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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and cold today and monday More data on Page 4-d 88th year a no. 51 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. Cd a sunday morning february 20, 1972 126 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads. 8852177 All other department 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every re on q. I would love to Volunteer services to go around to the aged and try to cheer them up or help with mentally retarded or something like that. I have two children that i would have to take along with . I am an Len and a beautician still licensed and think i can be of great service to somebody. N. S. A. A wow a was the spontaneous response to your offer to the Volunteer using agencies we referred it to. For a Start you can get in touch with mrs. Virginia Mortimer at the housing authority office 885-4041. She has spearheaded the Quot Mobile meals for the elderly and handicapped which the , Council of jewish women and the United Church women Are co sponsoring and getting organized. need All the volunteers they can get to help the ambulatory elderly get to the neighbourhood schools for their meal or to take the meals to those who can to get out. The assignments of volunteers will be geared to their preferences. Some May choose to pick up As Many people As possible others might prefer to take Only one or two meals to those confined so they can visit with them while they eat a very important aspect of the program. Mrs. Mortimer suggests that through this group you will find exposure to Many agencies. It can be a springboard to finding ways to use your special talents with your children along that will bring you satisfaction and be a real service to others As Well. You be made a Good Start in cheering up the agencies. Pork we re not All bad be. Something happened to the other Day which i feel people should know about. While i was at work someone stole the distributor Cap and rotary pin out of car and it would not Start. Many people passed by and did t help about three did Stop and asked if they could help but they did not know How to fix it. Then out of no place two men came up and they said a can i help you lr4 and i said a i Don t know of you Are not a i. Hank i Don t think you could be very much help Well they wired the right wires to the right things and it seemed like a Miracle and i feel that people should know about it. I feel so Good about it i want the Public to know there Are a few Good people in High Point and those people who stole it i Don t know what use it would be to them. A. If we can just keep the Good Guys outnumbering the bad Guys. A Chicken a la Yuch huh q. The Enterprise had tonight the nauseating Story about the poultry not being inspected and i expect there Are a lot of people with an upset stomach. Who has charge of this and what is the main office that you would write do us All a favor and print the address. Why Don t they fire the people that Are responsible for such conditions As exist in North Carolinas Chicken being bathed in filth and mucus and maggots and Why Haven t they been fired and new people replace them of you did that in Industry you would soon lose your Job and we Are paying their salaries and i for one am in favor of firing them All and hiring some new ones. Thank you. Old Chicken eater. A. You can write the meat and poultry inspection service . Department o f agriculture . Box 670, Raleigh . 27602. Or. R. R. Miller is state director. A do re mifa. Q. Is there a music Camp where teen agers can go during the summer and where would it be located and How much would it Cost and this is very important to thank you. A. Mrs. Ted Schubert of the musical arts club said she has a brochure and application form for the Cannon music Camp sponsored b y appalachian state University. If you would like to have it Call her at 882-6552, and Shell be glad to Send it. A Fine numbered Friend q. On saturday feb. La a Bird flew into our picture window and stunned it temporarily and it was different from the Birds we usually see around our House. It looks like an English Sparrow about the same size but had a red color on the head breast body and Back. My Little girl went out and picked the Bird up and brought it in the House and we discovered that it had a Silver band on it and the number was 77 Over the number 52309 on the band on his leg. My daughter was interested in finding out if you could help us discover what Experiment this Bird was connected with. Thank you. Or s. F. L. A. The president of the Catesby Bird club Bill says you can Send the numbers on the Var option of the Bird and the Circum a rounding the discovery to the p ish and dim service department of the Interior Shin Gin . After checking their records Yah return a card to you telling where and it a the Bird was banded. The service maintains ration and other records and will be interested Lear that Bird 77-52309 is alive and Well thou Sibly suffering a headache at the damages chair Plant Lexington the packing room and finishing room at Hoover chair co. Hora was destroyed in a fire that began about 9 20 . Saturday according to a spokesman for the Lexington fire dept. Four units from the Lexington Depa a Ament and one from Holly Grove brought the Blaze under control within an hour after it had been discovered. The spokesman said the packing and finishing areas comprise about half of the Plant at Hoover chair. A narrow passageway separated the part that went up in flames from the part that still stands. Cause of the fire had not been determined late saturday. N. Viets increasing pressure Saigon Al a enemy forces increased their attacks across South Vietnam on saturday overrunning an outpost in the Mekong Delta and battling South vietnamese rangers in the Central Highlands. The Battle at the outpost in a Xuyen province about to Miles South of Saigon was one of the worst government