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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather cold wave warning More data on Page 3a the High Point Enterprise 90th year no. 53 president s deductions unwise los Angeles a president Nixon a tax accountant says some of the deductions claimed by Nixon on his 1970 and 1971 Federal income tax returns were unwise. Arthur Blech said one of the unwise deductions was the one in which the president deducted the donation of his vice presidential papers to the National archives. Blech made the statements in an off the record interview with the los Angeles times on dec. 18. The times carried the Story in today a editions saying Blech had lifted his embargo because a i want the whole Story to come the papers donation which Blech termed unwise realized the president a $250,000 tax saving on deductions arising from the $576,000 gift. Blech said when he attempted to see the president to Tell him he did t think prudent tax policy was followed on Nixon a 1971 and 1972 returns presidential aides reportedly rejected the meeting. He termed the situation in which he never saw his tax client irregular. Blech said while everything in the presidents tax returns conforms to Law. He routinely warns every client who like the president is in the $200,000 to $300,000 annual income Range to pay some appreciable tax at least to per cent of his total income High Point n. Friday afternoon february 22,1974 24 pages 12% annual rate january prices soar Cau us circulation. 882-171 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c or Washington a with soaring food and fuel costs leading the Way consumer prices Rose by one per cent in january cutting heavily into the purchasing Power of workers the government said today. If continued for All of 1974, the one per cent seasonally adjusted increase would translate into a 12 per cent inflation rate. The labor department said the one per cent jump pushed consumer prices 9.4 per cent higher than a year ago. This was the highest 12-month increase in the Cost of living since consumer prices Rose by a similar 9.4 per cent in the 12 months ending May 1951. The report showed that in of i a t i o n a r y pressures were Strong across the Economy. Food prices Rose 16 per cent nonfood commodities 1.3 per cent and services seven lots of one per cent. The labor departments report continuing a series of Adverse Price news for Consumers. Was accompanied by reports showing that real spendable earnings of workers dropped two per cent in january primarily because of the big jump in consumer prices and a decline in average weekly hours. The real spendable earnings category applies to salaried married workers with three dependents. The report on real earnings in effect earnings with the effects of inflation subtracted showed that Over the past 12 months real spendable earnings were Down four per cent the largest percentage decline Over 12 months since the government began keeping that statistic in 1964. Before adjustment for Price increases and seasonal changes average weekly earnings were $145.93 in january compared with $149.17 a month earlier the report said Gross average hourly earnings however increased from $4.01 per hour in december to $4.02 in january with the drop in average weekly earnings accounted for mainly by the decline in hours worked. The Rise in nonfood commodities was the highest since the department began keeping seasonally adjusted records for these goods in february 1956. Today s consumer Price report comes on the heels of a Sharp Advance in wholesale prices in january presaging even higher consumer prices in the weeks and months ahead and posing Little Relief for Consumers. The report showed that the consumer Price Index climbed to 139.7 of its 1967 average meaning that it Cost Consumers $139.70 to buy the same amount of retail goods and services that $100 bought in 1967. Before seasonal adjustment the department said consumer prices Rose nine tenths of one per cent last month food prices 1.6 per cent and nonfood commodities seven tenths of one per cent. Soaring gasoline prices played a Large part in the Advance. Average prices of both Premium and regular gasoline Rose 6.2 per cent. The average Price for regular jumped to 46.5 cents per gallon and for Premium 50.1 cents per gallon. Retail prices for food bought in grocery stores a category which usually does no to Rise in january soared by 1.8 per cent double the increases in november and december committee set to ask White House evidence Washington a the House judiciary committee is preparing its first request to the White House for evidence to use in its impeachment investigation chairman Peter w. R o d i n o. D-n.j., said thursday a letter will be sent to the White House within the next few Days specifying the material the committee wants. If the request is not honoured he said the committee will consider using its subpoena Powers which could Lead to a constitutional clash Between Congress and the executive Branch. The committee believes its constitutional authority to conduct an impeachment inquiry overrides any claim to executive privilege. President Nixon has said his cooperation with the committee will be limited to acts that do not impair the presidency. Any White House refusal to Supply evidence requested by the committee could Cost the president heavily in Republican support on Capitol Hill. A if they re going to thwart our investigation Down there we re not going to be Able to defend a Republican member of the committee said. A a he a going to be in real trouble. Rodino announced the impending request for evidence at a news conference at was feed the poor program is launched by Hearst for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. To Salt or not q. Which is True when cooking adding Salt to food brings out the flavor of the food or simply adds the flavor of Salt careful on this one. Or. Rav. A we d rather be reckless and say that unseasoned Bland Beans for instance Send a Bland message to your brain while Salt sensitive taste buds react to the Salt and Send a