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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers Friday More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 52 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Pm thursday afternoon february 21,1974 36 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c by revolutionary army Atlanta editor kidnapped Atlanta a. A Reg Murphy editor of the Atlanta Constitution has been abducted by a group calling itself the revolutionary army the newspaper said today. Murphy 40, has been missing since about 7 30 ., wednesday when he left his Home with a Man who said he wanted to talk to him about a news Story his wife said. There have been no demands but there were indications that a followup Telephone Call was expected. William h. Fields executive editor of Atlanta newspapers which publishes the Constitution and Atlanta journal said the newspaper received a Telephone Call about 9 15 Wednesday. He said similar Calls were made to Atlanta television station Waga and to mrs. Murphy. The Fri in Atlanta and Washington declined comment. By committee staff impeach base expanded Washington a the staff of the House judiciary committee has agreed on a Broad definition of impeachable offences that could greatly expand the grounds for the possible impeachment of president Nixon. A Legal Brief joined in by both the majority and minority counsels for the committee and made available today concludes that impeachable offences need not be criminal acts. The Brief represents Only the views of the staff and is not binding on the committee but it is expected to have a Strong influence on the members As they pursue their impeachment investigation. The Brief traces the history of the impeachment clause in the Constitution and its previous uses by Congress concluding that it has been addressed to serious offences against the a system of the Brief declares that the duty of a president to a preserve protect and defend the Constitution includes the duty not to abuse his Powers or transgress their limits not to violate the rights of citizens such As those guaranteed by the Bill of rights and not to act in derogation of Powers vested elsewhere by the although the Brief was agreed to by both John m. Doar the chief counsel and Albert e. Jenner jr., the minority counsel it is understood that last minute changes deleting More specific findings were necessary in order to win Jenner s approval. In a matter related to the Over All watergate Case a Federal grand jury today indicted a Texas lawyer Jake Jacobsen 54. Of Austin. On a charge of lying about a Dairy Industry contribution to Nixon s re election Campaign. Jacobsen was alleged to have lied in testimony before a Federal grand jury which was investigating whether there was any connection Between Dairy Industry contributions and a decision by the administration to raise milk Price supports in 1971. The maximum penalty for lying to a Federal grand jury is five years in prison and a $10,000 Fine. Meanwhile the Senate judiciary committee said wednesday it had no immediate plans to hold Public hearings Over the dispute Between president Nixon and special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Jaworski has been stymied in his attempts to obtain Access to White House files and has reported his problems to the committee. Sources said Senate judiciary members Are concerned that such hearings could result in charges of unfair pretrial publicity because watergate indictments Are believed imminent. In other watergate related developments a . See impeach on 2a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Nixon must go Vanderveen left to posterity q. How do you go about donating the human body to science and your eyes to an Eye Bank at your death a. Forms for donating one s body at death May be secured from any medical school in the state by writing the department of Anatomy. The Bowman Gray school of Medicine in Winston Salem for example will Send you papers to fill out in duplicate one being returned to them and the other filed with the donors Legal papers. They also provide a Small card to be carried in the donor s Wallet. The donations Are subject to approval of surviving Kin so they prefer the donor discuss it with close relatives who would have final authority in disposition of the body. At the time of death the local undertaker should be called and he will understand the arrangements for delivery of the body to the school. Any services the family May wish can be held. The school reimburses the undertaker for embalming and transportation of the body to Winston Salem. The family is obligated for any other expenses. If death should occur outside the state the arrangement cannot be carried out. Dissection of these bodies serves a very valuable role in the training of future physicians. The remains Are disposed of by cremation at the institution and ashes Are returned Only when requested at the time of delivery of the body to the school. This information was provided by or. Charles e. Mccreight associate professor of Anatomy at Bowman Gray. He says that persons who wish to will their eyes May write directly to the North Carolina Eye Bank 3195 Maplewood Avenue Winston Salem . 27103. In the Granite state q. On the front of the Telephone directory there is a Beautiful picture a Church and what looks like an old Well. I looked All Over the entire Book and could not find where the picture came from. Is this a local Church if it is i would like to see it personally. It is a mighty pretty picture. Thank Joy. Or. J. L., Trinity. A. You a have to travel a far piece. The producers of the directory the l m. Berry co. In Tennessee say that the actual location is a Rural area near East Washington new Hampshire. The company Felt the scene was representative of Many sections of the country and according to the response they be received they were Correct. Sound off if you Are the Parent of an elementary or Junior High school child in High Point and Are interested in investigating a possibility of getting some enrichment teachers to work with gifted students please Contact me at 883-6445 mrs. J. Stackhouse or mrs. Jennie Herndon at 882-8973. Re action a month or so ago in action line there was a question from a former employee of Indian head inc. Concerning her pension. A the local office would like to add the following information a word has been received from Indian Heads new York office that a number of checks sent to former employees entitled to pensions were returned for wrong addresses. A if you were separated because of the Plant closing and were entitled to a payment from the pension Trust but you have not yet received a Check you should write or. Edward g. Carmosin Indian head inc., 1211 Avenue of the americas new York . 