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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 10, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point enter prise sunday january 10. 1926 Page la Are attempting ambitious schedule local team will leave tomorrow for ten Day t High Point May again enter the Piedmont league latest Rumor coach boy Linsz team undertakes varsity schedule team in Good shape the basketball Quint from High Point College will leave Early monday morning for an extended trip through Virginia lasting for ten Days during which the purple panthers will take on a number of the Best teams in the old Dominion. Coah Boylin has his five travelling at top Speed and the Panther expect to return from the trip with a fat Bunch of scalps dangling from their belts. The panthers Are picking no setups with which to build up an impressive record but will take on the Best College and a by a teams in Virginia. They the expecting a number of Bard Battles and Are prepared to travel at a fast clip the bring Home the Bacon. The panthers will be away from the Home court for ten Days. Arriving at Farmville a. Monday night they will tackle the five representing Hamden Sidney College in what May turn out to be a whirlwind affair. Leaving Hamden. Sidney the purple panthers continue on to Richmond to clash with the Richmond blues a Quint that Lias been piling up victories with the regularity of a Grandfather clock. From Richmond hey go to Ashland Only a few Miles Distant to take on the Randolph first team. Returning to Richmond the panthers Gage the Union theological Seminary thursday Janu. Ary 14. The next night they Are scheduled to tackle the Virginia John d. Rockefeller is around his nine Hole in 40 despite his great age Ormond Beach cia., Jan. 9.�? apr John p. Rockefeller broke 40 in his round of Golf today Over tin hotel Ormonde a Golf course Here. But his last Leng putt Hung on the Edge of the cup. The 87-year-old National figure played with that even older Friend general Adelbert Ames of Lowell mass., of civil War Fame. His other a a opponent in the threesome was mrs. I. De Yore Warner Bridgeport conn., his House guest Here. I charges journey Over to Charlotte i to engage the fast travelling Charlotte the Charlotte five have won every game of the season so far having upset the a dope by taking the measure of the much vaunted Carolina Quint that won the Southern conference championship these two teams play again february 18, so the panthers have two chances to cover themselves with glory. The Richmond blues will return a game Here february 20. With Wake Forest Here february 27. A total of 16 games Are already booked with the leading College and even the icy breath of boreas is not enough to drive away the lure of the Diamond and the More Rabid of the old guard Here Are already raking their brains for some Means to bring baseball Back to the furniture City next season. It was Learned yesterday that a Strong of i fort will be made through the chamber of Commerce to have either Danville va., or Amsbury franchise in the Piedmont league transferred to High Point. Felix Bayman and Bud Moore who control the destinies of the Charlotte Sally league club by Ane led out last season and donated a few grand for the Danville Piedmont league franchise which the promptly moved to Salisbury prob a ably because they considered the Railroad City a better baseball town than the Virginia entry. The club operated All last season but it was whispered about in Piedmont circles that the genial jew Ann associates were dropping More of the Coin of the realm than they cared to admit. Bud Moore was made president of the colonials and took charge of the business management of the club but even the Crafty Bud with All his knowledge of the Best methods of doctoring invalid baseball business could not Stop the leaks in the club coffers. According to Sarge Herndon former High Point Mentor and other keen observers of baseball conditions in the Piedmont Loop the Salisbury proposition is beginning to take on the proposed to dig Down a Little in the old sock for the privilege of Baring a place to keep their budding us uletes in storage. But the Wise ones do not believe the Charlotte magnates expected to pay so heavily for that privilege. Another franchise that May be transferred one of these Days is the one at Danville. A. The old do mision City is so far re noved from the Center of Piedmont activities that even should the club have Good attendance during the season heavy one of t in toughest battled mileage tolls will this Good d work. At that the club did not draw j t pointing to with White Oak s nortanic p eruptions by John Herndon of season expected next monday night the Basket tossers representing the local a by a Are anticipating one of the toughest Battles of the court season next monday night when tile five from White Oak greens in smart pitching strikes a bump Boro comes Here to engage the and who sighs for Home and Mother any better than the High Point club did the last year the pointers were in the league. Clue reason attendance fell off hot fre the latter part of the season of Jil 24 was because the fans were disgruntled when the club quit cold the last month of the season lifter setting a dizzy Pace until the Middle of August. It would not have been so bad if the club had Only made a fight but when