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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather partly Cloudy Cool More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 18 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon january 18,1974 24 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Kissinger Heads Damascus pullback pact signed talks begin with Syria by the associated press Egypt and Israel signed Mili tary disengagement documents today and Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger will Fly to Damascus sunday for talks on a separation of syrian and israeli forces a . Official said. Egyptian president Anwar Sadat will Fly to Damascus also on saturday for talks with the syrians on disengagement of the syrian and israeli armies in the Golan Heights the officials said. A we will Start the talks with the syrians with the same dedication and Good will that was shown in Egypt Kissinger said in Aswan Egypt. Egypt announced that syrian president Hafez Assad already had authorized Sadat to begin talks with Kissinger on syrians behalf. Egypt and Syria were the main combatants against Israel in last october s Arab israeli War. Syria retook and then lost part of the syrian Golan Heights captured by Israel in the 1967 War and in addition lost new territory to the israeli army. Israeli foreign minister Abba Eban told newsmen his government is ready for a disengagement agreement with Syria. A a the Ball is in their court a he said. Israel has insisted it would not negotiate with Syria until the syrians furnished a list of the israeli prisoners of War they Are holding and allowed the International red Cross to visit them. Israeli Premier Golda Meir signed a copy of an egyptian israeli agreement in Jerusalem while Sadat signed another at Aswan. Egyptian and israeli chiefs of staff signed disengagement documents at a desert tent Between their forces on the West Side of the Suez canal. Cairo agreed to Cut its forces East of the Suez canal to 7,000 troops and 30 tanks and to withdraw All antiaircraft missiles to a Point seven Miles West of the waterway. The disengagement is known to Call for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank of the canal and to pull its army Back 18 to 30 Miles from the East Bank to the Gidi and Mitra passes in the Sinai Peninsula captured by Israel in the 1967 War. The egyptian israeli disengagement agreement could open the Way for negotiations on finding solutions to the causes of three Arab israeli wars Over a Quarter of a Century. The two countries will get their Chance Jan. 24 when the Mideast peace talks resume in Geneva. The talks started last december but faltered because of old territorial disputes and claims of War atrocities. Dean Martin or. Held on firearms charges Washington a Dean Martin jr., 22-year-old son of actor Singer Dean Martin has been arrested and charged with illegal Possession of firearms Federal officials said today. A spokesman for the 2��l for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Lending an ear q. Action line is supposed to have somebody to talk to you at any time. We Are very worried and it is 2 or 3 of clock in the morning and somebody 65 or 70 years old needs somebody to talk to when they Are worried and upset and if action line has that they record it and what is the use to see this in the paper next week As i need somebody to talk to now not next week. Anon. A. The time lag Between questions being asked and answers received is discouraging. That a Why we wish the column was More realistically named a action eventually or maybe the problem is that at least to times As Many questions Are asked than there is room to print them or time to find the answers. And to be perfectly honest if anybody asked us personally for advice at 2 or 3 in the morning they d be in worse shape than they were before they called if you Are Ever worried or upset again it is far better to Call Contact at 882-8121. Any time of the Day or night their phone is answered by a person not a machine. If the one answering cannot give immediate help with your specific problem he or she can put you in touch with someone who can. Searching for a pastor q. We attend a missionary Baptist Church. Our pastor retired recently. How do we go about getting another pastor the Correct Way is it the Baptist Way for one or two to do All the deciding or should it be the whole Church. Please answer soon As possible. It could be a matter of life or death for our Church. Anon. A. It would be most unusual for a whole Church to agree unanimously on any matter. Rather than Labelling the procedure a the Correct Way or a the Baptist Way a How about calling it the most agreeable Way which is followed by Many churches whose pastors Are not appointed. They elect a pulpit or pastoral committee at a congregational meeting that is representative of both sexes All age