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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor air travellers Protection comes second 4a saturday january 12,1974 from the new Orleans times Picayune South s population Boom the . Department of Commerce recently disclosed data pertaining to a significant population increase in Southern and Western states since the last official census in 1970. The new statistics show that in the past three years population has jumped 3.3 per cent nationwide but has surged ahead 5.1 per cent in the South and 5 per cent in the West. States in the northeastern and North Central sections of the country experienced increases of Only 1.3 and 1.8 per cent respectively. Every state in the South except two surpassed the National 3.3 average. Only West Virginia and Mississippi fell below with 2.8 and 2.7 per cent respective increases. From the twin City Sentinel though the Commerce department did not speculate on the reasons for the greater numbers South and West it can be presumed that the growth is not due entirely to a higher birth rate. Both regions the South in particular Are probably offering the Mobile populace of America More living business Industrial economic and social advantages than Ever before. The lures apparently Are working and people Are flocking Here. The South by a scant margin is gaining More faces in More places than the West. There s a lot More Down South than used to meet the Northern Eye. Just Basic service the new interstate Commerce commission regulations on the Quality of rail passenger service demand nothing of Amtrak and private rail companies that they should not have been willing to do voluntarily. As rail travel becomes More popular in this period of scarce fuel there can be no excuse for passenger service As poor As Many lines have been giving. One of Amtrak s worst drawbacks was that passenger service was left largely in the hands of the same private lines that ruined rail passenger service in the first place through decades of ineptitude and indifference. Rail travel has been getting better slowly in spite of this Handicap but Only a Complete change of management or strict controls on the Quality of service promised significant improvement. It is difficult to see How any passenger line can object to such simple requirements As clean rest rooms a maximum 30-minute wait for baggage and dining and sleeping cars on Long overnight runs. The very fact that rules had to be passed on such Basic amenities seems to prove the need for detailed regulation of service. Other requirements will bring rail service from the Raleigh times up to the standards of efficiency and convenience that travellers have rightly come to expect of transportation lines passenger trains May not be shunted aside for freights a 24-hour, nationwide reservation and information system must be developed rail lines must provide travellers with food and lodging if they miss connections because the trains run late. Rail lines that provide service within the limits set by the inc will be doing no More than a Basic Good Job for their patrons. They will simply be making their passenger services As convenient efficient and pleasant for travellers As they should have been All along. Americans May be willing to endure poor rail service if they can find no better Way of getting about but if the Energy crisis subsides. They will quickly return to other modes of travel that offer convenience Comfort and punctuality. The rail lines cannot go on forever treating their riders As if they were Lucky to get the last seat on the last train out of Atlanta before Sherman arrived. The new inc rules should go a Long Way toward eliminating that attitude and the sort of service it produces. Resolved to talk less must new years resolutions always be. Momentous swearing off or important proposals for better behaviour Arentt Little things just As guilty of driving the desperate to drink and curdling Harmony in the Home take talking. If we dig our Graves with our Teeth certainly we erode friendships and alienate intimates with our tongues and largely unconsciously. Why not resolve to Stop butting into others conversations walking into a room talking May seem to be a Short Cut for you but it can be annoying As the Devil to those whom you Are interrupting. Continuing talking to someone As he is going out the front door is irritating As Many a husband has pointed out to his Long winded wife. Resolve also not to be a guest who spins out goodbyes once he has his feet pointed out. And determine not to mumble or talk too Low to be heard Over the hum of household appliances. It is a Subtle torture to the unwilling listener who is hesitant to turn off the vacuum cleaner the dishwasher washing machine Only to have the Mutterer loftily reply in a Hurt tone. A never mind Wasny to also decide you will resist the temptation to Tell an acquaintance How you actually feel when he says a How Are you a and plan not to tag on to All your parting remarks a you All come see us a because this usually meaningless phrase leaves you open i to the charge by our critics that much Southern hospitality is hollow neighbourliness and 2 to the risk that a naive individual will take you up on this trite offer. From the Durham morning Herald getting in at country store Only those who frequent them know what it s really like to be among the a a in crowd of the fast fading country store that