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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 10, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Page 12high Point Enterprise sunday january to 1926 Sull attack was kit by sales of the profit takers speculators counter on the Mif Felling of the re discount hate for fixed n new \ irk Tai 9.apr i 3ji emulators for the Advance pleased at tile Vay Tho Market had a i sorbed the Selling in piped by t ing of the new York Federal it Rye re discount rate started to bid in pries from the outset of to i Lay s session but ran into heavy j Tom taking towards the close. J i Inal quotations were irregularly j higher Over three score issues showing net gains ranging from i i to 6 1-2 Points. Trading was Rath flt it a heavy for a half Holiday session. The Day s Trade new was again favourable. Chief interest entered j Iii the publication at the close of tee Market of Tho december tonnage statement of the United is ates i steel corporation showing an increase of 451,584 tons in unfilled i orders last month. This was More j Hon Wall Street expected and brought the total unfilled orders Bove five million tons for the first time since last february. The principal commodity markets were reactionary. Wheat futures fell about i 1-4 to 2 1-4 cents a Bushel in reflection of speculative uneasiness Over foreign crop estimates. December contrails in the Cotton Market closed slightly higher but the other options dropped one to eighteen Points in rather colourless trading. A jump of i heavy buying. Further weakness developed in Tho pan american issued Tho by Stock being hammered Down. Strength also developed in american car and foundry consolidated Gas. Dupone Pittsburgh terminal Coal Postum it to 24 Points in Coffee prices i Cereal Public service of new Dermas generally attributed to Short. Soy Pullman anti Weber and Heil covering. Raw sugar was Une hang j Broner. A gain in Pittsburgh and cd. Resumption of Pool opera West Virginia was the feature of Lions in the Stock Market probably the rail group. Was encouraged in part. By the de foreign exchanges ruled firm incision of the new York Clearing i quiet trading. Demand Sterling Loii t committee not to raise the held steady around $4s4 11-16 and maximum interest rate on deposits French francs $3.s3 cents. Other in member institutions which european rates showed Only Nomi Wall is Root construed As an Indi-1 Nal changer. Cation that Bankers did not anticipate any immediate stiffening of All and time Money rates. Buoyancy again developed in sumo of to High priced Industrial up a Laite. Texas land Trust jumped fib Points to 670, a new High record on Odd lot buying and to. S. Kro go jumped 25 Points to 870 on two sales. General electric soared Over 8 Points to a new High record for All time at 344 1-2 and i then eased to 341 7-8. Foundation company was run tip 6 1-2 Points Fidelity Phenix insurance climbed j 8 Points to a record top at 200 but then cancelled half the Days gain j heavy buying of the Pierce Are Row issues featured the motor group the common scoring an extreme gain and the preferred Mot-1 ing up a new High record. Other i in tors were mixed general motors j closing after having sold High and j most of the others showing fractional flanges. Saturday. Friday. Wet k ago. Year ago. High 192 5. Low 1925 total Stock 20 Industrial.-. 143.38. 143.05. 14 3.0 s. 120.4 3 142.93. 114.31 tabs i 136 20 rail a. 116.65 116.74 117.89 104.13 125.65 96.13 ,200. New York stocks sales High in loud Bow close sales High in Loode Low close i nil reaction in some contract followed the opening Rise new Yurk. Jail. 9. A associated Oil was run up to a j an 0pening Advance in today Scot new top and general Petroleum i. A a a a a a a a ii ton Market was followed by read which is expected in some Quai tors to be merged with Marl and j Hon of March contracts Selling off climbed Over to a new Peak on j from 20.os to 19.98 and closing at that figure. The final tone was in i regular with prices net unchanged a to is Points lower except december which was four Points higher. I the opening Advance of three to nine Points was in response to continued steadiness in Liverpool re demand for Cotton goods both in am. Bosch Magneto. American can. Am. Locomotive. Am. So melt and ref. 3 9 american sugar. Am. Tel and Tel. Am. Tobacco. Am. Woolen. Anaconda Copper. A Tell. Top and