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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 10, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Points population u. S. Government census 1923 22,279 vol. 39�?no. 93 the sunday Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants full associated Tress. High Point n. C. Sunday morning january to 1926 weather forecast partly Cloudy sunday and Mon Day rising temperature Mon j Day moderate winds ii pages today Price. Five cents aluminium inquiry will go deadlock of Pasi fully into the matter now six months shows. Claims Senate committee no Sien of break up pikes Peak in Winter at Many charges probably to pick of indifference Republican Leader much publicity is Given to fact that Mellon is a big owner joint conference of Miner and operators still in session in new York meet this afternoon that is the general expectation at Raleigh in Advance of conference Strong position of both Side makes sunday meeting seem necessary Hope of agreement i Washington Jan. 9.�? apr pursuing its inquiry As to Why the department of Justice had not acted More energetic j the ally in the Case of the aluminium company of America in which Secretary Mellon has Large holdings the Senate committee today brought to Light that an investigation also is being made into the aluminium goods manufacturers company one third owned by the former corporation. This information was furnished by assistant attorney general Sescal to thi Ehre pals Raleigh Jan. 9.�?local republicans lean to the opinion that the Durham meeting february tenth of state Republican executive committee will determine the Clee. Some think separate caucuses indicate that there May soon he an agreement and settlement new York Jan. 9�? apr unable to break the deadlock that tion of National committeeman and j has gripped the Anthracite miners therefore they discount Mike Whitener claim of eighty percent rank and file support for that Honor. They do not deny that wakened Lias popular strength but they decile his cause lost before the committee. Or. Whitener does not think so but if to did lie and ii is insure and operators for six months in their attempt to draft a new wage contract the joint conference will hold another session sunday afternoon. This unprecedented action of meeting on the Sabbath was taken gent friends who demand democrat_0 Jay when each Side found the oth Tiza tion of the party plan or Organ nation would expect the it Tate convention to nullify such election. The convention of 1916 did the electing of National committeeman Donovan but before or. Donovan a by i a. To did that of 1912 when Ali org Warp took the stand attorney general l it contests insurgency is remnant Sargent told the committee that j Many republicans in official life within seven Days after he took j Here say but until party Organiza office last Spring he directed that j1on plans Are changed this Uris a report be made to him regarding j cannot change the vault. Hie aluminium investigation a the i. H i fore any action whatever is taken j Coni or any publicity he added i a jul he expects to at j Journ ment came in a memorandum to or. Donovan that sitting and to say Semi. Ourn ment came that a this is in no Way to be con 0 a a Kaniza tion of St de i trued to retard a proper and Thor a a a then. It is his own and Ough examination and appropriate 16 belief of Many others that the action an disclosed information May Lytfi convention will do the elec i 11 n or a / or. Sargent stated at the open i for a v on ->.000 Miles of state ing of the inquiry yesterday that j holds had been swept off this a Ain or it to i morning and state schedules on these thoroughfares were being his attention first was drawn Tho matter some six or seven months after he came into office and today he said that while the memorandum bore his signature he had no recollection of it and that ills recollection As Given to the committee yesterday had not been changed. With respect to the aluminium goods manufacturing company colonel Donovan said the investigation by the department had disclosed certain allegations which had been made the subject of a special inquiry. Examiner Dunn whose report was quoted to the committee said careful inquiry had failed to support the charge that this company was controlled by tile aluminium company. Of America but added that a material obtained from the aluminium goods manufacturing company is certainly indicative of the actions of the company which has been so generally criticized by its competitors such As Price policy special discount full line forcing exclusive dealing Sale Price main ten Anc and causing discontinuation of competing colonel d Novan outlined in considerable detail just what the department had done in prosecuting the investigation into Federal were maintained according to maintenance Engineer w. E. Watkins. All the hard surface and much of the soil roads have been put in i shape for travel though considerable Sand Clay is still badly soaked and will require a Day or two for drying out. The state put 300 main tenancy Crews on this work Friday morning and they cleared Tho nine construction districts of virtually All the slush. There is not a state or immovable. Never before in the Long history of hard Coal wage conferences has a meeting been held on sunday. Neither Side is willing to take the responsibility of asking adjournment Over a Day partly because of. Public opinion and