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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rein ending cooler Mer data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 4 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 82-1719 High Point n. A tuesday afternoon january 4, 1972 16 pages classified ads 85-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c ass i pleats folding q. I have a per map est pleated skirt that i be had a Long time and when i Wear it the pleats come out a Little. Is there something i could Spray on it after i press them in or what can i do m. A. Once the pleats have sprung there s not much you can do to restore their Sharp creases. You could try sending it to a dry cleaners whose steam pressing methods May do More than your own ironing efforts can accomplish. There Are also Spray cans of fabric finishes on the laundry products shelves of grocery stores that might help. A Day care dilemma q. Pitas Tell me How i can get Day care for my children that Are under school age i have tried the Davidson county health department where i live and they Don t take them and in Guilford they do but since i live in Davidson i can t go Ever there but my children need Day care and i wondered if you could Tell me How i could get them to a place to get what they need anon. A. Miss Doris Lopp. Davidson county superintendent of Public welfare said there Are several private Day care centers in the county. She explained however that these centers charge fees for their services. As conditions presently stand there Are no Public funds available in the county to subsidize care for children of working mothers. A a a you have no Choice q. Is it possible to be a civil service employee of the City of High Point and not be required to have savings deducted each time you Are paid we wish to work for civil service in High Point but because of the size of the family we cannot afford to have a savings deducted each time you Are paid. Anon. A. All permanent City employees whether under civil service or not Are required to join the local governmental employees retirement system As a condition of employment according to Randall Spencer personnel director of the City of High Point. Payroll deductions Are made each payday at the rate of 5 per cent for the first $5,600 per Calendar year and 6 per cent above $5,600. Retirement deductions Are not optional however savings deductions through the employees credit Union Are optional. If you need further information. Spencer says feel free to Call his office any time. A get that Pigeon q. On East Day Avenue we have a problem with pigeons that sit on top of the houses. They pull the roof off and really tear things up and the houses have started leaking. What can we do about it thank you. R. J. A. Bedford sales company on n. Wrenn can Supply you with a product called a a Roost no More which you apply to the Ridge pole gutters or their favorite roosting place. It gives pigeons the hot foot. Sound off q. P found a child s Boot for the left foot a Black Boot in the area of the exposition building and anyone that this Boot belongs to May Call 882-8477. Mrs. R. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. Cold sausage q. Tell me How to preserve sausage and should i Cook it before i freeze or just freeze it raw thank you. Anon. A. You would find two booklets useful. One is a a slaughtering. Cutting and processing pork a Farmers bulletin no. 2138. Which you can request from the county agent at the agricultural Center in Greensboro or from the superintendent of documents in Washington Price 20 cents. The other is called a a the wonderful world of pork cookery a available free from the no. Pork producers Assn. P. O. Box 2924, Raleigh n c. 27602. The us a Booklet says As a Rule cured meats including sausage do not freeze As satisfactorily As fresh uncured meats. If it is necessary to store the meats that Are to be smoked freeze the fresh cuts of Bacon Ham. Or shoulders then thaw cure and smoke just before using. Package lean trimmings for sausage in Eon Vemont size packages and then freeze remove Only the amount wanted thaw season grind and Cook. It lists several precautions and rules which must be strictly adhered to freeze Only High Quality cuts. Prepare pork promptly for freezing a not Over 5 Days after Slaughter. Protect meat from drying out Freezer Burn with Good moisture vapor resistant Freezer wrap. Prepare convenient family size packages. Freeze meat promptly at minus to degrees f or lower. Store Frozen pork at 0 degrees f. Or lower. The maximum storage period for ground pork is i to 3 months and for other fresh pork 3 to 6 months. Label and Date each package. Interest rate Cut by Banks new York a four major new York Banks reduced their prime lending to 5 percent today from 514 per cent pushing this