10036. Give your name social Security number Complete mailing address and Date of Washington a Cong r e s s a newest democratic member Richard Vanderveen of Michigan told his first Washington news conference today that a the silent majority has spoken. And its message is Clear Richard Nixon has failed us. Richard Nixon cannot Lead Vanderveen who upset a Republican in the race to succeed vice president Gerald r. Ford in the House of representatives called on a Richard Nixon to resign and Congress to impeach him if he does Vanderveen said it was his idea to make president Nixon the Issue in the special election. He said if Congress is looking for a signal on the country s mood about impeachment a there can be no More Concrete sign than my election to Congress by a solid margin in the heartland of America in vice president Ford s Home when asked to elaborate on his sentiments about impeachment Vanderveen said he a could compile quite a Bill of charges on political matters and probably on criminal charges stemming from what he said is the backdating of Nixon a vice presidential papers to the government. He said however that he would await the possible pre Fields issued a Brief statement which said. A Greg Murphy presumably has been kidnapped. Jim Minter managing editor of the Constitution received a Telephone Call at 9 15 Hearst gets new demands Hillsborough Calif. Apr the terrorist kidnappers of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst sent a new communication to her family today apparently containing an additional demand of $4 million for the girl s Freedom. Charles Gould a family spokesman said a yes there is a tape and some letters As Gould declined further comment but another spokesman said the tape included a message from miss Hearst. There was no immediate comment from the Fri. Gould said the communication was from the sym ionese liberation army which claimed it abducted miss Hearst from a Berkeley apartment 17 Days ago. Her father newspaper executive Randolph a. Hearst. Already had mounted a $2-million food distribution program in an Effort to win her release. Already $100,000 Worth of food had been stockpiled. The distribution of food to the poor is scheduled to Start Friday. Another san Francisco radio station. Ego reported that the Rev. Cecil Williams an intermediary in past Sla communications received a Telephone Call wednesday night. It directed him to a Telephone Booth where he found the tape recording. From someone saying Murphy had been kidnapped by the revolutionary a the caller said the Constitution would hear further by other Means. Channel 5 to a Waga a received a similar Call at about 9 20 Shortly thereafter Murphy a wife received a Call from someone who said. A if you want to know about your husband Call Jim mrs. Murphy said the person who called her did not identify himself in any Way. A i am not sure what to she said. A i have no other information. I am waiting now for some kind of Security was tight at the journal Constitution s building. Guards were requiring All employees to show their building passes and to Register. Even though they were familiar with most of them. Fri agents searched Murphy a office for clues again today after having made a search wednesday night sources at the paper said. It was the second major kidnapping this month. Patricia Hearst 20, daughter of newspaper executive Randolph a. Hearst was abducted from her Berkeley Calif., Home on feb.4 by a group calling itself the sym ionese liberation army. The Sla has demanded a massive food distribution program As a condition for miss hearses release there was no indication the two kidnappings were related. I \ Reg Murphy at Vork a wire photo Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson said today a if this is a group like the group that has miss Hearst i done to believe we re looking at a localized activity. I think it s going to be National in its scope. I think it is a very sick Way of doing a Elf it is what we believe it is its very sick business a Jackson said on the lbs a morning news a program in new York. Asked whether the name american revolutionary army meant anything to him Jackson said he conferred with his police department intelligence unit a week and a half ago and a we done to know of any such organization in Jackson said he understood the abduction occurred outside Atlanta in neighbouring Decatur. Murphy a Secretary Mary Murphy who is not related to him said a Greg was just As Happy As a Bug in a Rug yesterday. He was especially elated because see Atlanta on 2a . Gets additional gasoline Raleigh apr gov. Jim Holshouser a office said today american Petrosina which Sells its products under the name a Ofina a has agreed to pick up gasoline accounts in North Carolina initially handled by British Petroleum. Jack Childs the governor s news Secretary said the agreement would mean an addition six million Gallons of gasoline for distribution in North Carolina starting March i. By and Atlantic Richfield pulled out of North Carolinas gasoline distribution plan last year leaving the state about 5 per cent Short of its 1972 Supply. Current allocations of gasoline Are based on the Supply available in that year. Government poll indicates sensation by the judiciary committee of impeachment charges against Nixon before saying definitely How he would vote. Vanderveen disagreed with postelection analysis of republicans that his Victory ego said that unlike pre was due to a Small turnout of Vious tapes received from voters. The Sla. The new recording did not carry a message from he said election officials the kidnapped woman. Had predicted a 32 per cent mass Hearst turned 20 on turnout by eligible voters but Wod Neslav her parents had the actual amount was about Ald 0 the abducl0rs to 40 per cent. He called the release her on her birthday voter percentage extremely As Ture 0, d Falth High for a special election. F the Fri agent in charge of republicans worked the Case