the much vaunted murderers Row dropped about four ser. Ies in a Row and did no to seem to give a tinkers dam whether the club finished firs or last the fans just naturally quit with the i or Hite Oak team is said to club. Now it is believed after a sea a formidable aggregation and songs Lay of and ii new Deal All Ione most bitterly fought around attendance would no doubt contests of the season is expected. A pick up considerably. I he a team is composed of for i i Strang Nicklin. Who signs the j Mer College stars and once Thev pay checks for the Chattanooga i Roun b condition Are capable Southern league entry is also sold i kit vans an get Amateur team in this baseball psalm of life lives of Cobb and Ruth remind us we must hit 3 5? and departing leave behind us Spike prints Down the third Bas line. Spike prints that perhaps another local Quint in the first of two games scheduled by the rival fives. The a by a Baske Teers have been training diligently for the contest seeing shall forget his slump. Let us then be up and bopping before we get the Gate swinging Bunting dragging chopping learn to clout Mem and ton tails. Method simple the procedure was simple. They followed one of the innumerable Rabbit tracks until the Trail ended at the domicile of or. Bunny usually within a few Hundred feet from the Point where in was first taken up. The next step was to kick a Little Snow away give the Quarry a couple of Wallop with the a irk and to him into1 the sick. Some of the nimrods of the cd 5 school varied a bit in their sys terns. A few preferred to reach a heir h d into the Den drag the game out by his Long and capable ears set a stick across his head and pull that member off still miters took firearms along and gave the Cotton Tail a run for i Money. By t the big snows have dodged this part of the country for the past few decades and a a them Days is gone t unable to ret together on the schedules for the present year new unable to wait. Live and learn my speaking of snows they Tell a Good one on Mike Kelly manager of the Spartanburg Sally i president r Charlie Carroll efforts emanating from win j during the Only Ston Salem say Charlie car Quot league club for the past five years. Mike so the Story goes hit Dixie for the first time in midwinter and big Snow of the York. Jan. 9.�? a to surmount obstacles attributed in some degree to a r Vittica of the season a full wee the joint schedule committee f the National and american base a i league adjourned a six Day Macing today without reaching a agreement on 13 26 playing do the committees failure to o come schedule conflicts Brou Fie a a explanation from the executive flee of either league Althous. J John a. Heydler of the on the idea of establishing a a a farm for his rookies in. Some Little pitch Mike had gone to bed in his Section a run for its Money. Roll one of the smartest managers Pullman berth the night before Eam has played Seetai that Ever burned the ears of a with Rosy dreams of a Balmy South or and bowl cd Cuit Aud he and Kames this season with in and out j Piedmont league arbiter is sen land kissed by medical College in Richmond. Leaving Richmond the next morning the team will journey to Norfolk to play the Park place spend sunday in that City. Monday the panthers will take methodists saturday night and will on the Strong William and Mary Quint at Williamsburg january is and will begin the trek Home tuesday. The schedule is a Tough one and will test the Mettle of the team. Returning to old Bunting grounds the panthers will play Guilford t ollege there january 22, and will meet the same team Here the following saturday on the a Yogt court. Perhaps the toughest game of the entire schedule is booked for february 5, when coach Bolln s a by a a tossers with negotiations pending for games with Davidson tons of a White elephant Duke and Elon. None but varsity teams will be played. Coach Boylin is expecting Peterson method and Gleason three Brilliant stars to appear in Timeto participate in the coming games. Macon method has just returned from his Home in Minnesota and was unable to attend preliminary practise. He is expected to get into the thick of the fray immediately. Carl Peterson suffered an injured leg during the football season and Bas a a i believe Felix and Bud Are dropping Money fast in Salisbury a the former Pointer Leader told a newspaper Man in Raleigh last summer while he Aud his Danville club were playing a series in the capital. A a if i know anything about the financial end of the game there is not a club in the league getting Rich. Every club is losing a Little Money and most of them expect to lose a Little although none of them care about Hocking been unable to practice Ibe family furniture to provide with the team. The injured member is coming around Fine now and he is expected to get into the game soon. Gleason has been on the shelf with an injured hip but he is recovering from his wounds and will be heard from in the future. Allege basketball at Annapolis Navy 27 new York University. 21. At West Point army 31 Lehigh 22.