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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy colder wednesday More data on Page 5a 88th year a no. 53 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon february 22, 1972 28 pages Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 88s-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25c to i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in Cate of the Enterprise every request is con. Side red but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Ski requirements q. Could you please Tell me the requirements for joining the state Bureau of investigation what education is required Etc.? of you would do this it would help me very much. Thank you. D. A. A. The minimum acceptable experience and training includes two years of College work supplemented by four years of investigative experience or graduation from a four year College or University and two years of investigative experience or a degree in Law and or accounting. The person must be a Legal resident of the state not Over 35. The applicant should possess some knowledge of the criminal statutes of n. And courtroom procedures used in the investigation of violations of criminal statutes. They should have the ability to present information fully and accurately in Oral and written form to learn How to use various types of equipment and materials used in investigative work to acquire knowledge of human psychology proper methods of interrogation to evaluate evidence of crime establish and maintain favourable working relationships with other Law enforcement officers and agencies and to follow Oral and written instructions. There s More. But we re winded. Or party planning q. Is there any place in High Point besides the roller rink you can rent to have parties i would like to know this by March la As we want to have a party then. I would really love for you to find out some places where we could have a party. S. M. A. So Many restaurants have separate rooms for private parties we suggest you resort to the yellow pages and canvass the list until you of to the accommodations you want or can afford. The list won t be so staggering when you eliminate the Short order eateries and concentrate on the larger restaurants. Outside of commercial locations we re stuck. The City Lake gym is in use too much now to spare it for a private party. It in youth Leader training o. I am a youth Leader in a Church Here and have heard that there was a new Agency that helps youth leaders in our area. I would like to know How i could get in touch with them. Mrs. S. D. A. We expect you want to get in touch with Nido Qubein and associates inc. The office is located at ii w. Green drive Telephone 888-7154. They will be teaching the courses for youth workers shortly to begin at Guilford technical Institute. It Ieie depends on the blonde 0. Is it really True that blondes have More fun in life d. R. P. A. Than who blonde girls might have More fun than Bald headed girls but then so would brunettes. Or or or take the Safe route q. I am giving my teen age daughter a birthday party and my problem is this should i leave these teen agers alone during the party or stay there and be hostess. It would be in a building with Only one Large room and i can t disappear without their being alone. Anon. A. A lot would depend on which end of the teen years your daughter s age is nearest but wed say your presence is recommended that does t necessarily mean Center stage with your eyes scanning the scene like a Bank camera but we believe other parents would appreciate an adult in the background. A a a he gets no Points q. My husband recently got a speeding ticket in Florida and he also had a wreck about three weeks ago in Georgia and was charged with it and wondered if these charges would appear on his North Carolina License Driver s License report As i was just kind of curious anon. A. The fact he was involved in a wreck May appear on his record but he would not be assessed Points Here for an out of state violation according to the Highway patrol. Joe Kennedy on hijacked Jet Aden apr five palestinian hijackers with Sticks of dynamite hand grenades and pistols held the oldest son of the late Robert f. Kennedy with 135 other men aboard a West German jumbo Jet today. They described themselves As members of the Palestine liberation Force the government of India reported. The plane had taken off from new Deli. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy said through a spokesman in Washington that he had been advised by a yemeni official that arrangements had been made for the release of All the male passengers. British base blast kills seven persons Aldershot. England api a seven persons were blown to pieces today in a bomb blast at the British army s biggest base. The Irish Republican army announced it was responsible. An army spokesman said five women employees an officer and a male civilian were killed. Sixteen persons were wounded. The explosion came about to minutes before lunch and few officers were there. The 1st battalion of the 16th paratroop brigade which had Headquarters on the base participated in the a bloody sunday incident in Londonderry Northern Ireland or Jan so when 13 Irish civilians were killed. The iraqi news Agency reported from the capital of Southern Yemen that three arabs have planted explosives in the plane to keep police at Bay. The United states appealed to the International red Cross and the British government to seek release of the passengers. Joseph Kennedy 19, was flying Home after a visit to Bangladesh with his Uncle sen. Edward m. Kennedy. A mass. He remained in India after the senator had left. Sen. Kennedy said in Washington shortly after the hijacking he did no to think there is any reason to believe his Nephew is in any