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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Phantom crewmen missing u. S. Loses Jet 4 copters by George Esper associated Prats writer Saigon a the us command today announced the loss of another fighter bomber Over Northern Laos and four american helicopters were shot Down during an attack on a . Patrol Northeast of Saigon. The command said an air Force f4 phantom was lost last Friday due to unknown causes and the two crewmen were listed As missing. It was the Lith . Plane lost Over Laos and North Vietnam since dec. To la of the crewmen Are listed missing and six were rescued. Pat Nixon Billy Graham attend Ball Monrovia. Liberia a a spokesman capt. James do Entremont said his reports did not indicate what Mission the f4 was on but presumably it was either supporting laotian ground forces or was taking part in the massive air Campaign against the to Chi mirth Trail. Announcement of the loss was delayed while search operations were under Way do Entremont said. The four helicopters were shot Down monday when they came to the Aid of a 25-Man patrol that was attacked near dusk in the Jungles 40 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The command said one i was killed and 13 were wounded in the attack. It was the biggest american ground action in Mere than a month. Enemy losses were not known. The patrol was hit by a barrage of Small arms and automatic weapons fire. The americans moved Back with their casualties and teams of observation helicopters rocket firing gunships and medical evacuation helicopters were called in. Enemy fire brought Down three of the medical evacuation choppers and an observation helicopter. They suffered moderate to heavy damage and one crewman was wounded. Los Angeles a at North vietnamese and Viet the Post office. Mail Chauvin Cong farces also bombarded a ism has joined such bygones As South vietnamese Post near the six cent stamp and the two the District town of Ben cat cent Post card. A Ujj a High >0�?~nf Enterprise tuesday january 4 ,1972 5a hires women keeps Eye 0n a Quot Ace As guards Jackson runs old fashioned Campaign in Rural Florida 25 Miles Northwest of Saigon with too to 150 mortar shells. Six South vietnamese soldiers were reported wounded. Military sources in Saigon reported that the . 7th air Force plans to turn Over its by Gregg Herrington associated press writer women who pc been sorting and toting the mail for years. Are now guarding it As Well and Tallahassee Fla. A investigating postal thefts and a in an old fashioned Cam frauds. Pain in Rural North Florida the postal service has 52 presiden Ial Hof Ful Heni a. R a a. Fca Jackson is telling voters to look so million base at Phan rang. Of it n a�?T1wnf.sor. Out for Russia and democratic 160 Miles Northeast of the Uard a the first ent3 who Wou a see a Suc. Us was a 27-Yea a old former judo us a u 1, capital to the South vietnamese air Force within the next two months. Instructor. Kathryn prime who Mccarthy challenges Illinois non communist loyalty oath Springfield. Ill a opposing Mccarthy in Eugene j. Mccarthy has democratic preferential the in a letter to Lewis Pri Mccarthy said he was not in buildings Merica Short. He is also keep. his own Eye out for George went to work in Philadelphia in a Wallace of Alabama december 1970. Los Angeles. I i in cognizant of the Shadow has nine women guards and is. A or recruiting More of gov the Ashing rec ruling More. On Democrat told newsmen the need for women guards monday night. A i can win this stems from the Large number area hands Down if he stays out of women postal employees said 0f he democratic primary. If a postal service spokesman in he gets in i just can to assess it. Washington the women guards he s an unknown a Are Able to frisk women sus the s area As Jackson re. Ports have Access to women r Forred j0 j a conservative nicest rooms and keep track of a North Fonda which he 59. Demonstrators outside the Nator is Ceung first. A it. Hand in a three Dav motorcade Billy Graham borrowed a Deco plunged into the Illinois presi in my which will not directly eluding the loyalty oath a first. Women also Are becoming from shopping mall to migration and White Vest to Wear Denitia primary with a Chai affect Delegate votes at the Par because i believe the statement postal inspectors the first two House Square to school and fac and danced the Cha Cha. Presi Enge to the state s Long stand tvs convention is Ben is defective and inapplicable to women inspectors in the 234 tory in one Small town after an Dent William Tolbert came late eng non communist loyally oath Edmund s. Muskie of Maine. The presidential year history of the service were other and stayed late. And Pat Nixon for candidates. Sen. George s. Mcgovern of a second a a he said. A i believe sworn in at ceremonies in Jackson says he is still rela got liberians highest decoration \ spokesman for Illinois Sec South Dakota whose supporters it to be clearly Union Washington dec. 17. Lively unknown and says this is at Tolbert s gala inaugural Ball rotary of state John w. Lewis have been Active in Illinois the Tup Union. In the Only Way for him to Cam monday night. Said after Tho former Minnesota past month stayed out of the july t9fi9 he a Elj Nijs us. The Man Dur a three week p3&Quot Al this time he said there was a grand March senators nominating Peuo Kabarle Prem a court ruled Ancon course at the University of of >wl11 a it with All the distinguished were filed monday that we the March 21 Illinois prs Stith Tiona a Semi a Nash for by idea on Thev Ltd Hal Lulu throughout the stat guests pro menacing then Don t know what or. Mccarthy Mary is the third such contest Dee ate the 197n fun in preparation for the Florida Jackson Hopes to find