defeats in several months. The enemy opened up with mortars and then launched a ground attack against the outpost defended by several Hundred militiamen. Before South vietnamese artillery and planes drove Back the enemy 27 militiamen and four civilians were killed Field reports said. Nixon leaves for Guam asks humanity s prayer Honolulu api with a request that prayers of All humanity go with him. President Nixon left saturday on the semifinal leg of a history making 20.395-mile journey to Mainland China that May produce a we Ashington peking speaking to a crowd of about 7.000 persons at Kaneohe Marine corps air station Nixon said he hoped Quot the prayer of All humanity would be that his trip would be Quot the starting Point of a journey that could serve the cause of world the president and mrs. Nix on left the Marine , where they had stayed since thursday for the International dateline and the Airport at Agana Guam. Nixon wore dark Gray trousers and a Turquoise Blue coat. Mrs. Nixon wore a Blue dress a a and an Orchid Lei around her neck. The president referred to Hawaii s multiracial population and said he considered it especially appropriate that he should begin his visit to China from Here. After an overnight stay on Guam the Nixon will Fly to Shanghai to pick up a chinese navigator for their big Jet and go on to peking for the Summit talks. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler before the Nixon left Hawaii emphasized anew that no dramatic results should the expected from the president s China meetings with chairman Mao tse Tung and Premier Chou in Lai. However. Ziegler quoted Nixon As saying he wants to set up a an ongoing communications belts Between Washington and the capital of the communist country which has been isolated rom Normal Contact with americans for More than 20 years. Ziegler when asked declined to confirm or deny speculation that the Nixon visit might produce a capital to capital hotline similar to that Between Washington and Moscow. The United states however is laying the groundwork for the potential establishment of a Quick and direct link Between peking and Washington by granting rag corp. A License to Export to China permanent ground station that would multiply manifold the communications Between China and the rest of the world. The ground station would pit is i Dent Nixon asks for prayers removing offensive signs peking dressing up for Nixon peking apr this capital of China is ready to Welcome president Nixon. Shop fronts Are newly painted. Signs denouncing . Imperialism and its running dogs have come Down. Peking Union medical College renamed by the communists anti imperialist Hospital had its name changed around the first of the year to the capital Hospital. The tastefully appointed government guest House in a quiet suburban area of West peking has been readied for the Nixon. It recently housed emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and later president Zulfikar All Bhutto of Pakistan. As for Security it is generally conceded that in this homogeneous and highly disciplined society the president May be considerably safer than in the United states. If the Sun is shining when Nixon arrives monday he can Sample of Eulars Long ing singing the Airport in an men probably expect peking a Spe double lines of a youth. They will route to massive sqli36. Non chinese Ai about the length turning o r Pham Vietnam ovum Prem North Miles ire speculating i of the lines of nut for Nixon. Van Dong of rated eight Ive. Ceremonies will Sive world Tele his being made it. From their on tile basis of a fortnights conversations with government officials and the most knowledgeable diplomats from Europe Asia and Africa a fairly Clear consensus emerges. A they expect neither too much nor too Little from the visit. Both Mao and Chou have said publicly that either Success or failure would be acceptable. Quot this is the carefulness of a country that for Over a Century has been buffeted and humiliated by the West and does no to wish to expose itself by being too optimistic a observed a highly regarded ambassador. A no principle will lie sacrificed. Taiwan the Island of the chinese nationalists is As much a part of China As Alsace Lorraine was of France that a the evaluation of a French Diplomat. Strike devastates Heath s policies London apr fleets of trucks and trains ground slowly into gear saturday to feed Coal to Britain a starving Power stations As prime minister Edward heaths government licked the wounds of a two Day battering at the bargaining table. Heath himself the Central pillars of his Domestic and foreign policy severely cracked retired to his country residence at Chequers to Ponder the Cost of the six week strike by 280.000 Coal miners. A peace formula yet to be accepted by rank and file workers was thrashed out at heaths London residence on Downing Street Early saturday morning. It spelled unqualified Victory for the militant National Union of mineworkers and defeat for the government s economic policy of curbing pay raises that feed inflation. And it meant Little immediate Relief for millions of britons who for More than a week have been subjected to electric Power blackouts turning Homes for hours at a time into cheerless dark worlds of cold food and candlelight. Electricity Supply authorities warned saturday that the situation could get worse before it gets better. The pay hikes and additional fringe benefits won by the miners amount to More than $314 6 million a year. Most of this will be paid by the taxpayer As the Coal Industry already was losing Money. The increases averaging 2 1 per cent knocked a gaping Hole in the governments fight against inflation. It had been trying to keep pay hikes Down to about 8 per cent to prevent a wage Price spiral. The Central electricity generating Board said Coal started moving to Power stations again As the miners lifted their picket blockades but quantities were limited. The