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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers mild More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 12 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon january 12, 1972 48 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c a Sis i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Other help available o. My baby was very sick before Christmas and we took it to the health Center on Elizabeth Street and they would t see us because we did not live in Model cities. We did not have the Money a we Are having financial problems a and they would t see the baby. Why is this anon. A. The Model cities demonstration health Center at 508 Elizabeth Street was opened in february last year to provide health care for the Model cities residents. Since this was their stated objective they cannot include everybody at this clinic much As we re sure they a like to since their hands Are full As it is. The health department at 936 Mon lieu has a child health clinic for immunizations counselling and medical screening for infants and preschoolers of families who cannot afford a private physician. There is also a children and youth comprehensive clinic for c and y project children. A sick child clinic for pre school and school age children who cannot afford private care is held on tuesdays from 2 to 3 p. In. These appointments Are made by Public health nurses in the schools and Community. Supervising nurse miss Lucy Lopp says if you will Call her at the Guilford county health department she will be glad to talk Over the health services they can provide and other possibilities of help. A or in Randolph county too q. My Little girl needs dental care and since i live outside Guilford county i can t take her there. Is there another health department that i could take her to i live in Randolph county. Anon. A. If your child is of school age. There is a school health fund which helps provide medical and dental care for children of Low income families. You would go to the Randolph county department of social services old Central school building in Asheboro. This does not mean you have to be receiving Public assistance to qualify but social services docs the paperwork and provides the certification. The work is then done by the dentist of your Choice. Of your Little girls is a pre schooler and you cannot afford private dental care then social services is still the place to go since that Agency determines eligibility for Public assistance based on income and other factors. A a a the sign problem 0. On two different occasion we citizens of Yorkshire drive were written up in action line in regard to Street signs. The first time we were told the City did not have the funds and by the second time we thought the signs would be up. On two different occasions i have had to Call the police and both times the operator wanted to know where Yorkshire drive was. After you have spent some time explaining to her where it is How is a patrolman expected to find it without signs. Can t something be done about this please see what you can do for us. K. 0. A. The traffic engineers say the pipes for three or four signs on Yorkshire have been Cut. Or smeared with paint or Bent beyond use. One sign was replaced three times and at a Cost of $25 a sign there is a limit to the number of times they can be replaced. Putting an end to the rampant vandalism is the Only solution. Residents of the area can help police by keeping an Eye and ear Alert. As for trouble finding Yorkshire a police department spokesman says new patrolmen May not be familiar with All Street locations at first but learn pretty fast. Sorry but there appears to be nothing we can do Short of suggesting you put up your own rustic sign that even a Vandal would ignore. The Day seems to be coming when Street names will have to be stencilled on the streets to foil the destroyers of Public property. Or or the Ham scam q. I would like to become a Ham radio operator. Do you know where i can get some information on this d. B. A. There Are books so you want to be a Ham. Fellas guide to operating shortwave radio the american radio relay leagues radio amateurs handbook. License manual operating manual plus other books and magazines available at the Public Library or through the Library a inter Library loan department. Or or or reaction in response to a message written in your column recently by a lady who expects her son to receive a Christmas gift from everyone on his paper route. I would like to say that As a boy i delivered papers for ten years and if i Ever received a gift i done to remember it and if i did receive one in a sure i was surprised and shocked because i certainly did not expect to receive one at Christmas or any other time. If i had not been satisfied with the remuneration involved i would have turned the route Over to someone else. . Enemy Ais major moves Washington Saigon face crisis by George Esper associated press writer Saigon apr Rig North vietnamese gains in Laos and Cambodia two major enemy buildups along South Vietnam s Western Borders and new challenges to i s. Air Power signal a crucial year ahead for Washington and Saigon. I s officials in s Igon term the situation in Laos critical but informed sources say there Are Strong indications that the North vietnamese Are building up to something in South Vietnam with 15.000 fresh troops in or in route to the Central Highlands and three divisions re emerging in the Region of the demilitarized zone. The consensus among american military and diplomatic officials is that the communist Campaign in Laos is designed to Force Premier Souvanna Houma to ask the United states to Stop the massive bombing in his country and give North Vietnam free rein to use the country As a staging area. A fall these thongs they do in Laos and Cambodia Are undoubtedly pointed to a heir Long Range objective of making it easier to gain control of South says one american expert. Some senior i s. Officials say the buildup in the Central Highlands is far bigger than any previous one in