danger a at this the senator appeared with Joseph s Mother Ethel Kennedy at the family s Home in Mclean. Va., outside Washington to talk to newsmen. Mahmood Aras director general of civil aviation in Southern Yemen denied reports that All passengers except Kennedy had been released from the plane. He said a the situation at present is that nobody is allowed to approach the aircraft except Egypt s Middle East news Agency later reported from Aden that there Are live hijackers aboard the plane not three As previously reported. Diplomats in Beirut said the hijackers were demanding the release of four palestinians on trial in Cairo for the assassination of Premier Wasfi Tell of Jordan. But the palestinian prisoners. While hailing the hijacking As a a heroic deed a ruled out the possibility that the action was carried out to secure their release. A if we were being tried in a foreign country it could have been possibly done for said Munzir Khalifa one of the prisoners. A but we arc in the heart of the Arab world and i m sure the hijacking of that jumbo has nothing to do with our detention a Middle East news Agency dispatch said the Leader of the hijackers Youssef Khatib. Is a professional Pilot. The Agency confirmed that women and children among the 172 passengers aboard the Boeing 747 were allowed to leave at Aden. Southern Yemen s foreign minister. Mohammed Salon Aflaki was reported by the egyptian Agency to be negotiating to insure the safety of the 119 male passengers and 16 Crew members. The plane was hijacked one hour out from new Delhi on the flight to Athens and Frankfurt. The flight originated in Tokyo. Aras. The South Yemen aviation official said passengers who remained on the aircraft had received food and drink Joseph Kennedy 1971 photo talk for four hours Nixon and Chou take up problems of two nations by Frank Cormier associated press writer feeling apr president Nixon and Premier Chou in Lai conferred nearly four hours today apparently sounding out each other on the problems that separate their two countries in the evening president and mrs. Nixon accompanied by mme. Cd Niang Ching wife of chairman Mao tse Tung attended a modern revolutionary Ballet in the great Hall of the people unlike toe largely ceremonial meeting monday Nixon and Chou sat Down in the great Pat Nixon tries Hano at chopsticks in peking hotel Kitchen a chinese woman covers her face in obvious amusement a Wirt photo Pat Nixon visits hotel kitchens Hall of the people with Only close advisers present. This indicated that they were buckling Down to the hard questions of where Thuv disagree. Chou s remarks of the first Day suggesting a normalization of relations gave Hope that something Concrete May emerge from Nixon s visit to China. For the first time. The chinese press gave extensive coverage of the visit with pictures of Nixon with Mao and with Chou. Their meeting room today was Small and conducive to an Exchange of opinions instead of the line of easy chairs in which they posed for photographers monday they faced each other across a rectangular table Only a few feet wide and with Only a few aides and interpreters present. Hen a a Kissinger he president s adviser on National Security was at his right and Secretary of state William p. Rogers was at his left. To atmosphere at the outset was Jovial and Friendly and All laughed with relish during the Brief picture taking before the leaders got Down to business. Meanwhile. Mrs Nixon began her sightseeing with a visit to the kitchens of the famed peking hotel a Citadel of mandarin cuisine she displayed obvious pleasure at everything she saw and everything she tasted. Later the first i Ady paid a Surprise visit to the peking zoo. The local press and radio had ignored the arrival of the presidential party on monday but today the american visitors were the big Story. A chairman Mao meets president Nixon said the headline across the top of the front Page of the peking people s daily the newspaper of the communist party and China a most important journal. And beneath that headline the entire front Page was devoted to the meet a mime Between Nixon and Mao tse Tung and the other events of the presidents first Day in China. There were three pictures on the front Page and four More inside of Nixon with Mao. Nixon Wilh Chou and the banquet which Chou gave monday night for the Nixon and most of the americans who came with them. The Peoples daily also ran the texts of Chou s Toast to the president at the banquet and Nixon s in reply. 13 nominated for presidential primary ballot what will be China visits Impact on november voting it s not for rent q. Who does the property belong to on the Corner of n. Elm and w. Ray As i am interested in renting it for a Garden space thank you. Mrs. W. A. B. A. The local real estate firm handling this property has had a number of Calls from people interested in leasing it for different reasons but the out of town owners do not want to lease it. Sound off q i just wanted to Tell you that they Are starting the 25th of february at the arts and crafts at the Ferndale Junior High school a course of knitting needlework crocheting Etc. Thank you. Mrs. K. By Hugh a. Mulligan a special correspondent peking a in the family tradition of Kitchen diplomacy Pat Nixon made a tasting tour today of the kitchens of the famed peking hotel the Mother House of chinese haute cuisine a this is marvelous i think i la sit Down and finish the whole bowl a exclaimed the first lady deftly Locking her chopsticks into a morsel of Chicken breast simmering in a soy and mushroom sauce. All the Little chefs in their Little White Mao Caps beamed with revolutionary Pride As the president s lady nibbled at random in the spotless White tiled kitchens. There were goldfish in White sauce egg Rolls rampant on a Field i seaweed steamed baby