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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper d. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Page 4-a tuesday january 4, 1972 in considering candidates future outweighs the past like it or not a and there is a substantial portion of the populace who obviously could t care less a we now must get on with the Job of electing a governor of North Carolina the Campaign managers Are currently being announced and the business of concentrated politicking is upon us looking toward the primaries in which a major share of the choosing will be done. And As has been pointed out Here previously it puts a not inconsiderable Burden on the citizen it May never have been otherwise but certainly in this Clay and time choosing the Best Man is no pie Job. James Reston in the new York times the other Day was pondering mayor Lindsay a presidential candidacy and made this comment on candidate choosing a the main problem which somehow gets lost in the struggle is to pick the Best Man to Lead the Republic from january of 1973 to january of 1977. It is not a judgment on the past but a bet on the future not a Reward for past services but judgment on the coming problems and the coming and so it is with the selection of a governor. Past performance is obviously meaningful and there is no question that a lot of what such men As skipper Bowles and Pat Taylor and Jim Hois Houser have said and done in their recent roles in state government will be a determinant in finding a bandwagon on which to jump. Jim Gardner and Hugh Morton and or. Reginald Hawkins offer a different set of circumstances since they have been outside the Active governmental Arena. We have known disappointments in the past in the selection of governors. Bob Scott for instance seemed to offer a More hopeful a even idealistic View of government before he got into office than he practice when he was in. But since we cannot look with certainty into the future we have no Choice but to use the past in hopefully finding the Best leadership for North Carolina in the next four years. Those of us in the Media recognize a responsibility to handle much of the legwork for the citizen who Hasni to the Opportunity to pose his own personal questions and we approach that responsibility with feelings of varying degrees of Inadequacy. Nevertheless we Are currently doing our Homework by studying the record of the past three years in the Hopes that we can pose the kind of question that will expose the Best a and perhaps some of the worst a of those who want to occupy that dismal study in architecture in Raleigh. It behoves All of us to take a hand. Set in our ways the mayors of the three largest Piedmont triad cities got together the other evening to Chat in Public View about their common problems. Noteworthy a and certainly not expected a was the fact that they spent nearly half of their allotted time talking about tax Revenue How there Isnit enough of it and what the Best Way of financing the rising Cost of government is. Maybe ifs unreasonable to expect so unheard of a subject to come up in a Short half hour conversation but nobody said anything at All about locating any economies that might Lessen the demand for More tax dollars. This might have been considered reasonable in View of the fact that in Winston Salem they Are again discussing the possibilities of programs that might Lessen City government projecting the news costs in one area. From the assistant City manager s office has come the suggestion that the combining of duties of fire and police into a new Public safety officer program could promote both Economy and efficiency. This is not a new idea and the immediate and obvious objections have been heard often enough to be readily apparent. Yet Winston Salem already has combined fire and police duties in two outlying residential sections with some positive results. The objections May Well Over balance the advantages but it must Ever be incumbent on municipal officers a As it is in the private business sector a to be willing to give serious consideration to finding new and better ways of doing things. Lentil we find new answers we must put up with the old ones even if they strangle us to death. Castro is. A Ashington thirteen years ago guerilla Force led by Fidel Castro seized Havana and ousted dictator Fulgencio Batista. After 13 years in Power Fidel Castro and the United states remain poles apart on a normalization of relations. The Olive branches president Nixon has extended to peking and Moscow continue to be withheld from Havana. And in his Public statements at least Fidel Castro hews to his resolve not to seek a conciliation of any kind with Yankee the impasse is a vexing one because of Castro a special place in the latin american equation. Other than Paraguay a Gen. Alfredo Stroessner no hemisphere Leader has been in Power As Long As or. Castro. Moreover Castro ism is gaining ground throughout latin America while u. S. Influence is on the Wane. Both Washington and Havana believe they Are winning. U. S. Policy is basically unchanged from the statement in 1964 by George w. Ball then under Secretary of state a your program is succeeding a he wrote. A Cuba under communism is in a mess produced by incompetent management ideological interference and the refusal of the United states and Many other Western societies to Deal with a government that is seeking to undermine its a combination of economic denial and political isolation eventually will bring Castro tumbling Down a or so the theory goes. Communist Cuba admits to being badly Hurt by the economic sanctions. But it thinks it is winning the More important Battle for menus minds and sympathies. Castro a recent warm reception in Chile is seen As a landmark. So is his willingness to leave Cuba in the hands of subordinates during his prolonged absence. If Castro a Stock is rising South of the Border it remains at Low tide on the Potomac. Sen. J. W Fulbright d Ark last fall proposed a sense of the Senate Resolution calling for Steps to restore a a Normal u. S. Cuban relations. But in hearings before the Senate foreign relations committee a state department official opposed the Resolution and argued that the isolate