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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 9, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Saturday High Point Enterprise january 9, 1926 f its it 1929 by of a Sofia Vicki inc. Regin Here today Barbara Hawley 25, self a i 11 and talented Breaks with her Brice Reynolds and rots a Job on Tho Telegraph in order to Sec life. Andrew Mcdermott the managing editor is a former Friend of her fat Hor. She makes after Bruce fails to respond to her Blandishments. Barbara receives and prints in friends with Bob Jeffries a Williee reporter and through him meets Jerome Ball Man about town at a roadhouse where a prominent local Man commits suicide Ami rare Ara covers the Stor it. She picks up a red Scarf left in the room by the unknown woman companion of 1 he dead Man. Brute has joined the real estate firm of manners. Stone Ami Reynolds which is promoting a huge civic development scheme. Mrs Lydia stalag Rich widow refuses to invest in it tile lovelorn column Many letters from a girl named a Ioletta. When Slit sees the announcement of brute s marriage to Violetta t Danby a factory girl she realizes that through her column she lifts directed a Ioletta s Campaign to Ratch him. Barbara s Mother is taken Aery ill. Suggestions of crooked dealings in the manners Stone anti Reynolds enterprises Are abroad. Mcdermott assigns Tho Story get Barbara. She sees manners leave town suddenly and reports it to Mcdermott who tells her Lydia Stacy was the person who gave hint the first tip on tile matter. Barbara is sent to interview Bruce on the crush of tin Vale acres project and meets him in the crowded hallway of his office. Now go on a Ith Iii Stora chapter xxx Barbara stood in front of him but lie ouly looked Down. His hands were thrust deep in his pockets and his shoulders slumped. She stared at him with Large frightened eyes for several minute. At a nth he started and raised White rats furnish j prognostications have pointed toi some cold weather during Janu Philadelphia Industry a it and temperatures mean r Good sport in the game country. In severe seasons geese ducks and Brant Are driven into the Rivers and creeks from Tho sound in their quest for food. The Birds Are reported to be plentiful in All the localities around the sounds. Philadelphia Jan. 8 apr one of the most unusual industries to which Philadelphia has become the neuter is that of pro rotating White rats. At the Avistar Institute it of Anatomy of the University of Pennsylvania. Equipment costing $60.-000 is maintained and a staff of several men required to care f6r the rodents. They Are valued for scientific research because of the similarity of their Structure growth and digestive processes to those of Man started for the purpose of supplying the Wistar Institute. The Industry has expanded until Philadelphia la the Moat important rat raising Center anywhere and the Institute is called upon to Supply the rodents for other scientists in this country Aud abroad. Scientists in widely Distant centers find it necessary to compare results and for this purpose a. Standard Strain is necessary according to or. Milton Greeman director of the Institute. Because of the particular care with which the Avistar rats Are reared the Strain has become Standard. Hunting Good along the Carolina coast Enterprise want ads bring Quick results guaranteed Vulcanizing tire service co. Phone 2114 212 e. High stockholders meeting there will be a meeting of Cie stockholders of the Atlantic building and loan association wednesday evening january 13th, the the directors room of the Atlantic Bank and Trust company at i o clock for election of officer and transaction of such other business As May come before the meeting. E. C. Cridlebaugh Secretary Jan. 4, 1926. 1-13 Barbara Iron Anay As Jerome put his Arm carelessly around her shoulders. Hunted to Tell you Quot he said Quot i m going to be 7 just his ties to her face. His brows Drew together As if he were trying to recognize her. He said nothing. A Bruce a she whispered at last. At the word to Drew Back. In an instant he had turned abruptly an i gone Back into the office closing the door in Lier face. Barbara almost staggered As she turned away. In the front Hall the crowd had disappeared. She opened the door of the manners. Stone and Reynolds company and found a throng inside. The Bald Little or. Stone was standing on a desk trying to talk. Above the exclamations of the the Knob. The door was locked. She left the suite by i tie rear door and went Hack to the newspaper office. Mcdermott was catching for Ber through a crack in his door. Ile called her in. A i m sorry Wells gave you that assignment this morning. Miss Hawley. Meant to warn him. But supposed you care to have me plead for special privilege for you hither. Did you get a statement.? a Barbara Laid her hat Down listlessly on his desk. A not from Reynolds. But Stone says he add Rey this is radio season x of enjoy is tile time to really the radio programs we sell the follow Iii Well known radios Zenith freed Eiseman Atwater Kent and Stewart Warner. We install them and guarantee their performance. Come in and talk it Over with or. Atkins the radio Man. I a tur to suit. Hart drug co. Lilt in Ostoffie is next i crowd his thin voice could by Jurlds Are both innocent. The office heard Only occasionally. A now. Was full of angry she