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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather much colder tonight More data on Page 3a 90th yeah a no. 56 the Point Enterprise High Point n. C., monday afternoon february 25,1974 20 pages. Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for Senate seat Galifianakis Stevens announce Horton out Raleigh a state senator Hamilton Horton of Winston Salem withdrew today As a candidate for the Republican nomination for the . Senate just before state rep. William Stevens of Lenoir announced his candidacy. Horton made his dramatic withdrawal announcement at a news conference called by Stevens to announce his candidacy. A Horton said that although it was a a bitter Pill for me to Swallow he was withdrawing for the Sake of party Unity. He said he Felt Only a United party could win the . Senate seat now held by Democrat Sam Ervin about an hour after the Stevens and Horton announcements former congressman Galifianakis announced his candidacy for the democratic senatorial nomination. Galifianakis who lost a Senate race in 1972 to sen. Jesse Helms told newsmen at a news conference he wanted to a give my views on the critical issues of the Day the High Cost of living the Long lines at the service stations adequate health care for our people agriculture policies International relations and the Security safety and privacy of our Stevens told his news conference that he would resign immediately from his seat in the state House of representatives. However he said he would retain his position As an executive of Broyhill industries a furniture manufacturer at Lenoir. Stevens told newsmen a today America is beset with some of the most perplexing problems this country has Ever faced in peacetime. In my opinion some of the most serious ills besetting America today Are primarily economic ills. They Are problems that require levelheaded Businesslike a i almost forgot a said Galifianakis As he arrived at the Board of elections about an hour later to file. Others who beat the deadline included Harry Mcmullan Iii of Washington n.c., and grandson of a former democratic state attorney general who filed As a Republican candidate for Congress in the first District. Stephen Neal 39-year-old Winston Salem publisher of weekly newspapers filed As a democratic candidate for Congress in the 5th District. Eugene Leggett of markers Island filed As a democratic candidate for Congress in the first District. John Mcvay Ferrell ii a Semi retired farm manager of Durham entered the race for the democratic nomination for the . Senate. The filing deadline for the May 7 primary came at noon today. Already in the democratic race Are at least five candidates led by state atty. Gen. Robert Morgan and former White House aide Henry Hall Wilson of Monroe. Nick Galifianakis state sen. Hamilton Horton a Forsyth was the Best known of the three republicans who had announced their candidacies see Galifianakis on 2a Hamilton Horton William Stevens Simon gives views rationing seen of lines spread for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Parking tickets o. On sunday night Jan. 13 at the High Point College auditorium a memorial for or. Martin Luther King was held. There were quite a few people that parked on the left hand Side of the Street. When the program was Over everyone along the Street had a ticket. My question is Why would they pick that night to Issue tickets when i have attended games there parked on the same Side of the Street and never received a ticket. Thank you. A. Tickets for illegally parked vehicles Are issued by officers while on routine patrol says the police department and in this particular instance a specific complaint was made to the police so immediate and necessary action was taken. Old glasses needed q. There has been a Call within the last few years for old Eye glasses and i have quite a number of them and who collects them we know what to do with newspapers but what about the magazines. Thank you. A. Old Eye glasses will be collected the first two week ends in March by the Enterprise carriers. They re having a contest to see who can collect the most and be sent to a charitable Organ nation that gives them to the needy. If you want to haul your magazines to Greensboro they can be sold at 30 cents per hundredweight the last we heard to Piedmont paper Stock co., 3909 Riverdale dr., or Southern waste paper co. On 503 e. Washington drive. That s $6.00 a ton which illustrates the Law of diminishing returns in some recycling efforts. The Jiffy company Here will not take magazines since the paper jams the shredding machines. The logical answer is the use of cheaper Quality paper for ephemeral magazines so they can be recycled along with the newsprint. Help for you q. Can you give me the phone number or address of where i would go to talk to somebody if you have a problem like i saw on to who to go to or Call please print if possible. Thank you. Boy. A. You can Call Contact 882-8121 at any hour of the Day or night or the youth services Bureau Between 9 and 5 at 886-5181, or drop in at their office located at 205 Westwood. Bailed out q. Could you put your own $200 Bond up or do you have to have your own Bondsman if you have $200 in Cash thank you. . A. You can put up your own Money or if you show proof of ownership of real estate property that could be used in lieu of Cash. It might be Well to add if you re arrested for drunk driving and have the Money on you you can to just pay and walk out on your own still intoxicated. Somebody has to be with you to be responsible for you. Wal telecasts q. I was watching the news this afternoon and heard that the world football league would have games televised on thursday night this summer and fall and will any of the High Point stations have them . A. The world football league games will be carried by the . Chesley Independent sports network and to our knowledge no local station has yet announced if they will pick up the broadcasts. You should keep your eyes and ears open for further announcements by the individual stations. Washington a Energy chief William e. Simon says he would have to recommend gasoline rationing if the visible inconvenience of lengthy service station lines became widespread. But he said on no cd a meet the press sunday a at this time the shortages and Long lines Are really concentrated in the metropolitan areas. Quot he said that the extra allocations and other efforts of the Federal Energy office Are aimed at a trying to reduce