once flourished before suburban living became popular. There Are still a few country stores on the fringes of town usually tucked away a off the beaten generally they sell what supermarkets consider slow moving Low profit items. There Are still a few horse collars Chimney lamps and hinges and locks for barn doors. More important there Are usually big feed sacks for seats placed strategically around Wood stoves that draw Good crowds this time of year. A stranger though visiting a country store for the first time sometimes finds a Cool reception from the a a in crowd. He is welcomed to come in make his Purchase and even warm up a bit around the stove before departing but he had better have sound ground for a conversation when he opens it. Its perfectly Safe and permissible to talk from the san Diego Union no easy Way out by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington a confidential House report charges that the two Federal agencies which Are supposed to make air travel tolerable for the traveler pander instead to the airline Industry. As a result says a staff report of the House Commerce committee passengers complaints have More than doubled since 1970, and some about the weather. He can make any comment generalization or prediction As Long As he remains conservative. Brash statements about big snows Long Rainy periods or droughts Are not welcomed. A Brave newcomer might mention politics but again he should be ready with a Strong defense for any ventured statement since the Mere mention of the subject is Likely to turn All Heads and provoke Long periods of silence while rebuttals form. Taboo of course is the subject of religion. There is simply no cause to bring the matter up. The mention of it usually brings hard icy stares or interminable silence. Feed sack seats a warm Wood stove and soft drinks definitely do not provide an atmosphere for theological discussions. Approach the a a in crowd members respectfully though Greet them warmly abide by the rules of the close Little fraternity and the stranger will be Well received. Indeed with tact Good country store manners and persistence he might even eventually be accepted As one of the a a in group. Ten years ago new Hampshire scrounging for funds to Aid local school districts and relieve a spiralling tax rate authorized a state lottery. Since then the idea has been proposed in other states As a Panacea for tax ills. But the education commission of the states pointed out recently that in 1964 new airlines run late flights 75 per cent of the time. A a yet the civil aeronautics Board and the Federal aviation administration pay More attention to the airlines than the Public the document charges. A the increased number of complaints is significant evidence that the problem. Is pervasive throughout the United states a declares the report. A the inaction of the cab and the Faa in the face of numerous complaints and apparent substandard service. Warrants legislative late landings a three Man investigative team checked airports on the Eastern Seaboard. The samplings showed that american airlines flights reached the airports on schedule Only 25 per cent of the time. Braniff planes managed to make it to the airports on time 28.8 per cent and Eastern Hampshire ranked last among the states in Aid to education. Despite the a a cure of the lottery new Hampshire still clings to the 50th spot in state ratings today a and the tax rate inches upward. There Are no miraculous alternatives apparently to sane spending and responsible budgets. A 9 v a a a a �?T74 a a it a just a fishing expedition achieved a 50 per cent record. However Eastern a famous hourly shuttles sometimes ran on the hour and a half. The delays were often controllable or at worst predictable. The reasons for the late arrivals according to the House investigators were a weather air traffic control mechanical defects strikes Airport congestion Airport construction tardy flight Crews poor airline management fuel tracing the history of late arrivals the report states that rules were proposed in 1956 to curb controllable delays. These were a watered Down by the cab a however because of a air Carrier accepted claims instead of standing up for the passengers whom the cab is supposed to protect the Agency accepted dubious airline arguments that such rules would a Force an increase in operating costs and result in a loss of Revenue and Good on the contrary the report asserts a the result or reforms would seem to be exactly the opposite a because better service would make airline travel More attractive. The confidential 16-Page document concedes that pressing for on time arrivals could Lead to accidents if safety is sacrificed. But if offers a few recommendations beginning with airline honesty in telling passengers that certain flights Are behind schedule. The report also Calls for the construction of More airports and advocates diverting noncommercial flights away from congested commercial airports. Footnote the investigation was requested by rep. John Murphy d-n.y., a committee member. In travelling Back and Forth to his Staten Island District Murphy finally lost patience with delays and complained to chairman Harley staggers d . Postal problems sworn affidavits from former postal employees who worked in the Senate Post office have raised some serious questions. All the sex employees swore that they tried to discuss their charges with their superiors with