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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper d. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. J0e Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Page 4>a monday january 3, 1972 Bible thought again i my that under the Sun the race is net to the Swift North Battle the the Strong nor bread to the Wim or riches to the intelligent nor favor to the men of skill but time and Chance happen to them . Fill. If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted d. Rockefeller. It la be great to get on with business of learning Ulm Shim Mii Jisc Sumii Iii Iii i Moni i Silinsh a. A a Tell ii ii re Linly ii i jail Iii Ali air Lair Pakistan background even if it is not totally defined As yet it has to be Good news that our City school system can be on the threshold once More of consideration of the Quality of education As its number one priority concern. Too Long now we have had to wrestle with the nuts and bolts of the system with busing with distracting and a in less publicized fashion a with behaviour and discipline. Writer Ray Hubbard Send of the year review of school Board Outlook for 1972 has a cheering ring about it. School administrators profess optimism that Many of the tortuous Maneu Werings of the past two or three years to get past the major hurdle of total racial integration of the schools Are behind us. A lot of other cities in North Carolina which were slower than we to attack the problems Headon Are still very much in the Middle of a Federal ban on radio and television cigarette advertising went in of effect one year ago. A year ago the tobacco Industry was devoting 75 per cent of its advertising budget a or Over $200 million a year a to cigarette broadcast commercials. Then came the ban on radio and television cigarette ads and forecasts of declining sales. The gloom is All but gone now. Consumption in 1971 is expected to be up 2 3 per cent a to 536 billion cigarettes. Plain and Mentho lated filter brands Are up 6 per cent. John Southard vice president for marketing of Liggett so Myers recently gloated a we found out to our Delight we could get along without since the ban cigarette companies have been Selling More and spending less. William Kloepfer of the tobacco Institute claims that a the Best estimate is that the Industry will spend about $200 million on advertising and promotion in 1971. That a Only two thirds of the Industry a expenditures on advertising last various reasons have been put Forth for the increase in cigarette sales. They include an increase in the smoking population a decrease in the number of anti smoking commercials and greater Over All tensions. Curtis h. Judge president of Lorillard corp., which claims a 1512 per cent jump in cigarette sales this year. A s that people bought More cigarettes because a a they re fed up with being protected from the womb to the cigarette sales in european countries where broadcast bans have been in effect for several years show similar gains. In great Britain radio and television cigarette advertising was prohibited in 1965 since then sales have increased 2.7 per cent a concerns about who goes to school where and How to get them there and Back. It would be a most Happy circumstance in 1972 for the Board of education to be Able to give great portions of its attention to an evaluation of How Well children Are being educated. Or. John Ridgers proposed before the end of 1971 that a set of review procedures he prepared toward that end. His suggestion is for a sort of Council of review in which parents could join educators in an evaluation process. Often in the past we have heard school leaders when faced with a difficult proposition of one sort or another respond with the convenient statement. A your first Job is to provide an education for All the children a it is indeed. And we want to be certain that the results of that Job Are successful a and measurably so. Year. Following a 1962 ban in Italy sales have risen More than 3 5 per cent annually. Cigarette advertising on Canadian radio and television will cease this Jan. I. Unlike the United states where tobacco companies have risen More than 3 5 per cent annually newspaper and billboard advertising Canada will freeze cigarette advertising in other Media at 1971 Levels and end All prize promotions and giveaways. These actions were taken voluntarily by the Canadian tobacco manufacturers Council and Are similar to the provisions in a Bill now before parliament. Blacked out on to u. S. Tobacco companies have been spending More on other types of advertising. A recent study for the first six months of 1971 by leading National advertisers inc., showed expenditures for cigarette ads in magazines More than doubled to $56 9 million up from $24.8 million a year earlier. During this period billboard advertising soared from $1.1 million to $18 7 million and newspaper advertising increased from $4 million to $8 million. The Industry s largest promotional campaigns now Are sporting events a Auto horse and ski racing Tennis and Bowling championships and rodeos. L so m cigarettes sponsors a balloon race. Many companies Are offering trading Stamps and special discount coupons. Buyers of a Carton of kools can Purchase an 11-foot Sailboat valued at about $120, for $88. While the u. S. Broadcast ban apparently has done Little harm to the cigarette Industry so far it May yet prove detrimental in two areas. One is the introduction of new brands. The other and More Long Range uncertainty is the youth Market. Whether today s children will grow into tomorrow s smokers is a question that will worry the tobacco Industry in the years to come. Washington a we can now document from secret White House minutes our charge that presidential brain Truster Henry Kissinger lied to repo trs when he told them the Nixon administration was t anti India. Contrary to Kissinger s statement to the press the minutes show that president Nixon not Only ordered a pro Pakistan policy but Bere me Riotis with his subordinates for not taking a sponge stand against India. A i am getting hell every half hour from the president that we Are not being Tough enough on India complained Kissinger at the december 3 strategy session. Three Days later according to the minutes Kissinger a directed