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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina High Point Enterprise b. a. Rawley soc a and treas. 1ammett a Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings P Rawley publisher 1915�?1937 Lapus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns Elve months. $10.40 l month. $ 5.20 rec months.9 2.60 in month. 85 Fie week 20 carriers in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than one a in Advance. Barriers in City Are not permitted to Cicitt for a period of More than five weeks. If subscription for a longer period is desired Ament should be made direct to office. Continuing its old Christmas something of the flavor of its uniqueness will be lost. The 6th of january is the twelfth Day from Christmas and its Observance As a Day of festivity is old in England and older in Rome. Rodanthe settled by Folk who observed the Day in the old country kept the Observance going while it lived to itself. If should not permit the recent invasion of its isolation to wean it away from the custom. Ithe associated press is exclusively rolled to the use for republication of ail is dispatches credited to it or not other be credited in this paper and also the Al news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation a fettered As second c ass matter at the Toffice in High Point n. Under the it of Congress of March 8. 1872 National adv. Representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City tuesday january 3. 1939 a Januc Jet e lord rewarded me according to righteousness according to the Cannes of my hands hath he recon Nusl me. A ii Samuel 22 21. A a blessings Ever wait on virtuous deeds id though a late a sure Reward sucked. A Congreve. As the Law makers go into action no Kess is assembling in Washington and the Legisla is for the state Are gathering Raleigh. The people watch Ith mixed emotions. For one Jason hopeful of what the kayaker will do there can be und one fearful of the in Pond a action. For better or for orse those who steer us Politi Jally for the next two years Are fitting into their huddles. As far As the North Carolina tuition is concerned there is is likelihood of disturbing Bangos in governmental plans an usual despite Large probes netting amelioration. Dur the hard years and the lean t state worked out a course he matter of taxation a course inst which the people in Large t rebelled and it is set to Fol a that course indefinitely. The resent governor has affirmed is Faith in it As the Best under ent conditions and there is to enough heat in popular re fitment or enough Resolute purse Back of substitute plans to Ause much of a fight in the new Assembly. The representatives of the peole at Raleigh have difficult tasks it they Are to lie performed within an established pattern and hat simplifies the Job. Under the circumstances the general Assembly this year should get Back o a reasonable nearness to the id 60-Day session. The ministry of suffering Many Homes in this Vicinity have been visited within the past two months by death and thus sorrow has mingled with the Joys of the Holiday season. The physicians say that there has been no epidemic nonetheless Winter has taken a rather heavy toll among patient sufferers and those aged persons who were physically unable to Bear up under seasonal changes. At the funeral sunday afternoon of mrs. Annie Ragan Arm Field at the Home of the late mrs. E. T. Harmon miss Clara i. Cox pastor of Springfield friends Church spoke of the ministry of suffering. She told How mrs. Arm Field had for approximately twelve years been confined to her Home As the result of a stroke of paralysis. Yet in All this time the patient had not Only not complained at her lot but her Fine spirit had been an inspiration to All who visited her. Thus the preparation of mind and heart in her Home Church and College which was the mainstay of her life during All her widowed years enabled her even in her suffering to carry on a ministry of Good cheer among her friends and relatives. It is not too much to say that such a ministry is a Sweet savor of life which will endure until the end of time. Death loses much of its sting when we think that those who have passed have but joined a the choir invisible of those immortal dead who live again in minds made better by their in the news by no Means did death take a Holiday on new years Day. The record shows that 259 persons died violently motor crashes accounting for More than 150 deaths. America is becoming More safety conscious. If a Legal Holiday Ever passes without a fatality from automobile accidents there should be an extra Day set paid for fasting