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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 11, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 6b High Point Enterprise tuesday january la 1972 lights Glisten aboard liner France before sailing from n y. A wire photo wrestler violinist cruising aboard Ultra expensive ship dispute continues Telephone voice not hughes1, asserts novelist by James r. Norman. Irving displayed photostatic a nine Page Handwritten letter three which were a matter of Edith Sommer an artist in a associated press writer copies of the endorsements on to Mcgraw attesting to the a Public if obscure record. He cafe on Ibiza last december new Vork apr the Jef Piec its g0 h were signed then icily of the Book As Well As failed to answer one which was and said they would like to get controversy. A h. R. Hughes and carried the c o in in e n t s and alterations a matter of Public record. He information from her Irving �7 Howard Hughes has thick notation that the originals were penned in the margins of the could not answer six which sevc Quot ohs Herl Trench ened with the insistence of the deposited in the Swiss credit 999-Page manuscript had been would have required More in we re Bere on a Job that in Man named As the Collaborator Bank in Zurich. The Check authenticated by handwriting Tim ate knowledge. Voves murder and we Reay that seven reporters who be backs Hore the words a Chase experts. A Howard Hughes has a very want to of to of you give lived they had spoken with the Manhattan Bank. on the matter of the Tele Good memory Irving com us he information we want we billionaire Recluse were duped casement guaranteed a phoned interview with seven re rented. Wont have to go through with a that was not Howard he also showed the three porters in los Angeles Irving Irving who said he Nas spent Hughes a asserted Clifford Irv newsmen a photostatic copy of said the voice seemed prepared a total of about four months ing the 41-year-old novelist what he said was the first let to expound at some length Onaway from his family on the mourn who publisher Mcgraw Hill Jer sent to him by Hughes in specific subjects but appeared Spanish Island of Ibiza during la Al a in a a says spent close to too taping f ecert1her 1970. At a loss on a number of ques the past year added he has advertisement sessions with Hughes in pre the letter was signed a a a. R. Finns designed to Check his been the target of a oblique 5 Woen paring the memoirs set for some later Corre identity. Pressure in connection with wish a Point North Carolina up publication March 27. Spon Dence was signed a Howard in fact the Man on the Tele the Hughes Book. Including Psi Ely of in the seven reporters who Hughes a Irving said All the phone was presented with to threats against his life. And read Tor the i or a Moro Imp try spent 2l2 hours on Friday night Handwritten evidence. Including such questions. He answered two men approached his wife speaking with a voice emanate. Ing from a Small Box in a los Angeles banquet room All agreed the voice was indeed that of Hughes who has not been seen publicly since 1957. Two voice print experts concurred the voice told the seven men that the Book now being printed by Mcgraw Hill is a fraud that he never met with Irving and Duke endowment trustees want wider investments for information Call Jack co. Assistant superintendent for building and ground Telephone ms-5141. The High Point City Board of education Reserve the right to reject Eny or All did. High Point City Board of education or Dean b Pruette superintendent of school Charlotte a Duke want to invest in different go along with whatever the that he had never even heard endowment trustees told a us stocks they say to increase court decided. Of him a until a matter of Days period court hearing monday the value of the endowment. North Carolina attorney Gen economic conditions have and they need to change the eral Robert Morgan also a by Dee Wedemeyer said. A fall my life i have been in shape for several matches he publisher Harold Mcgraw banged in the United states rules Duke established for re geared. He has been a frequent associated press writer inspired by All chinese things. I scheduled at some of the 27 jr., head of the firm that has since 1924. Investment of earnings to