gentlemen a he was saying Over j seated herself and Laid her head and Over. A now Ion the Back of the chair. Mcoder. Barbara pushed through to Tho Molt looked at her with compassion front Row. Stone recognized her. In his eyes. He leaped from the desk and seized a bettor go Home Early tonight a her wrist. A come into my office Quot he said. A you Are going to have a he whispered. A i want to talk to bad mashup one of these Days if j you Don t rest a she looked up and the crowd saw its prey escaping i tried to smile. A i guess it does no Taud made a move to Block his Way. I matter a she said but Stone and Barbara were too a ooh yes it contradicted Quick for them. They were in his Mcdermott. A who la take care of private office and the door was j your Mother if you break Down a shut. I a i done to know a said Barbara a look Here. Miss Hawley Quot he j desperately. Her eyes were far stammered a Don t blame me for away. Not talking last night. You know j she went Hack to her desk and How these things Are. An ounce sat Down to write Lier Story. Of publicity will destroy what a have you a Good hot Story for chances there Are of recovery. I me. Miss Hawley Quot asked Wells still think we d have come through j leaning Over her shoulder. If the Damn press had let us alone. A a a la give you what facts i could i beg your Pardon but i sometimes j get Quot Barbara spoke coldly swear when i am a a about makes up for everything. Mother will love she called the nurse and sent the Flowers upstairs. A a of look dead to the world a said Jerome. A won t you ride around the Block with me for a Little fresh air before you try to sleep i really want to talk with Barbara looked out at the frosty night. The House was close and warm. The faint odor of chemicals drifted Down from upstairs. Her head was throbbing mercilessly. Quot ill go a she smiled a but Only for a few Jerome was handsome notwithstanding his weary eyes and worldly Mouth. Barbara enjoyed his masterful protective manner. The night air brought. Relief from the throbbing in her head. She Bogan to feel at ease even Young again. They drove in silence for some time. Jerome did not speak of the escapade that had ended their last ride together. Barbara had made up her mind to forget it. A a do you know you re an awfully Good kid. Barbara a a he asked. A and a darn pretty Barbara blushed under the Winter j Moon. Jerome suddenly stopped the car. He put his Arm carelessly around her shoulders. Barbara Drew away. A i just wanted to Tell he said a a in a going to be to be continued new Bern Jan. 8 apr january is expected to prove a splendid Hunting month along the Carolina coast and professional guides Are prepared for a lucrative i patronage. Numbers of sportsmen from the North and Middle West j Are expected at the lodges in the near future. The waterfowl shooting Between Bogue sound and Currituck will he at its height this month. The guides Point out. All weather indications including some official or. E. A. Bristow chiropractor office phone 2716 Over Hayes jewelry store too North main St. Broken lenses replaced promptly. No matter where they were made if you will bring me the pieces i will furnish you the exact duplicates in the shortest possible time. Or. Nat Walker Over Hart drug co. Next to Post office cold weather drinks done to go Home for lunch while the weather is cold. Let us serve you with our delicious hot drinks and Dainty sandwiches. Of full a a it Rug Al ill j store opposite Wachovia Bank. Phone 866 Coal that kind you like so Weil free burning the kind that gives the most heat units prompt deliveries. Prices right w. A. Davis ice and Coal phone 2141 lie looked so mild and his profanity was so different that Barbara almost smiled in the midst of agony. A you Sec Reynolds Aud i never smelled a mouse till two Days ago. Reynolds went to Chicago to try to get a loan to help out. Manners must have guessed we were on to him and decided to skip before Reynolds got Back. Ill swear we never thought head do it. In fact. We had the goods on him so straight i thought head not dare to make a move. A but Reynolds Aud i Are innocent in this. And if the Public Isnit too Bloodthirsty maybe Well save a scrap of reputation yet. You la try to help us Quot he looked like a bashful child begging for a Cooky. Barbara again stifled the wish to laugh. A a in la try to write the truth. Or. Stone Quot she answered. Quot but i can to color it. For you or anybody else. Will or. Reynolds make a statement a Quot he will if you can catch replied the Man. Quot but my guess i is that he a gone Home. He looked i so sick this morning that we tried to keep the crowd away from him. He s probably sneaked out the j Back Barbara went Down lire inner i and an unnatural sparkle in c corridor and knocked at bruces j eyes but she looked better door. Nobody answered. She tried Quot i there Flimsy a cried bar a Bara throwing Down a Bunch of Long stemmed roses. A see what i ice brought you i at four o clock she called her Home. The Day nurse answered the Telephone. A your Mother seems better miss Hawley. She has had something to cat twice today and is sleeping quietly now. Or. Gra-1 Ham will be in a Little later Barbara Hung up the receiver with a lighter heart. A do you know a she said to Bob Jeffries As she was preparing to go Home a if Only my Mother gets Well ill not. Ask another thing of god As Long As i