prayer and perhaps crossing fingers. As a people we mean Well just As did Abraham Lincoln when he wrote a a. Lincoln his hand and pen he will be Good but god knows Cabinet member displayed too much affection. Now Goebbels is in a Hospital his rival and his friends Are in a concentration Camp and the world at Large knows that even love cannot run smoothly under the Iron hand of at this distance it looks As if a cynic might indulge in a bit of laughter rather than in looking for a text. It is possible to believe that even in Germany there Are some a a natural people who inwardly feel that a sacrosanct bully a got what was coming to tuesday january 3, 1939 the Reidsville review tells the Story of How a customers ideas of Thrift lost her Money. She walked into the store of a certain Small town and told the merchant that she would buy a desired article if she could get it at the same Price she would have to pay in so and so City. The merchant closed the Deal and later remarked that she had paid More than his regular Price. Many local merchants could Tell similar stories which clearly reveal that there Are hundreds of customers who Are harmless As doves but not Wise As serpents. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people How to solve the Winter heating problem. Should carry on Over the associated Piess wire Oday went a message from cd o dec Reading As follows a is Santa going to visit to Santhe thursday night As in ears past please a Charlotte was asking Elizabeth pity to advise whether the Little Village on the Sand Hank South of Roanoke Island was to drop its ancient twelfth night Celebration r carry on As in the Long years it ast. As this is written the answer As not cleared but we Trust that will record that Rodanthe has of been lured into abandonment f a custom which added measurably to its distinction and help to give the coast country that piety which spice for the Lamier at least. The world is finding somewhat easier ways to the Sand Bank settlements. We recall the Effort if a charming woman native of Hatteras who was called on to de Cribe the Best Way to reach her ome Village. Finally she simplified her Story but suggesting that he Best Way probably was to be Quot aught on a Hook. Rodanthe is isolated North of and about like Hatteras and that solution is penetrated not too of in yet. The Charm of remoteness s not destroyed but if Rodanthe Oey modern to the extent of Dis How Many persons really saw the Rose bowl game estimates varied from 90,000 to 93,000. At a rough guess we would say that the number there surpassed the entire population of High Point Thomasville and Lexington. If this seems unbelievable it might in1 Well to recall the statement of Hendrik Willem Van Loon author and journalist to the effect that the entire population of the world could be lacked into area six Miles Square. An Senate is expected to steal spotlight a headline. More than once in momentous treaty decisions the United states Senate has stolen the spotlight a a few times to the Chagrin and mortification of the nation. During Tho coming months of Congress it will lie scrutinizing new Deal legislation a whether to the embankment of tile administration or not remains to lie seen. As a Rule More conservative than the House it can of a very present help in time of trouble or raise an uproar among the devotees of certain wanted legislation. If you Are an average Normal human being you occasionally May have to make a speech in Public. Sometimes this has to be done extemporaneously. Do you Ever get tangled up on grammar Well Here in a valuable hint from Richard c. Borden in Hia new Book a Public speaking As listeners like a How easy it is to match plural subjects with singular verbs to disrupt the form of a sentence with a shapeless parenthetical remark to leave clauses hanging forlornly in the air a there is one simple Way to keep out of trouble. Use plenty o periods when you feel a sentence is beginning to crumple under you a up in a period. When a dependent clause starts to miss on one of its grammatical cylinders a put in a period. A tse Short sentences and lots of periods and people won t raise their eyebrows Over your just one More thought keep to what you know. Most of us Are to blame either directly or indirectly from our mishaps. They May he the result of mistaken judgment which is excusable for the first time. But we rarely see that the fault is our own. In Tho past 30 years the travellers Aid society has helped More than a million people. It gives Aid to More than 50,000 every year. Yes miss Murray of the travellers Aid society tells me it it very rarely that anyone Ever come to her and says a i m in