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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and Cool More data on Page 5a 90th year a no. 54 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon february 23,1974 16 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Fri arrests two in Murphy Case fiery crash tangles outer drive a fireman awaits water As one of two autos involved in a crash Burns in the northbound Lane of Lake Shore drive Friday afternoon. Three persons were injured in the mishap which closed All six northbound lanes at Rush hour. A wire photo impending strike promises and less face motorists by Mike Waters associated press writer Washington api More gasoline has been promised for 26 states but for Many motorists attempting to buy fuel this weekend the Only realities Are less More promises and a possible nationwide strike by Independent station owners. Energy chief William e. Simon on Friday night made his second announcement of the week of additional allotments for certain states ordering an additional 326 million Gallons to 26 states and the District of Columbia. But a National spot Check found motorists having a harder time getting in Many areas As dealers exhausted their monthly allocations. In Delaware one of the states to receive an additional allotment gov. Sherman a Tri bbl to announced he would implement a mandatory rationing program after Midnight sunday to keep lines at gasoline stations Down to a reasonable length. More gasoline also is headed for Maryland another state plagued with Long lines at service stations but just How much is not certain. A . District court judge in Baltimore Friday ordered the Federal Energy office to allocate an additional 16 million Gallons of gasoline to the state but the Feo won a stay in the order late Friday night from temporary court of appeals. Simon said that the additional allotments would begin flowing to service stations quickly in some cases immediately and should alleviate Long lines at stations ten per cent increases in the february gasoline supplies were Given to 24 states and the District. Two states were Given 6 per cent increases. These increases Are mandatory Simon said. Oil companies must provide them by drawing from their own gasoline stocks. Simon also said the Energy office would work with ail states to improve reporting systems and allow greater equalization of gasoline supplies in March. Eighteen states were Given up to 5 per cent increases tuesday some of which had received a similar spurt earlier in the month. The announcement was spurred by threats of widespread shutdowns by dealers in Washington Charles Binsted president of the National Congress of Petroleum retailers a an association of Independent station owners a warned that his 70.000 members would shut Down their stations monday unless they got a Friday afternoon meeting with government officials. They got the meeting and after it Binsted said he was a More confident the shutdown could be averted but he still warned that dealers would have to get Price increases and methods for serving regular customers. For other station owners who were pumping their tanks dry or shutting Down Simon said they were a needlessly inconveniencing the american people a for those motorists who had problems getting at the end of january there was still More difficulty going into the final weekend of february. In Illinois the Chicago motor club said 25 per cent of the City stations and 40 per cent of the suburban stations it contacted in a Survey said they were out of whereas at the end of january a Check showed no stations in that situation. The automobile club of Southern California said that in a Survey of 336 stations 45 per cent of those in metropolitan areas planned to close saturday compared with 16 per cent for the last weekend in january. In new York City the Auto club said a Survey of 194 metropolitan stations showed that Only 72 were pumping a spokesman said lines of motorists at open stations ranged from two blocks to two Miles. But in Wyoming the state aaa said All 86 member stations were open and had gasoline. Very few were running out although the organization said one or two reported not having Premium or regular in the past few Days. By William o. Bryant associated press writer Atlanta. A. A a self employed subcontractor and his wife have been arrested and charged with the kidnapping of newspaper editor Reg Murphy the Fri said today. Murphy was released unharmed Friday night. Police said the $700,000 Ransom was recovered today at the Home of the Lilburn ga., couple who were charged with the kidnapping. A it s heavy a three suit cases full. One Man could t carry it a said a police officer at the scene of the arrest. Leo e. Conroy special agent in charge of the Fri office in Atlanta identified those arrested As William August Halm Williams 33, and his wife. Betty. Murphy 40, editor of the Atlanta Constitution said upon his release Friday night that his kidnappers included four men and a woman. He said they identified themselves As members of the american revolutionary army a previously unheard of apparently righting extremist organization. The Fri said Williams and his wife were arrested at their Home in Lilburn in Gwinnett county on the northeastern Edge of Atlanta. They were charged with violating Federal kidnapping statues and the Hobbs act a Federal statute making it a crime to extort Money dealing in interstate business. Conroy said. The couple was scheduled to appear before a . Magistrate in Atlanta later today. Murphy was freed after Constitution managing editor Jim Minter delivered the Ransom Money at the end of a lonely Highway 30 Miles North of Atlanta. The 40-year-old newsman was kidnapped wednesday night by a Man who said he was a colonel in the american revolutionary army. He said his abductors told him the american revolutionary army is pledged to Over throwing the government which it believes is too Liberal and too corrupt. Unshaven and exhausted Murphy spoke with newsmen clustered in front of his Brick two Story Home after his release and then left with Fri agents to discuss his 49-hour ordeal. A it s important for them to know they did t win a great Victory Quot he said but he conceded. A they frightened me very badly. They frightened my standing with his arms around his two