about the documents he received from the White House and circulated to the joint chiefs. Captain Kay acknowledged that he had written memos for the joint chiefs summarizing Kissinger a meetings. He insisted this was was perfectly proper since he had been the a action officer for the joint chiefs. Neither Welander nor Kissinger could be reached for comment although Kissinger told us earlier he had no knowledge of Youngs activities after he joined the autos amp antitrust Senate Trust busters Are readying plans to strip general motors Ford and to a lesser extent Chrysler of their subsidiaries the groundwork will be Laid at Public hearings next month. Chopping Down the motor monsters to a More competitive size the Trust busters believe would have saved the automobile Industry from the economic Impact of the fuel crisis. Now dealers Are stuck with 100-Day backlogs of unsold Gas guzzlers. This has forced the manufacturers to shut Down production lines idling almost 100,000 Auto workers. General motors with Only a Quarter of its production in Small cars anticipates a sales drop of eight to 12 per cent this year. Ford and Chrysler Are desperately trying to turn 50 per cent of their production to smaller Gas saving cars. Hearings this will be explored in open testimony next month by sen. Phil Hart s antitrust subcommittee. The committees secret study indicates that if More smaller companies like american motors manufactured cars parts and accessories the abrupt shift from big to Small cars would be far less painful. Hart a Democrat from the motor state of Michigan will chair the hearings. But the background for the first we Klong session will come largely from a Young lawyer Bradford Snell who for months has been working 12-hour Days on a strategy for breaking up the Auto giants without harming the Economy. Hart s plan is not to split general motors into Independent companies for Chevrolet Pontiac bricks and Cadillac respectively or to break up Ford into separate Ford Mercury and Lincoln companies. Instead he believes the enormous economic Power of the a big two can be curbed simply by requiring them to give up their dealerships their parts and accessories subsidiaries their truck divisions and financing and insurance interests. Elaborate plan Snell has worked out an elaborate divestment plan which is now locked up in the subcommittees Safe. For the february hearing. Hart plans to Call in experts from the Federal government business world and academic Community to present their ideas for improving Competition in the Auto Industry and avoiding such economic catastrophes As the fuel crisis has brought on. Later the Auto moguls will be invited to present their views at another round of hearings. Footnote after he is through with the Auto Industry senator Hart will hold hearings on How to split up the steel and Energy industries. Then he will tackle the communications giant american Telephone and Telegraph. Federal Law provides no privilege by John p. Roche King features Syndicate it is hard to open a paper these Days without Reading that someone is claiming he cannot be forced to give evidence because his status is president Nixon has invoked a executive privilege in resisting the Senate watergate committees demand for some 500 items from White House files. Out in California a journalist who refused to divulge where he got information on the Manson Case and was promptly tucked in the bucket for contempt of court claims that his relationship with his informant was privileged. And now in Minneapolis the Rev. Or. Paul Boe a lutheran pastor who witnessed key events in the siege of wounded knee s d., asserts that he is immune from compulsory process because of clerical privilege and some mysterious entity called a Federal common strange decisions All these conflicts Are in the process of adjudication and one can predict that strange decisions will emerge. Indeed the California Case has already become a bit esoteric. When a witness refuses to testify As did the Newspaperman in this instance the judge has the right to Send him to jail for summary contempt. In theory this is not a a a punishment which would require a jury trial and the other accoutrements of due process of Law because the individual has the a key in his pocket a that is he can emerge from jail any time he is prepared to spill the Beans. It is simply this journalist however has made it Clear that they can keep him in jail indefinitely he wont Tell. So now another California court is exploring whether his continued imprisonment does not go beyond the limits of coercion and constitute punishment. Should it so decide he would be released a and the moral for witnesses would be a hang in there the Case of or. Boe Falls into a different category. The relationship Between pastor and parishioner like that Between lawyer and client or doctor and patient is not automatically privileged. However privilege has been conferred by state Law in Many jurisdictions. There is no Federal statute on the subject and a a Federal common Law right is sheer invention in 1812 the supreme court declared there was no such thing but what is involved in or. Boers instance is not any information obtained by him in his pastoral capacity he was asked what he saw and heard during the confrontation Between the government and Indian extremists at wounded knee last year. It was Boers political status he was one of those who encouraged the formation of the american Indian movement aim not his Sacerdotal role aim is not composed