trouble a and it s All my if we recognize that our ill Luck is our own fault we Are much More Likely to forestall it happening again. Here i an interesting quotation from Walter Duranty s Book entitled a i w rite a i please a and we hich i thought might help some of the readers of this column who have written to me of their ambitions to write one night in Paris Walter Duranty and William Bolitho sat chatting about writing and the newspaper came Bolitho suggested that Duranty write a Book. A any Book Quot he said a provided that it is your Book the Book that conies out of your consciousness and it is not something that you Are writing a you think you ought to write or As someone else wants you to write. The Only books which matter must be written with conviction anti must be True to the people who write them however untrue their truth May be. Look at Elinor Glyn for instance and Harold Bell Wright and the Hull woman who wrote a piece about an Arab Sheik and the Scarlet Pimpernel and All the tripe about the foreign legion from Ouida upwards and downwards. The reason this stuff gets across is that it s True to the people who write it that is the Basic principal. Done to write what they want you to write write what you want write As you want to write Waller Wii Eliell on Hoad was Trad Mark registered copyright Issi. Dally Mirror inc. Paging father time Max about town from Thi column of dec. 26th, 1938. In new York a Goebbels new Bay be is a German file Maedchen named Lida Barovak. The confirmation on All front pages the following Friday has us dizzy from Joy yet. It was the first time the column Ever intentionally involved a married Man a on the cheat Quot a but that Ratzi is no Man so our conscience remains unruffled. Add of Hitler forced Bachelor Hood is not because of the Long time suspected reasons hut because of a War wound which left him incapacitated. Daladier has a decree ready to expel refugees from France still a state secret. It ignited the fiercest Row in the Cabinet there which continues. 21 German military officials were executed yesterday for plotting hitlers assassination the Story is that Soo were in the conspiracy engineered by the pseudo Clark Goebbels the German minister of improper Ganda and that his a a suicide shortly would be no Surprise. The Lida bar ova scandal and report of a nervous breakdown being used As a cover up for the real situation. Or. Ignatz Grieble is in Moabite prison for political prisoners for talking too much in the Turrou spy Case. Connie Bennett now admits to pals she will apply for her marital Freedom in France in feb a and wed Gilbert Roland when the decree permits. Mrs. Gary Cooper tells intimates on the coast she and Gary were lavishly entertained by Gen. Anil mrs. Goering while in Berlin. Anna held jr., and her husband. Jay Dodd Marten sen after to years of Bliss have decided to melt. Marlene Dietrich s current companion is Howard Hughes a devoted pals she sat a. John l. Lewis is grooming James Carey Youthful c. I. O. Executive acc a. As his successor against All eventualities. A political Dicker in Washington will probably assure Cong. Dies continuation of his probe committee. A new dealer is slated to he added As a break against Rabid alleged one sided Ness. ,. The mysterious Rubens Case in Russia will break shortly. She believed alive in prison. He s said to be dead. Or have parted. Nadine Bonnell a Pony at the Diamond Horseshoe and Albert Johnson s brother John Are Money gooey. William Powell goes under the knife again in two weeks out there. Sex Cong. S. Pettengill of Indiana turns columnist in a fortnight. Of he does t use the three dots system hell be the first who did Paramount pictures new years present to 25 contract players w ill be the a. Phyllis Welch w to was Harold Lloyd a last leading lady got a too trinket from Graham Mcdonald the Frisco architect. They la merge in the Spring. Atty general Bennett of n. Y., will name b. Heffner. One of his aides As new chief of the Racket Bureau depot this week. June Walker the actress has her own new continued on rage 6. Ten years ago local news a d. Frank Parkins. Of Greenville s. C., has accepted a position As licensed embalmer at the Yow funeral Home. He succeeds a. J. Koonce who has resigned to begin work with a company in Winston Salem. A Christmas decoration lights Sre being removed today. A last night was College night at Central friends Church. About people a miss Anne Carter Marsh is expected Home today from Falm Beach Fla a Robert Gold is spending several Days with friends in Durham and Newbern. A mrs. F. Jeffreys is visiting in Culpepper a. Miss Aline Davis has returned to Guilford College to