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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 11, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain ending cooler More data on Page 5 a 88th year a no. La the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon january la 1972 26 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads. 8852177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c own a court sidesteps declines to decide important issues a Mammy a a a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. No blinds so far o. I was just wondering Why in our new City Lake we have Duck blinds to shoot our game that comes Down to spend the Winter with us. I believe this is an outrage on ecology. They have one place in there also dedicated As a fowl Refuge while across from it they have Duck blinds so Why must we startle our ducks that come to spend the Winter with us in our new City Lake or. . A. You Are to be commended for your paternalistic concern for our web footed friends. Our ducks would hardly feel comfortably at Home in one Cove while they re being shot at in another. It would c reate a credibility Gap they would find hard to Fly Over and forgive. Having thus firmly aligned ourselves on your Side of keeping our feathered friends alive and in startled it should be pointed out there Are no Duck blinds. Not yet anyway. There is no Hunting no fishing no activities of any kind at the present. If it is decided to have blinds and allow restricted shooting in one Arm of the Lake it will be with the full approval of the . Wildlife commission. A feasibility study is currently underway. The Parks and recreation department is holding a Public information meeting on thursday january 13, at 8 . At the Astor dowdy auditorium. The department staff will explain what has been done so far at Oak hollow what is planned and will answer any questions pertaining to the development and activities of the Park and Lake. A All cleaned up 0. I called the other Day about the Back lot on w. Green drive and it needs mowing real bad because it is bad for rats. You wrote and said i did not give the address for the lot. It is 1410. . A. According to Public works director wills the lot was cleared dec. 27 and looks great. We Hope that wont make it Good for rats. A a rent a Book q. Is there a Book lending club in High Point . A. Both Straughan a and wills Book stores lend books for from 5 cents to to cents per Day. They generally have the newest books before they re available at the Public Library. Or a More info needed q. I stay Down Here on Grimes Street and a House has been burned since june. People Are going in and out and Are smoking and i m afraid they might set my House on fire. Anon. A. The building inspectors could not locate the House and the fire prevention Bureau could not find a record of a june fire on Grimes a Only one on w. Grimes on nov. 27, four Days following your Call. Could you Call the building inspections office at City Hall and give the House number and Street name again. We May have misunderstood it. An awful lot of questions and investigations Are stalled for Lack of precise addresses and no identification of the caller. A a a what s a hell Grammate 0. What is a hell Grammate is it a fish bait or an animal and can it be found in North Carolina g. F. A. According to the encyclopedia american the hell Grammate is the Large Black aquatic larva of great euro Petrous Heil Grammate Fly corydalis Corn Utu common All Over temperate North America. Tile adult is among the largest of insects its paper like wings spreading More than four inches. After hatching the larvae drop into streams where they feed on other smaller animals for two years and la months. It is at this stage that they Are much sought by anglers for bait. The adult lives Only a few weeks just Long enough to mate and Lay eggs. A a calorie clubbers 0. I would like the name and address of the nearest weight watchers club As i am terribly overweight and would like to overcome this problem. A. One club meets at Lebanon methodist Church 237 idol dr., on thursday nights at 7 p. In a Sec on club meets on tuesday evenings 7 30 p. Rn., at St. Christophers episcopal Church 225 Eastchester or. A a reaction q you recently had a question from someone wanting to know where she could prepare for the general educational development test ged. Your answer did no to include Good Ole Ducc. This is one of our real Strong programs in this area. We operate one class for preparation at Pilot View Baptist Church on the old Thomasville Road tuesday and thursday evenings and another at main Street Junior High school Thomasville on monday and wednesday evenings 6 30 to 9 30. The ged test is administered Here on the College Campus Cost $3.00. L. H. Ballard Assoc. Dean