the suffering and hardship and inconvenience that is being caused to the american people a asked if he Felt president Nixon would approve a recommendation for rationing. Simon said they a would have a Long hard conversation if i made the recommendation but i presuppose what his hearses Vigil in third week result of fund raising Kalmbach pleads guilty to charges decision might Simon said he is personally opposed to rationing because a basically i just think it would t work. It would put a great Many rigidities in a very Complex meanwhile the Shah of Iran said that the United states is importing at least As much Oil As it was before the beginning of the Arab Oil Boycott. Appearing on the lbs news program 60 minutes the Shah whose country is not involved in the Boycott said the United states is receiving As much imported Oil As in the past. Asked if he feels the Energy shortage May be connected to something that does t meet the Eye. The Shah said a Well something is going on for and when asked who was being enriched by it he responded a the Oil Hillsborough Calif. Apr Randolph a. Hearst a tense Vigil marked its third week today As a people in need geared up for another Effort to distribute food to the needy a precondition for the release of his kidnapped daughter. Donations poured in Over the weekend to pin the organization set up to meet the demands of the terrorist sym ionese liberation army. It claims to be holding Patricia Hearst 20, kidnapped feb. 4 from her Berkeley apartment. Hearst is president and editor of the san Francisco examiner and chairman of the Hearst corp. Organizers promised that tuesdays distribution of food from centers in the san Francisco Bay area would be More orderly than it was Friday. A the response has just been super a said Peggy Maze pins acting director. A people from All Over the country have been sending bread milk Frozen food Money and the distribution program is funded with $500,000 from Hearst and $1.5 million from the nonprofit Hearst foundation. However the Sla has demanded $4 million More from Hearst personally. In response to that demand examiner publisher Charlet Gould said the Hearst corp. Would put up another $2 million immediately if miss Hearst is released unharmed and promised $2 million More in january 1975. The Sla has not responded to that offer the Fri said. Pins first attempt to distribute food Friday to meet the initial demands of the Sla was marred by violence looting and confusion when thousands jammed four centers. Thirty persons were injured and 35 arrested. A a great Many mistakes were made a said a. Ludlow Kramer Washington Secretary of state who organized the program. But he said 14,000 persons received food. Mrs. Maze said her volunteers have been working night and Day to ensure tuesday s distribution is smooth. She said the food would be on hand when the centers opened avoiding discontent among waiting crowds. She said that As Many As 12 centers May be in operation staffed with about 250 volunteers. Washington a Herbert w. Kalmbach a former personal attorney to president Nixon pleaded guilty today to charges stemming from his activities As a Republican political fund Raiser. Kissinger begins trip to Syria Washington api Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger left for the Middle East today with High Hopes that he can bring a list of War prisoners to Israel from Syria in mid week Clearing the Way it Dis engagement talks Between the two october War foes his plane left nearby Andrews air Force base about 9 30 a m. Edt even the a a incredible israeli Cabinet situation does not detract from Kissinger a optimism said a senior . Official. The Secretary has the enthusiastic backing of egyptian president Anwar Sadat for today a fourth Mission to the Middle East. He would not be going if he did not expect some Success this official said. But syrian president Hafez Assad attending the islamic Summit in Lahore Pakistan was quoted As saying a Syria will never make any concessions in its demand for a full israeli withdraw from Golan Heights territory lost in the War. A we will continue our struggle a said Assad according to a kuwaiti newspaper. On the other hand Sadat predicted a Kissinger Success. A was happened in the disengagement on the egyptian front i think can be done on the syrian he said at the same conference. If Kissinger obtains the prisoners list As expected. It would meet the principal israeli prerequisite for negotiations with Syria. He will reach Damascus on tuesday after an overnight Stop in London for talks with sir Alec Douglas Home the British foreign Secretary. Kissinger a main task is to bring Syria and Israel together to negotiate a disengagement of their armies similar to the agreement he worked out Between Egypt and Israel last month. But the u. S. Official who declined to be identified said the Secretary did not intend to repeat a at least on this trip a the sort of shuttle diplomacy that carried him Back and Forth Between Sadat and the israeli Cabinet. Kalmbach pleaded to a technical charge stemming from the distribution through a Dummy political committee in the District of Columbia of $3.9 million to Republican congressional candidates in the 1970 elections. The felony charge of soliciting political contributions and making expenditures through a committee for which neither a chairman nor treasurer had been named carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a $10,000 Fine. Kalmbach also pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanour charge stemming from his Promise of an ambassador ship to a political contributor. That charge carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 Fine. . District judge John j. Sirica deferred sentencing until a probation department report is submitted the charge filed by the special watergate prosecutor s office alleged that on sept. 16, 1970, Kalmbach met with j. Fife Symington of Lutherville md., then . Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago and that Symington promised to contribute $100,000 if assured he would be appointed ambassador to a european country. The prosecutors said that Kalmbach called the White House and got the assurances and that Symington contributed $50,000 to Republican candidates in 1970 and $50,000 to president Nixon a 1972 Campaign. Symington never got the Job he sought and Kalmbach later offered to return his Money the court papers said. Symington refused to take it Back. Kalmbach appeared in court at the Start of a week during which special prosecutor Leon Jaworski has said grand juries will be ready to return indictments in a number of watergate cases. In a letter to Kalmbach s attorney dated feb. 13, 1974. Jaworski said that the charges to which the 52-year-old Newport Beach Calif., attorney pleaded a will dispose of pending or potential charges based on matters presently known to this the letter also disclosed that Kalmbach has promised to cooperate with the prosecutors that he May testify at future watergate trials and that he May be named later As an a indicted co conspirator. Kalmbach told the Senate watergate committee last summer that he raised $220,000 which then was passed to the defendants in Herbert Kalmbach the original watergate break in Case. He said he raised the Money to pay the Legal expenses and to support the families of the defendants a to discharge what i assumed to be a moral Kalmbach said he undertook the assignment at the request of then White House counsel John w. Dean Iii who called him on june 28. La Days after the break in what s inside at democratic National committee Headquarters at the watergate office apart amusements. 7b ment Complex. Bridge. .12b Kalmbach told reporters at classified ads she the courthouse today that he comics. By still works for Nixon but the crossword .12b White House said the editorials. 4a attorney has not handled and financial. 2 a business for him for some obituaries. 2b time although his Law firm sports. 3-5b has. Television. .5b the charge was filed by the women a news. .6-7 a prosecutor s office today weather. 3a see Kalmbach on 2a islam nations demand new return of Jerusalem conference Lahore Pakistan apr leaders of the world s islamic nations have declared that Arab recovery of the old City of Jerusalem is a a Paramount and unchanging prerequisite for lasting peace in the Middle they pledged a fall Means available to the recovery of occupied Arab lands and termed the return of a full National rights of the palestinian Peoples the a essential and fundamental conditions for peace in the Middle East. The statements were in the a declaration of Lahore issued on sunday at the end of their three Day Summit by the leaders of 37 moslem nations and of the palestinian liberation organization a no agreement protocol or understanding which postulates the continuance of israeli occupation of the holy City of Jerusalem or its Transfer to any non Arab sovereignty or makes it the subject of bargaining or concessions will be acceptable to the islamic countries a the moslem leaders said. But the final statement did not go As far As a Resolution passed saturday which condemned the United states by name for its support of Israel. The conference set up an eight nation committee to prepare plans for cooperation to ease the economic problems of poor islamic states and to Battle a a exploitation by developed states. Among the committees goals were a the eradication of poverty disease and ignorance from the islamic countries a and a mitigating the current economic difficulties of the developing countries due to recent increase in tonight Washington a president Nixon will hold a nationally broadcast and televised news conference at 7 30 . Edt today the White House announced the session in the White House East room will be Nixon s first news conference this year. He held an hour Long question and answer session with newspaper editors in Florida in mid november and conducted a televised East room news conference on oct. 26 the president was expected to face a Range of questions on watergate and related controversies Energy shortages and the continuing Rise in prices. The White House has been refusing to respond to questions on the watergate see Nixon on 7a All dealers to share Gas Raleigh apr North Carolinas 13.78 million gallon Bonus gasoline allocation should be shared by All the states cities and dealers the state Energy coordinator has decided. John j. Tolson in a Telegram sunday to major Oil suppliers asked that the extra Gas be sent a to All your North Carolina distributors on a proportionate basis in accordance with Normal allocation a spokesman for Tolson said the state had decided against trying to decide which areas most needed More Gas and directing the new Supply to those areas. A after careful consideration it is Felt that this is the most equitable expeditious and efficient method of relieving an acute gasoline shortage that exists throughout the state a Tolson said. He asked the Oil companies to notify his office of All deliveries made under the new allocation which was granted by the Federal Energy office last week. The spokesman said the state does not yet know How soon the extra Gas will be delivered. Meanwhile a Check of service stations across the state shows the sales distribution system announced last w Eek by gov. Jim Holshouser is not working Well if at All. Senate votes on pay raises for Congress Washington a the House wrestles with emergency Energy legislation this week while the Senate May vote on a pay raise for members of Congress and top government officials. Democratic leaders Are expected to ask the powerful House rules committee to change a parliamentary ruling made last week that doomed the Energy Bill to an almost certain death on the floor. If the leadership prevails the House would have separate votes on the Bill a proposed Oil Price Rollback and on a provision giving president Nixon Power to order gasoline rationing. But even if the much delayed Bill clears All its legislative hurdles it still faces the Promise of a presidential veto. Before it gets to the emergency Bill the House scheduled to take up a separate measure that would establish the Federal Energy administration As a full scale government Agency. Lines of cars were still growing around All filling stations that had Gas to sell. Dealers say unless the emergency allocation arrives Early this week lines will be longer than Ever until the stations can begin Selling their March allocations on Friday. One Charlotte dealer said Holshouser a plan came too late. A this tuning was absolutely terrible coming so late in the month a said Al Browne a we followed the governors plan to the letter but every Day the lines just got worse and however Browne and some other dealers predict the plan will work once gasoline becomes More plentiful this week. Some dealers say they Arentt enforcing the Odd even sales plan because their customers become angry when refused Gas after waiting hours in line

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