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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tue Nhar january 3, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page five uses dog bark for boiler fuel Milwaukee filling station operator wins biggest i jars contest Chicago. Jan.3.�?up a an incredible Story about fishing famed for its tall tales and Barking Dogfish gave Gilbert Boettcher 27-year-old Milwaukee filling station attendant the title today of worlds Champion liar for 1938, As gauged by the Burlington wis liars club. Boettcher s master lie was adjudged the Best of the thousands submitted during the past year to the club which claims hundreds of admitted liars from Maine to California and in 13 foreign countries. The new King of Pretari actors was selected last night at the clubs tenth annual meeting and he came from Milwaukee to read his championship winning Fie in a nationwide to. B. A broadcast. It was a i was working on a fishing boat out of new Orleans. We came in Early one Day. And had had such Good Luck that we decided to go out again. We got our second Load of fish and As we started Back we ran out of Coal. Thinking quickly As usual i told the Crew to get some dog fish in a spare tank. When we had a thankful i had one Man tickle the dog fish until they barked. Then i had a couple of men throw Tho bark into the boiler. So we All got Back to Shore Safe and sound a How paintings Are born capital shorts knt Arpris Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh Jan. . Tom Brown of Peru mans and Ben m. Brewer of Harnett May have a third Man to contend with in their races for sergeant at arms of the House. L. N. Land of Nash temporarily living in Wake and working with the Abc Board is quietly expressing the Hope that he May be Able to ease in Between the two leading candidates. Or. Land a former county official in Nash Doeann to claim definite commitment from a single representative but he does claim Friendship of representatives Fenner and Abernathy of Nash and the Good graces of congressman Cooley and other political leaders. Or. Fenner has his hands full with his speaker ship Campaign and or. Abernathy is putting his 200 Pound shoulder to that same wheel. Brewer was sergeant at arms of the 1935 House and Brown held that position in 1937. With this experience and acquaintance and with much letter writing telephoning and motoring since last August one or the other of them is mighty Apt to win. Or. Land la an Optimist. He has seen lightning do some funny stunts and a Hope it will strike right for him. The thing that makes this speaker ship Rara so Tough to dope la the fact that is absolutely no Issue except the personalities of the three rivals. Vie Bryant Libby Waid and Bill Fenner belong to the Sam political school of thought. It int a question of administration against Antis or of sales tax against anti or even of wet against dry. It cornus Down to the simple question posed to each and a Ery member of the House which of the three do i like Best it a quite Likely the answer will not be definitely known until the ballots and they re secret ones have been East and counted tuesday night at the caucus. James Montgomery Flagg noted artist announces he will create and present to the a fight infantile paralysis Campaign an inspirational painting. Keith Morgan left chairman of the committee for the Celebration of the presidents birthday and or. Flagg right Are shown at National Campaign Headquarters discussing the painting which is now1 in the course of production. During the world War or. Flagg created Many of the Liberty loan Bond posters and recruiting posters which became famous throughout the world. His infantile paralysis Campaign painting Wilt be reproduced and widely distributed during the drive for funds. Mckenney on Bridge Queen Over Jack theory warns expert against dangerous finesse i William e. Mcken not Secretary american contract Bridge league someone has aptly remarked that the first thing to know about a finesse is How to make it. The second and More important How to avoid taking one. A flies a k j 6 4 va9532 a 4 965 a12 v kqj86 10 9 a to 2 duplicate both Vul. South West North cast in 2 a 2 v pass 4 v pass pass pass opener a a. Now two rounds up Trumps followed then South a Tost Diamond was ruffed. A Low club was led from Dummy which West was allowed to win with the Jack. He had no Spades left a Diamond would give he Felt quite sure a Ruff and discard and the contract to South so he led the club King. South won with the Ace and returned a club which East won. He must now Lead either a club o a Diamond giving the Declarer a Slough and Ruff or play a Spade up to Dummy a King Jack. In either Case the contract is fulfilled. Woodchucks make very interesting pets and Are easily cared for. Be. Is an even Chance theoretically hut so strongly do some players feel shout the a Queen behind the Jack a theory that they will make any play rather than that particular finesse which mentally. They Mark As a sure