com foe of Hoke Power co. Rate in new York map a on have always had a great Deal ports where the ship will Stop paid Money Ini six figures or they said that the financial let u1?h new e Era a aws. As q a. Man planned wrestling matches of chinese things around me Nihon who paid $99,430 for be rights to what it Isis s wizardry of tobacco and elec representatives of groups 1 a trusted at Trent in for his trip around Trie Worthi Jade chinese embroidery. They the top priced Ile de France Lugt Tanate Aulo log rap it p y tycoon James Buchanan which have benefited from the . _ , another brought his violin and have the most Beautiful designs suite for his family said he pears accept a a Duke in the 1920s would be con strictly defined wishes of the a fashion designer welcomed and colors in tile was scouting the Competition in Man s a e r e d the 91-Dav luxury liner cruise Alexis Nihon a Multi million preparation for the olympics phone a Nugnes. As an Opportunity to see her Aire who is a member of the across the deck old fashioned mis tobacco Baron were in court change the terms o the endowment. With assets in excess of $428 management of the endow monday in Charlotte to oppose. A t t a couple. Men s a Hack injury hut it did t daunt her enthusiasm for the trip which has a tentative two Day Sid trip to communist China a i think its terrific a she fire razes fish Market state buys first . Gold mine the request. They included longtime inspiration Mainland Bahama s wrestling team who took the Normandie suite he Anav Mcgraw told new investment Counselor John Duke. Furman and Johnson c. China brought aboard his weights a a Cost of $67,100 allowed re monday. A some of his and Schaefer said if he were setting Smith universities. Davidson Lilly Dache. French designer reclining Board and mat so he porters m for a tour but insist less Musj Bave advised him up an endowment today he College representatives of wid boarded the is France Mon and his two sons Robert. 21. Cd on being Anonymous. On the damaging aspects of the would put 60-10 per cent of his own and orphans of methodist Day in a wheel Clair because of Aud Alexis jr., 2.1, could keep a Yuu May say we Are a new information As far As his Busi assets into various common preachers and one attorney England couple a said the Ness and personal life is con Stock issues. Representing in White haired woman. She said corned a Duke s will limits the endow known who might Benefit in they had brought along their Mcgraw said the publisher men 1� ownership of Duke the future own Supply of Boston baked had a full Confidence Quot in Irving Power of. Stock and govern South Carolina attorney Gen Beans and Homegrown Cran and that the publishing com ment Bonds. Tile foundation Era it Aniel Mcleod made a berries. Pany remained a absolutely con owns almost half of the 30 Mil Brief appearance to state that Many Cabins including two Vinced of the authenticity of lion Duke Power shares out by would probably be willing to at about $20,000. Were taken by a his Book and that the Docu passengers simply As rooms to mentation we have contains the the trustees Are trying to store clothes. Other a signature of Howard Hughes have that provision and Sev commode tons ranged Down in Irving told three reporters in eral others changed. They Raleigh no. A the Cost to $5,065. A wide ranging interview Mon first Gold mine in the United the Vivace will create sin i a in by. Of los Mcgraw a., a a create it i cd Ujj Job t it be v0ice be card in Ai a arson Henri i 18 n0w the property of in Rev nuts for he excerpts of last weeks news viol wife Sci the state of North Carolina and French line. Conference aired on television will be designated an historicist passenger to a i i gunday night a was an sex Morehead City. No site. Jie cow l rster5xy of will map a fire which could be the 822-acre Reed Gold mine widow of a surgeon she said Murhp must have so ended 1, Een for Miles destroyed the r u widow of a surgeon Ane said four years ag0 Tovy whote sate fish Market on 5 v in Era wimp a ent Wal link Tor reminded that the two inde the Morehead City waterfront of awned Rouh a combination the i pal my pendent voice experts had said a arts to Nav Purchase and donation. Work an l wandered in Early Only to 0f the voice on the Tele the Market had its own fish on the