groups and opinions conservatives moderates liberals if such differences Are apparent. Have the committee As a group visit a number of churches to listen to the pastors and report Back. Members of the congregation should be free to make suggestions to the committee about pastors they have heard or heard about who May be a Good candidate. When the visiting is completed the committee usually makes a recommendation to the congregation. An invitation is extended to the Prospect to visit the congregation and give a trial Sermon. The congregation then votes on whether or not to Issue the Call and its up to the pastor to accept or reject the offer. It Hurt at All to Pray for guidance in the selection and for Grace to accept the majority a will if ones own preference was not chosen. A Gas pump crisis q. If Gas goes Over $1 a gallon and the meters Register .99 9/10, How much will that Cost him to change the meters or. . A. The computers for most of the Gas pumps in the country Are made by a Hartford Conn. Firm according to George Robinson of Gilbardo inc. There Are three wheel and four wheel computers and those made prior to 1960 can to compute amounts totalling More than $4 99. For these old pumps the Price including tax must be posted in it gallon increments. As now happens at truck stops where 3-wheel computers Are on the pumps when the total amount goes Over $9.99, the computer returns to 0.00 with the next tenth of a gallon and the Bill is automatically $10.00 More than the balance shown on the computer. Should the Price Ever soar to $1.00 a gallon the 3-wheel computers would have to be posted with the a gallon Price and the pre-1960 models would have to be rebuilt or replaced. Robinson said there Are adapter kits but they Are rather expensive and complicated. Alcohol tobacco and firearms Bureau of the department of the Treasury said Martin was arrested thursday at his Home in Beverly Hills Calif. Martin was scheduled for arraignment later today in los Angeles the Bureau spokesman said. The spokesman said five machine guns a .20mm Cannon and a Supply of ammunition were confiscated at Martins House. The Bureau spokesman said the machine guns included an m2 carbine a British Sten gun a Thompson 45-caliber sub machine gun and two belgian pm machine guns. He would not say How the agents Learned of the firearms. But the los Angeles times said Federal agents made the arrest thursday afternoon after an alleged Sale of an ak47 semiautomatic weapon and an ar15 automatic Rifle to an undercover agent for $625. The Bureau spokesman in Washington said Martin was charged with unlawful posses Sion of a machine gun. Martin a premedical student at the University of California at los Angeles is married to actress Olivia Hussey. Young Martin gained Fame As an entertainer in the mid-1960s As a member of the Dino Desi and Billy recording group in which he was partnered with the son of actress Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Efforts to reach his father who is in Tucson ariz., for the Dean Martin Tucson open Golf tourney were unsuccessful. Federal officials said the arrest culminated a month Long investigation headed by . Attorney William Keller and Steve Morrissey special agent in charge of the los Angeles office of the Federal alcohol tobacco and firearms Bureau. A veil of secrecy was maintained until Early today after the arrest thursday afternoon. Federal officials limited their initial comment to a a alcohol. Tobacco and firearms has made a significant seizure of Dean Martin or. Firearms. It was significant because of the unusual nature of the asst. . Attorney Bob Perry questioned about the arrest initially declined to make an identification saying a Katf is under instructions to keep the lid on this. We expect there will be an arraignment tomorrow Friday which will be a major news Federal officials said a further investigation was under Way to determine How the entertainer was Able to obtain the weapons he is alleged to have possessed. Holshouser s plea heeded House delays action on tax Cut measure Raleigh a commanding a coalition of republicans and Liberal democrats gov. Jim Holshouser has won his first confrontation with democratic leaders in the North Carolina general Assembly. Holshouser a Victory came thursday when the House voted 59-49 to Send a $50.9 million tax reduction measure Back to the finance committee for further study. Democratic leaders immediately said they hoped to bring the Bill Back to the floor next week and predicted it would be approved but they were clearly surprised by the dissolution of the majority they had predicted would Side with them on the tax Cut question. The tax result Ion measure came to the floor after being approved last fall by the finance committee. It had the Strong backing of House speaker James e. Ramsey a per son finance committee chairman Liston b. Ramsey a Madison House