loser. When the Dummy was spread apparently the contract depended on finding the Spade Queen w Ith West. South however believed the Quot Queen Over Jack theory and his belief was confirmed when West shifted to the Spade three he played Low from Dummy and easts nine forced the Ace. Contract problem solution in next Issue South is playing an almost impossible contract at six Spades. It can be made but How 97 v 96 4 ak2 q to 5 4 2 86 5 4 v k q j 8 7 a 86 is a k q j to 3 v a32 754 a duplicate both Vul. Opener a q. I an average automobile tire represents the total amount of Latex taken from two rubber Trees for a whole year. The present Clydesdale per Cheron and Shire Breed of horses Are descended from the old flemish heavy horse. Y never believed 9 cigarette could taste so mild and gentle. But after All Dominos Are blended from Fine turkish and Domestic tobacco and firmly rolled in real Champagne cigarette paper vacuum cleaned to remove dust and tobacco particles and they Cost Only ten cents for Twenty. So help me in a swinging to Domino its the hit of the Day. So help me in i Don t love you a serial Story skis the limit copyright 193� Nea service. Inc by Adelaide Humphries i a part pea a a in May Wear wicca in in Quot til y pc Mem r s a i Bijah a a May i Arr e a to Yth a close by. A so la a pm if i fool Ion Yon. Pm two a m copyright rq8, of must y k4usu Carpi Traynh. Lint by for Mosston. Cast of characters Sally Blair a heroine. She Lim everything that popularity could win her except let Reynolds a hero. Ile might have had Sally hut while he was King on skis Cor by Porter was King of the social whirl. So. But go on with the Story. Yesterday Sally accepted Reyes ring in a moment of impulsiveness thinking she will never hear from Dan a agin. Chapter xxi the first thing that Sally did in the process of trying to forget the Sally that Dan had not wanted was to destroy the letter that she had kept locked so Long in her jewel Case. She told herself that Dan was a Coward since he had run away. She told herself that the tables had turned that she the old Sally Blair again did not believe in Dan Reynolds. She would forget that she Ever had believed in him she would forget she had Ever known him. She had no use for his letter now she would never read it Over again. She did not even read it when she took it out of its hiding place. She Tore it into tiny fragments deliberately cruelly with that dangerous brightness in her dark eyes. A brightness that was not satisfied even then. She carried the fragments to the fire burning in the grate in her Lovely bedroom she tossed the pieces into the Dames. She watched them crumple around the edges shrink up into a pitiful Small Heap of Gray ashes. Like my heart Sally thought watching them and leaned Down swiftly to gather them into the Palm of her hand to let a tear fall on them. The last tear she resolved fiercely that she Ever would shed Over Dan Reynolds. If Only she could have turned her love to ashes As simply As this tossing it Back into the flames again ii she wore Corey s big Diamond on the third Finger of her left hand now she wag supposed to be engaged to him. Corey had made up her mind for her. Sally dancing until Dawn partying laughing playing the part of the Gay Glamour girl once More did not have any mind to make up. Nor any heart. Only a Dull emptiness taking the place of the old ache where her heart once had been. A i Hope you wont Rush into this marriage a her father said he was troubled about his daughter. Lie was not at All sure she was Happy these Days. She was too feverishly Gay too restless too eager. Her dark eyes were much too Bright to suit him. He had hoped that if Sally must make a Choice of one of the numerous Young men who always had clustered around her like bees baiting Over a Flower that it would be someone like Young Reynolds but he must have been mistaken in thinking that Sally had been taken with the lad. She would not have forgotten him so soon when be went away so unexpectedly. Sam Blair had been sorry shout that. But he had been convinced that the lad had had Good reason that in time he would return to offer it he was not As convinced now that Sally although she wore Corey porters ring on her slender Finger was in love with him. A a in a not in any hurry to lose my Little or. Blair said. Especially not in any hurry to Lese her to Young Porter he might have added. But he had nothing in particular against the boy except that he wag a bit wild had had too much of the Good things of this world. If Sally was sure he was the right Man for her Ber father would have to be satisfied too. He did not see As much of Sally As he had for awhile so that he did not find it easy to talk these matters Over with her. Quot of not in any Sally returned stopping to Lay a Light Caress on her father forehead. That was not exactly True she was in a hurry now. Outside Corey s Horn already was honking impatiently for her to join him. Sally wanted to be in a hurry. Then there a not time to think or to