site must await Legisla my trawlers and also bought five funding so it will be at in which she was Given an her b>8 Hughes Irving asked How shipping1"1 Hie products at or ,w0 years the prop Mes Bafit the fur nce Saied at valid could they be if they were Thi East roast cry is Ope mid to the pub ice in get five hours late. Compared with a recording 25 it Hart lie nun Flint tank to th0 mine is the site of the far behind was Bertram years he did not Delabo service boats and some Oil first discovery of Gold in an a Arvd Ralvin fun Ratch u met have a,.i ,. ,. A boarded earning an encased tired Hughes voice in recent from the tanks Spil de into area now part of the tinted violin. He said he thought Vears Bogue sound during the fire from the discovery in Cean was As Good a place As a u e Oas a car Sal i in Fly adj 0f the native any to practice music. Gold minted in the unite j is the fifth largest in the nation. By if info igh7 Cine emf at of 7n,i, c a i. 7? of is i i today the barn dinner theatre with Rew York cast on the la a magic Stace now playing. A. A my 3 Angels % delightful comedy 2 Wong s cites restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 885-8862 open 7 Days week Sun. Thru Fri. Lunch served 11 30 til 2 00 dinner served 5 00 til 10 00 sat. Dinner served 5 00 til 10 00 orders to go Call 885-8862 pornography Quot prostitution ratio x Usa adults Only documentary one of the Best i St run a a the sins of the Quot daughter i a also a a miss pol fax spy v x a Vee were sinking uster Tho a it tvs were 35 toot Bovo us More onto More Shork fins cutting Tho Rotor Thor Heyerdahl rated be was Able to mop up almost a of the Oil. _ the cause of the fire was not came from North Caro determined immediately nor Lna an estimate of monetary the state continued As the loss available nations chief Gold producing firemen said their efforts until Gold was discovered were hampered by the Large a California in 1848. Number of spectators. The first alarm was turned in shortly before 7 am. The roof of the huge wooden Structure collapsed at 73fl, and 15 minutes later firemen declared the building a total loss firemen from the entire area battled he big Blaze and coast guard ats pumped seawater two enter now Point of Lvi in 1hu1u fit movie ritin6s for parents Ino yours people the Etherine Al to get Ltd a my Tom a a a a Ereyi a a two be Kafet a via a i a in Ltd n. To it Tho a he it a Ages admitted cd it m a Kii Alt Ages admitted i a Iai p#�nt#1 5w a it a a svftl>0 11. A r Ilott Lateo a t Adah g to d on o no oni Undi i lad mind Aye of a it very m a a a it nah Virk cd pm two Kim of i the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise rocking chair i i Atu hold ovoid thru thursday Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry Otid v a adult 1 so i 25 3 20-5 20 7 15-9 10 of. /. I expedition a Steve s pizza House i 17 English re. Hours i Lam-2om Mondoy saturday finns pizza and bag Hui in nun last night ? toe hits in Colot in outdoor Bun at 7 06 a cat Low Yui Brynner no Ato of a a the out of towners Jack Lemmon Tow be theatre j 11 a i n n m a 1 t to Baskin show 7 00 9 00 May be unsuitable Phi cd por pre teen Ciger it of w it restaurant country supper wednesday night next cry Uncle x wednesday special fresh Crisp Garden Green salad topped off with a piece of fresh right from the Patch Strawberry pie and ice cold Tea 5 30 pm 10 00 pm country Ham from Wilkes county homemade pork sausage scrambled eggs buttered apples waffles pancakes with hot syrup amp butter country molasses children >1.75 adults >2.00 including Coffee amp Tea. You must be Ray an astounding True life adventure for the whole family starts tomorrow 1 00 3 00 5 00 7 00 9 00 i it. Varsity drive in All you Dun a 29-n 3 00-8 30 . 2410 n. Main All you can eat filet of flounder Colden French Fries tangy Cole Slaw hush puppies children under 12 flounder All you can eat 75e child s portion \ served in dining room Only j Moil seafood restaurant 1718 n. Main St. Delicious soft ice Cream 1412 n. Main St. Jackie Pruitt s wednesday special your Choice super Quot Bee Quot Sandwich with 2 beef patties cheese lettuce Tomato Mayonnaise or Harwich with lettuce Tomato Mayonnaise buy the first one at regular Price get the second one for Only half Price

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