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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina tuesday january 3, 1939diversion opponents gird for terrific Battle in legislature Battle looms As one of the session s Best a difficulties of anti diversion St have been More than doubled in Hunky Wiki la Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel 1 Kaleigh. Jan j from the welter of conversation and gossip concerning the legislative session opening tomorrow at noon. There emerges the certainly that opponents of the diversion of Highway funds Arr girding themselves for one 01 the hardest fights of the Assembly. Antti cuties of the anti Diversi lists have been More than doubled by two important factors first governor Clyde r. Hoey Bataan one of the strongest stands he Ever took on any controversial Issue and this stand is squarely against the amendment wanted by the a not diversion lists and second the legislators Are going to be so hard pressed to find Money to meet requests for increased believe it or not by Robt. Ripley a fit it or a ii i Bilue Jean Yarbrough age 8 Stan son he Chin sits of her head and executes a perfect Jap split Allathe same time. Byers Texas 7h&ajtma. J Aday. They roared through the hawn with Heath on their wings. And the Ixia igniter of youth on their lips Errol Flynn a in a Dawn patrol tymm Korb fighting Femme chasing Ano pro riots eff than were Ever before packed into one Pich re Victor Mclaglen Brian Donlevy in Battle of Broadway a Molina t never to be forgot in Sareen Wmk i la Claudette Colbert >re1>kic March a the sign of the Cross Quot Rialto Constance Bennett Brian Alternet in a merrily we live a modest Lily was born in devils half acre h j or. G. I Humphreys addresses Asheboro spending that its going very very hard to keep their off that a easiest Way a a jut. A. Quot m a Tvrz rotarians and rotary Anns at banquet election Board report Given exceptionally Good reception weather in no a l weather noon today. 58 Low last night. 34 High yesterday. 6 4 North an South Carolina a fair and warmer tonight wednesday partly Cloudy and mild. Winds Hatteras to Jacksonville a moderate wind mostly Southwest cry and fair weather tonight and wednesday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras a fresh East shifting to South or Southwest winds Over North portion and moderate to fresh South or Southwest Over South portion and overcast weather tonight and wednesday with intermittent Light rain Over North portion wednesday. Charlotte. Jan. 3 a i a official weather Bureau records of tha temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Inin the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h. L r fall Asheville. To 28 of Atlanta. 02 30 of Augusta. 06 38 of Birmingham. 06 48 of Charleston. 66 40 of Charlotte. 66 38 of Chicago. 38 34 of Columbia. 68 44 of Denver. 80 38 of Detroit. 32 20 of Evansville. Is 44 of Galveston. 62 58 of Greensboro. 84 26 of Hatteras. 80 48 of Jacksonville. 70 54 of key West. 78 70 of Little Rock. 66 48 of los Angelet. 58 48 .00 Memphis. 62 52 of Meridian. 70 44 of Miami. 78 88 of mils St. A. 24 20 of Mobile. 88 52 of it. Mitchell. 42 30 of new Orleans. 74 58 of new York. 52 34 of Raleigh. 66 40 of san Antonio. 66 60 of san Francisco. 56 50 of Spartanburg. 64 34 of Tampa. 74 60 of Washington. 82 38 of Wilmington. 86 44 of american writer gets Nobel prize t. A. W. I a f a. Int i Given purpose. Doubly deter in he with these difficulties in mind the group opposing diversion is doubly determined to wage such an intensive offensive for the amendment that diversion minded legislators will be kept so Busy defending the technical right to divert. That they won t have a Chance to get around to actual diverting. The Campaign against diversion has been going on for months and months and no Chance special to the Enterprise Asheboro. Jan. 3. Or. Ii. I. Humphreys president of High Point College in speaking at the annual banquet of rotarians a which rotary Anns Are special guests. Friday evening at the Striction and maintenance of highways. That the Campaign has been largely successful is indicated by has been i the a conversion of commission lost to drive it Home in the minds j or of Revenue a. J Maxwell Long of the general Public that it is the strategist for diversion St wrong both in principle and Pray prospects Are that the anti i tire to take special funds raised version amendment will have very by automotive taxes and divert Tough sledding but that the