no results. They brought the charges to us. Therefore As a last resort. Here a what they allege in the affidavits a despite regulations that the mail of each senator must be subjected to an a Ray search for possible explosives the mail is frequently delivered a inspected. Even after a warning Early last month that some letter bombs May have been mailed to Capitol Hill from Canada the mail Wasny to fully screened. A some of the postal employees who operate the a Ray scanning device have had no training at All. One of the postmen was told by a Superior a that these individuals will receive proper training sometime Early next a a postal employee named Renaldo a a Muzzie Spitelle according to the sworn affidavits inspected a piece by piece senator Joe Biden a mail despite the fact that Spitelle neither delivered his mail nor a pitched it Spitelle got his Post office Job under the sponsorship of sex sen. Caleb Boggs r-del., whom Biden Defeated. The officials responsible for investigating or preventing these abuses were reluctant to discuss them with us. Postmaster Hobart Williams told my associate Bob Owens that a we can to allow any newsmen Here in the Post office. He asked Owens to leave saying a we can to Tell you or anybody else Good afternoon minister tells of Tours in Britain by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus guest columnist today is Robert m. Hardee a retired methodist minister who recently returned after accompanying a number of local people on a methodist heritage tour of England. His experiences and impressions afford an interesting travel report. A your first trip was to Wesley House where John Wesley founder of methodism preached where he is buried and where mementos of him Are greatly treasured. Wesley House is not far from Westminster Abbey the historic British Structure in which a great Deal of time could be taken in the Nave of that vast Cathedral. A Westminster Abbey is the official place of the Cor nations of British Kings and Queens the site of Royal weddings and other ceremonies of state. Many of the English Kings Are buried there along with greats of English scholars and statesmen. Some wonder at the display of weapons and military symbols in such array and the Coats of arms All Over the place the statues of great leaders in every Nook and Corner of the immense place. A we found the English people More polite and better mannered than most americans. The English have their Royalty and their pomp and ceremony their traditions. Their police and courts enjoy highest respect of the British people. And As most know British police do not carry guns. Women can walk wherever they please after dark without fear. We did not see one american made automobile they drive on the left Side of the Road. Most All the cars Are Small ones like Volkswagen although a lot of Small cars Are manufactured in Britain. A there Are Large industries in England As there Are in the United states. I was especially interested in parliament and took part of my time there. On a bus i met a member of parliament and when we got to parliament Square he said a come with me and i will show you through he took me to the floor of both houses and through the various Assembly rooms. He told me he had been to America and had been treated with kindness. A your second Day was Given Over to shopping in London. It is difficult when you done to know your Way around the second largest City in the world. Shopping was for All of us a slow and somewhat tiring of crime amp punishment lock up no place for youngsters by Milton g. Rector North american newspaper Alliance new York feeling a bit Chilly recently because of the cutback in fuel i was reminded of the letter written by a Frank Sturgis to columnist Jack Anderson. Sturgis was one of the watergate break in Crew who spent a night in a Georgia jail. Here is an excerpt from his letter a it was a Small and dirty place. The cell next to me on my left had two Young girls Karen age 12, and Brenda age 14, both White. On my right in a cell were two Young Black boys a Mike age 15, and Gary age 16. A that night i froze with my two intimate friends. We had a Blanket and we burned everything we could get our hands on including the mattress. We had to Stop because the Hacks came and we had to Stop the fire. At least we stayed warm for a Little while. We did no to sleep All night because of the wind and cold. A i still cannot get it out of my mind that these Young people Are suffering in a dirty cold and Windy jail and no one cares what happens to them. They Are just children who have been a that jail approximately 22 Days a for own Good undoubtedly the children or. Sturgis referred to were in the minds of some officials being held there for their own Good. Every time the state imprisons children it is a for their own but one is prompted to think that with friends like these officials the children do not need enemies. The state has in fact become their enemy. With astonishing ease communities across the country turn to Locking up children who present problems. Many youngsters a who Are not delinquent a wind up in detention centers jails and ultimately training schools. Often these youngsters Are labelled pins a persons in need of supervision. In some states the title is Jins or gins juveniles or children in need of supervision. But whatever the Label they almost always mean a problem child who is going to spend months or years in the