of National whirligig lutheran that led to the demand for his testimony. Leaving aside the interesting question of the extent to which any special privileges for churches or ministers e g., state Aid to parochial schools violate the first amendment guarantee of the separation of Church and state what we have Here is the Case of a citizen who happens to be a cleric refusing to provide evidence on Nasty events that occurred Well outside of his ecclesiastical Bailiwick. If the . Court of appeals sustains Boers claim to silence the consequence would be that if say a priest witnessed a murder on the Street he would be immune to compulsory process. No foundation finally we get to or. Nixon a plea that the White House materials demanded by the Ervin committee Are protected by a executive first of All there is no statutory foundation for the doctrine of executive privilege. What has happened since 1788 is that by and Large the nation has been run by rational characters a both in Congress and in the White House a who knew that if you played too hard with anything it would break. Thus president Nixon is on firm ground when he cites George Washington a refusal to turn documents Over to Congress and probably 156 similar episodes in the years subsequent bul you can ransack the attic indefinitely for precedents and still end up in constitutional terms on Square one a to repeat there is no Federal common Law where such precedents would add up to a Legal doctrine based on custom. In Short 157 times Zero is still Zero. Yet probably the worst thing that could happen would be a final supreme court holding on the subject of a executive privilege a one Way or the other of the court held for the president the excessive secrecy that characterizes the modern executive Branch under democrats and republicans alike would be buttressed. If the court held against him it would encourage congressional fishing expeditions and destroy the atmosphere of confidentiality that is often essential. In Short the Constitution is too important to be left to the lawyers. Let us see some of that american Genius for Compromise. Suez handover shakes the Western world by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington if Secretary of state Henry Kissinger were exerting heaviest diplomatic and economic pressure upon Panama to permit the russian Navy to dominate the Panama canal presumably there would be much gnashing of Teeth in our land. But this almost precisely is what he is doing in the Case of the Suez canal. He is badgering Israel to turn Over the key link of the narrow seas and incidentally the Linchpin of perimeter defense. Unlike his predecessor William Rogers or. Kissinger has a Lively sense of what he is doing resulting in his ruminations at times that history will judge him harshly. Actually one need not wait for history. In one sentence Disraeli by hard and Brilliant diplomacy occupied the worlds great sea Gate for the West and Kissinger by sophomoric softness after it had been yielded handed it Back after it had been recaptured. Flim Flam this is tragic enough but to attempt to Flim Flam the West that he has achieved a dazzling Disraeli coup is an insult to its literacy let alone its intelligence. Truth often comes from the Mouths of the enemy. Stalin advising Djilas to collapse the communist yugoslavian attack on Greece told him that if he conquered the West would have no option but to Start world War Iii. Stalin explained that the West could never permit a russian Fleet in the Mediterranean. Well of course there is a big one there now outnumbering the . Sixth in a ratio of three to two. On the prowl in the Indian Ocean is a russian flotilla. In the Indian Ocean bottling the red sea is the Island of Scotia a a russian naval base. The opening of the Suez canal will weave around the arabian Peninsula the first threads of russian sea domination of the Middle East Oil Fields. Hangman s knot times have changed since Disraeli. What was once the lifeline of the British Empire has become the pipeline of Western Europe and Japan. Everyone knows what has happened since the arabs Cut the flow by land. The loss of the Suez Means that the soviet Navy can Cut the flow by sea whether or not we or the arabs like it. Of course every person of any stature in Europe understands this completely Suez is the Hangman a knot in the sea noose around Europe s Oil Supply. Naturally enough or. Kissinger is no father figure of Trust and affection in either Western Europe of Japan. In fact what or. Kissinger has done is Wager everything on a supposed new Era of peace based on new cordial relations with Moscow and peking. From this there has accrued so far exactly nothing of Benefit to the United states. On the contrary we have lost much. To name the least we have been out traded shamefully in the heralded a wheat the russians already have a 200 per cent profit on wheat for which they have to years to pay a and the american inflation spiral received another rocket boost. Spending hike quite naturally the russians Are falling All Over themselves for a Washington a detente a meaning staggering credits for Long terms which theoretically will be used to pay for the massive and immediate delivery of Modem american equipment. In the meantime the russian military budget has been stepped up. Much More seriously our allies feel they Are pawns whose interests Are being traded off in this desperate a a peace Effort to placate Moscow and peking

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