arrival it justify the Exten vision pre Parati it at peking air pc Days in the caves of Yean. The communist rulers have been noted for their personal frugality and the lavishness of their hospitality to foreign guests. In Short the chinese Are doing everything possible not to offend american susceptibilities and to make their visitors feel at Home. As one of the corps of foreign policy experts operating under Premier Clou in Lai remarked the other Day a it is our tradition to treat our guests courteously. If you invite a Man you must give him proper Honor. But you done to have to agree with that brings up the heart of the matter. What do chairman Mao tse Tung and Chou expect from the actual talks inside head Iii lives of children Page 2-a Homecoming at College Page 3-a Black churches Lively Page 1-d editorial. Page 4-a women a news. Section it sports. Television. Page 19-a entertainment. Pages 18-19a obituaries. Page 4-1 classified. Pages 4-1 i six months old Price controls working by Brooks Jackson associated press writer Washington a president Nixon a system of wage and Price controls has passed its six month anniversary with the administration staunchly predicting eventual Success despite rising prices but with some critics getting increasingly worried. All that can be said with certainty is that it is too soon to Tell whether the year will end with the rate of inflation Down to Between 2 and 3 Are cent which is Nixon a goal. Even january a Cost of living released this week wont be much help. The administration already has predicted that prices will continue to surge until about april before controls really take hold. Without hard figures doubts have begun to grow. I ast week 20 economists predicted for the business Council a group of top executives that inflation would run at Between 3 and 4 per cent this year. They expressed Strong concern that the administrations deficit spending would stimulate the Economy so much that controls would not be Able to hold Down inflation. Meanwhile the business of regulating wages and prices has fallen into nearly a routine. The Price commissions 700 staff members handle most applications for Price increases. The commission meanwhile continues to refine its policies. It holds its first Public hearings this week to Sharpen up its guidelines for Utility rates which Are Frozen until March to the pay Board whose members once insulted one another in Public appears to have parsed its worst Days and has quietly buckled Down to Dis cussing such matters As what size fringe benefits will be allowed to pass through the vague loophole Congress created for them last year. The Cost of living Council after trimming Back the reach of controls until 21 per cent of the average Many a Cost of living Isnit affected by them now is reluctantly considering reversing course to bring skyrocketing food prices under direct control for the first time. But this is not considered a Likely possibility. It probably would mean food rationing Black markets and angry farm state voters. Beam its signal to a new communications satellite in stationary orbit More than 23.000 Miles above the Equator in mid Pacific. Ria technicians now Are installing an interim ground station in Shanghai that May be in operation by next thursday just before Nixon visits that City on his Way out of China. Red China attack on . Mild by Robert Liu associated press writer Tokyo apr with president Nixon s arrival in peking Only Days away red China a official news Agency let Fly with an attack on his foreign policy. The comment was relatively mild. The timing probably was intended to remind Nixon that major differences still exist Between the two Powers after More than two decades of hostility. Yet in the months since Nixon announced plans for the trip in july the official chinese communist press has been uncharacteristically restrained in enticing his policies. Reading Between the lines it appears that Hie chinese Are trying to put at least the facade of Success on his historic visit. Tile reason for this May be China fear of the soviet Union. Russian troops Are concentrated along China s Borders. And since the chinese soviet Border clashes in 1969. The russians have replaced the americans As peking a Archenemy. The attack on Nixon a foreign policy distributed by the official new China news Agency called Nixon a foreign policy hostile toward China. But the Long commentary consisted mainly of Stock phrases. Hie War in Indochina remains the leading topic in the chinese press. But the criticism lacks the vituperation of earlier Days. This was reflected when the United states hit North Vietnam with heavy bombing in december and when Nixon last month disclosed his eight Point peace plan for strike end seen imminent san Francisco apr an end to the Long West coast Dock strike appeared imminent saturday. With All but one port accounted for rank and file longshoremen were reported voting heavily for ratification of a new 18-month contract to end the strike. The work stoppage has cloned 24 ports in California Oregon and Washington for 136 Days the longest Dock tic up Ever on the . Mainland. Confident of ratification shippers ordered Crews for sunday to Groom the piers for cargo handling. An official announcement of the vote by 11,083 full time members of the International longshoremen a and warehousemen a Union awaited a balloting deadline of 6 ., by about 1,000 men in Settle. The rest of the rank and file had returned secret ballots after voting Friday. However dockworkers in both los Angeles Long Beach and san Francisco Oakland reported approval by 8-3 margins. In Portland the new contract reportedly won at 5-3 approval and in san Diego it reportedly was favored by almost a 5-1 margin. Employers were to vote later saturday with a top executive for Pacific maritime association predicting almost certain ratification by a May a 122 member shippers

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