partly because of the great desire to speedily end the strike now in its fifth month. There was no hesitancy to meet on sunday when the matter of up some one stating that the better the Day the better the deed. The conference was in session More than three hours the shortest since the two sides came together on december 29 through the initial instrumentality of governor pin. Chut. At the conclusion of the meeting the following statement was issued the conference spent the afternoon in discussion As a committee of the whole and in separate caucuses of the operators and miners. Various modifications of plans be. Fore the conference were discussed. The deadlock continued the operators maintaining their stand for arbitration and the miners opposing it in any form the statement that the conferees in it Ihli i. Lii its 8 us his i i i 3 i if ii i .1-2 7 i Mui v la Iii in i anti it a Salt for is reported to have formally protested action of Mexico great furniture building u crowded w till largest display yet shown Here t halon Iii finance committee takes position in the open again-1 tax. Officials Are of Ift indicate Content known. To re pointed of program for revision from rank of republicans attendance on the twelfth sit a _ Semi annual Market which Wall j no statements Given out to a Penn Southern f furniture j a indication exposition building on South j main Street monday january j 18, is expected to exceed All j records in local furniture annals. la in Advance indications Are that. J. _ coming in the midst of a period i blinks it Shook of prosperous business in furniture circles the Mart will Excel any Winter Market that has gone before. Attendance of buyers has Stead s Mich influence i. Col ref in doubt no information Given out As to he foil so to in followed of negotiations prove i successful against tax be left to the states As source of Revenue tax Bill to be reported by thursday Mexico City Jan. 9.-�? af3 a mexican and american officials alike today declined to j discuss the announcement made \ Keth in Washington that James r. J cd the Washington Jan. 9.�? apr revision of the House tax reduce ill increased at each exposition j tion Bill to include Complete repeal during the live years that the mar j inheritance tax was proposed 11000� Markka Quot Yeiroffl-1t0<3 by chairman Smoot of the Sheffield the american Ambas i dais say that a big increase is sex j image committee which Sadar has filed formal protest peeled this time. J win decide monday on the rates. I every Inch of available space has u j f h a a against retroactive provisions m j already been taken even though the j a measure the new mexican Petroleum and opening Date is still More than a in chairman announced his anti alien lend Laws i week off. Never before has every position after an attack on the Init of the exhibit space Boon Orocu j a Britanee tax by senators Fletcher Structure has Ancl Trammel democrats of Flor Severa mid Ida who appeared before the com telegrams Are Mittee. Repeal of the Levy also being received daily by manager was urged by the speakers of the Long from exhibitors asking toi 1 foreign minister Saenz Mere a pied for a january shove it albeit the i rockets flared when Rev. George w. Mcdonald and ten hikers Mem i hers of thadarean club of Colorado Springs reached the top of Pike s Peak after a i Enin i who had feared for the safety of the expedition. Above remarkable photograph of the fireworks display n Hie Peak. Below the party climbing through Dee snows. By Aid a i am sorry but i can Mammoth ten Story say been jammed for ambassador Sheffield is i summer markets spending the week end at Cier r. Jew web a Wui Sedaca but the embassy made space. a a a to Ai a3 the follow nor authorized state i furniture has been arriving on .1 a Quot Anu Hunta divest Edgar the following authorized from Aud Roc. I a. Brown and Thomas b. Hill re me. Minns and already Many of the sex i spec a Tyvand but lieutenant gov a i he ambassador has pre bib its have been Sot up. The qual i error Mccall of Arkansas. A Nonio in the for a ice of i Ity and variety of the exhibits have two Day climb. The fireworks dispersed threat seated a note to the foreign be in watched by the manager and Cloud Banks that Hung Over the Peak and relieved watchers Hee making certain represent he has tion it May be assumed that1 Market Jit deals with matters concerning i assortment of displays senator smooth a declaration was the first definite indication from re no doubt that this year is publican ranks of a program for will present la biggest revision or the non Partlan House Fayetteville now Given further recognition As air route Point the two governments but it is impossible to discuss map j artilly air service route. It is Field i Bat this Extension will j today Xvi la opened during Hie year and that Sailor Sheffield had next year Hie route from papa Field South to Maxwell Field ala., will be completed. Upon Tho opening of Hie Airway a regular schedule of two flights Lier week in each direction will be maintained until the traffic War ill the service. I held separate caucuses was a Hope Road Over which automobiles consign f0 some observers for not run with safety now. The High Wray offices do not believe Thero is a system anywhere in the country which can do the Job More effect which have a much harder contract. It was observed that the one Type of soil roads unit Luneed by the Snow was the new asphaltic Oil which turns water As a gum