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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A peach includes study of cancer heart disease High Point Enterprise tuesday february 22, 1972 3asearch for cure to major diseases leading to virus Field editor s note Laboratory work around the world is producing evidence that the virus which causes such commonplace illnesses As the cold and the flu May be the deadly enemy responsible for a Host of Man s most lethal diseases including cancer. Here is the first of two articles detailing the place of the virus in disease and what is being done to combat it. By Brian Sullivan a science writer new York a the virus infections Mankind knows bests colds influenza even polio May be Only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface the suspicion is growing that viruses May play a vital role in a Broad Range of diseases Many of them the most serious of Many Sills. And further it May be that some viruses Are part of our Normal genetic equipment rather than an outside invader. Here Are two major aspects of the virus Story a some scientists think they Are closing in on detecting a human cancer virus. And there is an important theory that we Are All born with seeds of this virus As part of our natural inheritance. A a leading heart expert has said that viruses May do the original damage to children and Young adults that eventually results in heart attacks and arteriosclerosis. These two diseases heart disease and cancer Are the no. I and no. 2 killers of americans. Now add to them these serious diseases All of them suspected by some scientists of being linked to viruses arthritis diabetes. Hodgkin a disease juvenile arthritis perhaps immunological and degenerative diseases of the Central nervous system. There has been a burst of activity in the virus Fields recently most dramatically in the suspected link Between viruses and cancer. In Congress at the heart of some of the research is the striking theory that every cell contains the seeds of cancer that we Are born with these seeds in us in the form of genetic ingredients. The genetic ingredient would be a Gene the unit of heredity that is coded for the production of a cancer virus. Normally some cellular mechanism a repressor keeps this Gene in Check. Then something triggers the Gene the virus is produced and the end result is cancer. A virus itself is a nucleus of rna or Dan both nucleic acids surrounded with a coat of protein. It cannot exist apart from the cell it infects unlike bacteria. Viruses seems to be on the Border Between and nonliving things. The theory is called the a Oncogene theory a from the word oncology the study of tutors and the word Gene. It has been put Forth by two scientists at the National cancer Institute or. Robert j. Huebner and or. George j. Todaro. Up to now various laboratories have reported associations Between viruses and such cancers As cancer of the breast and cervix leukaemia. Hodgkin a disease Sarcoma a form that primarily affects connective tissue and Bone and Bur kites Lymphoma found widely among children in Uganda Africa. In recent weeks and months scientists at a number of institutions around the country have reported finding what could prove to be a human cancer virus but there is robust disagreement among the scientists about the various claims but t a Daro for one. Is sceptical about Many of the claims noting at an International virology meeting that cancer viruses a come and Todaro and others cautioned against any impression that a cure for cancer was on the horizon. The work suggests that if cancer is ultimately to be controlled some Way will have to be found to interfere with the mechanism that switches on the Oncogene a Way to manipulate the Gene to keep the body a natural defense mechanism its immunity system working Cor re ctr a. This would be a Long Way off. While a link Between viruses and cancer has been suspected there is now the surprising suggestion that there May be a link Between viruses and arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. The suggestion comes from a leading cardiologist or. Coerce in Burch head of the department of Medicine at Tulane University in new Orleans. He has discussed his ideas in leading medical journals in this country and Britain. In heart disease his theory runs virus infections in children and Young adults cause damage to the arteries of the heart which results in scarring and ultimately Over the years turning into arteriosclerotic lesions. Arteriosclerosis is marked by lesions. Clumps of fat in the Walls of the arteries thereby narrowing the arteries and interfering with the blood flow. This leads to heart attacks using a virus called Coxsackie virus the b-5 Strain. Or. Burch and his colleagues have produced damage in the coronary arteries of mice. Coxsackie virus among other viruses is responsible for Many of the common respiratory and intestinal infections of children. This is not to dispute the findings that have linked such factors As diet or High blood pres sure with heart disease. The