Charles a. Bates very very hard on election had said he had a a seat in Dav and a state chairman the pants feeling a that was quoted As stating they wednesday might be made thousands upon Freedom Day for the pretty thousands of phone Calls that c0�, j Day a a Vanderveen said. a obviously some of the re a of outside of the Sla publicans stayed Home but kne1 n whether the food Dis obviously some of them to Button which starts voted for me Friday would bring about her release or if More i demands would be made. The Sla had demanded originally that Hearst distribute $70 Worth of free amusements.3d food to each of californians bridge10d poor and needy As a condition ossified ads4�?T9d for negotiations for the girl s comics6c release. Crossword.7c Hearst said he could not editorials4a possibly meet that demand. Financial2a which state officials obituaries .2d estimated would Cost some sports Csc $400 million. He went ahead television .8b instead with the $2 million women s news Sec. B a Peoples in need pro w�?Teather.3a Gram. Fuel program support is High but eroding Washington a a weekly poll used by the government to Sample opinion about the Energy crisis shows that belief in the fairness of fuel allocation is High. But eroding. The poll also indicated that More people Are having trouble getting gasoline their Confidence in Washington is ebbing and rationing is staging a comeback in popularity. In the week ended feb. 7. A majority of the 172 persons which the pollsters say represents a National Cross Section reported trouble in obtaining gasoline. The current figure of 51.5 per cent has shown a persistent Rise since it hovered at 13 to 16 per cent just before Christmas. And although a whopping share of the people a 92 per cent a said they Felt they Are getting their fair share of fuel for Home and transportation the figure represents a decline from 98 per cent in just two weeks. John c. Sawhill Deputy administrator of the Federal Energy office said recently a to give the american people a sense of fairness with our allocation program. To the extent that we can do this. I think we can avoid asked whether they consider rationing necessary. 63 per cent of the people said no. That figure too has dropped in two weeks from a High of 72 per cent. A similar poll was conducted in world War ii. At the Start of rationing then Only 36 per cent of the nation favored the measure. The poll is conducted for the department of transportation by the National opinion research Center of the University of Chicago. The results also Are furnished to the Federal Energy office and sen. Charles h. Percy r-i1l, who made them Public. Percy said the poll shows people Are prepared to make sacrifices a 63 per cent have turned Down their thermostats 39 per cent Are using appliances less and 87 per cent have Cut Down on driving. A but they feel that neither political Gimmicky nor gamesmanship is called for a said Percy. A answers Are. Solutions Are a Federal officials admit Gas allocation plan shambles boy captures robber Portland Ore. A a 13-year-old eighth grader who chased captured and disarmed a robber says he did it because he hates crime. A the Money was somebody else s property and he have it a David Blake Limbrick said wednesday. David works As a janitor for a few hours each saturday at the cleaning bar in Northeast Portland. He said he was washing windows last saturday when a robber entered showed a gun and ordered the till opened. Also present were owner Muriel Rohr and. Another employee. A the was about 5 feet 6 inches a said David who stands 5-9lz and weighs 135. A the had a .22-caliber magnum revolver in his the robber took the Money left the shop and put the gun in his pocket. David gave Chase but lost the Man in a Back Yard. Quot finally i spotted his footprints in the mud and they led me right to him squatted Down by a garage a David said. A the did t have the gun out. A the said head give me the Money just so i did t turn him in. He said his wife was in the Hospital. Then he handed the Money a he said he grabbed the robbers arms and shoved him into the Street. A a that a when i took his gun away. The reasons i chased him at All were because he was Little and because i thought it was a toy gun. When i realized it Wasny to a toy gun it scared me pretty David said he brought the Man Back to the cleaning shop at gunpoint and held him until the police arrived. The Man Ivan Johnson 20. Was charged with first degree robbery. The police department sent David a letter thanking him for his support cooperation and courage. But the youth said he did no to think head try it again. A i was Lucky this time that David Blake Limbrick a gun this Long the Guy did t turn around and plug a Hole in me a David said. Washington a Federal Energy officials ruefully admit their first month of gasoline allocation is a shambles the victim of bad data inexperience Over Reliance on Oil company cooperation and a dash of politics. Quot we had envisioned that the Oil companies would pick up our allocation method ,. But they did no to John Adger a Federal Energy office aide said in an interview a they just sat Back and watched the officials say some lessons were Learned and the system should work better in March. That May be its last Chance. A decision whether to switch to rationing May be required by mid april As summer demand approaches meanwhile the february allocation program was foundering. The gasoline allocation regulation published Jan. 15 appeared Short and simple taking up Only one third of a Page. It required suppliers to distribute available gasoline to the wholesale and bulk purchasers they had served in 1972. Gasoline suppliers themselves had to report available supplies to seek adjustments and to make proper allocations. At first it seemed to work. On feb. 16, the Feo issued a detailed listing of each states reported gasoline on feb. 6, the Feo issued differences among the states with Maine apparently destined for a 26 per cent shortage while Minnesota seemed Only 3 per cent Short. Although the Federal regu lations contain no requirement for equal distribution among states the Low Supply states quickly began demanding it and the Feo accepted the principle. Within three Days Simon ordered shifts of gasoline from to Good Supply states to 12 others and the District of Columbia

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