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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Florida primary will turn on George Wallace High Point Enterprise tuesday february 22, 1972 5a Miami a Florida s democratic presidential primary is a p o i i to c a i crossword Puzzle and the key to solving it is a seven letter word meaning governor of Alabama. In an 11-Way contest where constituencies Are crossed and contested. Gov. George c. Wallace is leading and gaining strength in the candidate polls playing to packed houses in his self described a candidacy against the the candidate who can push his showing significantly past the 30-per-cent level can win in Florida and at the moment Only Wallace approaches that kind of strength. The pollsters rate Wallace. Who Rose to Power in Alabama As an ardent segregationist Well ahead of Sens. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine and Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota the two entries now leading the balance of the Field. Wallace tells his Campaign crowds the National democratic leaders Hace the shakes Over his candidacy because a they know what you might do in a race where there Are Ion rival contenders dividing the vote in a contest decided by a plurality. Some see it As simply Wallace Register opinion on the question of compulsory busing of schoolchildren for purposes of classroom racial balance. That vote will have no Legal standing but the political fallout is Likely to Benefit Wallace helping to turn out his supporters and keeping the Issue Paramount. A if i were running the Wallace Campaign that s just what i would want a said Humphrey. A the busing Issue is the predominant Issue a said sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington who is pushing it hard sponsoring a constitutional amendment to forbid the practice. Jackson argues the referendum will give voters an Opportunity to oppose busing without backing Wallace. Muskie does no to talk about busing in his Campaign speeches which often take the tone More of the Sermon than the political stump until he comes to Wallace. A there is a candidate in the primary whose whole career has been built on playing on people s fears and his name is George Wallace a Muskie said in Deland. A a in a told he s going to win. I Don t believe the consensus in assorted polls taken for Florida candidates is that Wallace is Well ahead pushing close to the 30-per-cent level. Muskie and Humphrey Are generally rated in the 20-per-cent area. In another rank Are Jackson said to be gaining ground in the most recent opinion surveys and mayor John v. Lindsay of new York with sen. George s. Mcgovern of South Dakota trailing them. Jackson has a heavy stake in Florida. Casting himself As the different Democrat with his opposition to busing his advocacy of increased defense and space spending his stress on Law and order Jackson needs to push out of the pack and move to the front Echelon of candidates to gain headway for the later primaries. The March 14 primary will award 81 Delegate votes at the democratic National convention. Wallace is certain to get some of them and at this Point appears Likely to get More than anybody else. The state s top democrats Are watching hut aloof and neither gov. Reubin Askew nor sen. Lawton Chiles has publicly endorsed any candidate. If Wallace wins the primary they and other party delegates will have to go to the Miami Beach convention next july to pledged to vote for tie nomination of the Alabama governor on the first two ballots. A whatever happens i n Florida George Wallace is not going to be the democratic nominee and he is certainly not going to be the next president of the United states Quot Muskie tells his Campaign crowds in urging them to vote for change not simply for protest. Humphrey who now says he would support legislation against compulsory school busing is planning a n intensive virtually full time Florida Campaign of 15 to 20 stops a Day. Alabama gov. George Wallace a w idea aimed at 20 states democrats reject proposal of specific targets plan victims1 relatives to testify red Book covers Many years chairman Mao s thought pervades chinese culture by Michael Putzel a Socia ted press writer against the Fields a major plus caucus try of the nation s electoral dates but it left out Yorty and votes. Sen. Vance Hartke of Indiana the democratic governors the target states where a Toth of whom Are actively Gamba unanimously re Politan suggested the demo pining in other primary by Colin Frost associate press writer for him. Wallace states. Ejected a political consultants crafts put their Money and of w proposal that the party Coneen fort this year include the 13 the democrats selected advantage of crowded primary irate its 1972 presidential Cam carried by Hubert h. Humph is Belfast Northern Ireland map a relatives of 13 persons Are who died in Londonderry Bible and life guide of the chinese masses. Ballots in other states later he is meeting tonight with supporters in Annapolis md., to begin organizing h i s Campaign for the May 16 Maryland primary one of at least to he plans to enter. There is a 12th entry on the Florida ballot and it could be crucial on March 14, when voters will be asked to by the associated press wrote an introduction to the stage of history of their own act 1h i tilt or to chairman edition of the famous Little Cord. 1948 the