key interest charge to its lowest level in nearly seven years. The prime rate is considered a significant rate because most other Bank interest charges Are scaled up from this. Chase Manhattan Bank. Bankers Trust co., manufacturers Hanover Trust co., and chemical Bank said they were cutting the minimum interest they charge their most creditworthy corporate customers e festive immediately. They followed the Lead of Irving Trust co., which announced a similar Cut Friday effective monday. The last time the prime rate stood at the 5 per cent level was in March 1966. The reductions reflected a Sharp drop in Money Market interest rates in recent weeks which reduced the Banks Cost of obtaining Ion table funds. Sluggish business loan demand was also a Factor observers said. Most other Large bks across the country maintained 511 per cent prime rate. First National City Bank however recently trimmed its flexible lending rate to 5�?T per cent. N. Hampshire race opened by Mcgovern Concord . A sen. George s. Mcgovern formally launched his Uphill new Hampshire a Side tial Campaign today by vowing to give front running sen. Edmund s. Muskie a a real fight for this the South Dakota senator presented petitions with 2,000 names and five new $100 Bills to Secretary of state Robert l. Stark a sizing him of a spot in the March 7 democratic presidential preference primary. Then he told a news conference that a sen. Muskie is going to know he s been in a really Tough fight in this meanwhile. Muskie was preparing formally to enter the presidential race tonight before flying Here wednesday to file before thursday s deadline. Mcgovern a statement also attacked three democratic presidential rivals who Are bypassing this states first in nation primary. A i know the political pros automatically concede this Date to your neighbor de Muskie but i done to think new Hampshire men and women give anything automatically Quot the South Dakota senator said. He then turned to sen. Henry m Jackson of Washington and new York mayor John v. Lindsay both announced candidates for the democratic nomination and sen. Hubert ii. Humphrey of Minnesota scheduled to join the race next week. A i Only wish scoop Jackson and Hubert Humphrey and John Lindsay would come Here too instead of just talking about making a contest of it a Mcgovern said. All three plan to stay out of new Hampshire and concentrate on the Florida primary a week later. Mcgovern said the new Hampshire voters would learn his views by March 7�?�?oand not just by looking at the paid ads on television. Ii leave that Slick Media Campaign to the Johnny come lately with the big Mcgovern has put together a Strong organization Here headed by Joseph Grandmaison a 1968 Backer of a slate supporting former president Lyndon b. Johnson and Hopes to narrow muskies admitted Early advantage by reaching As Many of the states estimated 100.000 democratic primary voters As possible. He is scheduled to spend at least 22 Days Here in the next nine weeks with a Busy schedule such As the 26-event round of speeches news conferences receptions walking a ours and factory visits planned today and wednesday. Muskie who formally announces his candidacy tonight is due to file thursday. Against aerospace workers pay Board expected to take first wage Rollback action Washington a the pay Board was expected to order its first wage Rollback today cutting a 12-per-cent raise for aerospace workers probably to 8 per cent or less. But it appeared to be an open question whether the Board would Honor its own new Rule limiting All pay raises in new contracts to no More than 7 per cent even in special circumstances. Various sources said Allio business and Public members were determined to vote against the five labor members and order a Cut of some amount. Not All of them however. Were reported ready to Roll the aerospace raise Back to 7 per cent. On another matter the boards five business members were reported ready to press for a legally binding regulation that would automatically Cut off future pay raises in old contracts exceeding 7 per cent a year. Business member Virgil Day a general electric co. Vice president said the business members would propose such a regulation during meetings this week last month the business members issued a Blanket Challenge of All deferred raises Over 7 per cent but under this procedure t h e Board would Nave to order any rollbacks on a Case by Case basis that could swamp the panel with thousands of reviews. The boards guidelines say raises in new contracts can to go Over 5.5 per cent except in special cases that might warrant raises up to 7 per cent Day said the Rule to he proposed by business members would put the same 7-per-cent lid on deferred raises in contracts already agreed upon. Last dec. 21 the Board debated far into the night without