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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1939, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday january 3, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Shkel and Star of the Rodeo championship r great Riping a sure is but k Carl but it i beat nerve a1 ust be plenty tension by a Tough on it. Easing off the nerves Jit when i can his nerves must be under terrific a i tension j smoke 6 packs of camels and find out Why they Are the largest Selling cigarette in America commission ordered Many Power slashes editor s note a when you ride by bus or train or Light your House or Cook with electricity you use the facilities of agencies supervised by the state utilities commission. Past accomplishments and suggestions for future improvements in these services Are outlined Here in the following year end Story a by Stanley Winborne North Carolina utilities commissioner written for the associated press Raleigh Jan. 3.�? up a the year 1938 has been one of Ever increasing activity along All lines of the Utility commissions work. As has been the Case for several years past the growth of All the utilities Over which the commission has jurisdiction has been so pronounced that the business of the commission has attained new and larger proportions. Reductions have been ordered in the rates charged by numerous utilities service has been improved and extended into new territory and the foundation Laid for continued Progress in 1939. Dlr ctr try on the first Day of january 1938, the commission again began reductions in electric rates and has continued these reductions throughout the year. Every major electric Power company in the state has reduced its rates during 1938. The Durham Public service company has made two reductions. The most outstanding reductions were those of the Duke Power company which gave an annual reduction of >838.000 in March and that of the Carolina Power and Light company in the headache condition do sluggish Bowel it you think a laxative Art alike. Just try thai cranium Ady marries c Rackers retires look and learn by a. C. Gordon some of the following statements Are True. Some Are false. Which Are which 1. Nazir is a mathematical term. 2. Hate Smith is known As a the last of Hie red hot 3. Douglas Fairbanks is widely known by the Homburg hat he wears. 4. Japan and China Are not officially at War. 5. Hitler is a vegetarian. Gathering of War Clouds on other continents directs attention army a new Vultee v-i2 attack plane soaring peacefully Over Downey cal., in tests. Ship carries bomb Load of 3,000 pounds six machine guns and Crew of three. Ill my i mild. A a by 11 a at Ltd thorough in frilling. Invigorating. Or Riat it a rid 17 from a irk Hod Rhca. Bilious a us. Tired feeling whee Maocia de with co of i Pati on. Without ,a?.s�?~js?. Of nog delighted Muni the Bot it a we refund the Purchase Fries. Thu i far. It or tablets today. Jss3�> a Quick Relief amount of 1716.000, which was announced last week. The remarkable thing about these reductions is that in each instance they have followed reductions of considerable size. Which have been made from year year since 1932. The aggregate amount of All the reductions in electric rates which have Heen made for the year 1938 in $1,803,-700, based on the actual consumption of electricity and the rates charged therefor in 1937. The new rates of the Carolina Power and Light company which have just Bee i procured Are i among the lowest in the nation and were not regarded As possible a few years ago. With the present Low electric rates prevailing in most parts of the state the main deterrent the free use of electricity is the financial inability of the people Purchase the appliances use electricity. Just As the Cost of an automobile is the determining Factor in the purchasing of a car rather than the Cost of the gasoline. So is the Cost of appliances and not the Cost of electricity the main limitation on the use. Thousands of Homes in North Carolina Are without the conveniences afforded by electricity simply because of Lack of Money buy appliances. The present Cost of electric current is negligible compared with the Cost of major appliances. It is in the appliance Field therefore that the Federal government has the greatest Opportunity expand the use of electricity Lessen Drudgery and provide the conveniences which electricity brings. The building or plants and transmission lines in new or inadequately served territory is All right but it would be far More sensible assist the people in purchasing appliances use the electricity now St their doors than it is contribute millions of dollars in Grants for the construction of new generating plants in sections where already there a a surplus of electricity sufficient Supply increasing demands for years come. Telethon us in the fall of 1937 there was a decided downward trend in Telephone income which continued for about six months in 1938. The last half of this year however has shown a decided upturn in Telephone business and at the close of the year there Are More telephones in use in North a Arolina than at any other time in the history of the state. There have Heen reductions Here and there in Telephone rates but the outstanding thing in connection with Telephone is the improvement in service. Of the 24 8 Telephone exchanges in nor h Carolina. 