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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and warm today rain Likely through monday 90th year a no. 55 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., sunday morning february 24, 1974 128 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for Independent station operator Simon approves 2-cent Gas Price hike Washington a Federal Energy chief William e. Simon announced saturday that 90 per cent of the nation s gasoline stations May raise prices an extra two cents per gallon March i. The decision was generally approved by representatives of various gasoline dealers associations some of which had threatened a nationwide Gas station shutdown for monday. Federal Energy officials had met All Day with the dealer representatives before announcing the decision which Federal officials said was designed to compensate the dealers for loss of volume and increased costs of doing business. But the Federal Energy office did not Budge in its ruling that stations could not sell Only to regular customers. This Issue alone had prompted some dealers to threaten a shutdown. Simon told a news conference the Price increase applies Only to Independent retail dealers not to stations owned by major Oil companies. Independents own their own stations or lease them from Oil companies and account for 90 per cent of the nation s 235.000 gasoline stations. Major Oil companies own the other to per cent. The two cent increase will be in addition to any monthly increase in costs passed through by the dealers from their suppliers. Federal regulations allow dealers to pass on increased costs once a month and the Federal Energy office said these increases had been averaging two or three cents a gallon Over the past three months. Feo said the National average Price for a gallon of regular gasoline was 35.9 cents on feb. 8 plus taxes that averaged another 12 or 13 cents but prices vary widely from the average. After the decision was announced Robert j. Jacobs executive director of the Indiana and Illinois gasoline dealers associations said the service stations now have no excuse not to cooperate with the Feo. The two cent increase Simon said a a supersedes the one cent increase granted feb. 16 for service station owners with less than 85 per cent allocation of their 1972 Supply. That one cent increase would have been effective March i Many of the dealers had complained that Only about one half of their number would qualify for the one cent increase since about half of them were getting More than 85 per cent of the 1972 Supply of gasoline. They argued that a dealer getting 36 per cent of his 1972 Supply would have gotten no increase. Feo officials said that the now superseded one cent increase would have applied to stations owned by major Oil companies if they were getting less than 85 per cent of their 1972 Supply. The officials said these stations now would get neither the one cent nor the two cent extra increase but could apply to Feo under existing regulations for approval of an increase after 30 Days notice Simon also directed suppliers of retail dealers to put All scheduled March Price increases into effect by March i. Quot we Are directing Oil companies to pass through by March i whatever allowable product Cost increases they would normally Institute during March a he said. A any increase not effective by March i cannot be implemented until april the Energy chief said again that the Federal Energy office supports minimum Purchase requirements that have been instituted by some states As Well As plans that stagger the hours. Long lines for gasoline shatter tar Heel nerves by the associated press despite the critical gasoline shortage gov. Jim Holshouser says he does not favor Coupon rationing until other systems of controlling sales have been Given a Chance to work. However after one week under North Carolinas new voluntary rationing system lines at tar Heel service stations appeared longer and More widespread than Ever. A a people a nerves Are really shattered a said one for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Hedge blockade Charlotte Motorist after waiting in line 2 a hours Only to see the station close before he got to the pumps. A another week of this and people will be lines As Long As a mile coiled around filling stations parking lots and City blocks in a number of North Carolina cities clogging traffic and fraying nerves. In Charlotte As Many As 50 cars were lined up before Dawn saturday at stations rumoured to have gasoline. In High Point one Motorist spent the night at a station to make sure he was first in line Friday. Meanwhile Federal and state officials conferred in Raleigh saturday Over the 13.78 million Gallons which will be sent to relieve North Carolina s shortage. After the meeting Charles Feltus of the Federal Energy office s regional office in Atlanta said the extra fuel would help the state through the end of the month Only four Days away. But Gen. John Tolson Iii chairman of the governors Energy crisis study commission said Quot its going to take a while for it to get state officials said they expected to receive telegrams from Oil companies monday explaining How the fuel will be delivered. The