reaching a decision on contracts covering units of the United Auto workers and the Al to International association of machinists at six aerospace firms All except one follow the pattern set in the Faw pact with nor h american Rockwell corp. Which contains a first year raise of 51 cents in the $4 32 hourly average an 118 per cent increase. The exception is the Iam pact with less take Home pay is Likely despite tax Cut Washington of a in spite of the tax Relief voted by Congress last month millions of americans will find their take Home pay reduced after Jan. 16 by a bigger income tax bite out of their checks. Congress has increased sharply the withholding rate to make the amount of tax withheld by employers come closer to Matching the employee s actual tax liability for the year. That w ill Correct the under withholding which for in my taxpayers has been a nuisance for years for 1972 and he after fewer Middle and upper come taxpayers will have to mail quarterly estimated tax payments or make Large Lump sum payments when they file their income tax returns this was a particular problem in 1971 for married couples in which both husband and wife work the old withholding tables were geared to give them one too Many now income allowances Many will have to pay several Hundred dollars on april 15 to get right with the internal Revenue service. The change in the withholding tables was designed to Correct that situation for the new tax year and to give the Treasury the current use of an estimated ii billion which formerly has been under withheld in the course of each year. But in correcting the under withholding of one Large group of taxpayers. Congress has complicated the financial problems of another Large group by causing Over withholding millions of taxpayers particularly Middle income couples in which Only the husband works and those claiming Large amounts of itemized deductions will find the new withholding tables take too deep a bite. The withholding increase is so Large in fact that in my cases it will More than offset the paycheck benefits that Congress enacted last month in the form of higher personal exemptions and an increased Standard deduction. Taxpayers at the income level of $20,000 to $25,000 who claim itemized deductions of $4,000 to $5.000�?fairly Ordinary at that income level May find themselves paying the government upwards of $50 a month More than they owe for the Relief of such taxpayers the irs has prepared a new form to be distributed by employers called a a employee s withholding exemption by filling it out and returning it to his employer he can adjust his year Long withholding to an amount roughly equivalent to his actual tax liability. The new form carries a table showing How Many a a allowances the taxpayer should claim at $750 each the new amount of the personal exemption to insure that he is meeting his tax obligations throughout the year but not overpaying along the Way. United aircraft corp in Connecticut. Where the Union got Only an 8-per-cent raise in the first year. Quot the pay boards impasse Over the aerospace settlement does not involve whether to Cut it but by How Day said monday. Day who expressed his views in an unpublished essay and in a Telephone interview said All five business members wanted to Cut the 12-per-cent raises Hack at least to the 8 per cent level in the United contract. But Day also said at least one business member wants to Cut All the Way Back to 7 jut cent another Board informant said some of the Public members. Possibly All five wanted 7 per cent. The Public members have consistently taken a hard line. Business members have sided with the Public members in laying Down Tough rules rather than with the labor members in applying the rules loosely. San. I ski Munday As if prepared to tape to statement a Muskie announces tonight huh expected next week Washington a sen. Edmund s Muskie of Maine tonight formally enter the democratic presidential race he has been running for More than a year. Muskie purchased to minutes of prime nationwide television time to make an announcement he taped monday at his Chilly summer Home in Kennebunk Beach Maine. Sen Hube t ii Humphrey of Minnesota is expected to round out the Deni or a i in Field when he declares his candidacy Jan. To. s announcement will be broadcast on lbs telex 1 Ion at 8 20 pm est the Maine senator said the television time Cost his Campaign organization $30,000. It is part of a presidential hid that already has Cost Well Over $1 million and has taken Muskie to 34 of the 50 states during the past five months. Two of Muskie s rivals for the nomination. Sens. George Mcgovern of South Dakota and Henry m. Jackson of Washington already were at work in the Lead off primary states. Jackson in Florida where the votes will be cast March 14, was Busy discounting the