legis them to any purpose except con lature will author the no diversion. Palace theatre Salem stiffer re Lar Otto a amp a Thomas tit coming tomorrow 4 or. Wong detective with Boris Karloff a also serial and comedy last times Tod by a room services with Marx Bros. Admission i or o or except adults Ioc it orzo saturday children Ioc All new adventures with americas most beloved hardys Tju Al out West with Andy everybody inn an i tin rest of Iii Folk you Boc it ii111 -1<� 11 lug fun. Its Root in looting thrills it s Youthful Romance. In a new Hardy picture you la Call Quot the grandest it it methodist protestant Church told in a colourful and descriptive manner of his trip last year to Scotland and Sweden. L. R. Ross introduced the speaker and Arthur Ross jr., presided Over the meeting. Highlights of or. Humphreys address were descriptions of the Trossachs Midway Between the Highlands and lowlands of Scotland. Sterling cantle with its quaint history the Castle built by the Earl of Linlithgow on a Rock in the Firth the ship the English warships could not sink and Edinburgh with the most Beautiful Street in the world flanked on one Side by modern shops and on the other by Castle gardens. He also gave a i description of Edinburgh Castle with its authentic history dating Back to the year 1,000 with foundation stones Laid in the fifth Century a. D. In concluding his address the president of High Point College heartily endorsed the nation s president in his pre a j pared Esh for military defences. I music by miss Ethel Johnson i and mrs. Murray Field of High i j Point was an important feature i of Tho evening mrs. Field a com a i panted by miss Johnson at the i piano Sang a the italian Street song a and the popular a umbrella or. Cothran g. Smith presented j gifts to the rotary Anna which j had been mailed to the local club from rotarians in 20 different countries offering Opportunity for International Friendship by con i tact with men of Goodwill in rotary brotherhood embracing the principal nations of the world. Or. Smith remarked that it was difficult to go to War with a nation in which one has True friends. Telegrams of doubtful authenticity were received during the course of the evening from governor Clyde r. Hoey and president Roosevelt. Another message of the same doubtful nature was received from the Bishop of Southern California covering opportunities of the Duke football team in the Rose bowl game. Dinner was served by mrs. Robert Wood s Circle of the methodist protestant Church. Mrs. Vav. A. A Offin and mrs. Harris coffin entertained thursday evening honouring the employees of coffin and Scarboro s shoe store and the employees of coffin and Scarboro s men shop. The dinner party was held at the Home of w. A. Coffin on Sunset Avenue. In the dining room where covers were Laid for ten persons lighted tapers added a festive note. Guests included j. M. Scar Boro Ned Owens James Lane h. A. Coffin w. A. Coffin jr., and Marvin Owens or. After dinner the guests returned to the living room for games Aud informal entertainment. Four joyous Days mrs. C. R. Preva t the was Honor guest at a Lovely party Friday evening. Given by miss Inez Trogdon at the Home of her parents Rev. And mrs. Joel b. Trogdon. On Highway 64. During the evening two novel contests were enjoyed with mrs. Bess Ridge and mrs. Prevatte As winners. Mis May b. Hall mrs. J Mccullers mrs. A m. Spoon mrs. I Gordon Hall and mrs. Bess Ridge were winners in Bingo. Mrs. Prevatte Honor guest who i. I has been connected with Jones \ r department store Here for several. Years Aud who will Tavo Tomor a Row for Fayetteville to make her $ starting tomorrow a Ammoune our gang a ill a practical joker Para to ii it pictorial Paramount yews events Relief funds diverted to vote buying continue front Page i employees in Kentucky As a subscriptions intended for candidate Barkley a Campaign the latter involved More than $20,000 which the committee could not Trace. The committee said Charles g. Tachau collected these funds swore that he had lashed Cheeks totalling $5,000 and had Given the Money to the Barkley committee and finally had turned Over a Check for $20,000. Barkley a Campaign manager said they had received $f,000 or $2,000, but flatly denied knowledge of the remainder which Tachau said was left in an envelope with his Secretary for someone from Barkley Headquarters. Because Tachau said his records were destroyed and Barkley managers denied knowledge of it the Senate committee could