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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy mild More data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 52 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A monday afternoon february 21, 1972 22 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume Mokes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every on cardiac emergency o. Please give us first Aid treatment for a heart patient As this would be very helpful to wives especially in the Middle of the night if their husband should have a heart attack. Anon. A. Citing the fact that one half of the people who die of heart attacks never reach any medical care. A local heart specialist says that one member of each household should know the abcs of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This can be Learned through first Aid courses offered through the american red Cross or g t i. A is for Airway. B stands for breathing Mouth to Mouth. C is for cardiac Massage closed Chest method. The abcs would save Many of them says the doctor s nce most causes of sudden death Are now treatable if the abcs can be applied until definitive treatment can be accomplished if vomiting occurs the persons head should be turned to the Side to prevent aspiration. After making sure the airways Are Clear the victim May breathe More easily if is or her Back is propped up by pillows. A doctor should be called immediately and an ambulance with oxygen equipment to take the patient to the Hospital. Until help arrives keep the patient quiet As exertion puts More Strain on the heart. Keep excited people away and speak reassuringly As he is undoubtedly in a terrified state. It stands to reason that More than one member of a household should learn the abcs in the event the one who took the course is the one who needs resuscitation. The Middle Man action line has received Calls from two persons one offering to help the distraught woman a a personal emergency which appeared in the february 4 column and the other with a suggestion for the family who wanted a heme occupation a Moonlight no at Home a feb. Ii. If the two who asked the questions will Call action line Back and give us your name and address we will Forward the Telephone numbers to you a bookkeeping problem 0. Why i it on dealing direct distance Calls i so frequently get a Busy signal on a number before i have completed dealing the number. This its especially a problem during the furniture markets. Abc. A the automatic toll ticklers Are Busy says a Telephone company spokesman. Those Are the machines automatically Billing the number from which the Call is made As you re placing the Call since the growth of Dod Calls was so phenomenal the equipment additions were not sufficient so the company within the next six months is adding to More units to accommodate More Calls. It it i should he humidify q. Please give me some information on a Humidifier. Will they help someone with allergy to dust of you have a problem with mildew and sweating windows will a Humidifier increase this problem mrs. A. A we Hope you Are under the care of an allergy specialist who can be of More help in prescribing Relief. If your House is already plagued with mildew and sweating windows a Humidifier would compound the problem. Perhaps an air purifier that dispenses with dust electrostatically would be Worth investigating a it i alcoholics Anonymous 0. This is very important and i need an answer at once. Do they have an alcoholic Anonymous for women in High Point anon. A. Yes. They meet every monday at 2 p m at St. Mary a episcopal Church located at n. Main and we. Farriss Avenue. It Bethe paper logger q. Somebody told me you can make logs for the fireplace out of old newspapers. Can you Tell me How mrs. . A the reference librarians tried without Luck to find a clue in paper Craft books. Apparently you need a special roller tool that makes a compact Cylinder of the newspapers with air passages to allow even burning and binders to hold them. Magazines and newspapers carry ads of those Selling them. One is Anthony enterprises hg-1, 595 Market St., san Francisco. Calif. 94105. Another is grahams of Florida. 3273 North Dixie hwy., fort Lauderdale Fla. 33308 re action in answer to your question in the paper about cats to the party that is interested in it i have always had a cat in my Home and Ever since i was born and my Mother acid father had cats and i am 6 foot tall and weigh 250 pounds and am 35-Vears-old and healthy As an of. So done to think cats could Hurt anybody. Please Call if further information is need and i have big Brothers and a big father and Mother and we have always had cats. Thank you. B filings Cut off Raleigh apr four candidates for governor filed today shortly before the state Board of elections closed out its filing books for the May 6 primary. Added to the last Day Rush was the scheduled meeting this afternoon of the state Board to nominate candidates for North Carolinas first presidential primary May 6. All nationally recognized candidates were expected to be nominated for the presidential primary. Filing today for governor were democrats Wilbur Hobby president of the state Al Cio and Gene i Eggett. A former american party official and now Leader of one pro George Wallace faction in North Carolina arbs Pettyjohn of Elkin state chairman of the american party As a candidate from that party and Thomas e Chappell of Guilford College As a Republican. The late filers also included Ruth Jones of Rocky mount president of the North Carolina association of educators who is seeking election As superintendent of Public instruction As a Democrat another Democrat. John Howard o Connell a