voting in new Hampshire scheduled one week earlier. Jackson decided to bypass the new Hampshire primary where new eng 2nd in a series Lander Muskie is heavily favored. I n new Hampshire Mcgovern was filing his petitions of candidacy today and chiding Jackson Humphrey and mayor John v Lindsay of new York for skipping the Lead off state. The democratic Field in new Hamp it hire includes Mcgovern Muskie who will file for the primary ballot thursday mayor Sam Yorty of los Angeles and sen. Vance Hartke of Indiana. Who announced his candidacy in Manchester. N ii monday. A i will win a said Hartke. Venturing a forecast other democrats have avoided in a state adjacent to Muskie s Maine president Nixon s name a filed for the Republican primary ballot monday. Nixon dared due to for but Gage in up ties until it d bid 14. Who has virtually de candidacy already is formally announce his re election before Jan. I he will not in partisan act Lvi in before labor Nixon face rep Paul n California a the challenges of Mecloskey or. Of Republican Liber Ashbrook what s inside amusement 8a Bridge 4b handled ads St comics by crossword 4b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 3-4b television a women s news 6 a weather 3a a a a a1, and rep John m of Ohio a conservative Muskie declares his candidacy As the democratic front runner. The role that has been his since Midsummer of 1969 when sen Edward m Kennedy of Massachusetts renounced 1972 presidential candidacy after the fatal automobile Accident at Chappaquiddick Island Kennedy has said repeatedly that he does not intend to be a candidate hut still is highly rated in the Public opinion polls. The names of Muskie and former sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy were entered monday in the presidential primary to be held March 21. But Mcgovern aides said the South Dakotan is staying out of the Illinois Campaign to avoid a popularity contest with Muskie. Muskie already had made his announcement of candidacy in a fund raising letter on dec. 27, asking some 500.000 potential contributors for help. A a a who qualifies As dependents by Ray de Crane you and internal Revenue service might not always agree on who is your dependent. But you had better come to learn the irs rules. This is one Case where ties do not end in a 50-50 split. You always lose. Consider these examples Sally your 18-year-old daughter did no to earn a dime last year. She graduated from High school in june. You clothed her you furnished her housing. She received a steady allowance from you. When she was married in Christmas week you paid All the wedding expenses. Can you claim her As a dependent not if she files a joint return with her new husband you can to. For that one week of marriage he is entitled to file a joint return with Sally and claim a $675 personal exemption for her. How about your 21-year-old son Tom he was away at College. You paid his tuition Board lab fees furnished his clothing and transportation expenses. Tom graduated in june and secured a Good Job. He continued to live at Home and made a modest contribution of $15 a week from income. Surely he was a dependent you argue. Done to be too sure. You could Lute out again. Tom s Case re quires further information. What did he earn after graduating and How much of his earnings did he spend in his own support his $15 weekly contribution to Home is not pertinent. If for example Tom earned $5,000 in those 62 months after graduation and spent it All he contributed $5,000 toward hts own support. Your contributions toward Toms support must have exceeded his own $5,000 before you could claim him As a dependent. The hang up Here is the requirement of furnishing chief support for any claimed dependent. For dependents other than your children a parents or relatives for example a the rules Are much More Clear and positive once they have Gross income of at least $675, you can not possibly claim them As de Pendents. No matter How much support Vou furnished. The Only exceptions to the $675 Gross income limitation Are for your children under the age of 19 by dec. 31, 1971 or those children 19 and older who attended a full time school a full Ime school for at least five months of 1971. While the income test is waived for students and children under 19 the chief support requirement still remains. Here Are some possible solutions if Sally a new husband files As a a. Ried person making a separate return you can claim her As a dependent on your return. She is clearly someone a dependent but you both can to claim her. And the husband has the firs Choice. If Tom puts $1,000 of his earnings into his own savings account this Means that he cot id not possibly have contributed More than $4,000 toward his own support. Now your Chaldee who on Page 2-a

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