daughters and his tearful wife. Murphy continued a before i was so rudely interrupted i used to say this ought to be a civilized country. I still think this ought to be a civilized country. The people who think like this the kidnappers Are going to have to use some other tactics because this won t win them Many friends a Murphy who often has championed the causes of minorities and the poor went inside for a Shower and then reappeared still unshaven to Tell of his experience. He said his kidnappers covered his eyes with tape and kept him bound and locked in the trunk of a car much of the time. He said he was freed in the parking lot of a Motel in the Northern part of Atlanta after Minter delivered the Ransom he immediately called his wife and his colleagues at the newspaper. A about the american revolutionary army a he said. A i done to know enough to Tell you All the details. It is a group of 223 members and six colonels who operate throughout the United states. They Are committed to the overthrow of what they called the Federal government. They Tell me that All the american government is corrupt the Federal government state and local government. Reg Murphy Quot you ask me if in a sure of the authenticity of this. The answer is no. I done to know i done to have any Way of knowing. I never heard of them Murphy said he was lured from his Home by a heavy set White Man in his 20s who stood about six feet tall and wore a Cowboy hat. The Man said he wanted help in distributing $100,000 in heating Oil for the needy. Before new Dole hears demands girl s release More gasoline coming to state says latin ministers . Policy toward Cuba is Stone age stupidity Mexico City Mexico apr a number of latin american foreign ministers have called on the United states to soften its position toward Cuba with one calling Washington s policy a sheer Stone age the Cuba Issue was the focus of attention during a closed door meeting Friday night Between Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger and the 24 latin american and Caribbean ministers attending the hemispheric conference. The ministers Are to conclude the three Day session later today by drawing up a declaration. A United states spokesman said Kissinger a remarks at the meeting did not respond to the ministers comments about Cuba the communist Island nation was not invited to the conference. Premier Fidel Castro a regime largely at the insistence of Washington has been ostracized from the organization of american states since 1961 and the subject of an economic blockade by the United states since 1962 by Rick Scott associated press writer North Carolina will receive an additional gasoline allocation of approximately 13.5 million Gallons for the remaining six Days of the month officials say the extra gasoline should provide some Relief to the states critical end of the month shortage. A spokesman for sen. Jesse Helms r-n.c., gave the 13.5 million gallon figure Friday night after the Federal Energy office ordered increased gasoline supplies totalling 326 million Gallons for february for 26 states and the District of Columbia. The Helms spokesman. Reached in Washington said the Feo ordered Petroleum companies to deliver the additional supplies to relieve North Carolina s growing gasoline shortage. In Raleigh gov. Jim hoi shouter said the White House would notify the Petroleum companies today and that the 13.5 million Gallons should begin arriving in pipelines monday. The governor said the additional allocation would go in the state s a set aside program. The state Energy office will decide which areas get the gasoline and How much they will get. A a we re extremely pleased a a Holshouser said. A i think its going to mean to 8.75 per cent panel expecting Nixon cooperation Washington a the House judiciary committee has indicated it expects the White House to cooperate with its opening request for documents for its impeachment inquiry. The committees first request drawn up Friday was based on a list of evidence the White House already has Given special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Albert e. Jenner jr., chief minority counsel told reporters it would be a a asinine for the White House to refuse to give the committee anything it had already Given Jaworski. Quot we re not going to ask for everything at one time we will make a reasonable request a said special counsel John m. Doar. Doar said it should take Only a Day or two to provide the material requested. The contents of the request were not revealed. Meanwhile the White House made its first move in defense of president Nixon. It ordered the Justice department to Send the committee its Legal Brief which differs with the committee staff s conclusion that a president May be a committee on a there have been increased pressures in recent months of of i a cd in t cd Iii from other latin american i i 11 i i i of i nations for the United states to lift the blockade and for Neva y0rk a the new York s fir National Washington to move toward Cut in the prime lending rate City Bank the nations normalization of relations of a Quot a commercial Banks second largest commercial with the Cuba from 9 to per cent on Bank and to adult orally a Friday Means big business Leader in making changes in conference sources said will pay less to borrow the key interest rate set off that during the meeting but analysts say it won t Friday s move Friday night Peru formally have a similar effect on the Bank of America the proposed that Cuba be interest rates Consumers pay largest commercial Bank present at any future foreign on instalment Loans or quickly followed and the ministers conference. The mortgages. Lower rate was exp c c e d proposal reportedly was a the Impact will be nil a to become Industry wide supported by other Dele a says one banker. One reason that tons including those of co that a because the prime movements in the prime Lombida Guyana and a the minimum borrowing have Little immediate Impact Jamaica. Fee Banks charge their most on mortgages is that most creditworthy corporate mortgage Money comes Cuba is a Lour letter word cust0mers a is a Short term from savings and loan As far As this conference is rate that fluctuates often in associations and not from concerned jamaican response to changes in commercial Banks. These foreign minister Dudley