research assistant for the National Laboratory for higher education in Durham also filed for the state school superintendents Post incumbent school supt Craig Phillips also a Democrat is seeking reelection candidates flocked to the elections Board office As the noon deadline approached to get their names entered for jobs ranging from governor to local courts elections director Alex Brock said All presidential candidates nominated by the Board would be notified and must return an acceptance and a $1,000 filing fee by March 6 to get their names on the primary ballot. Presidential Hatfull win a not nominated by the Board can get on the ballot by submitting a petition signed by at least 10,-000 voters. Petition drives Are being conducted for former North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford and Alabama gov. George Wallace. Asks a Long March together1 Nixon reaches China president Nixon and chinese Premier ii of Fri i shake hands at peking Airport a if when meets Mao and Chou moved into the downtown area several thousand people could by seen at least a Block away in the streets a Hin i the Central Marke and the new railway station t Ere were no Barri Cades. But the police apparently keying hem Hack. Lien an men Square the huge v be Tirse in front of t e forbidden City of the emperors that can hold half a million people had several Hundred workers and stoppers mostly on bicycles during their noon lunch break. A a a by Frank Cormier associated press writer peking map president Nixon met today with China Stop leaders holding separate talks with Mao tse Tung and Chou in Iai. Then at a banquet in his Honor he said be was appealing to them to a Start a Long March together with the United states toward peace. A not in the president said Quot but on different roads toward the same both sides acknowledged the wide differences Between communist China and capitalist americ but both expressed a desire for peaceful relations without compromising principles. Nixon a remarks were made at an informal banquet Given by the chinese for him and mrs. Nixon in the great Hall of the people off to one Side of Tien an men Square the Square of heavenly peace. At the banquet. Chou spelled out China s terms for the establishment of diplomatic relations Between Washngton and peking and the president told Chou there is no need for the i United states and China to be enemies. As they have been for the past 20 years. It was the final event of Nix on s historic arrival Day on the chinese Mainland As the first american president Ever to do so. He had spent an hour with chairman Mao. The 78-year-old supreme Leader of chinese communism afterwards the meeting was described As Quot Frank and serious Quot by both the americans and the chinese. In communist phraseology Frank and serious usually Means disagreement. Then the president conferred with Premier Chou. Next came the banquet for the Nixon and the other americans with them. A chinese band played american and Chines tunes and the Nixon ate with chopsticks. Chou sat next to the Nixon during the dinner and made his proposals for diplomatic relations in his toasts. Americans and chinese Are both great Peoples who have always been Friendly to each other a shut owing to reasons known to All. The contacts Between the two Peoples were suspended for Over 20 Chou said. But he added the Gates to Friendship have been opened by a desire of both americans and chinese for a relaxation of tensions. A the social systems of China and of the United states Are fundamentally different and there Are great differences Between the two governments a Chou said. Quot however these differences should not hinder China and the United states from establishing Normal relations on the basis of five principles ill of Mutual rested for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations 2 of Mutual no aggression. 3 of noninterference in internal affairs 141 of Mutual Equality and 5 of peaceful these Are the Points that Chou Laid Down at the Bandung conference in 1955. This was an asian nonaligned meeting in Bandung Indonesia. Nixon responded to Chou s Toast by noting that if China and the United states remain enemies Hie future of the world is dark he said common interests bring the United states and China together now to tras rend their differences. A was we discuss our the president added. Quot neither of us will Compromise our principles. Although we cannot close the Gulf Between us we can try to Bridge it so that we May Fie Able to talk across it. Quot and so let us in these next live Days Start a Long March together not in lockstep but on different roads to the same goal a goal of building a world Structure of peace and Justice in which All May stand together with equal dignity in which each nation Large or Small has a right to determine its own form of government free of outside interference or domination the world watches the world listens the world Waits to see what we will do a Nixon asserted. Near the Start of his response to Chou a Toast Nixon had declared a what we say Here will not be Long remembered. What see Nixon on Page 2 a Hobby enters race for . Governor Sanford will permit _1 . President gets lukewarm name on . Ballot j reception in communist China Durham. N. C. A former North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford considers himself a serious candidate for the democratic presidential nomination and plans to let his name go on the states presidential primary ballot. A this is an extremely Long shot but i think it has some Bare possibilities that make it Sanford said in an interview in the sunday edition of the Raleigh news and observer the president of Duke University also said that he has no