not untangle tile mystery. The committee accepted affidavits by senator Guffey l a. And governor Earle Defeated democratic candidate for senator that a they had no knowledge of a letter sent out under their names asking political contributions from Federal employees. It also cleared former senator Mcadoo a Calif and Duffy a wis Defeated for second terms complaints of soliciting Campaign funds from Federal employees in violation of a Federal Law. The Tennessee democratic primary came in for censure the committee finding that Federal employees were solicited for contributions poll tax receipts were purchased in bulk by opposing factions and spa labor and funds were used to build and repair a private drives and roadways under circumstances xxx that such use May have been permitted for the purpose of influencing votes and voting in behalf of both numerous charges by former senator Berry a ten Defeated for renomination were found lacking in proof. The committee added it found a Gnu evidence justifying any question As to the right of senator elect a. T. Stewart a Tenno take his seat. Home was Given a miscellaneous Shower. Employees of Tho store presented her with a Lovely gift. The hostess assisted by her Mother served a congealed fruit salad with whipped Cream Aud Coffee. More than a Hundred couples danced to the music of John Ped Alcord t orchestra Friday evening in the Community gymnasium at the second Ball this season sponsored by the Asheboro rotary club. Dancing began at to of clock and the attendance proved to be almost As Large As the first Ball on november 18. Around a Hundred spectators tickets were sold adding to the funds which will be used in treating underprivileged crippled children of the county. J. D. Ross jr., was in charge of both dances and was assisted by the other club members. Mis Mary Elizabeth Bunch and miss Patricia Bunch entertained with a dinner party saturday for a group of Young people of the methodist Church. After dinner tile group was entertained at the Bunch Home until Lime for the watch service at the Church which began at ii o clock. to Correct Absentee ballot abuse is commended Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henry Averill Raleigh Jan. 3. A while governor Clyde r. Hoey and most others who will be concerned with carrying through its recommendations have kept silent regarding the report submitted Friday by the state Board of elections the general Tenor of such comment that has been head is almost unanimously commend tory of chairman will a. Lucas and his associates. Even those who might be expected to oppose Complete repeal of the Absentee ballot Law speak highly of the Energy and Effort put into the report by the state Board. The proposed safeguards against abuse of the Absentee ballot advanced in the boards suggested substitute for the present Law Drew special Praise. These safeguards place responsibility for the Absentee ballot administration squarely upon the county election Board chairmen and Are so manifold and strict As to Lead members of the state Board to feel that they Are Well nigh fraud proof. As listed in a supplementary statement accompanying the Board s report these safeguards i Are i. Duties responsibility of and j limitation on chairmen county hoards of elections 1. He is the sole custodian of Absentee ballots and supplies. 2. Insurance is his non Dele Gable responsibility. 3. He can Issue Only upon w Ritten sworn application filed with him by the voter. 4. He can deliver ballot Only to the voter applying for same. 5. He must enter applications upon his Register As they Art received. 6. He cannot Issue ballots within three Days of election. 7. He is required on third Day before election to Send original applications on which ballots have been issued to state Board of elections As a Check on issuance. 8. He is required three Days before election to Post a list of ballots issued at a conspicuous place at the court House door. 8. He is required to furnish list to precinct registrar to be posted at opening of the Polis. To. Violation by him of any requirement of statute is a Misdemeanour punishable by Ane or imprisonment or both. In the a in ent voter 1. He must make written application sworn to. For Absentee ballot assigning cause for its need. And must deliver application in person or by mail to the chairman of the county Board of elections. 2. He must Mark his ballot in secret and without solicitation from any person and make oath to that effect. 