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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather sunny continued cold today Cloudy slightly warmer monday the High Point Enterprise 90th year no. 13 High Point n. C., sunday morning january 13,1974 108 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 Aii other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c talks Progress says Kissinger by Barry Schweid associated press writer Jerusalem a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger hoping to quickly Lay the foundation for agreement on disengagement of the israeli and egyptian armies met for three hours saturday night with israeli leaders. A . Official said Kissinger a meetings with president Anwar Sadat of Egypt on Friday and saturday had Given the american Secretary of state fresh Hopes of a Crystal izing an egyptian israeli pact on disengagement of forces perhaps within a week. Kissinger foreign minister Abba Eban and other israeli officials met Over dinner saturday night. Kissinger said progess was made. He did not elaborate. The israelis and the americans set up a working committee of senior officials to continue technical discussions through the night. Kissinger retired after the Long Day of diplomacy in Cairo and Jerusalem. He described his dinner talks with israeli officials As a very full discussions and i believe very useful discussions in which considerable Progress was attending the working dinner were Eban defense minister Moshe Dayan and Deputy Premier Yigal Allon. Earlier Kissinger paid a Courtesy Call on Premier Golda Meir who had to miss the talks because of a Case of shingles an illness which causes blisters. The israeli Cabinet was to meet sunday morning to hear reports on the talks. Kissinger told newsmen he would have breakfast sunday morning with Allon and that later the two sides would a review where we he said the israeli government is a in the process of clarifying its positions and that he would see mrs. Meir Eban and Dayan again on sunday. An american official said Kissinger expects to return to Sadat in Aswan on sunday with the results of his israeli talks. He rejected any suggestion that Kissinger was applying pressure to the israelis. Tunisia Libya will unite Bourguiba khad Afy Tunis Tunisia a Libya and Tunisia neighbouring Arab states with divergent policies on Israel and most other issues announced on saturday they will unite into one country with one president. President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia and the libyan Leader col. Moa mar khad Afy signed the Union agreement after two Days of talks on the Island of Jerba 350 Miles South of Tunis it was stated officially. They said their goal was liberation of occupied Arab land. It was khad Afy a second Union agreement in v z years and cast new doubt on the already Cloudy future of his August 1972 Accord to merge his wealthy Oil nation with Egypt which neighbors Libya on the other Side. The new state will be called the Arab islamic Republic. It will have a single Constitution army Flag executive Branch and legislature the announcement said. A referendum was set for March 20 to obtain approval of the Union Accord from the More than six million people of the two North african countries. The Date of the referendum originally had been set for next Friday but Bourguiba said saturday night the vote was postponed a for reasons of the merger announcement did not indicate which Leader would run the new combined nation and gave no deadline for completion of the Union. Both khad Afy and Bourguiba Are autocrats and National Independence symbols in their own lands and their foreign and Domestic policies differ sharply. Bourguiba publicly ridiculed a Unity feeler from khad Afy last summer and there was no indication what prompted him to join khad Afy s zealous attempts at Arab Unity. Rumours of a possible Libya Tunisia merger had been floating around the Middle East for More than four months. But the announcement came As a Surprise nevertheless partly because of the contrasts Between the two countries and their leaders. Bourguiba 70, is a moderate statesman in the Arab Camp who has offered to negotiate directly with israeli leaders under certain conditions. Khad Afy 31, is renowned for his fiery anti israeli rhetoric and his implacable opposition to peace with Israel. Bourguiba has largely supported the positions of Egypt and Syria since the october War. But khad Afy vehemently opposes their attempts to negotiate a settlement with Israel. Bourguiba moves easily in european company and his French education has left him with a love of France and its culture. Khad Afy was bom in a Goat skin desert tent and has tried to rid his country of european influence a even Banning Western language Street. Signs. For inspiration he looks to the Koran and the strict bedouin interpretation of a islam. Moreover Tunisia is relatively poor without significant known Oil deposits. Farm ing and tourism Are chief industries. Libya has vast treasures from its prize Low sulpher Oil which it produces at the rate of an estimated 2va million barrels a Day. Even in size and population density the countries differ. Libya a former italian Colony comprises about 680.000 Square Miles and the 1964 census gave it i i million inhabitants. Tunisia a former Frency territory comprises 63,360 Square Miles but the 1966 census gave it 4�?