coat. Every mile of it is As free from j trouble As the Hest Concrete in the country. Pastoral Assumption of the responsibility for the sunday night religious forum at the first Christ Ian Church will take place tomorrow night according to congregational rumours and the meeting promises As big in Intee tas did the services at the presbyterian and a. Lutheran churches a few Days ago Trade commission charges old. When both pastors jumped on the aluminium company of Amene Frunk the Christian Church offer had violated the Consen edits sunday nights to the forum 1012 in which it was e i makers who admittedly have carried it on of to a i ass a Lac ,. _. Continuing certain illegal prac 1 ices. He explained to had sought to the congregation and its guests in to realms hardly expected. There. Nver have been to to kinds of lecturing compel the Commissi i lie i literal and very Radical. The one evidence obtained by it because no Adid not want to take a Chance of jeopardizing the r against the comp one was wanted. Prosecution of the investigation he added has been along the lines Laid Dow by Harlan f. Stone just before he became associate Justice of the supreme court. Agents were sent to the Trade commission to obtain what evidence was available there he continued. Conservative who would have Spok ramen to Scase j in broke his engagement As a con tie event i cession to popular feeling. The local Church having invited the forum to take it3 services soon found itself embarrassed by its own hospitality. It could not Well ask its guests to retire. The congregation voted to retain the forum under supervision. Pastoral control will be established. The orchestra will probably give Way to sign to some observers there will be no need to retire from the conference room for private discussion if one Side or the other flatly rejected any modifications of peace plans. Caucuses Are held Only when there is a proposition before the conferees which has the possibilities of acce prance. Tile sped he modifications discussed were not revealed the strict est secrecy which is tightening up surrounding Tho concussions. Tho ingenuity of the Best minds on loth tides is said to have virtually exhausted in the Effort to find a common ground. In addition to the plans under consideration the conferees have received Many other schemes from outside persons and organizations designed to end the strike. One of the plans was submitted by an individual who turned up at the democratic National convention in Madison Square Garden and made Public a scheme to break the deadlock in the balloting. He is not associated with the Coal Industry n any Way. Fayetteville Jan. I a a with the arrival at Pope fort brag of lieutenants a. Y. Smith anti t. M. Lowe army aviators Fayetteville a position on the great North anti South Airway received further recognition according to announcement made toting by lieutenant ii. V. Holden commander of Pope Field. Lieutenants rants an Nereas Smith and Lowe who arrived by piano from Langley Field va., Are to make a Check of the airways map from Langley Field to Pope Field. On this map Are noted emergency Landing Fields As Well As All other matters of interest to air pilots. The air map is in the form of a strip to enable the Pilot to Orient himself rapidly and to save unnecessary handling of Hulk papers. This work had been undertaken in compliance with orders of the chief of the army air service to prepare for an Extension of the Mear an ambassador thinks agreement sure Washington Jan. 9.�? apr the delicate status of relations i Between the United states and i Mexico became increasingly Plain a tuft Alfonas filed formal i protest with the mexican foreign1 office against refractive provisions of the two new mexican Laws known As the Petroleum and anti j alien Laud acts. Estimates of the aggressive value the two weeks will be a commode a of american investments in Mexico Ted at tile Homes leaving the hotels jeopardized by these enactments. I for Hie transient buyers. Ran As passengers mail supplies and spare parts will he carried by the planes operated on the route. At Langley Field the local Extension will connect with the great Airway system that la now in operation covering Hie entire East and extending from new York to a Mirage phrasal although there is nothing and across the Southwest to Cali to show it indicated what course taken at their face value High As $500,000,000. State department officials refused to make Public Tho communication presented by ambassador Sheffield. It is in it in to have been strongly forma. Upon completion of the North and South Airway through Fayetteville to Florida tin local Extension will become one of the most important parts of the great National system. Iii Wim a Uli ii i the Washington government would pursue if unable to obtain for its nationals the Protection to they Are held to be entitled. This right of Protection is regarded Here As indisputable both under accepted International Law and under pledges made by Mexico to the United states during the conference in 1923, which paved the Way for american recognition of that government. While official silence continues by l which had been endorsed a in general a by Secretary Mellon. The Treasury Secretary however rep at edly has advocated repeal of the inheritance tax on the ground that this Field of taxation should be Ift to the states. Democratic members of the finance committee completed today tit Cir program of tax redaction a ii ukr they Wilt attempt next week Tab tuber after recorded5 j Bave the committee substitute nit info in to it no mus Fop rat schedules in the House Bill. This plan would Call for More i reductions than the $330,000.ooo provided by the House measure i going probably As High As $125,- 000,000. I a Quick showdown on the rate i schedules is expected when the committee takes up these provisions j monday. A democrats who Are in the minority. 