Cuba policy had deprived Castro of a substantial sums of hard currency. Otherwise available for support of subversive the Nixon administration similarly has rebuffed initiatives by the organization of american states which in 1964 imposed diplomatic and economic sanctions against the cuban regime Cas Secretary general Galo Plaza recently called for an end to such sanctions saying that a the politics of isolation have been neither constructive nor Peru in mid december sought to sound out other Oas members on a Resolution to let states establish diplomatic consular and commercial relations with Cuba. But Peru quickly withdrew its suggestion after the state department issued a statement of opposition. To some observers. Washington a hard line attitude toward Cuba is symbolic of its general failure to understand l at i n America. Francis b. Kent chief of the Mexico City Bureau of the los Angeles times recently wrote that a the new warmth toward Havana in much of latin America reflects accurately the new belligerency toward and in its 1971 Roundup the Washington based latin american service commented a to Many latin americans the a colossus of the North has become an impotent giant unwilling or unable to make its influence Felt in its own if the United states lacks friends in latin America Washington s no give policy toward Castro could be part of the reason. Limik of ainu Clear no Sinh it lev to frail i Iii a Ecol now Arab strategy Washington Arab leaders disagree in private whether to renew hostilities against Israel. Their most secret conversations picked up by the Central intelligence Agency reveal that syrians president Hafiz Al Asad holds Egypt a president Anwar Sadat in contempt for threatening an offensive he Isnit Likely to Start. Even if Egypt should attack Israel Asad has told associates a i would not expect too much from the he added fiercely that the egyptians a will never again pull us into a War and leave us in the next time he said the syrians will be ready. A when the blow he said a whether Egypt or Israel starts it first we will seize the Opportunity and the secret intelligence report telling of Asad s conversation emphasized that he used the arabic word a a Lammas which Means a when a not his army Chie Gen. Mustafa . Is also quoted in the secret Cable As telling his military colleagues tersely a there is no other Choice. We must fight and we will he acknowledged that a fall the arabs combined Are weaker than but he vowed the syrians at least would fight anyway a if not to gain a Victory at least to keep the War Case hot Between us and As he put it. A if the arabs had continued to fight Israel after their successive defeats in 1948, 1956 and 1967, rather than turning their backs in defeat Many world leaders would have changed their policies toward the Arab israeli dispute. Military moves significantly syrian troops and Armor have been spotted moving a through Damascus heading and the syrians Are reported to be a seriously preparing for new hostilities with the egyptians meanwhile have been shouting the loudest about resuming the War. But in private Gen. Mahmud Suhami the egyptian army s operations chief has told intimates that a any major attempt at crossing the Suez canal is bound to declares a secret Cable a a Suhami said that president Anwar Sadat when threatening Israel with an All out War was bluffing and. Informed the army of Suhami suggested that the army might Graffiti 1-m t 197? Mcne us Syndicate inc. Merry go round a i few i a Jpn it a to in a pvn Amite a Topy. Ito 3? Revfi. By Jack Anderson a carry out Small scale commando attacks but that these raids a would be carefully controlled so As not to cause Over reaction from the the egyptian High command he said was a very concerned that Israel would take advantage of Sadat s threats to carry out a preemptive strike which would destroy the egyptian army and air the u s. Has renewed its efforts meanwhile to Settle the Arab israeli dispute at the truce table rather than on the Battlefield. American diplomats have spread the word according to a secret report that a we c mid not be complacent about future egyptian military moves if no political Progress is footnote the syrians belittle the egyptians in private but tight with the jordanians in the open. Yet an intelligence Cable quotes president Asad As commenting wryly a that perhaps the syrian army would find itself alongside the Jordan Arab army As the Only two armies which would fight Israel Washington whirl ulterior Welcome those Welcome wagons Laden with bounties for new arrivals in neighbourhoods across the nation a a under investigation. The Federal Trade commission has evidence the smiling hostesses in some cases have been doubling As private eyes for the business firms whose free gifts they pass out. Some hostesses allegedly have been reporting Back the age and make of cars the condition of carpeting and the financial affairs of the families they visit. Chairman Miles Kirkpatrick has written rep. Ogden Reid. Rny., that the Etc is looking a into the various practices of Welcome Wagon. the company has denied that occasional snooping by its cheery Young ladies is company policy. Top secret jokes when the National Security Agency is not clacking out classified messages in code Over its closely guarded teletype machines the electronic fare tends to get a Little game. During a recent Slack period dignified Security officials were astounded to see their teletype rattling out More than 200 words of the vulgar old joke that begins a once upon a time there lived a Man who had a mad passion for Beans a the officials discovered that clerks had been telling each other dirty jokes on the secret circuit when it was not being used for transmitting cryptographic intelligence reports. Strange economics the purpose of president Nixon a economic program is to keep costs Down. Yet the general accounting office recently used the new economic regulations to keep prices up. The nation graphics corp. Of Columbus. Ohio was Low bidder on some government binding and printing contracts. But the company because of an oversight had failed to sign a pledge certifying it was in line with the president s economic orders. Its Low bid should have spoken for itself. But