idea is that the virus infection is the initial insult to the artery. Which is then aggravated by. Say a diet High in cholesterol. The same virus Coxsackie b-4, also has been indicted As a possible cause of diabetes. Diabetes has been considered a genetic disorder passed on to offspring. The virus theory does not again repudiate this Factor because there could be a genetic predisposition or susceptibility to the virus. As virus research expands increasing attention is being Given to viruses As possible causes of diseases of the nervous system. Some of the a diseases May result from an unusual response by the body to Well known viruses some May be caused by so called a slow slow viruses apparently have a very Long incubation period not producing any symptoms of disease for months or years Affler Thev invade the body. For watch repair and jewelry j. W. Leonard jewellers phone 454-1401 located in the Bow Stafford bldg. Jamestown n. C. Poor attendance brings reaction Washington api a proposal to kick members out of Congress if they miss More than 30 per cent of the Roll Calls during a session has spotlighted a serious problem for House and Senate leaders absenteeism. The refusal of Many members to attend sessions unless they feel it absolutely necessary has effectively limited the congressional work week to three Days and interferes with even that limited Effort. Frustrated by the dragging legislative Pace of the Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield delivered an unprecedented Tongue lashing to that body earlier this month calling its record this year abominable. A sometimes i wonder How much of a conscience this body has a said Mansfield. A sometimes i wonder How they can delay How they can postpone. Low individual senators can think of themselves Foremost and the Senate House speaker Carl Albert has been trying without Success for a year to keep the House in session at least two fridays a month. But the chairmen refuse to Call up their Bills on fridays because too Many members will be absent. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith. A Maine blew the whistle on tier colleagues last december a proposing a constitutional amendment providing for expulsion of any member of Congress who misses 40 per cent of the votes in a session. She reproduced it this month with fight co sponsors. Now rep. Bob Price. A Tex. Las joined the Campaign with an amendment introduced last week upping the required attendance to 70 per cent of the Roll Calls. The problem however is not so much with missed Roll Calls As with getting Bills up so the Roll can be called. In the Senate with unlimited debate votes Are continually being put off by keeping the talk going to suit the convenience of members or the strategy of the opposing sides. In the House where strict limits on debate prevent any delay in voting chairmen with important or controversial Bills wont bring them up until they think the time is Ripe and then Only in midweek. In the last Congress a major Bill had to be taken off the Calendar at the last minute because the recently married chairman h Ndang it had promised his in a look at the fall foliage in new England and it at its Peak that week. Senators and representatives always answer complaints about absenteeism and the Short congressional work week by saying they have to spend time in their Home districts in order to be re elected. But Mansfield reminded the senators that they Are elected to look after the interests of the people in their states. Now Many Wear false Teeth with More Comfort they know a denture adhesive can help. Fas Teeth powder Given dentures a longer firmer steadier hold. You feel More comfortable eat More naturally. Why worry get fas Teeth denture adhesive powder. Dentures that fit Are essential to health Bee your dentist regularly. Ask your minister he should know. According to our encyclopedia music became a part of this old world in the year 374 . And will go on forever. This leads us to say that Nash jewelry and loan has a full line of guitars both Plain and electric. Drum sets amplifiers cymbals Auto harps bugles Harmonicas and French harps. Nash jewelry and loan co. 127 North main St. We Honor All Bank credit cards for every 5,000 North carolinians there is i state patrolman. For every 5,000 North carolinians there Are i a dentists. For every 5,000 North carolinians there Are 3 firemen. For every 5,000 North carolinians there Are 414 wac hogians. Which makes sense. Because people go to the Bank More often than they Dent fenders Chip Teeth or have fires. And Wachovia is More people s Bank. So it takes More of us to serve All 500,000 of our customers. Especial i by the Way we do it. One at a time. Wachovia Bank amp Trust . A Niuro to be of onion the movie a Cromwell Quot starring Richard Harriss and Alec Gaines to be presented by the High Point arts Council and is Mode possible by Wachovia. 9 00 . Adults $2.00 students $1.00, proceeds go to the Art theatre. Wednesday March 1st, two showings Only. 7 00 and

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