majority Leader William Watkins d Gran Ville. And others. Several hours earlier Holshouser in a speech to a joint session told the legislators they would be acting irresponsibly if they passed a tax Cut before knowing How the Energy crisis would affect state revenues. The Bill in question would have Given manufacturers and retailers a tax break by allowing them to take a credit on their state income tax payments for the inventory taxes they pay to local governments. What s inside amusements. .12 a Bridge. Classified ads. Comics. .12b crossword. Editorials. Financial. Obituaries. .2b sports. .3-5 b television. .9 a women a news .6-7 a weather. Poorer received documents Egypt Israel agree on pullback map left shows the present areas dictated the probably extent of israeli along the Suez canal held by egyptian occupied positions under the withdrawal and israeli forces. At right according to agreement reached thursday. Israeli diplomatic sources in Tel Aviv is in held terrain is shaded in both maps. Map wire photo primary change White House rejected questioned by Reese Hart the credit would be 20 per cent the first year and Rise in stages to too per cent after five years. The Bill would have Given every personal income taxpayer a $20 deduction by lowering the rate in the lowest bracket it would also have increased the personal exemption for senior citizens with incomes of less than $10,000 per year. Rep. Herbert Hyde a Bun Combe introduced an amendment that would have replaced the inventory tax credit with an exemption from inventory taxes for manufacturers and merchants and would have Given Block state Grants to local governments to make up for their lost Revenue. Hyde said the state Constitution did not permit the legislature to Grant tax credits. His amendment was accepted by the Bill s sponsors. But before it could be voted on. Rep. Sneed High a cum Briand an opponent of the tax package moved that the Bill and the amendment be sent Back to the finance com see House on 2 a by Reese Hart associated press writer Raleigh apr any attempt to change North Carolina s primary election Date apparently is dead at least in the 1974 session of the general Assembly. Rep. Ernest Messer. A Hay Wood. Chairman of the House elections committee said today he has recommended that the Senate elections committee not approve a House passed Bill to change the Date from May to september the Senate democratic caucus agreed in a closed meeting thursday not to support the House passed measure the action is a Strong indication that the general Assembly will push to adjourn by april i in order that legislators seeking reelection can return Home in time to do some campaigning before the May 7 primary. A i think the primary Date should be left alone this year a Messer told the associated press in an interview. A everybody is gearing their election Campaign to the May 7 Date. I Don t think it would be fair to change the filing Date of feb. 25 or the primary during the 1973 session the House passed and sent to the Senate a measure to change the primary to the first tuesday after the first monday in september which would be sept. 3 this year. Messer said it would be impossible to hold the primary at that time and still have a Runoff primary and Issue Absentee ballots. He noted it would take considerable time to canvass and certify the vote from the first primary and print ballots for a second primary. Messer said the purpose in changing the primary Date was to reduce the Campaign time before the november general election. Efforts to move the Date to june. July or August ran into opposition because it would interfere with vacation plans of voters. Since this is an election year Messer said the Issue should be left alone and the 1975 general Assembly can take a close look at it and decide what action if any should be taken. Messer said he had discussed the matter with sen. Herman moored Mecklenburg chairman of the House elections committee the Veteran Haywood county lawmaker said he had not heard any clamor to change the primary Date. On gaps Washington a an assistant special prosecutor asked a White House lawyer today about alleged new gaps in watergate related tapes turned Over to a Federal District court by the White House assistant prosecutor Richard Benveniste asked White House lawyer j. Fred Buzhardt if he was aware that a cassette recording of the president s recollection of a March 21 meeting with John w. Dean Iii ended in mid sentence after objections from White american kills Viet protester Saigon a the american wife of a United states government official drove her car through a crowd of angry demonstrators outside the . Commissary today killing a vietnamese Man and injuring a vietnamese woman. . Embassy officials said. Eyewitnesses said the woman tried to drive through a picket line out of the commissary compound in suburban Newport. She