tastier message via the nerves. We reviewed the matter of taste in a couple of reference books which said tastes Are caused by chemicals dissolved in liquids around the sense organs. A Bone dry nose or Tongue could t taste anything. The taste buds Are not the tiny bumps or papillae you see on your Tongue but flask shaped structures in the papillae. There Are about 250 buds per Papilla which diminish to 90 in old age. That s Why you should t complain that your wife spies Arentt As Good As the ones your Mother used to bake your taste buds Ain t what they used to be each taste Bud is sensitive to Only one of the four sensations Sweet sour Salty and bitter. The tip and front edges of the Tongue Are More sensitive to Sweet and Salty tastes the sides to sour and the Back to bitter. We taste countless flavors but All Are compounded of the four Basic sensations which Are enhanced greatly by the sense of smell. In fact much of what we think we taste we smell. A bad cold May make food seem tasteless because congestion prevents the odorous air swirls from reaching the smell receptors a a Small Patch of tissue about l t Inch Square at the very top of the nasal cavity. Sign is wrong q. The Street sign for Hamilton and e. Lexington says w. Lexington Avenue instead of East. Is there going to be something done about this or. X a. Yes indeed there is. A work order has been issued to have the sign corrected according to r v. Moss. 44-36-44 g. Would you please give me the weight and height of Larry cd Sonka of the Miami dolphins j. I. T. A. The former Syracuse University fullback is a Well packed 6 2, 237 pounds Clang Clang Clang q. I would like to know the name of the company that used to make the old trolley buses. I believe Duke Power used to operate them around High Point or other nearby cities. Id think it would be a Challenge to or. Thomas of Thomas buses to build such a bus with its own batteries and Generator. It would be a Good Start toward electric cars. It would also help the american people out of a bad situation. Id like you to print this As soon As possible. Thank you. Or. . A. John Thomas of the company says in the Early thirties Thomas built several trackless trolleys for Greensboro. When the manufacture of City transportation equipment was taken Over by larger companies Thomas built buses decided its future was in the manufacture of bodies Only. These bodies Are mounted on trucks built by the Auto companies truck divisions. Hillsborough. Calif. Apr the deadline for Randolph a. Hearst to pump another $4 million into his free food program passed today without any Public response by the father of kidnapped Patricia Hearst. But a $2-million food distribution plan already established by the newspaper executive was under Way. Tons of food were being trucked from warehouses to four distribution Points in the san Francisco Bay area this morning. The massive handout was to begin at noon put. There was no Assurance that the $2 million free food distribution plan starting today would satisfy the sym ionese liberation army which claims to hold the girl As its a prisoner of in a 20-Mmute tape recording received late wednesday and released thursday the Sla denounced Hearst a Effort As a throwing a few crumbs to the the group demanded that another $4 million be pumped into the program to feed needy californians. Only if All its Complex new demands Are met will the Way be cleared for actual negotiations for Patricia Hearst a Freedom the Sla said. The Sla Leader who Calls himself a a Cinque set a dead line of today for miss Hearst a father newspaper magnate Randolph a. Hearst to set the $6 million food program into motion. There was no immediate response from Hearst president and editor of the san Francisco examiner and chairman of the Hearst corp. Three die in Hijack attempt Baltimore. My. Apr three persons were killed today during an apparent hijacking attempt at Baltimore Washington International Airport the Federal aviation administration said. A gunman and an Airport Security guard were shot and killed at the scene. The Copilot of tile Delta dc9 that was the target of the Hijacker died about three hours later at a Baltimore Hospital the Hospital said. The plane s Pilot was seriously wounded in the shooting according to Anne Arundel county police and was undergoing surgery. A stewardess who jumped from the plane during the incident Hurt her Back authorities said adding that the planets passengers escaped see three on 2a after pledging the initial $2 million he said there was no More Money a in the Cinque however accused Hearst of holding Back vast sums of the family and Hearst corp. Fortune which he claimed amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. Which the committee advised by its staff that it need not limit its investigation of possible grounds for impeachment to criminal offences. A staff paper intended Only As a guide to the members said criminal Law is not applicable As a Standard for impeachment of a president. A the criminal Law. Does not address itself to the abuses of presidential Power a said the report. A in an impeachment proceeding a president is called to account for abusing Powers which Only a president most members received the report without comment. But rep Edward Hutchinson r-mich., the committee s ranking Republican rejected the finding that a president could be impeached for noncriminal behaviour Hutchinson a View could Lead to a partisan split on the committee since he shares be committee on 2a the Long wait cars lined up along Charlotte s Central ave. Thursday As motorists sought to buy a few Gallons of that Ever More precious gasoline apw.reph0o gasoline picture becomes chaotic by the associated press chaos that a the word for the gasoline shortage. While the Federal gasoline allocation system has failed to ease acute shortages in much of the country Odd even rationing plans in hardhat states counties and communities often confuse the situation in some cases conflicts among county Community. Of All goes Well editor s release tonight promised Atlanta. A. A the abductors of Atlanta