illness conditions. Organizations have no direct Thompson reportedly said. Link with commercial Banks consumer instalment or Canges these Banks Loans and mortgages on the interest rates _ a i other hand Are for longer fluctuations in the what s inside i pends and a far less prime do Mirror changes in sensitive to daily changes in 0pen Money Market amusements so the Economy. The rates on a Fere Banks and Bridge 8b these Loans tend to change corporations raise funds. Classified ads .5-7b much More infrequently than a pumped changes in the comics.8a the prime rate Money Market tend to crossword 4b the prime at one major influence a11 types of Loans editorials .4a new York Bank for instance both business and personal. Has fluctuated scores of last year for instance obituaries.3a times in the last 15 years surging demand for business sports 1-3b while the Bank a rate on Loans sent the prime up an television .,3b consumer car Loans has unprecedented four per cent weather.5a moved Only six times. Amp a a prime on 5 a that areas of the state which Are extremely hard hit will be Able to get some degree of Relief Between now and the first of the month when things will continue to the 13.5 million Gallons would represent an increase of about 9 per cent in the state s allocation for this month according to figures released Friday in Washington by rep. Ike Andrews . Andrews said that according to an Feo spokesman in Atlanta Oil companies were distributing a total of 144 3 million Gallons of gasoline to North Carolina during february this represented 89 per cent of the state s allocation requirements based on february 1972 deliveries he said. The additional 13.5 million Gallons or 9 per cent Means the state should now receive approximately 98 per cent of the amount of gasoline it received in february 1972. States May not keep gasoline Washington a states planning to import additional costly foreign gasoline through Independent brokers should Check with the Federal Energy office to find out whether they can keep it. Feo Deputy administrator John c. Sawhill said thursday the Agency was encouraging states to arrange Independent imports of gasoline that could Cost about 75 cents a gallon at the pump. But the Feor a general counsel William Walker said Friday night that the Feo would have to decide whether the extra gasoline could be added to the states original allocation or simply diverted to a More needy state. By Mike Silverman associated press writer Hillsboro rough. Calif apr the family of Patricia Hearst is waiting to see How her terrorist kidnappers react to learning that their latest demand won t be met unless she is released unharmed Charles Gould publisher of the Hearst owned san Francisco examiner said Friday that if miss Hearst were freed the Hearst corp. Would meet demands for an additional $4 million to bolster a $2 million free food program for the needy set up at the kidnapper so insistence. Gould said $2 million of the new Money would be paid a immediately upon her release and $2 million will be contributed in january 1975. This january payment will be evidenced by a binding agreement with the food program. Miss Hearst a 20-year-old Sophomore at the University of California at Berkeley was abducted feb. 4 by members of the terrorist sym ionese liberation army. The food program called people in need got under Way Friday with thousands of persons taking Home bags of free groceries despite some confusion and violence that closed one of four distribution outlets in the san Francisco Bay area police shut Down the East Oakland Center after it had served Only a handful of the 5,000 persons who waited in line for several hours. A a recipients apparently angered that food was being thrown to them from trucks instead of handed out. Began throwing bottles cans and milk Cartons at the truck police cleared the area. Sporadic violence continued near the Center into the evening police reported a Small fire was set at a food store a Block away and at a hardware store in the area. The food program was set up by Washington Secretary of state a. Ludlow Kramer who predicted the original $2 million could be stretched by donations to feed 100,000 people a month for a year. Gould spoke to newsmen after the victims father Randolph a. Hearst said he could not afford the new demand by the Sla. Hearst is chairman of the Hearst see new on 5a violence disrupts food distribution san Francisco a violence and confusion disrupted the first attempt of the Hearst family to distribute free food to needy californians As demanded by the kidnappers of Patricia Hearst. But thousands of poor families took Home free bags of groceries Friday from four people in need distribution centers a Rock and bottle throwing crowd forced an end to distribution of food at an East Oakland Center after barely two dozen bags of groceries had been handed out another distribution Center in East Palo Alto ran out of food. Confusion about distribution procedures delayed the Start of the handouts at two other centers and there were some complaints about the food. The people in need program created by newspaper magnate Randolph a. Hearst at the demand of the sym ionese liberation army is scheduled to resume next tuesday after its operators reorganize their distribution system. In East Oakland an estimated 5,000 persons a ranging from infants in arms to Grey haired pensioners a had surrounded the distribution Center store an hour before the arrival of the food truck Good natured cheers were raised when the truck pulled up but the mood quickly soured after failing to get the big vehicle up to the store organizers said food would be handed out directly from the truck. As participants swarmed toward the truck to grab for food volunteers began throwing bags into the crowd screaming recipients reacted by hurling bottles cans and bags of food Back at the truck. The truck still loaded with food pulled away under police guard and did no to return. Most of the Small amount of food distributed ended up smeared on the pavement. About 50 persons in the crowd of 5,000 then turned on police and television camera Crews with rocks and bottles. Windows were smashed in several stores and there were a number of minor injuries before police armed with clubs scattered the crowd

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