thoughts of Carman d Book among the Whites in the Mao i setting have mine ii Sal chinese commo United states it is Only the re nist party so most fundamental act onary ruling circles who of task was to a hold High the press the Black people. They of Minnesota a bloody sunday have changed Linn Aoa. Mao s he Rappart great red Banner of Mao tse can in no Way represent the Titi re in i Quot la George Mcgovern of South a their minds and decided to Tes ent in ll1h s r no rur Quot Tungos thought to the workers Farmers revolution pain in 20 states that other the Henry m Jackson of Tiff before a British judge in Ritac chief popu Ariz minds of the people throughout Ary intellectuals and other end a win turd in a osts a amp caul the. To country a pm a an per. Lightened persons who comprise be Seta a Delaware Limos. Missouri sen Eugene j Mccarthy of after meeting in a London. In Usi d to command it he More mag majority of pol Tan. Told the 25 governors new Jersey and Ohio a tvs communal c Are me of Mao a we omani its Are ilk. Meeting at Annapolis md., in another political develop. A. Amines Annne. Thoughts seeds and the people Are like vt�?zna.,r thnh moot Mondo. Coo c d. In 111 s of Arkansas mayors Sion was taken a in spite of our. Noums in it Mac monday that the democratic ent monday Hen. Edmund s. A a Unsay new York continued grave la Vina not imperialism will not last Long the soil wherever we go. We spokesman Michael Canavan 3 because it Dees evil the Nils must unite with the people. Elected states and still capture the various democratic presi a it text Sas Hamel Tot Lorris Briff it it a Svetlana v for the imperialist Dun tem the White House with a major do tial candidates if National f former governor of Ain s i Ord chief Justice wide Ries we should unite with their what we need is an Enthus North Carolina. By is a neither Independent nor Phoenix Ariz. Apr Peoples and s rive to coexist Sias Lic hut Calm state of mind the three republicans Are Svetlana Peters daughter of peacefully with those intense but Ordo 1> work. Nixon and reps Widgery Britain s top judge. Joseph Stalin says she dislikes do business with them and pre the vent any possible War but in Thrift should be the guiding Der no circumstances should we principle in our government a Harbor any unrealistic notions Pend iture. 1934 about them. 1957 our principle is that the Par the enemy will not perish of to commands the gun and the himself neither the chinese re gun must never be allowed to action Aries not the aggressive command the party. <1938 forces of . Imperialism in political Power grows out of China will step Down from the the barrel of the gun <1938i Filiti in Fly i j i of i lilt of the. La i in. Iii ill Wiuf Lucitt Aill Camii Iuchi a. Presidential nominee could car Muskie of mime said he would. A Ryas few As 18 of the 20 be participate in a debate Between and or it gov a or a c Wall the weather democratic chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien makes notable arrangements. Muskie generally considered the front a resident Nan in ii ii Pau Mccloskeyjr. Of cab opened his inquiry monday at communal Hung and that s the the nomination. Nad Mornja and j0n Ashbrook of Coleraine a University town 25 reason she Ani her husband a y some e1, Ohio. Miles from Londonderry and have moved into a House. Aati Lyom Clis amp a. Rain by thursday runner for been accused re a enc is Duck no debate heard counsel for the British a Sthats Why i left Russia a army deny charges that Para mrs Peters said monday of mayor Sam 5 Orty of los an n a troopers fired indiscriminately communal living a and that s Geles. However charged that Nar Collis Koki at roman catholics conducting he i it Mav from the muskies letter to o Brien was an illegal March Jan Taliesin Fellowship a a subterfuge to avoid debate c0r0na Calif a _ nine Catholic priests who ten she and husband. William a the knows a debate with All tipped a he a Telephone that a ded the wound Ltd a and by no in Wesley Peters had been living the candidates would be impose narc0ycs party was Londonderry bog Side enclave it Taliesin West where he is sible to pull off a Yorty said under Way sheriffs deputies also agreed to testify. Chief architect for the Frank a because it is impossible to get crypt up t0 the site in the foot but so soldiers meanwhile log j ngh foundation All the candidates together at Hills. Reported finding More than 5, j believe in private proper one time and location a when the deputies had the a k bul cts three plus Olaf and a mrs. Peters said. They the North Carolina Board of Encampment surrounded dept Rifici had Dan in the roof re a live a communal life at the elections nominated to demo to Fary Davidson sneaked for fast girls Schof 1 11 was d a foundation they share their in a of the demo to Gary crafts and three republicans to Ward participate in the states first he found 50 boy presidential primary May 6. Camped for the night. The Board is required by Law he apologized to nominate All known general the boys accompanied by advocated and nationally deputies departure with a tra recognized presidential Candi Dit ional scout chant. No unnecessary waiting. We fill your prescriptions promptly Calhoun drug store 1231 Mon lieu ave phone 883-41 19 scribed As one of the biggest Cortes their food their living scouts arms Cache discovered since Vervone works including the children a mrs. Peters 