that area. But despite the buildups and the deteriorating situation in i aos. President Nixon Appe irs to have committed himself to further withdrawal of . Troops in february at the rate of at least 22.500 a month. With korean. Thai and australian troops also pulling out. The South vietnamese army s regulars arc spread thin. The much heralded militia Force of half a million men which is supposed to defend the Interior of South Vietnam is often no match for the North vietnamese and Viet Cong. Concerned Over the buildup in the Central Highlands and further withdrawals by its allies the South vietnamese government has abandoned most of its major bases in Eastern Cambodia so the troops who have been there can operate closer to Home with More mobility and flexibility. However there Are no signs that to the South vietnamese will try r copter downed four die Saigon apr communist forces today made the third attack in less than two weeks on a . Air base in the Vietnam War shot Down an american helicopter killing All four crewmen. And intensified attacks across South Vietnam to their highest level in three months. The . Command also announced that an air Force f4 Jet bombed and apparently destroyed an antiaircraft missile Battery in the laotian Panhandle near sep one shortly after it fired two missiles at an other american plane tuesday. The army us helicopter was shot Down tuesday while supporting South vietnamese operations South of the u Minh Forest in the Mekong Delta about 165 Miles Southwest of Saigon the South vietnamese military command reported 34 enemy Atticks on its military units and vietnamese civilians during the 24 hours ending at 6 a in. Wednesday. It was the highest number since the first week of october the most serious attack was a Viet Cong ambush of a platoon of 30 government militiamen in the Mekong Delta about 90 Miles South of Saigon. Field reports said three government soldiers were killed la were i sing and six were wounded. There was speculation that the attacks on the . Air bases were in retaliation for the massive american air attacks on North Vietnam late last month. The target today was the big Bien Hoa base 15 Miles Northeast of Saigon and two Viet Cong sappers slipped past South vietnamese and fight for life fails two unidentified men fight to Rescue 52-year-old Raymond Kankoski. A Pennsylvania stale Highway worker trapped in the Eab of his dump truck tuesday at Irwin a the incident occurred minutes after a three truck collision on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. One other Man was killed and two injured in the wieck. Intense heat halted Rescue efforts. A w r�ptv0t9 Safe cigarette possible researcher Washington a a Federal researcher says a safer even absolutely Safe cigarette can be devised. But would it sell a we must take out the danger and leave in the pleasure a said or. Gio Gori head of the major Effort in safer cigarette research the tobacco working group at the National Institute of health. For two years he and his colleagues have been peering at smoke condensate applied to rat tissue and Chicken Trachea. These tents Are still to be evaluated and they will Lead to More in the next two years. But Gori said the technical knowledge now exists for developing a less hazardous cigarette. A perfectly Safe cigarette today would filter everything from tobacco smoke. A we have the Means of a 100-per-cent filter but All you would have is hot air a Gori explained. So the answer involves in no Small Way the reason people smoke a relatively undefined Field requiring much More study Gori said. For instance a safer cigarette would have less nicotine. Experimental tobacco strains with Little or no nicotine in them could be developed in two or three years for a commercially productive Harvest Gori said. But he added would smokers stick with a Low or Zero nicotine cigarette or simply smoke Many More of them to make up for the loss surgeon general Jesse l Steinfeld raised the same Point in a report monday calling for renewed efforts to develop Safe cigarettes. The report said scientists no longer question the danger of a dinking a statement attacked by the tobacco Institute As false and misleading. Steinfeld called that statement a self serving and accused the tobacco Industry tuesday of endangering the Public health by purposely clouding the hazards of cigarette smoking or. Gori said he does not know if the safer cigarette his group can now devise would be less hazardous than All brands on the Market. A we Haven tested All the brands a Senate hearings have been called to consider legislating tar and nicotine limits. To get the jump on the North vietnamese with a repetition of last years invasion into Laos. For one thing there Are not enough . Combat forces left in Vietnam to give them the massive support that even last year Wasny to enough to make the operation successful there is great concern that the communist command will attempt offensives on several fronts during the tet Celebration of the lunar new year which begins Fob. 15. In addition to the buildups in the Central Highlands and at the Western end of the Doz Small scale fighting has increased in the Saigon Region and there Are reports that two North vietnamese regiments have crossed from Cambodia into the area surrounding South Vietnam s capital. Senior . Diplomats believe the communists will attempt an offensive in the Central Highlands to coincide with president Nixon s trip to peking during the last week of february their purpose being to Embarrass him by a show of strength. These sources predict another of pensive along the Doz in the summer or fall to Hurt Nixon a chances for re election american guards to blow up a stockpile of Small arms ammunition one of the sappers was killed when he triggered a Claymore mine on his Way out. The 7th air Force reported the other escaped no other Casus duties were reported in Saigon a coalition of four obscure vietnamese religious groups urged president Nixon to order a permanent cease fire throughout Indochina and suspend All . Aid to South Vietnam. Laos and Cambodia. Plant