__ of course to can to Black i can read my wife like a Book. White but you can to shut her up so . Baseball for an unappreciative Public. But i believe Salisburg is dropping Money faster than any of the other outfits. Tiring All of the time i played in Salisbury this season i do not recall seeing a fair attendance. Even on double headers and Herndon expressed the belief that Hayman and Moore would not leave the franchise in Salisbury More than one or two seasons. The Charlotte moguls wanted a a a farm in the Piedmont league for the de. A elopement of Young players. And i gotten in touch with the realizing the situation in the Cigar la a ? Marlette a Ette Loop where club officials Are satisfied to break even or take a slight loss they evidently expect the winners a High Pointer contest judges statement we the undersigned members of the advisory Board appointed to have supervision of the High Pointer Campaign concluded this Day and who have been selected to act As counting judges Anet auditors certify and state that we this Day and Date made a careful count and Check of All ballots cast in the election and find the result As follows name prize votes j w. L. York Chrysler coach40,341,000 mrs. W. A. Barber $200.00 in gold.36,448,100 c. G. Burrows $100.00 in Gold 18,106,000 District no. 2. F mrs. /. /. Garland $100.00 in gold29,7630 0 mrs. Owen Smith 20 per cent commission. 18,02lz,900 a. M. Spencer 20 per cent commission 8,521,000 Mebane Walker 20 per cent commission 3,488,000 a it it our belief that the Campaign has been conducted in a fair and impartial manner to everyone interested and concerned and we commend the publisher of the High Pointer. And the Campaign management for the business like methods a employed in conducting the we further find that the candidates whose names Are hereby Given received the number of votes opposite their dances and Are declared winners in their respective position. Judges Lewis Teague Fred v. Mcpherson r. H. Sechrest. Checks will be mailed to contestants monday Bod Higgins erstwhile manager of the Asheville tourists have bought j the Leafs Loc a a Stock and barrel j from the owners who were Only too glad to Remote the Millstone that was dragging them Down into a financial maelstrom from around j their necks. The portly Bob will Likely be at. The Helm of the new club if he does no to decide to scour the Bushes Fror the Cincinnati reds. It Bob knows baseball. His Only Troubie is that Hie is inclined to Drift along with the tithe instead of forging upstream with the leaders. Tucker popular Pill roller and add round sportsman has been bitten by the baseball Bug and would like to see the National pastime brought Back Here. A a Doc reports Bhat he is slowly but surely Collejo Tang the deficit resulting from High Points sojourn in the ranks of organized Ball and now has Inq Pught the deficit Down to around $8,000 which is considered quite a feat. The genial druggist feels the Call of the Diamond and is lying awake at night trying to figure some. Way to bring baseball Back to High Point. The has urged Frank Sizemare Secretary of the local chamber of Commerce to take the matter up with owners of the franchise mentioned above. Or. Size Moix stated yesterday that he had Powers and Chat . Sufficient time to hear i from them has not expired. This seems to be the Only Hope Fop baseball in High Point and it in a forlorn Hope at that. While Hue Frost fiend stalks in the land nobody likes to talk of baseball a Bat when the leaves begin to Bud Jand the Sun to Shine on both sides it of the Street at once interest on the part of the fans May develop to such an extent that a drive might to launched that will result in the crash of Wood on leather resounding in Welch Park again. In the meantime a a Doc Tucker is awaiting anxiously the outcome or. Sizemore s letter to Strang Nicklin and Felix Hayman. Success but the team has 0usly considering a change of the reached its stride and is expected operation base. Charlie Bas held to come Forward with a Rush from j Forth in the Piedmont Loop since now on. _ _ i to organization and his absence Ernie never suffer torn Back ligament Jacksonville fla., Jan. 9. Map a Ernie Nevers former Leland Stanford football Star suffered a torn ligament in his Back in the second period of the football game Here today Between his team the Jacksonville All stars and the new York giants. The giants won 7 to 0. Nevers left the game in the third period As a result of injuries received when he attempted to Bur-1 die the line in an of tackle play. He j a was thrown with a thud heard Alii Over the Field and the giants were. Penalized 15 Yards for roughing., Nevers remained in the game until j the end of the period attempting two Forward passes. Both failed and he punted out of danger. The Only score of the game came in the final period when Mcbride of Syracuse plunged through the i Center of the All stars line to the i goal line later kicking goal. On the third base Coalt Bine line will be sincerely regretted All Over the circuit. Charlie piloted the Greensboro club for five seasons and always had his club up among the leaders. Last season lie left the Winston Salem club to a last Lulf Pennant but dropped the championship series to the Durham bulls. I Rabbit Hunting f a Little cold weather had followed the first real Snow of the year the primeval forests would Likely have sounded like the second Battle of the Marne. And Rabbit Stew would have been the piece de resistance at. Local cafes. The writer Lias often heard flip old timers ones who remember when main Street was a mud path Tell of going Iii the Woods shortly after one of those big snows they were always having and armed with nothing hut a heavy stick return Iii the course of an hour with a dozen fat cot the warm rays of Sun. With Fields of ripening Grain and Trees bending Low with burdens of luscious fruit. The next Dav Mike opened his eyes to gaze on a White world As he stepped from his ear into Tho Teeth of an Arctic Gale and turned his face to avoid the stinging sleet he was heard to mutter a sunny South hell. Ill bet fifty Bucks it ainu to snowing up Home in meeting of bar Raleigh Jan. 9.