~a million inhabitants. The agreement said Bourguiba signed the Union agreement a in response to the Appeal for the liberation of occupied Arab islamic but the statement did not say How the two countries a or if it comes into being the unified state a will help achieve this objective. Both France. Have Small inexperienced armies and neither was an Active combatant in the Middle East wars of 1967 and last october. Bourguiba has ruled Tunisia since its Independence from France in 1956 and has been named its president for life. Khad Afy has been guiding libyans fortunes since he overthrew the libyan monarchy Iii 1969. Khad Afy is an ardent proponent of Arab Union on the widest possible scale. He signed an agreement last september pledging for the second time to merge Libya with Egypt. But egyptian president Anwar Sadat was Cool to the idea even then. Since the october War relations have plunged to an All time Low. Khad Afy called Sadat s military Endeavor a an operetta War and openly see Tunisia on 10a Fri claims 3 elements pose internal threats for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Ralph and his raiders q. What is the address of Ralph Nader thank you. . A. He can be addressed at the Center for the study of responsive Law. P o. Box 19367. Washington ., or in care of Public citizens inc., . Box 19404, Washington 20036. Eyes ears noses amp throats q. Is there an ear specialist in High Point if so please give me his name thank you. A. Physicians Are listed under their specialities in the yellow pages of the Telephone Book. Or. R. T. Wilder and or. Paul Geniec have ear nose and Throat practices. Spotting funny Money q. How can you Tell the difference Between counterfeit and regular Money anon. A. The paper of a genuine Bill is distinctive with visible interspersed red and Blue fibres counterfeit is usually printed on Bond paper with no coloured fibres evident or with red and Blue lines printed on paper to simulate fibres. The Fine lines on the Border of a real Bill Are Clear distinct and unbroken while on the counterfeit the crisscross lines Are not Clear or distinct. The saw toothed Points on the coloured Seal of a genuine Bill Are even Clear and Sharp while on the other they Are usually uneven Blunt or broken off. The portrait on a genuine Bill appears lifelike and stands out distinctly from the Fine screen like background. The hairlines Are distinct. The portrait on a counterfeit Bill is lifeless and the background is usually to dark. The portrait merges into the background and the hairlines Are not distinct. Counterfeiters rarely use the wrong portrait on notes but sometimes they alter the amounts on Bills for example raising a $1 Bill to a $10 or a,$5 Bill to a $50. Stop and test yourself on whose portraits Are on the i 5, to 20, 50, and too Dollar Bills without looking or looking them up and what color the Treasury Seal is on the different types of currency. Another clue is that lines in the portrait background form squares but on counterfeits some of these squares Are often filled in. To detect a counterfeit Coin. Compare a suspected one with a genuine Coin of the same denomination. Many counterfeit coins seem Greasy to the touch. Genuine coins have an even and distinct reeding corrugated outer Edge. The reeding on counterfeits is uneven crooked and often missing. A band of Copper should also be clearly visible on genuine to cent and 25 cent pieces struck on the new non Silver Clad alloys. These coins Bear dates of 1965 and later. Genuine coins Are not easily Cut with a knife while the baddies Are often easily Cut or Bent under slight pressure. There is also an acid test for Silver coins Only All 50 cent coins and to cent and 25 cent pieces bearing dates prior to 1965. The formula consists of to Grams of Silver nitrate one cubic centimetre of nitric acid and 30 cubic centimetres of distilled water. The acid solution will Blacken a scraped or Cut portion of most counterfeit coins but will not Discolour genuine Silver. Any person who receives a counterfeit Bill or Coin is advised to take the following Steps do not return it to the passer. Delay the passer if possible. Telephone the police or . Secret service. Note the passers description the description of an accomplice if applicable and the License number of the vehicle used. Write your initials and the Date on the Bill and surrender the Bill Only to the police or secret service. You can get for 40 cents Check or Money order from the superintendent of documents in Washington a copy of a Booklet a know your Money which contains this and More information along with illustrations. If you flunked the portrait and Treasury Seal color test beyond George and Abe on the $1 and $5, Hamilton is on the $10, Jackson is on the $20, Grant on the $50, and Franklin on the $100. Federal Reserve notes have a Green Seal and serial number United states notes have a red Seal Silver certificates have a Blue Seal. Silver certificates and $2 . Notes Are no longer being printed. By Margaret Gentry associated press writer Washington a soviet visitors Black extremists and new left movement present a continuing and perhaps growing threat to the nations internal Security the Fri says in a new report. The Agency also disclosed that it has purged its files of millions of obsolete fingerprint records including those of some 9.000 individuals arrested during the 1971 May Day demonstration in Washington. In a separate action the Fri released two More internal memos elaborating on the rationale for counterintelligence programs against the new left ended in 1971 by the late Fri director j. Edgar Hoover three years after he had initiated them. A May 1968, memo from . Brennan then an assistant Fri director says a your nation is undergoing an a Era of disruption and violence caused to a Large extent by various individuals generally connected with the new left. Some of these activists urge revolution in America and Call for the defeat of the United states in Vietnam a echoing Brennan a language. Hoover then messaged Field offices to launch operations a to expose disrupt and otherwise neutralize the new left movement. In the counterintelligence programs the targets in addition to the new left included a White hate groups a the socialist workers party the communist party Usa and Black extremists. Brennan wrote in april 1971, that the programs a involve a variety of sensitive intelligence techniques and disruptive Brennan called the programs a Success but said a it is Felt Thev should now be Dis Ramsey sees tax reduction action by general Assembly by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh no. A when the North Carolina general Assembly reconvenes this wednesday it will Mark the first time since the civil War Era that the legislature has met on an annual basis. House speaker James e. Ramsey a Ferson thinks historians will remember the 1974 session for More than that however. In a recent interview Ramsey told the associated press he thinks the legislature will act favourably on a wide Range of Bills including expansion of the East Carolina University medical school land