109 of them Are automatic dial exchanges Aud in h great Many cases these automatic exchanges have replaced Magneto and common Battery exchanges and have provided 2 4 hour service in Small towns which heretofore had limited service. Many Miles it Rural lines have been constructed and the commission is planning for greater development in Rural telephones in the future. Motor transportation the growth of motor vehicle transportation has exceeded our most Liberal expectation. In th1 year 1937. 3.390.000 passengers were carried by the various bus lines Between Points in North Carolina and while we have not the exact figures for 1938, we know that there were More passengers than in 1937. Of i remarkable and Gratifying that not a single passenger was fatally injured dining the year. The growth of the bus Busi Ness has been so rapid that it has outstripped its station facilities and the commission is endeavouring As rapidly As possible improve the bus terminals throughout the state. During the year 1938 24 new bus stations have been completed four others have been remodeler and six More authorized. The commission is planning new stations in Many other towns hut it must be realized that everything desirable cannot be accomplished immediately due the fact that the building of bus station necessitates Tho outlay of Large amounts of Money. During 4938 franchises were granted connecting Many new j Points in North Carolina and making it possible for people travel by bus from the mountains the sea without change. Bus equipment deteriorates rapidly and the companies Are constantly required replace worn out or obsolete equipment. This replacement Call not be accomplished at once due the Cost. Hut much Progress has been made in providing first class up Date busses Aud orders have been Given for the Purchase of Many More. Which will soon he in use. Prior 1938, the commission How can i by Anne Ashley q. How can i clean White kid gloves a. Clean witha solution of 15 drops of ammonia and a half pint of spirits of turpentine. Mix. Put Hie gloves on and apply the mixture with a Brush repeating until clean. Then hang in the air dry. A How can i treat tired eyes a. Mix a solution of Salt water. As hot As can be borne. Wring a clean cloth in this solution and place Over the eyes. Repeat As often As the cloth becomes Cool. Q. What is a Good menu for a Waffle supper a country sausage Fried apples waffles and Coffee. Maple syrup and butter should he served with Hie waffles. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee q when a woman is travelling alone and is leaving a hotel How should she manage about her lug gae a. Have the Luggage All packed and ready. Then go Down the cashier s desk pay your Bill Aud have a Bellboy sent upstairs for your Luggage. Q. Is it Ever permissible for one Clear the dinner table by Tak lug two or three dishes at a time a. Be when a hostess ii serving without a maid q. Is it necessary that a Chaperon be a married woman a. No any woman of mature years May serve in this capacity. Superior court judge wed in ceremony performed last night dirham Jan 3�? up a Superior court judge Henry Grady and mrs. Graces outlaw of new Bein were married in a quiet ceremony at the presbyterian manse Here last night. The knot was tied by the Rev. George Ai. Martins formerly the bridegroom s pastor at Clinton. After the ceremony the couple left on a wedding trip Florida and Cuba. On their return february i they will reside at Pine Crest on the Neuse three Miles below new Bern. Judge Grady on the Superior court Bench for the past 16 year retired yesterday and henceforth will serve As an emergency judge. Judge Grady was once grand dragon of the modernized Kun flux Rian in North Carolina. Own Calvin Mclaws Charlotte. N. Jan 3. Owen Calvin of Minneapolis. National commander of the disabled american War veterans. Will deliver january 2 a gathering of d. A v. And vet Era be. An address a St a Fern pm tiers of other world 1. Wiat is a Young whale cled 2. What is rho famous quotation of capt Lawrence uttered w h a lying at the Point of death on tic la s. Frigate Chesapeake i 8 i 3 ? 3. How Many pieces Are used if the game of checkers 4. Which country uses Mon silk than any other in tile world 5. Did Daniel Webster compile websters dictionary answers 1. A calf. 2. A Don give up the 3. Twenty four. 4. United state. 5. No it was Noah Webster. Hhd of Clines Bio of c. I. 0. For joint work Charlotte Jan. 3. A c. I. O. Overture for a joint legislative lobby at the 1939 general Assembly was frowned upon today by a a. Fink of Spence president of the state federation of labor. Fink in a statement termed the proposal made by be. L. Sand fut of. Winston Salem Carolinas Cio director Quot impracticable impost Hie and Sandefur Iii his proposal asserted that although it might not lie possible achieve Unity. It might he possible Aud desirable have Harmony Between the labor groups during the session. He advocated that the Cio and state federation establish a joint legislative Council Advance and protect the interests of labor Din ing the term of the legislature. Fink in his reply said that the state federation Quot would not cooperate with the Cio in legislative matters or in any other Way for it is impossible co operate with a dual organization which is trying destroy one s own . Bit. I kit by Dio m ingate n. Cd Jan. 3 a i the Rev. W. H. Perry 75, retired methodist minister who served pastorate in both Carolinas died Here yesterday. He left a request that no Flower he sent for Hie funeral today suggesting that the Money he used instead help the poor. Lessons English by w l. Gordon words often misused do not say a what did you do that for Quot say a Why did you do that a often mispronounced Wilkes Barre i a. Pronounce w inks bar i i a it in will. A As in at i As in it. Accent first syllable. Often misspelled flee run away i. Flea insect. Synonyms temerity rashness impetuosity i cautiousness. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day today word igneous resulting from the action of heat within the Earth. Pronounce the in As in big accent fillip syllable. A a Rock has an igneous origin where it has been discharged from a the Man on the Quot bronc Quot is arizonans car Dossy w inner of two bareback championships in California and a High Point Cowboy title at the big Utah show. Here is Carl at new York s Madison Square Garden in a thrilling stunt depending of split second timing perfect nerve control. Is it a Strain Carl says one hour around the ring puts More Strain on the nerves than a whole Day of punching cows. My nerves would be plenty tense jittery if i did rest pm every Chance i get. My Way is let up a Light up a Camel. Camels Are mighty look the dog for a valuable hint on nerve Strain the English Springer Spaniel above is speedy agile the has a highly developed nervous system. In fact its remarkably similar our own. Complex sensitive. But unlike so Many humans this dog does abuse his nerves. Nor does any dog. When a dog feels tired he rests instinctively we humans often let our will Power whip us on deaf the warning that nerves Are getting frayed. Yet How much More pleasant profitable life can be when nerves Are rested now and then. Try the up Light up a Camel you la Welcome camels mildness Rich Ripe flavor. Smokers find camels costlier tobaccos soothing the nerves. You can Tell by Carl dose Cyl a big smile that while he a resting his nerves a letting up and lighting up a Camel a he s also enjoying the mildness and Rich flavor of a supremely enjoyable cigarette a finer More expensive tobaccos Carl says Quot camels Lead with store manager of w. A. Knox a life is different from Dos sey of nerve Strain in it. Quot in Mon the jump All Day a he says Quot but it s my Ruie break nerve recesses letting up and lighting a add in Cantor America s great comic personality. Each monday evening on the Columbia network. 7 30 pro . T., 9 30 pm c s A pm m s t., 7 30 pm Benny Goodman King of swing and the world greatest awing band each tuesday evening Columbia network. 9 30 pm . 30 pm c s t., 7 pm m so 6 30 pm . Record holding woman Parachute jumper Marie Mcmillin right knows the nerve Strain of stepping into thin air�?4 Milts up she says Quot i protect my nerves from tension by go ing them frequent rests a i let up Light up costlier tobaccos had no Field Force assist it in enforcing the motor vehicle Law bul during this year we have had three inspectors who Are continuously in the Field inspecting equipment and service of both busses and trucks and their efforts have greatly improved the service and have enabled the commission keep in closer touch with the motor operations in every Section in North Carolina these inspectors have been Well Worth their pay and aside from improvement in the service they i have Bei n Able gather into tile tax coffers of the slate thousands of dollars from operators who have heretofore evaded Lite pigment of taxes most of whom came from other St a Tea. It los one of the greatest pro lilt til s confronting the commission today is that of the railroads. The financial plight of the railroads which for years has been nation wide Lins made rate fixing difficult not Only in North a Arolina. Hut in All the statin North Carolina and the bout it where the rates Are on a higher level than Jill official territory the problem is More acute on several occasions during the Var this commission has appeared before the interstate Commerce commission and resisted rate increases which it considered detrimental interests of North Carolina. Tho intrastate class rates of North Carolina which were established by this commission in aug list 1937. And which were increased by the general increases granted by the interstate Commerce commission. Are being contested by the railroads mild this Case is set for hearing by the interstate Commerce commission on january 30, 1939. This commission at this hearing will strenuously resist any increases in these rates believing that any increases in these rates would he detrimental the people of North Carolina and the roads themselves. It is the opinion of this commission that if the railroads Are he put on their feet it must be accomplished not by rate increases but by some other methods not now in sight and the Best thought of transportation experts and regulatory bodies should be Given developing a method. The commission makes no prophecy As what will be accomplished in 1939, hut it Promise make every Effort la serve the people. Penney s great White event is really under Way with a store crammed full of surprising values at new Low a can last prices Here Are just a few priced for tremendous savings Terry towels dependable Quality Bill Fluffy towels you usually find at a much higher Price. In colourful plaids smart Borders Aud new solid colors complement any color scheme. Convenient size. 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