closed ant pollution Laws blamed by Robert h. Mottram associated pres writer Seattle map state ecology officials blame the uncertainties of Federal ant pollution Laws f t the decision by Weyerhaeuser co to close a pulp Mill rather than meet pollution abatement requirements. A if the state and the Weyerhaeuser co. Alone had addressed themselves to the prob clean air rules can t be met Albany n y. Map the state environmental conservation department says stringent new Federal standards Lor air Quality cannot be met in some parts of the heavily industrialized Buffalo area of Western new York even with the Best ant pollution technology now known. In an air Quality implementation plan prepared for submission to the Federal environmental Protection Agency the department reported tuesday that standards for particulate matter in the air dirt and soot for example cannot in met in South Buffalo Lackawanna. Tonawanda. North Tonawanda or Niagara Falls the state is requiring industries in those areas to use the Best available Means to Cut Down on pollution the report said hut unless technical breakthroughs occur within the next few years that will not be enough. The Only alternative shutting Down those industries. Which cannot be sufficiently controlled was rejected because of its Impact on already High unemployment in the Buffalo area the plan said. The 1970 Federal clean air act requires the states to submit a plan for meeting two Levels of air Quality control for six kinds of air pollution. The first or primary level sets standards which Are considered necessary for the maintenance of health. The stricter secondary standards Are those considered necessary for a social Lorn they would have found Otner meaningful solutions. A slate ecology department director John Biggs said tuesday. A the key is intervention of the Federal government into the states programs a said another department spokesman a Industry Doest know what the Federal government wants and Weyerhaeuser was afraid it could t count on Federal the company announced tuesday it would close its sulphate pulp Mill in Everett putting the jobs of 330 workers in jeopardy. Established in 1936. The Plant produces to tons of bleached sulphate pulp daily. Sulphate pulp is used for top Quality products such As Bond paper. But the Plant pours 4 5 million Gallons of diluted untreated sulphate waste into puget sound each Day state ecology officials said. In 1969 the state imposed a cleanup deadline by offering Weyerhaeuser three alternatives. It could install a recovery system that would eliminate 80 per cent of the waste build a new Plant or cease operations. In announcing it had chosen the third alternative Weyerhaeuser said it would close the Plant by the May 31. 1973 deadline imposed by the state and would try to find jobs for the Mill s workers. Although a company spokesman note Ltd that Weyerhaeuser had been unable to meet the so ale requirements a within the time Frame available Quot another said confused and changing Federal regulations a add still further what s inside amusements a Bridge 7c classified ads 7-11d comics 5d crossword pc editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2c sports my television 7d women news Sec b weather 3a a a a Kennedy Mills to pull out of Florida by the associated press two of the dozen democrats entered in Florida a presidential primary prepared for a second Day of campaigning in the state today and waited to see whether the Field would diminish. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey planned to visit a Black neighbourhood and attend a senior citizens dance in St. Petersburg. Sen Vance Hartke moved into Miami today continuing the Florida Campaign he kicked off with a burst of Confidence in Tallahassee tuesday. T will win in Florida to i will win in new Hampshire said the Indiana Democrat. Florida Secretary of state Richard Stone announced a list of 12 to be on the democratic ballot in the March 14 primary but any one May remove his own name from the ticket by filing a declaration of no candidacy by feb. 15. In Washington a spokesman for sen. Edward m. Kennedy said the Massachusetts Democrat would file the affidavit to get out of the race. Stone said he suspects rep. Wilbur d. Mills of Arkansas also May order his name stricken from the ballot. Alabama gov. George c. Wallace who ran As an american Independent party Candi Date in 1968. Was expected to announce in Tallahassee thursday that he will stay in the Florida primary. In the North republicans prepared to open Campaign Headquarters in Concord n for president Nixon. Transportation Secretary John a. Volpe will preside at the ceremonies thursday after meeting with former new Hampshire gov. Lane Dwinell the Nixon Campaign chairman in that state. There were these other developments in presidential primary states tuesday Ohio Humphrey announced plans to Campaign there Jan. 18 and to offer a full slate of 153 delegates in the May 2 primary. 111 i n o i so a e George Mcgovern of South Dakota will offer full delegates slates in up to 17 of the state s 24 congressional districts although he currently plans none in Chicago. Mcgovern did not enter the preference primary which binds no delegates. His slates of candidates for convention delegates would be pledged to him. Wisconsin campaigning in Pulaski sen. Edmund Muskie was reminded of his statement that a presidential ticket with a negro win this year. An Indian girl asked whether he thought a ticket with an Indian candidate american could win. A it s not proven yet if a polish american can be said Muskie referring to his own ancestry. New York sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington appointed Robert a. Low a former City councilman As his state Campaign chairman. And in los Angeles another candidate entered the presidential sweepstakes. Gus Hall 61-year-old head of the National communist party s Aid he would run and of elected would a declare the Vietnam War Over on inauguration Day and free a political prisoners including Angela

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