Davidson county Community College. An a news analysis by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a tie lonely picket who marched around the supreme court decrying a the death of an institution Quot undoubtedly was overstating the Case. In fact. Lewis f. Powell or. And William h. Rehnquist the new justices sworn in last Friday to the pickets deep distaste had nothing to do with the courts latest decisions. Powell and Rehnquist came in too late to participate in the rulings handed Down monday. But the symbolism is too marked to be ignored in the Only two cases decided by opinion the court had an Opportunity of a substantial National instead the court seized on aspects of Moo Ness and sidestepped the issues and controversy. In a legalistic sense the court May have neen Correct. But doubts begin to arise about its commitment to resolving social or even constitutional issues. One Case concerned commercial parking lots operated by a Baptist Church in Miami that enjoys the tax free status accorded religious institutions. The second dealt with opposition of corporate officers to dissidents expressing sociopolitical news. The court swept both appeals from its midst by 6-1 votes though full scale hearings had been held. It cited recent developments to declare the cases moot. In the Church state Case the Florida legislature has changed the Law to prohibit tax exemptions when Church property is not used predominantly for religious purposes. In the corporate Case. Dow chemical co. Finally allowed shareholders to vote on a dissident proposal that napalm be sold Only when the purchaser p bonuses not to use the searing Jelly against humans. The proposal was Defeated. Somewhat stiffly the court declared it was not in the habit of rendering a advisory opinions on abstract propositions of the basis for a substantive decision was gone the court said in that the Miami residents who complained about the parking lots sought Only to repeal the now supplanted Florida Law. As for Dow chemical Justice Thurgood Marshall declared for the majority that the company is unlikely to bar another an to napalm vote particularly in Light of the proposal s crushing defeat. In his dissenting opinion in the Dow Case Justice William i. Douglas described the chemical manufacturer As a typical a modern super corporation Quot that wields a immense virtually unchecked Douglas said the Case involved a a whole panoply of substantive and procedural rights it was As if Douglas spoke from another age a time when an activist supreme court routinely met controversy Headon test tube baby appears to be near new York api a the Day appears to be nearing when scientists will announce either the implantation or perhaps even the birth of a a test tube such a dramatic and controversial event would emphasize to the world the developing genetic and biologic revolution with scientists to King to bring Man closer to new controls Over human life. And it could Spur an International debate on control of the birth process. A test tube baby would be conceived outside the human body literally in the Laboratory with scientists fertilizing the woman a egg with the Many a sperm in a test tube. The fertilized egg would then grow and Divide in the test tube until it developed sufficiently. Then it would be implanted in the woman s uterus to continue growing until a Normal birth could take place. The object is to help women have children despite a blockage of their fallopian tubes. Through which the fertilized egg must normally pass. Statements about plans to create a test tube baby have come recently from scientists in England with similar work reported under Way in Belgium and Japan. In England or. Douglas Bevis a researcher at Jessop Hospital in Sheffield said Early in january he is ready to implant an artificially impregnated embryo in the womb of a Volunteer. A when i find her i am in a position to go he told a British newspaper. A it could be As sewn As next week or much Bevis said he would not announce the implantation. Also in Britain. Or Robert g. Howards of Cambridge fiver sity and or. P. Steptoe at general Hospital in Oldham said that last october they successfully took an egg from a woman fertilized it in the Laboratory with her husband s sperm and grew it until it was ready for implantation. But they did not take the final step. What s inside amusements Bridge classified ads comics crossword editorials financial obituaries sports television women s news weather 6b 3a 7-9b 5b 3a 4a 2a 2b 3 4b ice 6 7a 5a laotian soldiers Cut off pounded with artillery Eugene Mccarthy All out Effort 12 democrats nominated in Florida by the associated press As sen. Hubert la. Humphrey began campaigning in Florida for the presidency he and la other democrats were nominated today for the states