Constitution editor Reg Murphy have contacted an intermediary and have said Murphy will be released tonight if a fall goes Well a the Fri said. A Man who identified himself As a colonel in the right Wing american revolutionary army telephoned a citizen a according to a plan outlined in a tape recorded message from Murphy thursday night a and asked that the citizen Call the newspaper. Leo e. Conroy Fri agent in charge of the Atlanta office gave the following purporting to convey a Ransom message poured into the Constitution overnight but All were said by newspaper executives to be see kidnappers on 2a British Miner demands justified says Board Lon Don apr the government pay Board threw a Bombshell into Britain selection Campaign today with the announcement that striking Coal miners Are asking less than that to which tradition entitles them. The Board said that because of an error of computation the government Coal Board had Given the nation a false picture of the miners situation in comparison with other workers. The implication was that the miners slowdown the three Day work week prime minister Edward Heath ordered before Christmas the Coal strike and the current election Campaign All might have been averted the miners staged a three month slowdown and then went on strike two weeks ago demanding wage increases above the 7 per cent ceiling set by Heath s anti inflation program. Heath accused the miners of trying to hold the nation to Ransom and called a general election feb. 28 in an attempt to rally Public support behind Lus stand. The miners argued that they were entitled to More than a 7 per cent raise because they Are traditionally the Best paid of Britain a manual workers and their Edge Over others had fallen to Only 2 per cent. But the pay Board announced it had discovered the miners pay w As not 2 per cent higher than other workers it was 8 per cent below the top bracket. The Board said instead of being at the top of the Industrial pack As the government had insisted the miners were 28th on the list of workers in manufacturing industries. The announcement explained that the Coal Board in assessing the miners pay Levels had included their three weeks of vacation pay. But pay figures for other industries calculated by the governments department of Trade and Industry excluded Holiday pay. Information at a news conference in the Constitution and Atlanta journal building the citizen who was provided with a code word Given to authenticate the message was instructed by the a a colonel to Tell the newspaper to broadcast his instructions within 20 minutes. The a a colonel said he wanted the head of the Fri in Atlanta to broadcast the announcement. He also changed the ways Washington a it a in which he wanted the president Nixon s tax Case Ransom paid. Including the will Cost the . Number of suitcases government substantial involved. Revenue perhaps $1 billion. Conroy said. A we re because unhappy taxpayers attempting to comply in will claim any questionable every manner with the deduction this year a former abductors internal Revenue service the newspaper said earlier chief says that it would meet the Johnnie m. Walters who demands for the $700,000 resigned As irs Ransom the amount commissioner last May to specified in the Telephone practice tax Law Here said in Call today. An interview that Public Conroy added that the disclosure of Nixon a tax safety of Murphy would be deductions and payments Are the concern of the Fri. Adversely affecting the tax Murphy a family declined collection system comment on the phone Call. A wherever Ive been earlier hundreds of Calls there san indicated willingness to claim items i that May be questionable to a far greater extent than i be known he said. A and this is a View in a amusements12b getting from bridge12a sophisticated classified ads5-11b Walters said he sees no comics.10a breakdown of the tax system crossword12a because of Public editorials4a unhappiness Over Nixon a financial2a Case but a i can foresee a obituaries.2b substantial loss of sports3-5b asked if it could be As High As television 11a $1 billion he said that women a news&-8a your figure but i Don i think weather.3a it would be unrealistic a state and Federal regulations leave a Gas thirsty John q. Public angry and bewildered As he Waits in Long lines to get $3 Worth and whether he gets $3 Worth or a full tank is determined by the station owner who May have a rationing system of his own. In Florida for example. Sarasota county uses the Oregon plan of Odd even Gas purchases. Cars with License plates ending in even numbers May Purchase Gas on even Days and those w Ith Odd plates on Odd Days. Drivers in the county with out of state plates May buy an additional five Gallons no matter what the Day but the City of Sarasota does not allow such purchases by out of states new York gov. Malcolm Wilson said he has a a visceral reaction against government directing people what to do and has declined to make mandatory the voluntary Oregon Odd even system now in Force but the Westchester county legislature passed a see gasoline on 2a Nixon tax Case to Cut Revenue with 80 million taxpayers. He said it does t take much in the Way of extra deductions by a Large segment of people to add up into the millions. The Treasury department estimates that the government will collect $161 billion in income taxes in fiscal 1974 the thing that would be most helpful to restore credibility in the tax system would be a full and Complete announcement on the irs decision on Nixon a tax return he said. Although this is contrary to the in Sciple of confidentiality of tax returns we alters said that principle already has been waived by Public announcement of the presidents tax returns. He said it is helpful that the congressional join committee on Revenue and taxation also is reviewing the presidents tax returns. Asked How he thought taxpayers Are treating internal Revenue service auditors in View of the presidents Case a Walters said the auditors Are a getting flak and they re going to get More flak a

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