use planning tax reduction and no fault insurance. Ramsey normally a cautious prognosticator of legislative trends was Breezy and confident in discussing the prospects for the upcoming session. The interim period Between the 1973 and 1974 session has allowed legislators to Iron out Many problems in various Bills that would normally consume both time and Energy during a biennial session Ramsey said. It has also fostered the development of Consen uses on thorny issues like the question of medical school expansion Ramsey said. The ecu question Ramsey said a will not be he predicted easy passage of the recommendations of a legislative study commission for expansion of the ecu school to a two year curriculum with an entering class of 40 rather than 20 students. A the Only problem might be a Small disagreement As to when the second year program should Ramsey said. Ramsey was equally sanguine about the prospects for a tax reduction Bill that would phase out the manufacturers and retailers inventory tax Cut $20 from personal income taxes and give a larger exemption to senior citizens. Both the tax Bill and the ecu proposal Are at this time being opposed by gov. Jim Holshouser a Republican. Ramsey and a majority of the members of both houses of the legislature Are democrats. One area the two sides will agree on Ramsey said is land use planning. He predicted passage of a package of Bills supported by Holshouser to regulate development in coastal and Mountain regions. Those Bills which were introduced last year have been extensively revised to give local governments More input into the regulatory process. The state rather than doing the zoning itself would exercise a veto Over local zoning efforts. A i done to foresee any problem with them a Ramsey said citing the Bills As examples of the Type of constructive work that can be accomplished in the interim periods Between annual sessions. Ramsey said he did not believe the contentions that tax reductions should wait until the fiscal future is More Clear. A i Don t foresee gloom and doom As far As the Economy is see Ramsey on Toa continued for Security reasons because of their the Day after Brennan a memo Hoover messaged a terse instruction to All Fri Field offices to discontinue counter intelligence operations. The of big a present attitude toward communists and the new left was described in an annual report for the fiscal year Bic bended last june 30. The rep Jet was distributed this week. The Fri said the number of soviet Block personnel residing in the United states has increased by 44 per cent in the past five years. These include embassy workers and others on various sem official missions and with their families total 2,686, the Fri said. A a Fri counterintelligence operations continue to identify a High and fairly consistent percentage of soviet Block personnel in the United states As intelligence officers or agents a the report said. A a accordingly the threat to the United states and the counterintelligence responsibilities of the Fri have been growing in proportion to the soviet Block presence in the United the report said Little about the presence of communist chinese diplomats in new York and Washington. A it is appropriate to note their presence the report said. Sudan How United countries look five Dean t apes May end probe Charlotte n. Apr sen. Sam j. Ervin or. Said saturday if the White House would give the Senate watergate committee five tapes of conversations involving John w. Dean Iii the committee might bring its investigation a to a speedy in a further indication that Ervin is willing to Compromise with the White House on his committees subpoena of hundreds of other tapes and documents the North Carolina Democrat expressed again his desire for the five conversations involving Dean the former White House counsel. A if we found they Dean tapes Hadnot been doctored there were no gaps in them. I d be inclined to say that we bring the hearings to a speedy end a Ervin said in an interview with a Btu to. The interview was taped in the Little Community of Troutman where Ervin a inside re Jeane Dixon predicts. Lading gloom of 1984page id furniture Market. Page 2a first Days rationing crop a Gas stations attendant seen pasting six rationing coupons received since last Midnight when Gas rationing went into effect. The pumps remained empty today As All Drivers last night filled up for the last time without using their coupons. A wire photo geared at the dedication of a furniture Plant. However the committees chief counsel Samuel dash reached at his Home in suburban Washington. D c., said Ervin told him he meant a if we at least get those five tapes and see what they said we could then see what More we might Ervin a comments saturday followed by five Days his suggestion that the Senate watergate committee might drop its Pursuit of the other subpoenaed White House materials if it could get the Dean tapes. A if the White House is w Illing to surrender any tapes. I would suggest they surrender these tapes a he said monday in his Home town of Morganton. A according to the testimony of John Dean these five tapes see five on 9a Libya plans Oil Price increase Beirut Lebanon a Libya intends to increase the present posted Price of its Oil from $18.50 a barrel to $20 or $21, libyans Oil minister. Izzeddin Al Mabruk was quoted As saying saturday. A if we Are to calculate a relationship Between Market Price and posted Price then our Oil must be sold at $20 or $21 dollars per barrel a the libyan news Agency Quot a a Bink As saying. The posted Price is a nominal rate on which taxes and royalties Are calculated. It applies Only to foreign companies that normally pay taxes and royalties to the country on whose territory they operate Oil concessions. Mabruk called for a a coordination Between Oil producing states and the worlds Industrial countries in order to Avert a possible Price race. A if we raise our prices and the Industrial countries raise the prices of their products then we will continue to revolve in a vicious Circle. Coordination is a necessity a he was quoted As saying. Mabruk said Libya also plans to Stop exporting its Oil to countries that decline to Par see Libya on 9a

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