March 14 primary ballot. The list also included Alabama gov. George c. Wallace and sen. Edward m. Kennedy. A spokesman for Kennedy said the Massachusetts senator would take the necessary Steps to have his name removed from the ballot however Florida Secretary of state Richard Stone also nominated three republicans for the primary president Nixon and reps Paul n. Mecloskey jr., of California and John Ash Brook of Ohio All declared candidates. The other democrats listed were Sens. Vance Hartke of Indiana Henry m. Jackson of Washington George s. Mcgovern of South Dakota and Edmund s. Muskie of Maine reps. Shirley pm Holm of new York and Wilbur i. Mills of Arkansas mayors John v. Lindsay of new York and Sam Yorty of los Angeles and former sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy of Minnesota. Humphrey jumped into the Florida campaigning after announcing his candidacy monday in Philadelphia. He said he was declaring his Freedom from the burdens he carried in his last bid for the presidency. A i am prepared to take Campaign directly to the people carrying no one else s burdens Quot the Minnesota Democrat said monday in Tala Hassee eta., As he began campaigning in Florida a March it presidential primary. A the people of this state will be the first to judge my fitness be 12 democrats on 2a Saigon a North Vietnam a season offensive has scored major gains in both Northern and Southern Laos sources in Vientiane reported today. Ten laotian battalions retreated today from the Village of ban Zhik in the South after a two hour Battle that broke an enemy siege but the Retreat left the entire Bol ovens plateau to the North vietnamese in the North. Laotian troops were driven from Phou cum. 25 Miles North of the Plain of jars and Sam thong Southwest of the Plain while the North vietnamese kept up their pressure on Long Cheng the former . Central intelligence Agency base. The laotian troops broke out of ban Zhik about 17 Miles East of pause after other army units launched a diversionary operation. About 200 laotian soldiers were killed wounded or missing informed sources said North Vietnam get casualties were not reported the North vietnamese outflanked the laotians sunday night and pounded them with artillery and mortar shells firing More than 1.000 rounds in one 5 2-hour period monday. Democrats name Church As chairman Raleigh Apas expected. The North Carolina i democratic executive committee today elected sen. John Church of Henderson As the party chairman and set june 20 As the Date for the state convention the committee also adopted a Resolution setting May 9 As the Date for precinct meetings. If additional precinct meetings Are needed these will be held May 16 the county conventions will in held May 27 and the congressional District meetings june to Lacy Pesnell 20. A Junior at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill was named vice chairman to succeed Charles Winberry or. Of Rocky mount who has resigned effective Jan. 23. Church who was gov. Bob Scott a Choice for the chairmanship. Said in a Brief acceptance speech that a i believe we can win this year but it will take a lot of hard work Quot Church succeeds Joe Yates Raleigh businessman who had served As acting chairman since last july when he was named to replace Gene Simmons. Tie source said the North vietnamese used a hugging sticking so close to the Village that is. And laotian air strikes could not hit the North vietnamese without causing casualties to the laotians. The loss of Phou cum on the Northern front left Bolam Ling. 15 Miles to the Southeast the Only government outpost North of the Plain of jars. Field reports said government forces abandoned Phou cum after an artillery and ground attack and an estimated 3.000 to 4. Ski civilians began a 50-mile trek through enemy controlled mountains to reach the nearest government territory. Sam thong once a maj in refugee Center was abandoned monday afternoon after a heavy artillery barrage but thai troops continued to hold f re base Thunder two Miles to the East sources in Vientiane said military sources said Sam thong was attacked from the West and this indicated the North vietnamese were trying to encircle Long Cheng. 6 Miles to the Southwest. Sem official sources in the laotian capital said Long Cheng technically has not fallen to the enemy but is no longer serving its original functions As a base for Cia operations and for Gen. Vang Paov a army of Moo tribesmen the v s. Command in Saigon announced that North Vietnam has moved surface to air missile batteries into Southern Laos for the first time in nine months and one of them fired unsuccessfully twice at an american fighter bomber monday the american Pilot did not return the f re because he could not pinpoint the missile Battery in the thick Jungle tin i s. Command also reported the fourth american air strike inside North Vietnam this year an attack monday night on an antiaircraft radar in the ban Karai pass 33 Miles North of the demilitarized zone a communique a a Aid the site apparently was destroyed by two Shrike missiles fired by an air Force fila fighter escort there was no damage to the c s aircraft the command said the South vietnamese command in Saigon reported an upsurge in fighting in South Vietnam. With 26 enemy attacks the most in 2�?