45, and Mothe of a 9-month-old daughter said she had tried to fit into the North Carolina weather has been on a see saw lately cold then mild and then cold again. Another change is on the Way a temperatures cold enough to bring the possibility of Snow to the higher elevations of the mountains a by wednesday. A cold front was to pass through the state to a Day and end the mild temperatures of monday and Early today. The High Point area forecast Calls for Clear skies and cold tonight with the probability of any precipitation near Zero. Tonight slow should be in the mid to upper 20s. Wednesday is expected to be rather cold with increasing cloudiness and a 30 per cent Chance of rain late in tile Day. The Outlook for thursday is of Quot rain today s High was to be in the mid to upper 50s. Wednesdays predicted High is in the mid to upper 30s. It was 46 degrees at 8 a. In. Today at Friendship. Vii president s son arrested for drugs feuding Between Northern Ireland s majority protestants and the minority catholics erupted into violence 24 years ago. Military spokesmen said the arms appeared to have been hidden by guerrillas of the outlawed Irish Republican army. Police said that the four men who accidentally blew themselves up monday were believed to have been Ira guerrillas trying to sneak a bomb into Belfast. They died when temperatures forecast three Day forecast North Carolina _ cloudiness Windy and mild Wilmington it. Cloy 52 with scattered showers today mainly in the mountains this morning. Turning cooler during the afternoon. Highs ranging North extended from the 40s in mountains to Outlook thursday through sat the 60s Over the Southeast por urday rain Likely thursday Tion. Clear or Clearing and cold ending coast Friday. Fair and or tonight lows in the 20s. Sex cold saturday. Lows mid 30s to cent Low 30s Southeast portion mid 40s at beginning becoming increasing cloudiness and cold-1 mid 20s to upper 30s. Highs up or wednesday with Chance of per 40s to near 60, becoming rain in West portion late in the Low 40s to Low 50s. Day. Precipitation possibly be Thel car exploded about two Richmond a apr agents who had sought one of Miles Southeast of the province president of Virginia tech the seven in the apartment on Elal capital says his son. Arrested and capias issued in Henrico county a fifth apparently self in charged with Possession of court told Richmond police flirted Ira death was reported marijuana in a sunday morning they smelled marijuana smoke monday a 14-year-old boy shot for Tho 24 hour ended at 7 raid was just a a casual vis also arrested were Martha $ accidentally during weapons . Dora who happened to be in the Crowder 19 of Blacksburg and training with the Ira police by the associated press raided apartment at the time five Rich monders Valeria said h l or. By. T. Marshall Hahn or. Is Louise Harmon 20, Theresa Bie five deaths brought 30 sued the statement monday Anna Williams 20 James Al Northern Ireland a 24-year 47 night in the Wake of the arrest Bert Weaver. 21 James e death Fod to 2-l including 45 49 of William Marshall Ham 22. Blanchard 24 and Carter hop Fps year. 44 of Blacksburg and six other Kins Cowan. 27. It was Cowan persons in a raid on an apart who was being sought by Hen 44 to. Ment in the 1700 Block of Llano to county for failure to a we 45 ver Avenue. Pear in court to answer charges 41 detectives from the City vice of Possession of Ltd and pos 50 squad carried out the raid after session of marijuana with in they were informed by Fri tent to distribute it. Asheville Cloudy Augusta Clear Charleston it cloy Charlotte it cloy Columbia it. Cloy Greensboro rain he Raleigh Cloudy variable Savannah Clear 53 62 57 53 61 52 55 63 communal living patter., working in the Kitchen and dining room. I did t Liko it so my husband and i talked it Over and we decided to buy our own House Quot she Sari. A so we Hough this House a a hearing Aid repairs free estimates batteries for All makes Central hearing Aid Center 3 a n mom Street to so 1683 High Point North Carolina 27261 phone 883-6151 <4 ginning As Snow in the mountains especially higher elevations. Highs ranging from 30s West to 40s and Low 50s East portion. South Carolina increasing cloudiness with Chance of showers today. Highs mostly 60s. Cloudy tonight and wednesday. Low tonight 30s. High wednesday in the 50s. Make safety first and make it list Post d High Point _ no. A that s right just a Couch and a chair. That a Why we Call it a rest rental suggestions of the week 39&Quot and 48&Quot Beds cribs port cribs wheel chairs Hospital Beds crutches All different sizes floor buffers and scrubbers 3 different sizes Shampooers. You can rent practically anything from the rental Mart 2001 n. Main St. Pm. 15-423 a oui Amity mute Cru. R we never forget what a rare privilege our profession offers us a the Opportunity to help others when they Ort unable to help themselves. When families Call us for assistance we Are deeply honoured and determined to deserve their Trust. 222 my Telephone 885-5045 Chestnut drive at Broad Avenue min going to Tennessee 14/e pre too Memphis Nashville Knoxville daily schedules Continental trailways also serves i these cities Chattanooga Gatlinburg Oakridge Cookeville Lebanon Jackson Union bus terminal too Lindsay Street highpoint n c. Pm 882-2000 i Mil ways easiest travel on Earth 2?

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