patently panicked when the demonstrators stoned her car and jumped on it. They said. American officials said the woman was Billie a. Stewart of Takoma Park md., wife of William Stewart an accountant with the . Agency for International development. South vietnamese police took mrs. Stewart into Sec american on 2a House lawyer James d. St. Clair. Benveniste agreed to refer to it As a an incomplete Buzhardt replied that he was aware and that it was not unusual for such dictation to include incomplete sentences. Then Benveniste asked him if he recalled the dictation Belt of presidential recollection of a june 20 Telephone conversation with John Mitchell a Call that was not recorded on the White House taping system. The presidential recollection on that Belt was Only 23 seconds Long court documents show. Benveniste then asked Buzhardt a can you explain Why the dictation Belt picks up in the Middle of a sentence after a 38 second pause following Nixon s description of the Mitchell Call. A i was not aware that it Buzhardt replied. Buzhardt said it was not unusual for pauses to exist in the dict Abelt recordings because president Nixon had the habit of pushing the microphone Button and releasing it. A is it also possible the dictation was gone Over with the erase button0,�?� Benveniste asked. A no a Buzhardt said. At that Point White House lawyer James d. St. Clair objected that there had been no evidence to imply an erasure. A the asked him if it was . District judge John j. Sirica said. A a anything is St. Clair persisted. A a it a a question not based on he said. The judge asked Benveniste if he had any basis for the question and the 30-year-old prosecutor replied a i done to see White on 2a Jaworski reports plea bargaining by Mike Shanahan a military writer Washington a adm. Thomas h. Moorer chairman of the joint chiefs of staff today acknowledged receiving some illicitly obtained documents from Henry a. Kissinger a National Security Council office. But the Admiral said he never closed off the irregular Channel of information because everything he received was duplicated through Normal contacts with the White House. Moorer appeared on no cd a today show making his first personal response to reports that the joint chiefs of staff in 1971 had been spying upon the secret diplomatic moves of Kissinger then president Nixon a National Security advisor and now Secretary of state. Moorer denied any attempt by the nations top military leaders to illicitly Channel information to the Pentagon. The Admiral said some White House documents arrived on his desk because Navy Yeoman i c Charles e. Radford a clerk in the joint chiefs Liaison office within the National Security Council would Type an extra copy of All documents he prepared. The extra copy would be delivered to Moorer by rear adm Roberto Welander Radford a Boss Moorer said. Moorer said he was aware of the practice but dismissed it As unimportant since he was already familiar with everything Radford passed along. There have been published reports that the joint chiefs were angry and frustrated because Kissinger tended to keep to himself details of new diplomacy with China and the soviet Union the winding Down of the Vietnam War and the strategic arms limitation Moorer on 2a adm. Thomas h. Moorer Washington apr special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski confirmed today that his office is plea bargaining with several figures in the probe. A a it a fair to say ifs More than one plea bargaining negotiation going on a he said on the neg a a today program when asked if watergate figures had tried to Exchange a formation for recommendations of lenient criminal sentences. A if you ask me if i had some discussions i would say yes a More than one. Their names Are known to you and those who listen to you a he said. But he declined to elaborate or Dis close names of those involved. Jaworski said if his investigation indicated that president Nixon had knowledge a that was needed or of assistance in providing the information we need to know would request that he Supply it. Of i reach that conclusion i would do a the investigations we re conducting cover the waterfront. One of my mandates is also to investigate the president a and then turn Over his findings to the appropriate watergate grand jury Jaworski said he said he was under Legal restrictions which prohibit him from presenting his information Only to anyone but the grand juries. A if . District court judge John a Sirica would lift the cloak of secrecy i could share the information with the House committee a he said. The reference was to the House judiciary committee which is conducting an impeachment inquiry. Congress might also pass legislation enabling him to relay the results of his investigations Jaworski said but a there might be some question of its a

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