Birds co chant on Clam Shell see Pat Nixon on 2-a by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Nikita s. Khrushchev boasted that he kept Richard m. Nixon out of the White House in 1961. That May not have been True. However this is again a presidential election year and people Are going to be wondering whether president Nixon s trios to peking and Moscow will have any particular Impact on the november voting. The answer May depend on what develops from the presidents talks with Mao tse Tung and Chou in Lai and then in May with their archrival the soviet leaders. In memoirs attributed to him and published under the title a Khrushchev remembers a the former soviet Premier recalled that six months before the 1960 elections the United states was jolted by the news that the russians had shut Down a 12 Spolar Ani imprisoned the Pilot. The incident blew apart Khrushchev s Summit meeting with president Dwight i. Eisenhower before it could Start. In 1961 Eisenhower s successor John f. Kennedy met with Khrushchev at Vienna. The Khrushchev Book says he told Kennedy that the soviet Union cast a the deciding ballot Quot when Kennedy Defeated Nixon. The account adds a i explained that by waiting to release u2 Pilot Gary Powers until after the american election we kept Nixon from being Able to claim that he could Deal with the russians. Our policy made the difference of at least a half million votes which gave Kennedy the Edge he Nixon was vice president in the Eisenhower administration. Khrushchev s calculation was of course highly debatable. Even if Mao and Chou have no particular preference in the 1972 election they must know that their actions have a sizable political Wallop in the West whether for Nixon or against him. President Harry s. Truman was re elected in 1948 while the russians had West Berlin under blockade. Stalin had brought the cold War to the Point of a major threat to world peace. Was that a Factor in Truman s margin0 in 1952 Eisenhower promised that it elected he would go to Korea and end the bloodshed Between the communists and . Forces. Was that a decisive Factor at a time when the american nation was Bone tired of War and killing0 by opening the door to what appears to be a reconciliation with the United states after 22 years of deep and ominous hos see what on Page 2 a Raleigh a ten democrats and three republicans Are being offered a Chance to run in North Carolinas first presidential primary May 6. The Al candidates were nominated for the primary ballot monday by the North Carolina Board of elections elections director Alex Brock will notify each nominee and the candidates will then have until March 6 to notify the Board of their willingness to enter the primary and return a $1,000 filing fee. Democrats nominated by the Board were Alabama gov George Wallace sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine. Sen Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota sen. Henry Jackson of Washington sen George Mcgovern of South Dakota former sen. Eugene Mccarthy of Minnesota. Rep. Wilbur Mills of Arkansas. Rep. Shirley Chisholm of new York former North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford and new York mayor John Lindsay. Republicans Choen were president Nixon rep. Paul Mecloskey of California and rep. John Ashbrook of Ohio. The Board chose eight democrats arid two republicans with Little discussion but delayed its decision on Sanford Lindsay and Ashbrook. Irater in the meeting Board chairman Brian Scott announced that the Board had decided to add the three but he would not say what the vote had been or what criteria had been used in the decision. The Board voted 4-1 to exclude sen ted Kennedy. A Mas from the ballot since he publicly has disclaimed any interest in entering state primaries and has said he is not a presidential candidate. Under the Law the Board must nominate All generally advocated and nationally recognized candidates for president. What s inside amusements .7b Bridge 8a classified ads 7-11b comics 6b crossword 12b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 3 so television so women s news 6 7a weather 5a the group decided that there were no american party candidates which fit this category. Candidates not nominated by the Board can get their names on the primary ballot by submitting a petition signed by 10,-000 qualified voters. Brock said however that he knows of Only three petition drives a for Nixon. Wallace and Sanford a and All three were nominated for the ballot. A a a governor candidates reach 13 Raleigh a api a Field of 13 candidates will compete in three different gubernatorial primaries in North Carolina May 6 seven democrats four republicans and two american party candidates had signed up to run for governor by the time the filing ended at noon monday. Secretary of state Thad Eure said a that is the largest number of candidates for governor in any election year since passage of the primary Law in j915 a both Republican and democratic parties will have to conduct primaries in the race for the u s. Senate and All eleven incumbent congressmen will face challenges either from members of their own or an opposition party. The democrats running for governor Are former state sen. Hargrove a a skipper Bowles it. Gov. Pat Taylor Charlotte dentist Reginald Hawkins author Nancy Roberts of Charlotte state Al Cio president Wilbur Hobby former american party official Gene Leggett of markers Island and Eden teacher Zeb Vance Kitchin Dickson Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Are Rocky mount businessman Jim Gardner state rep. James Holshouser of Boone Leroy Gibson of Jacksonville. An insurance Salesman and founder of the rights of White people and Thomas e. Chappell of Guilford College see governor on 2-a

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