enough towns As Macclenny. Jasper dance cd until after Midnight to is up but he said the is in the nation this year after Stith tonal but St 5m a Var car Blue Prasad Quot Lal preference primary votes in the primary to vault Lake Chi. Live Oak. Monticello Jackson at Madison of nay courthouse the music of three bands in sue would be settled eluding one from Grambling state electoral Board College in Louisiana. The featured vocalist was Maritta Fahnbulleh. Whose father was released from prison recently by president Tolbert he had been convicted of attempting to assassinate Tolbertus predecessor the late president William Tubman. A that was thanks for my by the the primaries in the re and Florida new Hamp $1 million fire hits Burnsville Burnsville n c. It a i dad a she said after singing for a fire monday night destroyed Agency was damaged. Pared to file Mcgovern scan Tolbert. Almost a downtown business firemen from Burnsville Andl Dudacy had Fil nos also been the festivities capped Tol Block. Unofficial estimate of surrounding communities were submitted on behalf of three berth colourful inauguration i088 was minion. Able to save an office building. I other democratic presidential Day three businesses in recently the Post office and a Bank. Hopefuls. Sen. Henry m Jack Mccarthy backers said he uniforms visor Caps and a hut would hold a news conference Terify tie and carry a 38-Cali-wednesday in Washington to Ber pistol. Explain his stand on the oath a i Hope i done to Ever have to a votes than Wallace or then Jackson under which candidates use it a said Darlene will vice president Hubert h avow membership in the com Hughby 30. One of 17 women Humphrey. Rut the fiery Alba Monist party or any group and guards in the san Francisco Jan was the Winner in every locating forcible overthrow of Oakland area. She said author county across Florida North the government cities give the women the easier pm tier Mcgovern a Illinois Campaign office duties and wont let them it is Here along with pockets coordinator. William Rose guard a High value mail Deli of potential support in some or the styles amp co. Automobile Dahl. Said he had been pre cry alone. Ban centers of the South that March 14. Himself to National prominence and Madison. At All of them he in 1969. When Wallace ran on and the presidential Nomi addressed outdoor crowds of 50 the american party ticket nation. To-250 whose response ranged Richard Nixon won More Flori the motorcade monday took from polite to slightly Enthus through such Small spastic. Three businesses in recently the Post office and a Bank. There was one sad note How remodeler and enlarged build the cause of the fire was not the president did no to ,n8s facing the downtown Learned immediately. A a a i t. Ere were no injuries. A Var she i. Dance because one of his eight it a it a in Thlu Mountain town children died three weeks ago. Destroyed. The Ltd Lyhl mrs. Nixon did t dance Al lathers supermarket a Ben Franklin variety store and xon of Washington and mayors John v. Lindsay of new York and Sam Yorty of los Angeles. Using night watchman clock Ano door or als Tolbert honoured the Ameri the Carolina tire co. Furniture men Nonar air v a Alphance and in company first lady with the grand Indiana police get Field kits Indianapolis a in vent Aurum let Ano mom mow i 34 Moum in Dav can cordon of the most venerable order of Knighthood of the pioneers of the Republic of Liberia. In an elaborate citation to Thelma Catherine Patricia Nix on he said that by triumphing Diana state police Are Purchas Over adversity in her Early life ing about 800 Field narcotics de she a became a living Symbol of Section kits which allow police what the american dream can men to test suspected narcotics a a at the scene without having to he called her a woman of a a a i subs Ance ,0 a p�1, a courage strength of character at a Satorv. And fortitude of spirit Quot who had a a Al pour a excelled in everything she set a f1 its arc. Our her hand to chased from a Junior achieve mrs Nixon said she accented ment compan or co for the decoration with prime for a Sav Quot a of j27 if the american people and it would go in the presidential ii will protect Davit patrol amp watchman service Quimo with t Way radio por Rittir Servici phone 888-6025 Loui no burglar alarms commercial Loans factoring All types of commercial loons a accounts receivable a inventory a equipment a factoring Aetna business credit inc. 600 North Hamilton Street High Point North Carolina 27260 phone 919-883-6116 a Friendly voice is 882-8121 f As close As the Telephone we re Here to help you 24 or. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a savings of about it Pur chased from other sources a Barry As a reminder of Mutual respect affection and love. When Tolbert Hung the Greenli boned Star shaped decoration around mrs. Nixon a neck he bestowed the Cheek to Cheek embrace traditional Here. The presidential party sat at a Long table on a stage beneath two hand printed Pink Simi saving a we love you. God bless the party was typical of most inaugural balls hot and so crowded it was hard for the waiters to get around with the refreshments. Hiram Long no 716 in tired apprentice degree thug a int a 7 to pm., Ion. Till open installation of officers Friday Jon. 7th 7 30 . Lodge Tyler 6 30 . On for Edom motion of of ctr Quot a mod. Mot to and Gary Snipes master i Russ Blackburn Ste Rich Man poor Man it $ of no Greot consequence at Harold c. Davis funeral Home. As we have an excellent selection the family can choose a service that exactly fits its desires and its financial circumstances. Harold c. Davis funeral Home r in Iff if North main at Farriss Avenue Telephone 885-5049 / help. Its our business. 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