instead of giving National graphics a Chance to Correct its oversight the Gao gave the contract to the second Low bidder at a loss to the taxpayers of $4,500. Spotlight on education a difference by or. Benjamin Pine North american newspaper Alliance new York College does make a difference. It changes the general attitudes political views and economic status of those who graduate. Surprisingly enough the commonly held View because of recent unrest and Campus demonstrations that students Are does not stand up. A greater proportion of College alumni enrol in the Republican than in the democratic party. These and other striking conclusions Are contained in the latest study made by the Carnegie commission on higher education. Headed by or. Clark Kerr former president of the University of California. The report a a degree and what else a a is the result of a comprehensive analysis of data amassed by social scientists Over several decades compiled by or. Stephen b. Withey of the University of Michigan. The study shows clearly that there Are Many benefits and a few minuses in College attendance from the Point of View of the individual and society. On the plus Side individuals who go to College tend to be More satisfied with their jobs More highly paid and less subject to unemployment More thoughtful and deliberate in their consumer expenditures More Likely to vote and to participate generally in Community activities More Liberal and tolerant in their attitudes toward other individuals and More informed about Community National and world affairs. College attendance also appears to accentuate certain problems in society by contributing to prolongation of youth with its inherent tensions conflict Between the More highly educated younger generation and the less educated older generation and conflict within the younger generation Between those who go to College and those who do not. One surprising finding of the study is that the general Impact of College matters More than the different Impact of one Type of College Over another. It does no to really matter whether a student is a graduate of prestigious Harvard or a relatively unknown Hometown private or Public institution. Here a one for women a lib women who go to College Are More Likely to work and also to have fewer children on the average. One implication for the Republican party in particular is that College graduates tend not Only to vote Republican More than no graduates but also to be More Liberal. The Republican party May be both aided in its numbers of adherents and changed in its general policy stance As a result. Or. Kerr Points out. People who have gone to College tend to exercise their right to vote in both primary and general elections considerably More often than those with no College experience. Within each group of party adherents and for independents As Well those with College degrees Are More Likely to vote than College attenders without degrees who in turn Are More Likely to vote than those who have not been to College. In none of the last nine presidential elections did As Many As half of the College graduates report voting for the democratic nominee. Republicans who have attended College Are less Likely to vote for the democrats than republicans who have not been to College. Among democrats those with no College experience Are less Likely to vote Republican than those who have been to College. Much has been said and written about demonstrations marches sit ins and acts of civil disobedience by College students. Indeed Many state Legislatures have withheld Money from their Public institutions of higher learning and alumni support has decreased because of these Campus acts. Although protest marches Are approved by a majority of the College students and graduates obstructive activities and violence Are opposed. Only to per cent of College graduates gave their approval to sit ins and similar kinds of obstructive activities. An alternative Way to handle Urban unrest trying to get at the problems of poverty and unemployment in the cities was More popularly supported by College students and graduates. The Carnegie study came up with another surprising conclusion College students and graduates Are More a a hawkish toward the Vietnam War than the rest of of the population. College graduates were less Likely to believe than those who did not go to College that intervention in Vietnam or Korea was a mistake. By 1968. People who had been to College were More Likely than they had been previously to classify intervention in Vietnam As an error but they were still less Likely than the rest of the population to do so. However support for the War among the College educated is generally found among the alumni of the smaller and less prestigious institutions. What does All this add up to there is a widening knowledge Gap Between Young people who graduate from College and those who do not. College graduates not Only acquire new knowledge skills and interests they also change in their behaviour toward information. They use the printed Media More newspapers magazines and books know More about what is happening in the world and How society works and extend their attention and interests to include broader topics and International events and concerns. A Basic finding of the Carnegie study As i interpret it is that College appears More Likely to make students More open minded and Liberal less concerned with material possessions More concerned with cultural values and a growing interest in the meaningful and challenging aspects of an occupation. Race has been a Barrier but education is becoming the Bridge to More equal status. Income occupation and education Are elated but education is becoming the key Factor. Although it la Clear that a College of any kind has significant social Impact higher education will better serve society if its patterns of influence and Impact Success and failure Are better understood. We do know however that the Hopes that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had so Long ago for the contribution of education to american society have been largely realized a 1971 or inca. Lac Quot mom when i grow up Eon i be a male chauvinist Quot

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