Santa few Atlanta liar. And All. Baldwin locomotive. Baltimore and Ohio Bethlehem steel. Bolyn. Man. Transit. I California Petroleum. Central leather pad. Chic. Mil. And St. Paul pad Chicago and Northwestern Chic. Rock. I and Pac. Chrysler motor. Coca cola. Columbia Gas and flee. Consolidated Gas. Corn products. Crucible steel. Cuba Cane sugar pad. Dodge Bros pad. Dupont de nem. Blee. Pow. And la. Cts. Famous players Lasky. Fisk rubber. Freeport Texas co. General electric. General motors. General Petroleum. Great Northern pad. Gulf states steel. Ind. Oil and Gas. Inter. Harvester. Inter. Mere. Mar. Pad. Inter. Nickel. Kennicott Copper. Louisville and Nash. Mack truck. Marland Oil. Mid continent pet. We Are equipped to give any laundry service to All families in All sorts of weather including snowy weather like this a i genuine dry cleaners phone 393 117 11s% it % 117% 31 32% 31 % 31 % 23 294 298 292 116 u6 116 39 143 141 % i 41 % 5 77% 7 5 is 76% 8 143 % 140 % 143 % 14 116% 11 5 u 116 % 71 41 4 0% 40% 8 49% 4 9 % 49 % o 0 137% i 3 6 a a 13 6 % 0 u 8% 8% 8% 32 133 i 31 131%. Is 94 % 93 94 % 47 4 9 % 49 4 9 27 58 57 % 5 8 3 3 33 32% 32% 4 67% 6 5 66 46 22% 21 % 21% 5 78% 78% 78% 32 57% u 6 % 57 % 2 89 54% 54 to 4% 9 153% 15 2-% i b 3 % 164 90 88 �0 178 too 97 % v 7 % .18 4 0 % 4 0 % Fri it i 81 % 81% Sii % 15 a 4 5 % 45% 41 it % 6 86% 86 % 81 % 8 234% 233 23x % 32 31% 31 % 81,% 40 108% 108% 10 8% 15 -4 % 241-4 2 4 i i 20% 20 2 of 15 4 3 44 % 336 341 u 96 126 123 % 124 % 541 59 % 5 7 % 58% 9 76% 76 7 6 % 8 93 % 93 % 9 3 % 42 32 % 32 32% 7 130% 129 % 129 % a 4 2% 4 i % 41% 2 45% 4 i % 4 4 21 56% 5 6 % 56% 4 139% 1 39 cd 139% 29 143% 151% 152% 142 59% 5 8 % 58% 74 36 3 5 a 35 % Montgomery Ward new York Central North american co.141s i Northern Pacific. 25 Pacific Oil. Packard motor oar. Pan am. Petroleum Quot by a Pennsylvania. Phillips Petroleum. Pierce Arrow. Pure of. Radio Carp. Reading. Republic j. And steel. Reynolds tobacco by. St. Louis and san fran Seaboard air line. Seaboard air l. Pad. Sears Roebuck. Shell Union Oil. Simms Petroleum. Sinclair con. Oil. Sloss Sheffield steel Southern Pacific. Southern by. Standard Oil of Cal. Standard Oil of n. J. Stewart Warner. Studebaker corp. Texas company. Texas Gulf Sulphur. Texas and Pacific. Texas and p. C. And o. Tobacco products transcontinental Oil. Union Pacific. U. S. Ind. Alcohol u. S. Rubber. U. S. Steel. Univ. Pipe Aud Rad. Wabash by. Westinghouse elec. White motor co. 13 Ulys Overland .221 7c�olworth and co. 28 79% 78% 79. 48 132% 132% 132% 44 43% 44 153% 151% 152 65% 64% 65 75% 74% 74% 273 78% 77% 77%. 46 42 41% 41%. 503 74% 71% 71%. 95 55% 54% 54%. 20 45% 45% 45% .277 43% 40 412830% 30% 30% by a 42% 42% 42%. 9 87% 87 87. 5 63 62% 62%. 7 97% 97% 97%5 99 % 99% 99%. 13 48% 48 % 48% 2 46 45% 45% 15 239 % 13 8 % 138%. 62 27% 27% 27%. 44 27% 26% 26%. 63 22% 22 it o my u. I 134 134 134 102% 101% 101%. 26 117% 116% 117% i 91% 91% 91% 59% 58% 59. 66 45% 44% 45% 7 90% s9 % 89%. 53 59% 5 8 % 59. 46 5 3 52% 52%. 8 123 122% 122%. 25 58% 57% 57%. 58 19% 18% 18%. 20 101 100% 100%. 16 4% 4% 4% 5 14% 148 148. 20 94 92% 92%. To 75 74% 74%. 60 83% 81% 81%. 77 137% 136 136%. 15 27% 27 27% .126 46% 45% 46. 21 75% 74% 74% 84% 84 84% .221 33% 32% 33 by an unofficial estimate of 140 too bushels exportable surplus in Argentina. The wheat Market closed weak. I 1-8 to 2 3-sc net lower new Etyle. May 1.77 1-4 to 1.77 1-2, and july 1.62 to 1.62 1-4, with com unchanged to 3-8c higher Oats unchanged to l-8c off and provisions varying from 16 cents decline to a Rise of 7 cents. Manchester and Domestic markets further covering and some foreign Trade buying of late deliveries. January sold up to 20.33 and july to 19.04 net advances of about 7 to 12 Points after the fall but these prices evidently attracted considerable realizing with possibly some Selling for a reaction follow-1. V v ing recent advances. January broke reopening Atter tile new i ear about 20 Points from the Best the last Sale of that position being at 20.13 or about 17 Points above the Price of March. Deliveries can he made on january contracts Here up to the end of the month but trading in the position ended at midday so far as1 tie new years holidays was neatly local futures was concerned lured by Advance which seemed to iterated reports of an improving be inspired by an optimistic View the easier turn in near months. Of the a neral Trade Outlook. Buy due to liquidation new Orleans to Jefron Prospect Vas promoted Cal and spot House Selling pulled by relatively firm Liverpool cables the Price of july Down to 18.92 or anti report that part of the Cotton Cotton Market saw Exchange reflecting the spirit. 