live. Just one person in this world is All i need. But i do need a course you do. Bubs. And i Hope Shell be All right soon. Believe me i know what it Means to be knocking around from place to place without anybody that be Louis to you. I Haven to had even a relative to a rite to since i was a Little kid. It s pretty bad and still averse for a girl. Girls just weren t meant to live All alone a Quot and what about men the most pathetic persons i know Are bachelors past 50. Far worse than old Bob ouly smiled. In i til Lier Mother was sitting up in bed when Barbara reached Home. The fever held color in her Cheeks her movies by wire a new York Jan. 8 apr the chief difficulty in the transmission of motion pictures by wire says v. K. Zworykin of the Westinghouse research laboratories is that of sub dividing the Field into Small enough units for transmission so that when they Are enlarged upon a screen they present a definite image of the object. Zworykin is the inventor of the Light cell by which Light impulses Are translated into mechanical operations. He finds the problem of motion picture transmission theoretically possible but the mechanical difficulties Are by no Means overcome. Another year May result in a solution. The Light cell which is a combination of the principle in the radio tube and a photo electric Phenomena discovered years ago by Halwachs is now used successfully by the All american cables for printing Cable dispatches sent across the Atlantic. The electric impulse coming across the Cable is so slight that hitherto it has been j impossible to use mechanical printers to record the dispatches. The Light cell catching the Ray of Light reflected from a Mirror j the Pink roses were scattered a i a Quot a Nome Ter. Sensitive to the Over the counterpane. Mrs. Haw How Many adjustments must i take this is a question that naturally comes to the mind of the patient who is suffering from any disease. This of course depends altogether or How far advanced is the disease. But we say this that every adjustment restores the vertebrae Small Bones nearer to the Normal position and Given sufficient time will finally become entire in Normal. Chiropractic better w.0 Oppice r hours r i chiropractor i 2 04�?~ -205 Penny build Ley picked one up with caressing fingers. A Why did on do it,1 Hahs a she asked. A you have sol Man expenses just now. It Avor i t ies me frightfully. Have you heard anything from my lawyer i ought to have an accounting on i my affairs soon. In a afraid in a a poor business Barbara looked Wavay. A a there la be time enough for an accounting after you get she evaded j a just enjoy those roses now Anil Don t scold me for bringing them to she ran into Lier Cave room to i dress for dinner. It was about ten o clock Ashen the Doorbell rang loudly. Barbara rushed to a Saver it before it should a Ake her Mother. She had spent the evening Over her Bills and Ber head was aching violently. Jerome Ball stood at the door. A hello Babs Quot he said gaily. Quot came a to make peace Aud to ask you oui for a ton. Bob tells me you re having hard lines right now sickness and everything Barbara looked at him coldly. Smallest electrical impulses translates the Light rays into electrical impulses Strong enough to operate printing do Aires. Vabich record the dots and dashes. J Quot it w ant necessary for you to come j Jerome i Irone by out to Long Box. It Bor he u. In of con i. A some ii in. O i for the sick he l i i Barbara melted the i Box a a Lull of a late rc-e3 and Lay Ender Avert of i Loaa la Lee of Aoi i Jeroue Quot he it l red 111 just Moore a motor express daily deliveries from High Point to Greensboro Winston Salem Randleman Asheboro Reidsville Danville we can i for and Doln cd to \ our door office big of or car St. Phone 2800 Why walk to work get one of our Good used cars with a written guarantee. Priced As Low As $50. W have practically anything you want. Wilson motor co. 1926 1929 1930 1934 How soon can you save 1,000? if you Start now and Deposit $3 with us every week your balance will be $1,000 in less than six years. Safe Pey Oett Bern far rent a from so for year a commercial National Bank capital and sir plan total rom bpm 81,000,000.06 810,000.000.00 save the Man who anticipates the future needs of himself and family is the Man who really gets ahead. Stop a moment. Think. Have you taken inventory of what you have done during the past few years you Are a business. You Are the head of that business. Take Stock of yourself. Review your accomplishments then decide if you Are on the right track. Perpetual building and loan shares is the safest and Best Means of saving Money. You not Only save but you also help to build your City for the Money you invest is in turn invested in High Point real estate which in turn invests in better citizens for the Home owner is he Best citizen a cite can have think it Over the High Point perpetual building and loan association at Tho commercial National Bauk v. A. J. Idol c. H. Ellis Vic pres. Ami treas. Secretary a next Christmas .tri.mina. Brings responsibilities a it Well As boy it. The purpose of our curb Mas savings club is to lighten your responsibility and increase your Jov. Join today and Start from five cents to five dollars or More. It desired. Atlantic Bank amp Trust co. High Point Randleman wants bring p results

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