remember. A a in a not Rushing into anything. ass she wanted to Ruh. To run to dance to live on the Edge of excitement and thrills surely that was the Hesi Way to forget what might have been. Not to think of what was going to be the Only Way has knew to try to fill that aching emptiness. Of. She was doing a very Good Job As she had promised herself she would of being the old Sally Blair again. But not quite Good enough to satisfy her father s keen Loving eyes. A Tell me on he said before he relinquished her after that Light Caress. A do you love Corey my dear Are you ame lie is the one you want i rather hoped it might be someone else at one time he did not need to name Dan Reynolds. Sally would know whom her father meant. A there is no one else a Sally said. And flinched because it was so True. If Only there had been if Only that someone had wanted her then she would have been sure of very sure indeed. A Don t fret about me Darling a she dimpled at her father in the old Way to reassure him. She laughed almost too gaily she blew him another kiss before she ran out of the room Down the Long flight of stops into a White world covered with a thick Blanket it Snow the firs of the season. Corey jumped out of his roadster to open the door for her. He Blue eyes surveyed her with admiration and approval. Approval that held the Pride of Possession. So was so pretty Hie Bally to Sweet so Gay. Her dark eyes were so Bright her Cheeks so flushed. She looked like a Princess in her Beautiful fur coat with its Matching fur Cap under which her dark curls escaped to Frame her Lovely face. She had been Worth fighting for Worth waiting for Worth winning. And Corey had won As he had known he would. A i have a Surprise for you a he told her As they whirled along the White Road at the fast reckless Speed that carried them through All the hours they spent together. A a in a going to get a party together All the old gang and go up to Lake Placid for the skiing. Soon after Christmas. The Snow should he just right by then. We should have a very Gay time of it. What do you say would you like that my Sweet a a he threw a Brief Side glance at her wanting to see How she would like his Surprise. But her face was averted. He Only could see the Sweet curve of her Cheek the sweep of her Long lashes. She did not answer for a moment so that he thought she might not have heard him and said again a you would like it you Sally a her answer came promptly this time. A of course like it very much Corey a Sally said. She was glad they were travelling at such fast Speed. She was glad that Corey could not look into her a Yea. That he thought she had not heard him above the Roar of the motor. For then he would not be Able to hear her hearts painful hammering. He could not see the pain in her dark eyes depth. At first which was a by sue had not answered right away. Sally had wanted to cry out no. No she had wanted to say i done to want to go anywhere where there is skiing. I done to want to limb to the top of any Mountain. For All of that would remind her too vividly too poignantly of Dan. Dan who had been the King of skiis. Dan who belonged in that White world of the big outdoors but Sally said a of course. Cd like it very much she did not cry out in protest. What if it did bring Back this stifling nostalgia Start her heart hammering again it might remind her of Dan. Or it might prove that she had forgotten him. It might convince her that the things she told herself were True that she no longer cared for Dan. That she no longer believed in him. She had to be convinced of that some time. Or she could not go on pretending. She might As Well take this Way of facing it. Dan had left her world. She could go Back to his. Perhaps then she could put him out of her heart forever fill that emptiness. To be continued on an average a very worker in England loses 28 Days annually through illness. Uncle Ray Olden Carthage and modern Tunisia s daring voyage a few weeks ago certain ital Homes for themselves. Here and flashes of lit s. Insert ians in Rome gave the world a new a War they shouted a Tunisia a and the shout meant a Italy ought to take Tunisia away from France a starting today let us look at Tunisia and see what its history has been. There Are interesting things about the Colony and it has a Story going Back More than 2,700 years. A water Carrier in a Tunis Street. Tunisia is in nothern Africa across the sea from Italy. Between Tunisia and the toe of the italian a a Boot is the Island of Sicily which belongs to Italy. Tunisia has been a part of the French Empire for More than half a Century. It has an area of 48,000 Square Miles which Means it is almost the size of England not counting Scotland or Wales. It is the Home of about 2.200,-000 people of whom nearly one fourth live in tents. About the year we Call 850 b c., a band of phoenicians settled in this part of Northern Africa Aud started the City of. Carthage. The new City became a Center of Trade and by the time it was six centuries old it had