interest in the vice presidency. He sees himself As an alternative candidate in Case the National democratic convention deadlocks Over the major candidates. A the possibility is real that the convention could become deadlocked Between the major he said. Sanford listed the choices As sen. Edmund Muskie sen. Hubert it it it by the associated press president Nixon s arrival in peking was ignored by North Vietnam today assailed by nationalist China and watched closely by a Japan that seemed to regret that a japanese Leader did no to get there first. Soviet newspapers refrained from comment. Japanese prime minister Eis Aku Sato stayed in his official residence in Tokyo to watch a live telecast from the chinese capital showing Nixon shaking hands with Premier Chou in Humphrey sen. George Mcgovern. New York mayor John Lindsay. Sen. Henry Jackson and sen. Ted Kennedy. A Muskie and Humphrey Are the front runners. The others Are the Compromise candidates Kennedy is not running but is doing things that naturally put h s name before the convention. Quot of Muskie and Humphrey deadlock the convention would look to Mcgovern or Jackson. See Sanford on Page 2 a Bot s inside amusements 10a Bridge 10a classified ads 6-9b comics a crossword 10a editorials 4a obituaries 2b sports 3-sb television a women s news 6-8a weather 3a Tai on his arrival at peking Airport Sato would say Only a it must be a historic event since he Nixon himself says Sato has been rebuffed repeatedly by the chinese in his attempts at rapprochement. Japanese newspapers used Banner headlines to describe the Nixon visit while millions of japanese watched the welcoming scenes in peking relayed by tv7 satellite. Japanese officials were reported concerned that Nixon s talks with chinese leaders by Hugh Mulligan a special correspondent peking apr president Nixon a Welcome to the Peoples Republic of China was a lot like peking a Febrian weather not exactly warm but several degrees above the Frost level. Shivering under a wan Winter Sun a thin red line of officials witnessed the historic handshake that Nixon extended to Premier Chou in Iai As he came Down the red carpeted Steps from the spirit if 1776 this was the hand that John Foster Dulles refused to shake at the 1954 Geneva conference on Indochina saying it was a hand that had a liquidated a millions of after Nixon Shook hands with other officials he and Chou moved Down the line to inspect the Honor guard from the Peoples revolutionary army and air Force. Chairman Mao tse Tyng was t in the Airport reception might leave Japan on the sidelines of International political developments. In other reaction nationalist China a National Assembly passed a Resolution assailing Nixon strip to peking which it said has Quot deeply damaged the chinese National rights and the Assembly Taiwan s highest representative body is in session in Taipei to elect a president and vice president for nationalist China. Premier Chiang Kai Shek has announced his readiness to step Down but has been urged to continue in office. Committee hut his Pudgy countenance beamed Down from the Glass walled Airport terminal on the unfamiliar spectacle of an american Flag flying at the same height As the five starred Flag of his people s Republic. A tall tartar d a drum major in a fur Cap raised aloft a Long brass Baton topped with a fluttering red Flag and the red army band responded with the Star spangled Banner then followed with the volunteers song the Anthem of red China. Throughout the 15-minute Airport ceremony mrs. Nixon in her Republican red cloth coat chatted through an interpreter with mrs. Lin Chia Mei wife of the vice Premier who wore sensible workers shoes and a Mao Type trouser Sun. Peking where people Power is always available shows the warmth of its Welcome by the masses of people turned out for a demonstration. On special occasions like the birthday of the Republic the chinese have been known to Parade 3 million people through Tien an men Square in demonstrations that sometime take three Days to pass the Gate of heavenly peace by these standards. Nixon a arrival in peking was a lonely affair. Certainly there was nothing like the half a million people who turned out to Greet Premier Pham Van Dong it i North Vietnam in november. During the 20-mile motorcade from the Airport Only handfuls of workers looked up from their chores in the wintry Gray Fields of the communes or peeked out through factory Gates. On Side roads horse drawn trailers carried fertilizer and piles of scrub Wood. The motorcade passed Burma Snave style signs of successive chinese characters affirming Solidarity with the Peoples revolutionary parties in Asia. Africa and latin America. As the Black limousines japanese watch closely n. Vietnam ignores trip people who Are the Backbone of North clutching a fistful of $1 Bills Hobby told a news conference his $385 filing fee marked the Start of a the hardest fought Campaign Ever waged. A i will speak out for the poor average taxpayer who now has no voice and for those who wish real Progress for our state a Hobby said. Hobby who said he would retain his Job As president of the state Al Cio said he was a not a special interest a i will discuss the problems in this state and seek the support of not Only the More than 140.000 Union members in this state but also the hundreds of thousands of Plain people who Are the Backbone of North Carolina but who do not receive fair treatment from the big boys in our he said. Six other democrats already be Hobby on Page 2-a Raleigh a labor Leader Wilbur Hobby filed today As a democratic candidate for governor for those a hundreds of thousands of Plain Wilbur Hobby

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