3. He must return the ballot marked to the chairman of the county Board of elections in the Container envelope bearing his affidavit and at least Twenty four hours before opening of the polls. The return of the ballot must he in person or by mail eliminating Middle men. 4. Falsely swearing to any affidavit is a felony and signing any false statement without swearing to same is a Misdemeanour. Iii. Agents and Middle men i no agents no Middle men. In applying for obtaining and returning of ballots. In. Precinct off in a 18 1. Do not Issue any ballots. 2. Must Post list of absent votes issued As furnished by county chairmen at opening of the polls. 3. Must preserve All Container envelopes from which ballots Are removed and file same in the chairman of the county boar of elections. V. Pen Altum 1. Specific penalties Are provided for specific violations. 2. Violations of other provisions for which no punishment is specified Are declared to be a misfit Meanor and punishable As such i. Project ton i. State Board of elections must report any violation of the act coming to its attention to the attorney general and the solicitor of the appropriate District who must prosecute the offender. Even after throwing All these restrictions around the Absentee ballot Law the state Board of elections indicated a fear that there might not be enough safeguards. Its recommendations closed with this significant statement a if these measures Are not sufficient to eliminate the prevalent abuses of the Absentee ballot Law then the state Board of elections would recommend not ouly the abolition of the present Law but that no substitute statute be enacted even at the risk of deprive lug persons physically unable to go to the polls or temporarily absent from the county of their right to As addenda to its recommend Lions the Board filed a comprehensive tabulation of Absentee voting in the 1936 and 1938 elections a history of the Absentee ballot system and analysis of the various types of statutes govern ing absentees and a draft of the new Bill proposed As a substitute for North Carolina s present Absentee Law. Smiling her pleasure american authoress Pearl Buck receives the 1938 Nobel prize for literature from the hands of King crustal of Sweden drop occurs in deaths from the week s holidays final week end of the year not As deadly As i he i Ihram in w Eek in the Afif Orlatt d pre the nations violent death toil Over the new years week end stood at 3 27 today As compared with More than 500 for the Christmas holidays a week ago. At least 200 fatalities resulted from automobile collisions. There were numerous suicides homicides and deaths by drowning asphyxiation Falls and other causes. A score lost their lives in fires and several were killed in plane crashes. The number of deaths from alcoholism was negligible despite record celebrations in Many cities. New York Lead the states with 52 dead of whom 26 died in a suicide wave in new York City. Thirty were dead in California 26 in Illinois and 25 in new Jersey. Deaths in other states Alabama 16, Arizona 4. Arkansas 2. Colorado 7, Connecticut 4, Florida 12, Georgia 5. Idaho i. Indiana 4, Iowa 2. Kansas 4. Kentucky 5. Louisiana 3, Maine 9, Maryland 4. Massachusetts 6. Michigan 8, Minnesota 4, Missouri 6, Montana 2. Nebraska 4, new Mexico 2, Ohio 7, Oklahoma 7, Oregon 2. Pennsylvania la South Carolina 4. South Dakota 2, Tennessee 3. Texas 13, Utah 3, Virginia 2. Washington 6. West Virginia to Wisconsin to. Solons ready for caucus of tonight continued front Page i workers for the three circulated in the lobby of the sir Walter hotel greeting Tho new arrivals while the candidates directed thir campaigns from their respective Headquarters. A a you re talking to a Fenner said John f. White of Chowan. A i think he will Lead on the first ballot and then will go on and win. However of you i talked to a supporter for one of the other candidates he would Tell you the same predictions of a comparatively Short harmonious session were heard from Many of the legislators. Clark said he expected to be Here from 60 to 70 Days and he eed with others that two of j tile chief issues would be a where Are we going to get the Money and changes in the Absentee ballot. Having been concerned with legislation regarding Tho state s hospitals for the insane for Many years Clark added. A a in a going to do All i can to improve the lot of those rep. Ralph Flowers of Catawba also said he favored changes in the Absentee ballot. A was it stand today in