a population of 700,000. It held Power Over a Large Region in Northern Africa also Over half of Spain the is lands of Sardinia Ana most of Sicily. Merchants of Carthage sailed far and wide. We Are told they visited the coast of Britain and even sailed northward to the Baltic sea the most famous of their travellers was a sea Captain named Hanno. About 2.400 years ago. He made a trip along the Western coast of Africa and met with More than on adventure. As the Admiral of a Fleet. Hanno led the Way through the pillars of Hercules at one end or the Strait of Gibraltar and turned southward. For Days and weeks and months the carthaginians Sai i de and rowed a some of those on the vessels were colonists looking for place where they could build there a Stop was made. We Are told that people were left at six places but do not have an account of what happened to their settlements. In one place the vessels wont up a River and entered a Large Lake. A at the end of the Lake a says the old record a were High mountains and in the mountains lived Savage men dressed in the skins of animals. They kept us from Landing by throwing stones at a few years later the explorers reached a Point near the Equator. Going ashore they saw Savage people whose bodies were the a Savage people probably were gorillas. Three of them were killed and their skins were taken aboard the vessels. Thai was the end of the southward trip. Hanno and his men turned about and sailed safely Back to Carthage. For history Oor travel Section of your scrapbook a leaflet called famous music masters May be had by sending a 3c stamped return envelope to me in care of this paper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow the end of Carthage wealthy Hass. Physician Dies in pauper s Hospital new Youk. Jan. 3.�? pm w by a wealthy Massachusetts physician slowly dying of a head cancer chose to hide his identity and meet death As a pauper patient on welfare Island puzzled police today. A four year investigation into the disappearance of or. Eben True Aldrich 85. Prominent new England mental specialist ended Harter room Mayfield or. Parker veterinarian this classified add pc. W. Has brought me s i taters on his amount. Now who grease for me Quot it s just his method of Aidini collections. Last month he it i pealed in an and for Corn to Felt a pig a debtor had sent him. Early Start Shanghai a vanity begin Early for the chinese Rirl. Three a its after birth chinese baby is Given a St Cia i ceremonial Bath. Of tin child is a girl its Cheeks an also Ladderud and its lit Rouge. Dark new year Phoenix Ariz. A the Cit ii of Temple and Chandler open the new year in darkness b cause of p Celebration in Pho Nix an enthusiastic celebrant hot fired a gun into the air to i come the Advent of 1939. Of Bullet severed the 40,000 to Power line feeding Temple Ai Chandler. All automatic Ami Ras Alif. A i Clara Chambers leaving on new years Holiday trip put a prolix in an electric fuse hoi and shut All the windows her Home. She returned two Days it to find the Penny had caused a Short circuit which set fire to Oiw room and destroyed its furnishings. Bulk the closed w window i had Cut off replacement burned oxygen extinguishing Hie fire and preventing its spread. Rarity a a ,. Do Quoin. 111. A the phys yesterday at the grave of a James Tan appeared slightly puzzled of h Arri fan in the City cemetery j or he examined or. Adelia on Hart s Island j Layman. Detective John Levoll said j but he diagnosed the Mala photographs taken of a Charr Lgan j she was suffering As mumps unusual in a person of her age. Mrs. Layman is 93. As a penniless Hospital patient established beyond question that he was or. Aldrich who left a $65,000 estate. The smithsonian institution annually receives approximately $j,-044,692 from the government and $ 14cl000 from private endow cabbages have head Corn i ears celery has a heart Grap it have skins potatoes have Eye and squashes have necks. According to estimates the Are 150.000 pharmacists Loti United states. You have a cold. Statement of the condition of Mclovia Bank and Trust compan y Asheville High Point North Carolina Winston Salem Raleigh Salisbury at close of business december 31, 1938 resources Cash and due from Banks u. S. Government securities direct and guaranteed state of North Carolina county municipal and other Public Bonds and notes Loans and investments banking houses and real estate net other assets. A a. Customers liability on letters of credit and acceptances liabilities capita Stock preferred common surplus Reserve for retirement preferred Stock undivided profits Reserve for interest Etc acceptances and letters of credit deposits. $26,149,196.73 27,611,916.81 4,232,769.18 27,232,913.09 3,129,112.07 238,958.68 # 27,619.50 $88,622,486.08 $ 1,400,000.00 2.500.000.00 1.750.000.00 230,000.00 374,746.63 203,226.08 27,619.50 82,136,893.87 $88,622,486.08 member Federal Deposit insurance corporation member Federal Reserve system

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