that henceforth we show a certain coolness to the indians. The Indian ambassador is not to be treated at too High a the India pm Kistam conflict was reviewed almost daily by a crisis team known As the Washington special action group Here a a typical excerpt from the secret minutes for december 4 a emr. Helms the Cia director 1 opened the meeting by indicating that the indians were currently engaged in a no holds barred attack on East Pakistan and that they had crossed the Border on All sides. Although not decreeing a formal declaration of War. President Yahya irs stated that the final War with India is upon us a. A Cdr Kissinger remarked Fht if the indians have announced a full scale invasion this fact must be left cited in our in statement. A emr. Helms indicated that we do not know who started the current action. A Cdr. Kissinger requested that by monday the Cia prepare an account of who did what to whom and when. A emr. Depalma assistant state Secretary suggested that if we refer to the Indian declaration in our discussion in the in that we almost certainly will have to refer to remarks by Yahya. A Cdr. Kissinger replied that he was under specific instructions from the president and either someone in the bureaucracy would have to prepare this statement along the lines indicated or that it would be done in the White House. Kissi Nger s semantics a Cdr. Kissinger asked whether the indians have stated anything to the effect that they were in an All out War. A emr. Helms said that the terminology was a no holds a Cdr. Kissinger asked what the Paks have go round by Jack Anderson said. Or. Helms said the terminology was anal a with or. Kissinger suggest i this was not an objectionable term. It did not seem outrageous for the Paks to say they were trying to defend themselves. Later in the meeting Kissinger inst 1 acted a on Aid matters the president wants to proceed against India the secret minutes of the december 8 meeting shed More Light on this a Cdr Kissinger emphasized that the president has made it Clear that no further foreign Exchange surplus commodities or development Loans could be assigned to India without approval of the White House a pm. Williams Deputy Aid director stated there was no problem of anything sliding through. A Cdr Kissinger inquired what the next turn of the screw might be a emr. Williams said that the Only other possible option was taking a position concerning Aid material currently under contract. This however would be a very Messy problem inasmuch As we would be dealing with irrevocable letters of credit. A Cdr. Kissinger inquired about next years budget. Or Williams stated that what goes into the budget did not represent a commitment. A Cdr Kissinger stated that current orders Are not to put anything in the budget for Irwin. It was also not to be leaked that Aid had put Money in the budget for India Only to have the a wicked White House take it at the same time Kissinger was talking like this behind reporters backs he told them to their faces that the u. S. Hadnot really sided with Pakistan. Footnote dignified White maned Kenneth Keating our conscientious ambassador to India also disputed the White House a explanation of development of present conflict and . Role in seeking to Avert it. A while i appreciate the tactical necessity of justifying our position publicly a he objected in a secret Cable. A i feel constrained to state elements of this particular Story do not coincide with my knowledge of the events 0 the past eight operation Noah Sark a leathery Texas rancher and the humane society of the United states have gotten together to save 500 rare Sika and Axis Deer from being slaughtered by Hunters. The rancher. A. C. Stone of Grapevine. Tex. Started up the Herd 20 vers ago with 15 Deer. He. His family and friends got to where they loved to watch the animals so much they could t shoot them. The Herd multiplied. But when Stone s land was marked for the new Dallas fort Worth Airport he had to do something about the Deer. He toyed with letting Hunters kill them at $250 a head and alternately with donating them to local o Panages As meat. But the humane society a troubleshooter sue Pressman heard of the impending doom of the rare animals and began rounding up Homes for them. Stone told us that he has 200 to 300 placed now at about $200 per head on lumber company land in zoos even in army Camps. Advice to a crusader in our mail is a letter from a youngster who wants to save the world. A not particularly articulate statement it sets out his burning hatred for pollution of the atmosphere and streams. He identifies himself As a a 15-year-old kid who a getting ready to fight the before he jumps astride his Charger perhaps some words of counsel Are in order. First of All it is quite appropriate in this Day and age to he an angry Young Man but it is equally important to understand that a quiver whose Only Arrow is marked a a anger is. For All practical purposes empty. It is going to take knowledge and More tact than he now exhibits to clean up the world. A for All the Summers in be been out of school he writes. A a in be travelled to All the major cities and All the major lakes and streams in North Carolina. And i know that not one of these is free of pollution As they should be. I know what this can to be the kids fault because i done to know any teenagers that own any big corporations or it at this Point one might ask him a do you know any teenagers who own mini bikes and have you heard about noise pollution a or is that an unfair riposte every youngster a and every adult for that matter a has a stake in cleaning up the environment and eliminating those elements which Lead to its destruction. And it will take the sort of Zeal that this youngster professes to do the Job adequately. He May yet find that his efforts to get action May result in unpleasant reaction. He will for instance if he seeks to pin instant blame on the generation ahead. Pollution is not a new phenomenon it has been going on since the first Apple Core was thoughtlessly dropped in Eden. That the problem has been recognized and defined and the first major Steps taken to do something about it Are a credit to 20th Century Man. Not his Dishonour. It will be Dishonour indeed if we do not see that the course of our own perfidy is reversed. And