extra gasoline will be sent to the hardest hit areas they said although they did not specify which communities would be affected. On saturday the Federal Energy office admitted that it has no idea what percentage of the february 1972 gasoline Supply was actually allocated to North Carolina. An Feo spokesman said the original figure of 78 percent failed to consider six companies serving the state. No explanation was Given for the error. In some communities municipal services were being affected by the see Long on 9a to. As you pull out on Fairfield Road on ranch drive there is a hedge that blocks the View off on Fairfield. I wonder if something can to be done about this thank you. Mrs. . A. A letter has been mailed to the property owner by the traffic engineering department requesting that the hedge be trimmed there is an ordinance requiring owners of Corner lots to keep shrubbery pruned that might Block the View. Section 18-11 b reads Quot on Corner lots no tree. Hedge Bush shrubbery Vine Fence Wall sign or other similar object which constitutes a Hazard to visibility for motorists using either Street As determined by the City traffic Engineer after an engineering investigation shall be planted or allowed to remain in the area inside a vision Triangle bounded by the Street curb lines or Edge of pavement and a vision clearance setback line. The setback line connects Points on each right of Way line which Are located in a minimum distance of 25 feet Back from the intersection of the two right of Way persons who fail to comply with an order within ten Days Are subject to a penalty of $50 for each Day the violation continues. We re All paying q. We have been Reading and hearing a lot about or. Nixon a lawyers and Are they paid for by taxpayers or by or. Nixon personally or by whom and what is All this Legal expense and Are we As taxpayers having to Bear it a. Yes we Are having to Bear it. Congressman Preyer s office Secretary Here found out from Tom Lambeth Preyer s legislative assistant that expenses Are paid out of the White House office budget. This budget was set up for Legal counsel. So far $250,000 has been paid. It was not stated whether a a so far meant since he took office or since watergate. Lambeth also said nobody seems to know if Nixon would be responsible for his own Bills if he were impeached by the House. Stamps for the Tiger q. I am writing concerning a siberian Tiger for the Asheboro zoo. On Channel 2 television i have heard bits and pieces of an advertisement for some Type of Stamps to help get the Tiger. I do have some Stamps to Send providing i can find out what kind to Send and where to Send them. Mrs. . A. The distributive education class at Ragsdale High school s collecting them a All kinds of trading Stamps. If you can to get them there you can Call or. Harden at the school shop dumber 454-1212, or in the evenings Terry Kelly at 454-3996 it la take thousands of books so every one donated will be appreciated. Big motors q. Why can to the police in High Point drive a car with a smaller motor to save Gas As some cities Are doing this thank you. Anon. A. A department spokesman says they have thought about getting smaller motors for staff and investigating vehicles but uniform personnel need larger motors for faster pick up to apprehend traffic violators when working radar and Vascar. Sound off this is the dog obedience club and i wanted you to print if you could that we Are going to have a new session of classes and think this is an important thing for the City of High Point because i think a lot of people need it As they done to realize their dog is badly behaved. The classes Start on March 6 at the High Point City Lake gym. D c. Anti rationing positions taken by How Ard Angione associated press writer unhappy As they Are about gasoline shortages most of the nation s governors Are not ready to turn to full scale Coupon rationing As the answer. Two governors contacted by the associated press this weekend said they would like to see the Federal government make an immediate announcement sex senator newspaper editor Dies Guerneville Calif. A William f. Knowland editor and publisher of the Oakland Tribune and former . Senator was found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound at his summer Home near Here saturday the Sonoma county sheriffs office said. Knowland was 65. Undersheriff Robert Hayes said Knowland a body was. Found by members of his family just before 2 . At his Home near the Small town of Monte Rio 75 Miles North of san Francisco. He said death apparently had occurred a a few hours a an investigation by the sheriffs department disclosed evidence the victim died of a self inflicted gunshot wound a Hayes said in a statement. A the weapon is in custody of the sheriffs no information was immediately available on the nature of the wound or the weapon used. Knowland reached a Peak of rank and Power As the . Senate a Republican Leader at age 45. He was considered a potential presidential contender. Federal agents count recovered Ransom Money a wire photo setting a Date for the Start of a nationwide Coupon rationing system. But governors in 32 other states opposed any immediate commitment to full scale rationing. A few regarded rationing