state training school. These Are youngsters More sinned against than sinning. Because they break curfews Sass their teachers fight with their parents or run away they Are stamped putting them into training schools is supposed to provide a Way of governing them. Fails goal but the training school whose annual costs Range from $7,500 to $20,000 per child does not often Reform or rehabilitate children. It does not make them tractable. And it can teach them the wrong things. A recent letter to a Baltimore paper begins a i am currently serving a 25-year sentence for armed robbery and burglary. My criminal career began at the Maryland training school for boys where i was committed for the heinous crime of Many serious adult offenders can Point to an a a education in training school. There is a better Way. Robert c. Hilson Maryland a director of juvenile services says a at least 80 per cent of the children in the states juvenile institutions would not need to be there a if a full Range of service were available in the or. Hilson is right. With appropriate care most children done to have to be locked up. There would be a savings in Money of course. But the major Benefit is that they won t have to spend a lifetime trying to Iron out the kinks that a Tough institution can develop in months. Process. A we went to Piccadilly circus and took a night tour a seventeen of us in one party. We wanted to see what London looked like by night. None of our group went into any of the numerous English pubs. In Britain the pub is where britons go to socialize. They will drink a Beer and sit in an English tavern and talk for hours. Drinking places were in evidence on about every Street a about three or four to the Block in the Piccadilly sector. They advertise liquor on television Over there. Their morning programs done to come on a til to a m. And they have but two channels. Their commercials remind one of those in our own country. A the Church of England a free Church was started by order of King Henry Viii because it afforded him a Way to gain a divorce the existing Church would not condone. He had no heir to his throne and the roman Catholic Church would not countenance a divorce. He set himself up As head of the Church of England and separated the British Church from the Vatican and Pope. Parliament backed him up with adequate Laws to make it stand. A they took Down the Crucifix but left the doctrines of the Church at least for a time relatively like the Catholic Church. However the Church of England gradually evolved into the present Church. In the United states the episcopal Church is comparable to the anglican Church. A Henry Chi had six wives and was quite a character. A we visited most of the cathedrals of England. Most Are basically alike. When you be seen one floor plan you be seen them All. A we went to Stratford on Avon to visit the Birthplace of Shakespeare. We saw there the Lovely Home of Ann Hathaway with its thatched roof and antique furniture. A another delightful experience of our tour was a visit to Windsor Castle. As we Rode through the Beautiful English Countryside we could see Field after Field of sheep grazing in the hinterland. Windsor is really one of the most impressive places we saw. There Are Many castles All Over England but the summer Home of the British rulers is like a picture in a Story Book. It stands on a High Hill a for safety. If one could put it into one straight line it would extend More than a mile in the Skyline. A Large Village adjoins the Castle a but the Castle is really like the town. Within its Walls one can find a Chapel state room display room living quarters and All the varied spaces necessary to Royal living and staff. A we visited the Birthplace of John Wesley and the Tomb of his father where John stood to preach when they would not allow him to do so inside the Church. We journeyed to Oxford where Wesley was educated Christ Church College and walked Over the Campus of Lincoln College where he taught for 25 years. We climbed the stairs to Wesley a room where the holy club undoubtedly met. A we went through the City where lady Godiva took her ride and saw the statue to her memory. The Story goes that she Rode naked through the streets to protest taxes imposed by the local authorities. A we travelled on buses with guides who told us facts fiction and history. A there were times when we had difficulty getting petrol gasoline and we wondered if we would be Able to get enough to Fly Back Home a it took 16,000 Gallons. I told someone it did not seem right for us to be there on a pleasure trip using gasoline and poor old grandpa see his children on sunday afternoon. A we left England flew to Maine where we were told that we could not get sufficient gasoline to take us to the Raleigh Durham Airport from whence we had departed. We went by Dallas to refuel and to let off a Texas group who had made the trip with us. The extra flying time for that Long Detour left most of our group exhausted. Finally and a last we landed at the Raleigh Durham Airport where our families met us to take us Home. A Home Sweet Home a senator soaper one View is that the Comet Kohoutek is a messenger of doom. In which Case Why worry about conserving Gas and Oil a study shows that the thing americans fear the most is making a Public speech. The discouraging aspect is How Many of them Are Able to overcome their fright

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