resume her studies. Charles b Driscoll a Newyork Day new York Jan. 3. A How to feel foolish in a big Way was explained to me the other Day by g. Selmer Fougner food and wine expert. The Story is decidedly on him and he does no to mind. Or. And mrs. Fougner were travelling in Italy a guests of the italian government. When they landed in Italy they were met by soldiers officials a private car for their use and a special military aide sent by Mussolini to be a attached to the person of or. Fougner during the stay. The party went to Home was entertained by la Duce wined dined and celebrated. It proceeded through Italy being entertained at every City by the mayor and leading citizens. Always the military aide was present supervising ordering saluting and being saluted. He was dressed As gorgeously As any Doorman on Park Avenue and had a sword besides. Now mrs. Fougner collects Ash trays. Particularly Ash trays from hotels. With the hotel name on each one. She makes it a matter of conscience never to leave a hotel without taking an Ash tray with her. She has hundreds of them from All Over the world. At Turin As the Fougner were packing the hotel Ash tray was plopped into the last bag packed on top of everything else. Outside the hotel the soldiers the band and the High official were drawn up to bid the distinguished americans Farewell. The mayor made a speech the military aide bowed barked orders the hand played. Out came a Porter from the hotel bawling of disaster. He ran up to the Gold braided aide and shouted that there had been a robbery. An Ash tray was missing and the Cost of it several cents in american Money was going to be taken out of his wages unless Mussolini a representative should make the americans give it up. The Side ordered the Porter to go Hack and mind his bit Sines declared that he would not have the guest of Italy insulted or annoyed and the band struck up a Jolly air. Just As that moment or. Fougner saw his baggage going by on a truck headed for the Airport. A there i la get his Ash tray for hint a he exclaimed. He started for the truck. Consternation everywhere it was All right to lift an Ash tray hut imagine admitting it right out in Public and for the Sake of a miserable Porter the aide tried to restrain the american. But Fougner was Over Alt obstacles with a few Bounds boarded the truck retrieved the Ash tray and tossed it to the bawling Porter with a smile. New Brief a Congress is being asked to provide $30,, for Mississippi flood control. It is also asked to appropriate Over $400,000,000 for the army. A the South his emerged from a sex Ere cold wave in Charlotte the thermometer registered a minimum of 23 degrees. By Howard Mirrium Tbs words you Are about to look at in the spilt seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth. A world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading one minute of this nation a history is passing by. Robbers in America steal four dollars in currency three and a half dollars Worth of jewelry a dollars Worth of fur two dollars Worth of clothing. Every minute of every hour. Of us to from what we hear of the Djibouti climate it would seem France would want to give the place to Italy. The Wilmington Star a the cynic May find a text in the latest news reports Fror Germany which relate that or. Goebbels the minister of propaganda Lias lost two Teeth a considerable amount of blood and some of his prestige As a result of a horse whipping administered by friends of an actor for whose wife the Neville Chamberlain shuns role As mediator in Italo French dispute. Yeah verily Neville experience is a great teacher. A nazi decree National Anthem a something like neral of Fredom. Orders the German played More slowly a Dirge at the fun Vve wanted to see if we could do it. A two 15-year-old boys into the supposedly impregnable u. S. Mint at san Francisco. Admiral Yule Stirling has a sensational article due in the feb a True detective re opening the Massif Case in Hawaii. In it he will make grave charges against the territorial gov t. Have a chuckle j.,b. Taylor the Ohio slate University accountancy prof just appointed director of the state liquor control Bogard has a Middle name which is Bacchus. Brian Mcmahon of the Dep t of Justice it working secretly on a smash bang probe that will make the headlines everywhere in a few weeks. His Dep t will also come out into open on another free speech civil liberties Issue in Jersey City where the Issue is discussed in hushed tones. Sally Rand has signed to do her nude ranch at the s. F. Fair. Mrs. Clark Mother in Law of John Roosevelt Ami m. Marks he s a Boston Back Bay ticker taper will probably wind up