96 % 101 103% 104% 90% 101%93 86% new York Jan. 9.�? a the re opening of the Market after a Hack to fridays closing quotation and the close was at the lowest figures of the Day. Private cables said the steadiness in Liverpool was due to foreign buying and trading calling and also reported a fair spot demand from spinners and exporters and a Large inquiry for cloth with an improved turnover in yarns. Reports from Domestic goods markets told of a better business chiefly for january february and March deliveries and there was probably some buying in the futures Market Here in the Early trading on belief these might foreshadow another buying movement in the Southern spot Market. Steadier tone in the Bonds Market new. York Jan. 9.�? apr with uneasiness Over a higher Bank rate tempered by the removal of the uncertainty regarding a change and by continued plentiful supplies of Money the Bond Market today displayed a steadier tone. Selling pressure against Liberty Bonds and other investment issues relaxed enabling recoveries in these groups to make Good headway. Selective buying of Railroad obligations was reamed although the general demand for these issues was by no Means brisk. Chicago and Western Indiana 5 12s, Illinois Central refunding 4s, St. Paul convertible 4 l-2s. Hudson and Manhattan in a come 5s and Baltimore and Ohio i 6s moved higher on a Small turn i Over. Irregularities cropped out in the Industrial list where scattered sell Jing was inspired More by Stock i Market or by special development rather than general conditions. Pan american Petroleum 6s broke More than a Point and Sinclair Oil 1 6s were heavy in Hie face of an Advance in Shelly Oil 6 l-2s. Republic steel 3 i -2s and Central steel i or were higher. The Liberty Bond group again presented a spotty appearance. Selling of the fourth 4 1-is was absorbed with Only a fractional change in Price while the second is and the United states Treasury i worked higher. A fairly Good demand for foreign issues embraced South american japanese and austrian Bonds. Total Bond sales $6,683,000. Taken up on contract Here this month would be exported. The Advance was led by the near months but offerings increased above the 2 0 cent level for March and just above 18 1-2 cents for october contracts. Perhaps recent buyers were inclined to take profits at these figures by an impression that the near months Advance might attract some shipments from the South and by the failure of Early week reports to indicate any immediate improvement in the demand for Cotton goods at Home or abroad so far As primary markets were concerned. Realizing sales were absorbed on reactions of forty or fifty Points during the Middle of the week however and prices turned upward again toward the end of the period on better Trade reports from Manchester together with the absence k f anything to indicate increased Selling pressure in the Southern spot markets. Mid week losses j were just about recorded in the j Case in the near position but later i deliveries were rather slow to follow the Advance although the demand for october seemed to increase somewhat As prices approached the 18 cent level. Reports that Cotton interests meeting at Atlanta were urging a reduction of 2 5 percent in acreage this Spring appeared to have Little effect on the Market although it is expected that the agitation for a Cut in the area to be planted will probably Becony More pronounced As Tho season advances. The opinion most generally expressed by traders Bere is that the Price and character of the weather during the preparation or planting season will be the chief Factor in the acreage. Meanwhile the action of the Market is supposed to depend largely upon whether the Trade improvement suggested by the new or the late week proves sufficient to bring in an increased buying movement in the Southern spot markets. Foreign Argentine govt. 6s1 13 1958 austrian govt. Gtd. Loan 7s. Dom. Of Conada 5s 1952. Dutch East indies 6h, 1962 French Republic 7s. German ext. Loan 7s rets. Japanese govt. 6%skingdom of Belgium <6s. Rep. Of Poland 8s 88% u. K. Of g. B. And i. 5 a 1937105% u. S. Of Brazil 8s. 101% Domestic am. Agr. Chem. 7%s104% am. Smelting 5s 99% sugar 6s 104 Arn. Tel and Tel. Deb. Of 1960 98 Anaconda cop 6s 1953 .102 at. T. And san be Gen 4s. 89% Baltimore and Ohio Cut. 4%s 94 i Bethlehem steel con 6s a. 96 Vicklyn and Manh. Trans St 6s 94% Central leather 6s�� .100% Chesapeake and o. Cut. 5s. .137% Chic. And Alton 3%s 52% Chic and East Illinois 5s -. 