7 to to will vote solidly for their substitute pro i Gram while the republicans Are expected to vote for the rate sched Ules in the main incorporated in i the House Bill. How much j Smoot will get rep i fill that has Ever been seen in High feint. F. J. Sizemore Secretary of Tho chamber of Commerce began two weeks ago to make preparations to accommodate the throng of furniture manufacturers. Solemn n and dealers who Are expected to arrive during the two weeks from january is to 30. He finds that the reservations at local howls exceed. By far a this far in Advance of a Prev toi Shew. Accepting this As an indication of an unusually Large attendance or. Sizemore has called on local Homes to help take care of the crowds. Salesmen and exhibitors who will be in the City throughout nothing elaborate in the Way of entertainment has been planned. The summer Market is usually attended by barbecues baseball games Golf and dances but during the Winter Market those attending the exposition Are too engrossed with business to spend much time in amusement. It is customary for the Southern which i furniture Market salesmen s association and the manufacturers association to hold a joint meeting on tuesday of Tho first week to discuss matters of import to the exposition. These two associations through their co operation have done a Good Deal toward putting the local Market in the High position which it holds in the furniture Industry of America. Besides Basing their predictions support chairman for his motion to ii the inheritance tax is doubt but there Are indications the Republican Mittee Wil the Filiti come How Senate. De on gaining e Republican i Republican n program has in a Tab is of the co Alunite in bucking it i test on to Bill will vet on the floor of the Are counting tes the re from to to offset the Aud while their n announced it naval court finishes report Seagull swim owe Golf of sinking City of Rome off Boston link and fishing Good Iii main streets j to obscure any Clear perception of 0f a record breaking Market on the i what specific developments May be j fact that the furniture business has a impending the re Are Strong Bidi i just gone through a prosperous cations that the Washington gov period exposition officials Are end j eminent still is hop jul of an and a courage by the fact that the i just Meni so that the necessity of Southern furniture Industry in the withdrawing ambassador Sheffield past year has Mouti Ted steadily in then they went into the Field and the Organ Ami or a a finally they visited the aluminium the religious connotation will he company a offices to examine rec Given. Pastor Rev. Or. W d Parry Secretary mellows a. As a i Arl a Taylor statement and or. F l. Taylor founder of the for. In into first stockholder in the aluminium tinny of America was Brugui the hearing today for the t Ime. A a have you Learned that or. Mellon the Secretary of the Treasury is connected with the aluminium company a asked senator Walsh Democrat. Montana prosecutor of the investigation. A a Only As i read it in the Public prints a or. Sargent replied. A a it was not brought to your attention in connection with the matter until a a i cannot Tell when i first read it in the urn will make the address. Sail for Europe look themselves in presidential suite avoid publicity i Washington Jap. 9�? apr the report of the naval court of j inquiry into the linking on september 25 of the submarine s-51 j off Block Island by the Steamer j City of Rome of the Savannah line. I was turned Over to the department i of Justice by Secretary Wilbur to. Their a for Loyial a tion. The court found that the subpar it inc was rammed and sunk by the Streamer with the loss of thirty three officers and men on a Clear Moonlight night under Circum Tan loss in Belgium new York Jan. 9.�? a after five Days of vain attempts to i Ces which required the Steamer to evade persistent groups of news i of keep out of the Way. It s findings of fact were made Public by the Navy department tonight bbl its recommendations were withheld because of the reference of the entire Case to the department of jus losses twice As heavy those of France hit Industry hard Asl senator Walsh pointed out that paper reporters and photographers Irving Berlin composer and i his society Bride the former miss Ellin Mackay tonight were bound for Europe on the Leviathan. Seeking Refuge from the wide i publicity that attended their mar lice. Ridge on monday they went to their j Captain i presidential suite shortly after mid j Captain on t i night this morning and locked i themselves in their rooms. They re. Fused to make any statement. About 20 friends visited the j couple aboard ship Early this Moru Jing leaving at 4 o clock. Was referred to in the report of Brussels Jan. 9.�? apr the tile Trade commission transmitted hoods which have ravaged North to the Justice department in of Jward Europe have caused damage Tober. 