~ weeks. One Viet Cong attack overran an outpost in the Mekong Delta killing seven of the defenders and wounding 16. Six of the enemy were reported killed. Lawmakers declare Southern Border open to attack Washington a House investigators say failure of c s. Air defences to spot a lumbering cuban Airliner before it landed at new Orleans last fall demonstrates an enemy attack could be launched from the South a with Little risk of being detected in a report released t it Day by the House armed services investigating subcommittee says us. Authorities despite three hours notice did not know the plane had penetrated american defences until its Pilot radioed for Landing instructions. The report Calls the existing american air defense system a virtually useless Quot and says a 1.500 mile Gap Between Florida gunfight in Street leaves four dead negroes me handcuffed on Street after Baton Koi be \ e map wire photo by Tom Jory and g. Michael Harmon associated press writers Baton Rouge la. Map it a mayor w. W. Dumas blames Black muslims in part for a Street gunfight Between Law enforcement officers and Blacks which left four men dead. Seven Young muslims deny their organization was involved a spokesman for the a act says he Isnit sure who was involved in shooting which erupted monday after police moved in to Clear a City Street of an Impromptu rally at which militants were calling for improved conditions in the City s Black Community. Gov. John Mckeithen blamed the burst of gunfire on a downtown Street two Miles from Louisiana a Capitol on and sheriffs detective capt. Bryan Clemmons or. Says a some sort of suicide plot Quot might have been involved in the shootout which took the lives of two deputies and two Blacks. Twenty Blacks were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace Aller the afternoon shootout and eight of the 20 were later charged with murder in the deaths of the two deputies. Some 25 persons were treated for injuries including Baton Rouge police chief Eddie Bauer four Hundred National guard troops were called to duty to bolster local and state police in enforcing a dusk to Dawn curfew. Bars and grocery stores were ordered closed. A we have every reason to believe this is a National movement by the muslims Quot Dumas said a the information we get is that this Isnit just Mckeithen said the City was aware of what he called the outsiders. A mayor Dumas called me monday morning and warned see gunfight on 2 a and California is a virtually devoid of military surveillance and air defense command and control. A since our potential enemies know of the gaping holes in our air defences Quot said chairman f. Edward Hebert. I -la., Quot i think it is High time that the american people were let in on this open Hebert s subcommittee urged Secretary of defense Melvin r. I Aird to Speed up lagging development of a new air defense a astern and for now install a sophisticated new. Over the horizon radar to cover Cuba ant the Gulf of Mexico. Gen. Seth j. Mckee commander of the North american air defense command it Morad i estimated the interim Southern coverage would Cost $70 million to $125 million. Mckee tended nor and did not know the russian built cuban Airliner headed toward new Orleans last oct. 26 with 21 cuban sugar conferees had penetrated . Defences until it was informed the Pilot had radioed the new or eans Tower for Landing instructions 33 minutes earlier. That report to Norad was interrupted with the information that the cuban plane was on the ground Mckee testified. Hebert so subcommittee said Havana had messaged the Miami air traffic control almost four hours earlier with a flight plan and the information was relayed to a variety of Points including Norad the state department the Federal aviation administration Headquarters in Washington and the new Orleans control Tower. The subcommittee said the Faa urged the state department to permit the planets entry so As not to endanger release from Havana of a hijacked american airlines 747 with 235 passengers. It also said the state department notified Norad the cuban plane probably would not make the flight because the Havana Airport was closed for the arrival of soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin

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