mop Pond to it. Urn in favor of amending the he added however that he wanted the changes to he statewide and was a a opposed to Legal legislation on the subject. Or. Will 8. Long of Alamance said he was going to work for legislation to provide compensation for firemen who ate injured or killed when they answer fire Calls outside corporate limits of their towns. Aviator injured fort Lauderdale fla., j Jan. 3. A a Joseph e. Marks 38-year-old commercial Pilot whose plane disrupted communications from the Miami Orange bowl football game yes president to go in person before body continued from Page i controls of the present act for Senate republicans meeting separately before the general Senate session agreed to a cooperate with any group to reduce government expenditures a without doing injury to those in a we did not discuss legislation beyond that a said senator Mcnary a or who was renamed the republicans Leader. Each House received an important committee report when it convened. The Senate Campaign expenditures committee charged that Relief funds in several states had been diverted for political purposes. While making no specific criticism of Harry l. Hopkins former spa administrator it called for legislation to a make impossible further offences of this the Senate must soon pass upon Hopkins nomination to be Secretary of Commerce. The committee investigating in american activities charged in a report to the House that the labor department was responsible for a a Large part of subversive espionage activities and propaganda in the United states. The committee headed by rep. Dies l Tex asked a new appropriation of $150,000. Foreign affairs also came into discussion during the opening Day. Chairman Pittman a Nev of the Senate foreign relations committee forecast a Complete review of legislation affecting our relations with other nations. Otherwise organization formalities were the Only business of the Day As members awaited the presidential message. A. Soon to be free Sacramento. Calif., Jan. 3. A up a Tom Mooney imprisoned nearly 22 years for conviction of the bloody san Francisco preparedness Day bombing May be a free Man saturday through action of californians new governor Colbert d. Olson. The governor inaugurated yesterday As the first democratic state chief executive in 40 years set saturday As the Date for hearing Mooney a petition for a Pardon. Ter Day when it crashed into Telephone wires was in a critical condition today. He suffered a fractured Skull. Cottoned to fight for new farm act Washington. Jya. 3.�? up senator Smith dec served notice today he would seek Complete revision of the administration farm program with emphasis on Cotton and tobacco. The Veteran chairman of Tea Senate agriculture committee whose re election was opposed by some administration officials said he would offer his new farm Bill within a few Days and then Call the Senate agriculture committee together to discuss it. A i am resentful a the South carolinian shouted in telling newsmen about i measure a i am not going out of my Way to show it hut when it gets in my Way a Smith said he would propose a a panty Price of about 15 it cents a pounds for a fixed amount of Cotton production each year Aud then apportion tills among states of a basis of past production. Page Trust dividend Raleigh Jan. 3. Up a checks for $165,904.57 to 8.861 creditors of the defunct Page Trust company went out today Bank commissioner Gurney p. Hood announced. The dividend was the final one for the institution which closed in May. 1933. It had Headquarters at Aberdeen with branches at Albemarle Apex Carthage Hamlet Liberty. Raeford. Raleigh Ramseur Sanford Siler City Thomasville. Troy and Zebulon. Common claimants got 39.3 per cent of their Money $741,488.68, the report said. Preferred claimants got $57,061.0$ in full payment of claims and secured claimants received $672,082.57, or 98.1 per cent of their Money. Upheld the i. C. C. Washington Jan. 3.�? Flat a the supreme court sustained today an interstate Commerce commission order which prohibited seven railroads from furnishing commercial warehousing space to interstate shippers in the port of new York District at less than Cost. The railroads had told the High tribunal that the inc order would a have a most vital and revolutionary effect upon All railroads throughout the United states ii connection with their right to i make leases for reasonable mar Jet rentals a Nan

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