�? apr the executive committee of the North Carolina bar association in meeting Here decided to hold the next annual meeting of the association on june 30. July i and 2, 1 9 26. Wrightsville Beach was tentatively selected As the place of meeting. Erwin named. Raleigh Jan. 9.�? apr governor Mclean today announced the appointment of w. A. Erwin of Durham As member of the Board of trustees of the North Carolina College for negroes at Durham to succeed w. J. Brogden resigned. National announced that a be. C i meeting would be called later a the month. With him at the was Barney Drey fuss pres of the world s Champion Pittsburgh club while president Johnson represented the american league. Disagreement Between the leagues Over dates marking t first time in the history of organized baseball that More than the e Days have been required to a Monize the two schedules g a it out of United opposition from n tonal league owners to adva Brent of the closing Date from october 4 to september 26. Their objection to the change v a joint meeting of the leagues a month ago on the ground tha sunday baseball is prohibited in three senior circuit Parks As Aga two in the american failed to move the owners in the Johnson organization. The latter stood solidly for shortening the season and the tie vote which resulted w broken by commissioner k. M Landis who cast his ballot for the Early closing. Landis and Johnson last fall indicated their approval of abbreviating the 154 game schedule id order to make possible completion of the world series within the fir week of october. Unfavourable weather at the last worlds series was responsible for their stand although Dreyfuss produced figure to show that during a 23 year period Only three Post season Cia a had been delayed by rain. Hall Caine play at Broadway theater sir Hall came who has no Superior As a writer of masterly novels is the author of tile eternal City a a first National picture produced by George Fitzmaurice winches to be the feature next week at the Broadway theater. Monday and tuesday. In the cast Are such Stellar performers As Barbara la Marr. Lionel Barrymore. Bert Lytell. Richard Bennett and Montagu love. Many producers had attempted to obtain the screen rights to this novel but the author has consistently refused asserting that he would not Grant this privilege until he was satisfied it would be Given the proper handling. Or. Fitzmaurice s Fame had reached the English Home of the novelist so when he made an offer for the Morion picture right it was immediately accepted on the consign that the Story be filmed in its exact locale in Italy. The producer was Happy to Grant this Concession for it fitted into his plan for making a picture that would live for All time and manufactured settings would not do. Sir Hall was so pleased with the arrangement that he consented to Many changes in the Story in order to modernize it and even assisted Ouida Bergere in making the adaptation. Marvellously Beautiful scenery embellishes the production which has been termed the most powerful drama Ever shown on the screen. Cd Rusler �?o68�?� electrifying new prices reductions from $50 to $110 touring car roadster club Coupe coach Sedan 845 $890 $895 935 995 effective january 9, 1920. All prices f. Of b. Detroit subject to Federal excise tax thanks to the swiftly climbing sales possible Competition months ago in it and steadily swelling production value of Chrysler a ass Quot a new and greatly lowered prices Are made possible which Render the �?o58�?� More unmistakably than Ever the value supreme in its Clas it Chrysler �?o58�?� sped far away from All own Low Price Field outselling everywhere when it provided such striking performance features As 58 Miles an hour 25 Miles to the gallon of gasoline and a pick up of 5 to 21 Miles in 8 seconds. Sign Moro notes. Raleigh. Jan. 9�?- apr governor a. W. Mclean and state treasurer b. R. Lacy expect to go i to new York about th3 2f the of january to sign a $23,000,000 note Issue which the state is renew in so the governor and Council of state at a meeting Here this morning passed a Resolution authorizing the renewal of the notes the certificates Are being engraved with All possible Speed. Tourney in june Minn amp Aplis. Minn., Jan 9 map a the 1926 tournament of the trans Missi Sippi Golf Assoc a. Lion will be held the week of june 21 at the Algonquin club in St. Louis. Menry Maskall. Association president announced tonight. Precisely the same Quality a precisely the same performance precisely the same Fine appearance precisely the same Beautiful body and Chassis. These new prices Deal a body blow to anything even remotely seeking comparison with the �?o58�?�, which will instantly be recognized with a thrill of Delight by every student of motor car Alues. Gate City motor company Jack Burris manager. Phone 2639

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