As strictly a last ditch measure. The rest said they thought More time should be allowed for other measures to be tried. Their degrees of patience tended to be directly related to the amount of gasoline currently available to residents of their states. Goes. Philip Noel of Rhode Island and Jimmy Carter of Georgia opted for Coupon rationing. Quot the Only Way the problem can be resolved in my opinion is to go to a nationwide system of mandatory rationing a Noel said. Quot gasoline distribution is very uneven and once it comes in its not being distributed equitably among the a spokesman for Carter said the governor favors nationwide rationing immediately and believes that plans the Federal government has announced so far have been purposely designed to discredit the idea of rationing in the minds of the people. Abductor named by Atlanta editor in mrs. Williams fatalities by the associated press four North Carolina traffic deaths during the weekend so far included three persons in one wreck in Brunswick county the Highway patrol reported saturday. Inside Reading Cates undoes it. Page 2a gasoline problems Page 2a health insurance. Page id classified. Pages 10-24c editorial. Page 4a women s news. Section b sports Section c television. Page 18b entertainment. Pages 17, 18, Irb obituaries Page 5d Atlanta a. Apr Atlanta Constitution editor Reg Murphy positively identified his Abductor saturday As the husband of a couple arrested in the kidnapping. William August Halm Williams 33. And his 26-year-old wife Betty were being held in the custody of Federal authorities in lieu of $1.5 million Bond after being charged in the kidnapping Murphy. 40, was kidnapped by persons claiming to represent the previously unheard of a a american revolutionary he was lured from his Home wednesday night and released unharmed Friday night Atter a $700,000 Ransom was paid by his newspaper. Three suitcases bulging with Money were recovered but the Fri said it had not yet determined whether they contained the entire $700,000. A there is no doubt Williams is the Man i left Home with a Murphy told reporters. Murphy characterized Williams As a Quot sick Many who did no to really understand the political ideas he spoke of. Quot he is not the sharpest of men but he is very canny in some ways a Murphy added the couple was arrested saturday morning without resistance at their Home in Lilburn about 24 Miles Northeast of Atlanta the arrest came just hours after Murphy was freed. As they entered the Federal courthouse for an arraignment on saturday Williams said to reporters Quot my wife is innocent. The army has been Defeated. It s dead.�?�. Williams was charged with violating the Federal Hobbs act which forbids extorting Money from a company engaged in interstate Commerce. . Magistrate j. Roger Thompson set Bond at $1 million. Mrs. Williams w As charged with knowing about the alleged crime and not reporting it. She was held on $500,000 Bond. The Fri initially released a statement saying the couple had been charged with kidnapping but they explained later that no Federal kidnapping charges had been filed because there was no proof Murphy had been transported across state lines. Thompson set a preliminary hearing in the Case for March 4 officials would not say How Many persons were still being sought Only that Williams allegedly was a aided and abetted by others after his release Murphy said he was led to believe he was abducted by four men and a woman. However he said he was blindfolded during most of the 49-hour ordeal and could identify Only two distinct voices a those of Williams and a see Abductor on 9a about daughter hears family Waits for word Hillsborough Calif apr exhausted by 20 Days of tension the Hearst family waited this weekend to learn whether the terrorists who kidnapped Patricia Hearst will free her in Exchange for another $4 million in food for the poor. Miss Hearst a father newspaper executive Randolph Hearst said Friday his personal financial capabilities could not meet the latest demands from the sym ionese liberation army that he put up the $4 million in addition to the $2 million in food already available. But Charles Gould publisher of the san Francisco examiner said the Hearst corp. Would put up the $4 million if miss Hearst 20, is released unharmed. He said $2 million would be provided immediately upon her release and $2 million More in january 1975. Gould indicated the counteroffer was final saying a no other funds will will be committed by the corporation under any the slams latest communication accused Hearst of lying about his personal Fortune and characterized the $2 million already put up for food As Quot a few Hearst said the initial $2 million included $500,000 of his own Money and $1.5 million from the nonprofit Hearst foundation. The initial food Giveaway dubbed the people in need program began Friday but was marred by mass confusion and some violence. A f o o a throwing Melee erupted in the Oakland distribution Center where 5,000 persons had gathered. Police were called to disperse the throng and sporadic incidents of window breaking and arrests were reported into the evening. The distribution was scheduled to resume tuesday

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