1924, but or Sargent said in Belgium totalling one billion lie did not read that portion of j francs $45,300,000 officials of Hie report. J the ministry of Public works Esti this s Ctibor was then read into mated today while the flood Waters the record. It quoted Arthur v. J were receding. According to these Dave president of the company ast figures. Belgium s losses Are twice saying that a this company really As heavy As those of France. Bel consists of a. W. Mellon Secre Giumo a richest manufacturing Century of the Treasury and r. B. Mel tors. Such As Leige have been Ion his brother. When or. Mel hardest hit. Lmmens.? Iron works Ion concludes his work in Wash and steel plants have been inn in ton he w ill return As a director j dated. In France most of the a of the Mage has been done to farm lands. Schooner aground. Wilmington. Jan. 9�? apr the three masted Schooner Alfred it. He let bound to Wilmington from the Barbadoes with a cargo of molasses was today reported aground on frying pan Shoal South of Here. Advices said the Schooner was a a leaking and pounding tile tug Blanche hat been sent to the Rescue the Schooner went aground yesterday during the Gale that swept the coast of this Section. She is commanded by Captain Hynan and a a Crew of eight men. N ii. Diehl w How a Steamer and Tail mate Timothy i. Dreyer we placed on trial at Boston this wet before the Board of Federal steer j boat inspectors on charges of i attention of duty in violation the International rules for Prev it tion of collisions and it is und War grave Berkshire eng., Jan. 9.�? apr punts will by pm. Played to transport worshippers to Church service in the flooded area of the thames Valley tomorrow. The vicar of one Church near Here has communicated with All the members of his flock and they Are eager to undertake the Sabbath voyage. Boys arc getting Good catches of fish in the main streets of some towns while in the country districts rabbits Are being hunted from boats. They have taken Refuge from the water in the tops of Hedges. Seagulls Are swimming Over the Charity Golf links and it is a not uncommon sight to see swans placidly floating through the streets of the flooded Village. At Pangbourne is an inn t which a Large Stream flows t the Back door and out the f i the floods Are falling Pointe. Rough rough ant. T All Durham Man killed by gun in hands of six year old child West kill Load n Hiss from his Post can be averted it would be very loathe to sever Dill Romatie relations with moxie i and apparently there is believed to a still a possibility that president i Calles or the mexican supreme court will intervene to carry out pledges of Protection for american a interests. Manuel c. Tellez the mexican j ambassador Here predicted tonight a that a satisfactory understanding would breached. A the b. To minds i of my Xii ii said. Were working i on the framing of the regulatory j decrees under w Lite ii the two acts ill be enforced. A Mexico has recognized die importance in its relations wit the i United stat s of the agreements of 1923,�?� said the ambassador. A their interpretation and the i com Lejon of time understanding i then arrived at May of pm Ursa differ but m Xico ii a aerie j through in exemplary fashion the two mixed claims conventions which grew out of the 1923 negotiations an i the re Lias never Ben j reason to believe that she would j not completely fulfil any j ments made at the Tim other matter within the foreign minister St made formal annoy need press assuring the Public Laws As regulated will by to existing property i Mexico. The rights of Are defended by provision mexican Constitution and ent Laws naturally can n National prestige rime was w ii a the Southern Industry was consid Jered weak and not worthy of much j attention. During the Pas Overall years the South has made in of no ens strides in this respect and More particularly have these j strides been made in the current. Year. Tile Southern furniture Market has experienced a great in i crease in reputation Aud Busic s by reason of the a Progress of tin South which it represents. F. N. Tate president of the Southern furniture Maui Factor j i ors association states that Furni fur a factories below the Mason Dixon Lino have made a gnat r gain in production in the past four is of Ider Sto d it do s not contemplate rep Ca of the inheritance tax b u t provide s probably right in Ere As e in taxi Baum rates and re tor tion o f the present gift tax w hic re pc h t hell. Bouse measure would foot do a arc i of. Y it the Toni in it r a vote d to r peal the inherit Ance Levy. I a child present a plan to r. In additional Revenue n co t it off r t a a. Amount such action re pc a won id Cut from government of a j rep of terms of the i to lie dal in the House Bill Sena i Smoot declared the in me ii won i j barely collect git fro in a $ i no too estate after the it Redit of so percent for state to p a y in eats i id allowed. A t he e St of the government of n 1uk ing t he collection. Dot he pending fights on the la u part me Asu int Taos it an Secretary Arlt s proving t Tate and Ryan Kerning the z tion. \ total of it. Exhibitors to has publish assertion. D Tibo Mig of Quot a Quot ing Tux of in the intent due it in line or any agreements. Saenz has that the Friendly thing t will a Acle de Iii Nitu acts or ave in bit novel tie mount Vernon Baptist services announced v is Ion s i to be buried Toda it croat we Ham p for t i at k Lanct new ruled i be w. L. A

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