it will take a lot of 15-year-Olds, their elders and their juniors. And it will take time. So ride on Young Man. You did no to arrive at your present state of resolve in a single Day. It will take More than a single Day to carry it out. But also remember you re among friends. Projecting the news smoking in the dark of afternoon by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus catching up a misplaced line in the Couplet which ran at the head of sundays column rearrange it to read i like my role As Retiree. It took so Long to win it. But candidly i must admit there a not much future in it. The heart of a Friend never wonders or doubts no matter if years intervene the old Faith is there and nought can compare the Comfort it gives though unseen. Yes rhe heart of a Friend it e thing i prize As life lengthens and Twilight descends its the last Boon i will ask when i have finished my task that i live in the heart of my friends. Contributed ironically this Century has been characterized by More devastating wars More terrible revolutions and More senseless killing than any other Century in human history and it still has 28 years to go. Highlighting the tragic Story of the 20th Century Are world War i the russian bolshevism revolution world War ii and the massacre of millions of jews and anti nazis of various kinds the chinese communist revolution with its Slaughter outdoing even the russians the korean War the Vietnam War and the manifold tragedies in the dark continent of Africa. Yet the deeper we move into the twentieth Century the More evident it becomes that one of the greatest crimes of All must be Laid to this country for failing to take advantage of the god Given strength we had in 1915 then America could have imposed a Pax americana upon the world obviating the vast cruelties of the soviet. Chinese and other communists and unifying the world once and for All for Freedom. We failed to do that. Instead we deliberately built up the soviet government and nation to impose a balance against ourselves thereby giving the russians License to expand and make War without fear that the . Would Ever try to win that was the greatest crime of this Century for it occasioned for americans More than 100.000 dead in two wars and nearly half a million casualties in addition to far greater losses suffered by the koreans. Chinese and vietnamese. North and South. When Are the american people going to Wake up and Call a halt to such aimless sacrifice when Are we going to learn that appeasement is the Road to War and defeat when indeed will the american people learn what has been done to them by their leaders since the end of world War ii time has come for us to fight no More no Victory wars and never leave South Vietnam except in full control of its territory and Able to defend against aggressors. Folk returning from the Christmas new year s Holiday in Florid report traffic backed up 30 Miles on . 4 in the Vicinity of Tho world of Disney development which had to close Gates at to . At the Peak in order to handle overflow crowds. It s becoming increasingly Clear that highways serving that area Are going to be increasingly inadequate despite All the planning that was done by the state of Florida to gear traffic patterns to serve that bulging demand. Meanwhile Florida s first a and indeed one of the entire nation s a Short take off and land Stol airports for Public use has opened at Walt Disney world. The Stalport features a 2,000 foot runway adjacent to the main parking area and Entrance to the vacation kingdom. Initially the Stol service is providing 26 daily flights to various destinations including Miami fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach and Sarasota. It has the Florida department of transportation studying feasibility of a statewide Stol network to facilitate air travel in the Sunshine state. A group of Washington friends of Robert j. Brown special assistant to president Nixon came to High Point for the new years weekend to work out details for the cocktail party and dinner being Given As a Benefit event at the Washington Hilton hotel january 30 As a tribute to the High Point Man. Visiting Here were Willie c. Mason chairman of arrangements and mrs. Mason together with or. And mrs. Joe Daniels. Mrs. Daniels treasurer of the event for which tables for to come at $175, says response has been Gratifying from All parts of the country. High Point friends Are arranging to charter a plane to take the considerable local delegation to Washington sunday afternoon and return late that evening. The affair for which Sammy Davis or. Will entertain and Lionel Hampton is to play is a Benefit for the District of Columbia sickle cell anaemia fund to help Blacks Over the nation overcome a hereditary blood disease troubling in certain circumstances the Howard University a Mississippi project for medical Aid. And the District of Columbia . Foster children project. The triple Benefit event was mrs. Masons ides but or. Mason says he shaving to do the work Williamsburg a Christmas event this year a traditional Celebration of proportions and much popularity there was one of the Best according to or. And mrs. George a. Covington and or. And mrs. E. O. Lane who Are Home from attending and enjoying it. The color the lights the food everything combined to reclaim the colonial tradition of Christmas they report and they recommend it to folks who should get their reservations Early if they think they a like to participate next Christmas. A Silver Flower Container for the Chapel altar has Beon contributed to Wesley memorial in memory of the late or. And mrs. C. F. Grissom by their children. Or. And mrs. Grissom were faithful members of the Church As Long As they lived he having joined in 1899 and she in 1904 when it was on e. Washington drive. They remained steadfast in attendance and support until his death dec. La 1956, and hers on Jan. 23, 1951. Though living out of town the children of or. And mrs. Grissom often visit their Home Church mrs. Orville Hawkins Clara of Charlotte mrs. Wade Curran Lena of Kannapolis mrs. John p. Davis Elva of Asheboro mrs. Stanley Hubbard Ann of Charlotte and Lawrence of Durham. Theirs is a welcomed and appreciated Memoria Lix ing gift at the Church

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