at the altar sometime this new year. Robert Hague and the new yorker mag the a their talk of the town taking care of the millions dogs we have As pets costs $1,2 of every sixty seconds. We Shear 92 sheep a minute. Outdoor advertisers claim that too people a minute look at the billboards in the u. 8. The american Telephone and Telegraph company has to repair four Miles of wire every minute. In one minute the Penny Coin machines in new York City subways sell 9fi0 Sticks of gum. 360 Sticks of chocolate and twelve and a half pounds of peanuts. To meet the present housing shortage we re going to have to build two houses a minute a for the next five years. Maniacs set fire to american property at a rate that costs us eight teen dollars a minute. Twenty years a to local news a Rev. W. A. Lambeth will preach a special Sermon to the Young people sunday morning at Wesley memorial Church. A the people of High Point Are being asked to Supply the soldiers returning from France with books magazines and glides. These articles will be forwarded to the various Catto ments. A the local High school basketball team lost to Spencer last night at Spencer score 32 to 14. A a record of per mits shows that there was very Little building done in the City last year. About people a Bruce Craven of Trinity spent today in the City on business. Miss Nellie Dobbs has Blyn ill at her Home on Lindsay Street for several Days. A Carlton Kirkman has returned to Trinity College at Durham to resume his studies. A N Mccrary leaves tomorrow for Philadelphia and new York on mrs. W. S. Of Neil is recovering from an attack of pleurisy. A miss Violet Johnson has returned to Queen s College after spending the holidays at her Home Here. A Olin Cummings has returned to the u. school after spending the holidays Here. After that the Fougner w Ere treated politely hut not enthusiastically by italian officialdom when the time came for a formal Farewell at the Border the resplendent aide bowed stiffly. 3o did the mayor of the Border town. This american had outraged their sense of propriety by admitting that he picked up Ash tray and by giving one Hack to a complaining Porter new Brief a director general Mcadoo wants the railroads held by the government for a period of five years to demonstrate to the nation what can be done. A the High Point Bank of Commerce has entered the Federal Reserve system. A a cold wave is forecast for the next two Days in this Section. A president Wilson was received by King Victor Emmanuel of Italy upon arrival in Rome today speaking of towns and their names correspondents have called my attention to these Only outsiders speak of san anoint Texas. Residents ail pronounce the Nante in full san Antonio. But Many residents of St. Joseph mo., Call it St. Joe. And there is a St. Joe a. Pronouns nation of los Angeles varies greatly in the City itself and Ninny of the residents Call it simply l. A. Two schools of pronunciation have lived Side by Side for a Century or More in Gallipolis Ohio o M. Always called it Galli police As do Many of the citizens Here. There Are others however who insist upon Galu polish. Accent always on the last syllable whichever Way its sounded. I can easily understand Why suicide by drowning in the Hudson declines in wintry Windy weather. When that Broad deep River is being whipped into cold Green foam by a stiff Northwestern. And cakes of ice Are tossed about it would require a lot of desperation to cause anybody to jump into it. The ferry boats plow their Way through the ice cakes slowly and fret fully. Often they Are carried far off their course by the ice filled current. Passengers stay within the heated shelters or in their cars with windows closed As the shrill wind comes sweeping Down from the Broad cold Region of Tappan Zee. If it gets any colder in Siberia than it is on the deck of that ferry boat. Ill vote for Siberia for the siberians. Five Hundred people Ca licht cold while you were Reading this co Uinn Stop beading. V John Berk of Cleveland o., tried to kill an injured cat but shot himself. It is understood the Bullet Coc acted off Pussy a ninth life. I an authority asserts that speeches without human Are just As effective As speeches with jokes and quips. Our exp Reitier is that they Are the same thing. Copyright Iii of Esquire futures r. E. Mcguire of Pasadena calif., went to jail rather than pay a Fine for letting i dog roam. How does that go again a a dog Best Freud is hts Many a a University professor says its the a High pitch of Hitler s voice that got him where he is. He s got a fast pitch through the Middle that s pretty Good too

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