75% Chic. Great Western 4s. 64% Chic. Mil and St. P. 4s 1925 53% Chic. R. I. P. Ref. 4s. 8 8 Chic and West ind. 5 a 101 % Chile Copper 6s ,.108 Cleve. C. C. And St. L Ruffi 5sl> too Consumers Power 5s 98% Dodge Bros. Deb. 6s96% Empire Gas and fuel 7 a. .15d2<% Erie Gen. Lien 4s68 Goodyear tire 8s, 1931. .110 great Northern 7s. A. Ill Hudson and Manh. Adj. Inc. 5s 76% inter and it. Northern adj. 6s 72% inter. Mere. Marine s. F. 6s 87 Kansas City Southern 5s. 94% to. Kan. And tex. New adj. 5s a94% to. Pacific Gen. 4s66% new Orleans tex. And mex. % % 5 a 103 Newyl Ork Chic and St. L. 5%s99% Norfolk and w. Cut. 6s 154 Northern Pacific Rig. 6sb 108% pan am. Pet. And to. 6s108 % Penna r. R. Temp. 5s 1064. 99 Public service of n. J. 6s. .101 St. L. And san fran. Inc. 6s. .87% Seaboard air line adj. 5s. 84% Sinclair con. Oil 6s 1927.108% Southern Pacific Rig. 4s .90% Southern railway Gen. 4s. 81% Southwest Bell Tel. Rig. 5s. 100% Union Pacific 1st 4s. 92% u. S. Rubber 5s. 92% s. Steel s. T. 5s106% Virginia railway 5s101% Western electric 5s .100% Chicago Grain Chicago Jan. 9.�? apr wheat underwent a Sharp break in Price today and did much to make the Corn Market recede from a new Advance. Heavy Selling of wheat was done by houses with Eastern connections and was accompanied a a a extraordinary values Oil mid Winter clearance Sale offers to the Thrifty men and Young men of High Point and Vicinity an an Opportunity to save some real Money on their clothing needs. We must make room. In order to do this we have reduced our entire Stock of men and Young men s cloth ing by i and 4 off new Spring hats we have just received a shipment of our new Spring hats. The snap Piest of the new styles Are Here and Are now on display. This showing however is not included in our Sale. Be sure to see them. N. H. Silver co. Teacher when a. Rome built Pupil at night. Teacher who told you that Pupil you did. You said rom snot built in a Day. E for loveable boy nine year old boy must have t Rill gtd h Oine May be properly adopted or. E. A. Bristow chiropractor office phone 2716 Over Hayes jewelry store too not the main St. A Fountain service a of the finest kind is to be had at our Fountain the most pleasing of drinks Well dispensed from a sanitary Fountain. Mann 4vl drug co. 2164�?phones�?2106 drugs with a reputation probation officer Susie West announced be St Day afternoon that lie now Lias in charge a 9-year-old boy who is a lovable and Fine child for whom j to is seeking a permanent and Good Home. The boy is of the Ope to add happiness to almost any Home Anil miss West stated that she Hopes to find a Good Christian Home willing to adopt him. His Good treatment and education must be assured before adoption will be permitted. The boy is not a Waif picked up on the streets but is the son of a Mother who with other children to support is unable to provide for him the things he is capable it using to Good advantage. Any one in this Community we wishes to consider taking this child into a Good Home should get in touch with miss Susie West by mail or by phone number 2s97. A Wani ads Fay dividends they come clanking in we have moved we have moved from our old quarters next to Cecily a service station on n. Wrenn Street where we were known As the motor shop. From now on we will be known As Gilliland garage and our new place of business will be at 242 North Wrenn Street just across from our old shop. Here in our new quarters we will be better Able to care for our customers wants. Here too can our customers find bet Ter service in the Way of motor preparing and storage. Yes sir its Gilliland a garage that puts the a a zip in cars when they Are not behaving. No matter what your motor problem we can solve it. Our highly expert attention is the most moderate in town. Try us today and be convinced. You la find our service the Best and our prices very reasonable. A they go zipping out Gilliland garage phone 2010 formerly motor shop 242 n. Wrenn is

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